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In a couple of hours I have to drive (!!!!) to town, park my car (£8 for 24 hours, which is pretty good going), and take a train to London. I have planned this poorly, because I will be back around midnight, and am at work tomorrow and Friday, before having all of next week off. And yet? Fucking fantastic.

I am so excited about today! I am totally that lame person who goes to shows by herself but it has rather got to the point where I just don't care.


One of those useless facts that I have in my head and now can't get rid of: today is Gil Grissom's birthday.


Work continues on apace. Am gradually getting more things to do, and some informal proof-reading, which I always enjoy. My boss is still completely mad, but I find I'm getting better at ignoring the random expletives that eject from the other side of the cubicle. And I do like her a lot. Other!newbie is back from her holidays and insists on IM-ing me, instead of just talking to me, so she IMs, and I answer out loud. She is an odd, odd thing. Feeling vaguely triumphant, though, because it's been a week since I last got off the elevator on the wrong floor. Hurrah! Progress.


People are very weird about invitations. Have spent some time sorting out a meal for Tuesday, and people sometimes fail to understand that I need definite yes and no answers in order to book the table. It's okay! I invited a boat of people because I knew 95% wouldn't be able to come, but it was rude not to offer! I don't mind if you can't make it, though I would be super happy if you could. But - and here is the vital thing - I do actually need to know one way or the other.

Relatedly, there are seven of us going now, and does anyone there know anyone else? Ahahahaha, NOPE. I'm quite excited to see how this fest of awkward is going to go. At least [ profile] fizzawrites and [ profile] hestia8 will have The Internet in common? Um. Yes.

Have planned poorly, though, as [ profile] hestia8 and I will miss The Hour's finale for this. Lady, I have done you - us! - a great wrong.


At some point I hope to finish watching Glorious 39, but it's difficult to take caps on iPlayer, which is why a two-hour film is taking me years to watch.

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Today I had to head into D to buy bread flour and Radio 2 was playing Sugarland. I went through my usual fare of what is this/is this 'x'?/YES, YES IT IS/wait, is it?/YESSSSSSSS and was pleasantly surprised by the whole ordeal.


Relatedly: baking shenanigans! Tomorrow I'm going for a coffee/non-alcoholic beverage at lunch with Boss Lady & Co. I have baked cupcakes to take in because I am That Person. I found a passable buttercream recipe and added some melted chocolate chips to change the taste a little. The Sister approves, though The Mother prefers them plain.

I also used the bread flour I bought to make some no-knead bread. Well. The dought. Currently it is covered with cling film and proving in the airing cupboard. If I explained the true heights of my excitement concerning this endeavour you'd all fire me. I'm just saying. (So! Damn! Excited!)


Speaking of Boss Lady & Co., I took some ducks to the centre on Monday, namely Honey & Jack, my two newest recruits, sent to me at Christmas by the ever-kindly and delightful [ profile] zeitheist. Needless to say, they were a BIG hit. I'll have pictures up at [ profile] duck_cheer as soon as photobucket stops arsing around. (Speaking of [ profile] duck_cheer, I'm in the process of cleaning the comm up for whatever comes next so if any of you know where the ducks are at, please let me know, or ask the people who have them to send them to you so that you can send them back here. Or something. Idk. I MISS THEM.)

So, yes, ducks at the centre. The Trustee made up a rule where any one who picked them up had to have a photograph taken with them and she kept tricking volunteers into grabbing them, so I have a few pictures of that too. Lolarity!


The Dad drove me to the train station today to buy my season ticket but apparently I can't buy it until Sunday. So. That was a waste of time.

edit: Also, um. Well. I might be starting to learn how to drive soon. Ngggh.


I just watched CSI; Grissom's penultimate episode! I'm feeling sort of tense about it? I don't know. I've watched this show since the year it started airing, and I've stuck with it through all its crap. I feel loyal to it despite its diminishing capacity for yay and the fact that it's a completely different entity to that which I fell for way back when. But crikey: can I really do CSI sans Grissom? I don't know, people. I really don't. /tragic


I also watched The United States of Tara today and laughed out loud several times. Oh gosh, this show is so... I don't know. It's weird. I like it, and it's very much a comedy, but it's not always comic. It's also so short (half-hour, not full) that I can't believe we've only got a few episodes left.


Saving Grace, and then to sleep. Need to be at the centre early tomorrow so that I can sort things out pre-class.


UM. The Hungry Sim Card webad for Orange? SCAAAAARY. Especially when it starts stuffing its face with text. Ugh.

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Fuck, guys, I am totally fulfilling my role as flister you'd most like to incarcerate: if you happen to get a particularly lovey-dovey email/comment from me it's because hi, I'm a freak. Please don't wig to the tenth? Yes. And thanks.

In other news: I'm trying to reign (wtf) rein it in.


Nothing is happening in my life. The remaining snow is all icy and gross and I hate it; I am still at the community centre (today I fought with a huge ass printer and nearly burned my hand off: true story); I have discovered that I like my notebooks to have heft but also front covers that don't easily come off. No, but really.


I watched Fringe, Leverage and NCIS. The first I loved; JJAbrahms loves to headfuck, and whilst I wish the light puzzle had been an actual puzzle (i.e. something that you could solve with enough intellect as opposed to literal brain power) I still kind of loved that. Also: The Observer totally freaked me out. Again.

Leverage was half awesome (Lauren Holly! Parker!), half fucking insulting (it was the skin colouring that really bothered me and the idea that the Indians in charge of the company didn't know their shit; fuck you). So. Yeah.

NCIS. Man. spoilers. )


Oh man, so, I'm watching CSI on five, yes? And it is kind of breaking my heart! It reminds me very much of the mood last season pre-strike (with all that melancholy) and I don't know. The show itself isn't as formulaic as, say, CSI:NY, but the cases don't really interest me any more. And yet all the character bullshit has me clinging on. Oh show. WHAT TO DO.


Tangentially: yeah, whatever.

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Was waiting for Big Love and realised there was probably a podcast to go along with the show; ended up watching a selection of preview/explanatory clips which made me even more excited for the show's return. I'm tempted to watch all of the previous two seasons before I dive in again, but that's not really practical.


Other fandom: finally watched CSI's season 8 premiere. spoilers. )

Hopefully I won't be at the store tomorrow night, so then I can watch the next one on TV.


I'm finally caught up with Private Practice, though I'm still behind on Grey's Anatomy. People: please explain to me why I keep allowing myself to get caught up in this annoyance. This show is about a bunch of grown adults behaving like teenagers, constantly going against patient privilege/request, and cheating on everyone. WHY AM I STILL WATCHING?

re: Grey's Anatomy, see above x100.


On the plus side: omg, United States of Tara! The parts of the pilot that weren't leaked in the trailer were good enough to make me want to watch again, which I would be doing anyway, if only for Rosemarie DeWitt who I have taken a great liking to. T is grating, but I really like Buck, and I hope we get to clue in to Alice asap. Plus, I really like the relationship between the brother and the sister in the show. So. Yay?


I must have seemed extremely frustrated at the centre this morning (I didn't feel it) because Boss Lady asked me twice if I was okay. It was a strange morning because there were a lot of people there but there wasn't really a lot for me to do. Then I had a shift at the reception after which I sent off a meeting report to the College Rep who visited on Friday. Hopefully that's all in order.

This evening I have to work the late shift at The Store. Again. Kill me; kill me now.

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Last night I watched Merlin (!!!!) and then made dinner whilst the NCIS pilot was on (again - dear Five, shouldn't you start airing S5 already, or are you waiting for February?) I didn't watch the whole thing because even though I love it, I can pretty much recite the dialogue at this point. I remembered a couple of things: that Kate seemed older, and more together, and that Jethro laughed a lot, and that the pilot really is a thing of beauty. I didn't make it to the confrontation scene in the bathroom, but I did see: TOBIAS FORNELL, and Tony getting thrown out of the car. Marvellous.

For whatever reason, Bête Noire is on my mind today, and whilst that episode is obviously so much about Ari, the part that I tend to forget is that the episode is littered with references to how Jethro is old school to the point where it is kind of detrimental to his work (his pad and pencil versus Kate's palm pilot &c.) So there's an element in the whole arc where Ari is this child who is outwitting him, and it's bringing his age into focus. Which, as I've said before, is probably in a sharp place already because we've just had Enigma and Terry O'Quinn, and the first of the laboriously complicated mess that is Jethro's history.


Then I watched CSI (the episode with Drops and all his progeny) and was amazed to find that I actually enjoyed that episode a lot.


For the most part I've been sorting out laundry, cooking, and have started my Homicide marathon again. I'm about to watch Thrill of the Kill and then the two-part Sniper episode from season 4 and judging from other people's hints/reactions (cough[ profile] daygloparkercough) I AM TRÈS EXCITED.



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This is a bit of a pimp post because I have some random photographs to upload later today, and this stuff doesn't really fit with all that. So now there is pimp stuff with random RL stuff thrown in for good measure, and I probably shouldn't have been incredulous at the dawn sun because she has run away.


one. I have noticed that I have become unable to leave basic comments any more. I mean, I'm commenting, but I come off a moron in them. Please forgive and bear with me whilst I try to thrash my syntax issues in a bare-knuckle fight. So far: I am losing.

two. The rather badass and talented [ profile] razorxrosary has made some Merlin icons which you can find here. Witness my GIP, and Colin Morgan's adorkableness. Fab.

three. As ever, the trip to London wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Unfortunately, 4 out of 5 people who left uni this year are already employed. My cousin brother and I chose to ignore that in an attempt to hide our wounded egos.

four. The car journey home was uncomfortable (I try to sleep but I'm now the wrong height to be able to do that comfortably in the back) but aided by Matchbox Twenty and Natalie Merchant. The car journey there was rather smashing. I watched Criminal Minds which hit some rather specific kinks, and NCIS which had a gag that I am choosing to believe was written JUST FOR ME.

five. The lovely [ profile] leda_speaks has been running [ profile] movie_100 (a weekly drabble prompt challenge where the fandom is a movie of your choice). I have yet to participate, though I have a great desire to. Comm is running a bit slow at the mo, but [ profile] leda_speaks updates every week without fail, and the prompts are shiny. For the many of you on my flist who are lamenting a dry spell in the fic department, this is as good a place as any to start. !

six. Oh, there were also fireworks last night. Lame ones, unfortunately, but fireworks all the same. It was très exciting! (No, really.)

seven. I was going to link to this thing about how Ten doesn't really have a story arc, more like a revolving stasis (whoot, paradox!) but a/ I don't know if the person who wrote it would appreciate random linkage and b/ I don't really want to deal with other people's opinions on the subject. So that was a fail on many counts.

eight. A Softer World is really quite fantastic. An Eye for an Eye, haha! The creators have also produced a horror story called One Bloody Thing After Another. It's a serial piece, and will be up in full by the end of the week.

nine. They Call Me Boss (NCIS) by [ profile] oxoniensis. A delightful McGee-centric ficlet set post-6x01, with perfect voices. "I can only see one booby," Tony says, looking pointedly at Tim, "and it isn't the bird you're holding. Which, for the record, is a Herring gull." MARVELLOUS.

ten. Trailers! No Heroics, an indie comedy about a world where everyone has super powers. Apparently this has been released in the UK for a month or so now, but I've yet to find anywhere that screened it. Sadface.

eleven. The trailer for Rachel Getting Married which is a film that I have a desperate, desperate need to see. Speaking of girl crushes (DeWitt, not Hathaway) the red band trailer for The Guitar. (And speaking of Saffron Burrows: this week's My Own Worst Enemy was another round of standard-standard, although the last few minutes brought me tremendous glee. Mostly because I yelled spoiler! )

and I was RIGHT. Ha.)

twelve. It's a Shame, Sylvia Plath (CSI) by [ profile] fated_addiction. A Sara (G/S) fic, getting into her head as she slowly slips away from Las Vegas. It's a slow, sad fic, and doesn't completely mesh up with canon, but it's a lovely, delicate read.


Up next: photographs.

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More top 5s. Still open to requests. [ profile] razorxrosary asked me for my top 5 poems/pieces of verse and top 5 female characters.

top 5 poems/pieces of verse )


top 5 female characters )

Ironically, 3/5 of these choices have turned out to be blond characters. If there was a #6, I'd pick serial killer Suzie Costello or ass-kicking Kima Greggs, both of whom I love but don't talk about nearly enough.


I still have one of [ profile] razorxrosary's top 5s to answer, as well as a handful from other people. Slow going but I'm taking care with my answers, yo.

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the fics. )

break-down. )

With thanks to my betas, and to the people who regularly read and leave feedback. You are all very kindly people, and I appreciate having you all to talk to.

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I went to school! I participated in (useless) classes! I'm going to construct a bookshelf out of my books!

Also, am reading Jean-Francois Lyotard's The Postmodern Condition (the Postmodernist manifesto, basically) and it actually makes sense. Like, I'm still trying to accurately define 'legitimation' which sounds like it should be obvious but really isn't, but it's all very readable and actually likely to be properly useful for my dissertation.

In other news, however, still really busy. !


I finally watched the rest of that CSI episode. spoilers. )

I haven't watched the episode after that yet.

But Saving Grace is back tonight, yay.


I also started reading Where Three Roads Meet today, by Sally Vickers. So far, so excellent. The Myths series is so many levels of wonderful.

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So last night I was terribly excited because Bete Noir was on but ultimately I decided not to watch it because my levels of NCIS crazy are, well, making me crazy(-ier). I did however randomly decide to go down at 11pm and watch Numb3rs, though. On a real television! It was season 2, Bettor or Worse. I remembered that I actually enjoyed season 2 a lot. I also realised that between S2 and S4, Dylan Bruno's arms have near doubled in mass. That can't be healthy, right?

Then I watched CSI:NY whilst The Flatmate slept on my bed. All was good. (I'm sort of psyched by how awesome CSI:NY is this year? Because it really is!)


This morning I woke up at 0800, then rolled over and fell asleep until 0930. Oops? Got to the library just before 1100 and was there until 1630. I HAVE READ SO MUCH SHELLEY TODAY, GUYS. (Also: John Clare who believed he actually WAS Byron.!) Tomorrow I have to organise my notes and write a 5-10 minute presentation that I have to give on Monday afternoon. I also need to do my Experimental Writing piece. I think I'll do the word list in a minute, actually.


Tonight I will be cooking (I have peppers! And hopefully I also have half an onion otherwise I'm going to have to make a run to the One Stop) and watching NCIS, despite what I said above. But it's on at 2000 and I can cook and eat and watch, and it's all good. (The episode is Boxed In. UM. This will be the forth time I'm watching it. FOURTH.) In a minute I'm going to watch this week's Numb3rs and after NCIS I'm going to watch CSI and - AND! - the Women's Murder Club pilot. If it turns out to be rubbish, I'll just skip to the arts with Angie Harmon in it as she's obviously the only reason I'm watching.

The real debate, though, is whether to watch new CSI or to watch the repeat that's showing - Redrum! With Keppler! With angsty!team! Hmmm. HMMMM. DECISIONS, SO MANY DECISIONS.


Did I mention how much I loved the tone of the Keppler arc? The direction and music changed a fair amount, and I really loved it. Those four episodes were so creepy and atmospheric. And because I wasn't really invested in the miniature killer until the end of the season (and even then: not really) I felt like the Keppler arc was refreshing and stimulating narrative. Love!


Oh, earlier this week I collected my essays from last year, including my asstastic research skills/dissertation proposal grade. So. I mean, the plan was to start looking at my texts for the second/third time this week and then get to work on a format. But that's just not going to happen. For one thing, I think I need to reduce the number of texts I'm looking at (I'm tempted to drop Atwood, actually, for a number of reasons). For another, I need to rework my plan of action, obviously, because if my proposal wasn't up to scratch, then something is wrong. The actual paper will only be 8k which sounds like a lot, but I wrote a 4k essay last year and in the end it turned out not to be enough (hahaha, I actually aced that paper, yay; I was reading the feedback today and it made me all internally-glowy). SO: STRESSFUL. And in the dumb way, too. I'm more worried about my external research than the texts. I know what I want to say about them.


Note to self: take out trash already.

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I wasn't going to do one of these, but I happen to have some free time. So. You know. I'm still catching up with three weeks worth of Damages because of the new stuff, but I've finished all of Saving Grace which was made of many brilliant things, and which I'm glad to report there will be more of, huzz. I was watching Chuck but I didn't finish it and now I don't know where it is? Um. Yeah. And I was going to watch K-Ville but I lost that, too. I don't really know. I'm trying to mainline Friday Night Lights because, well, Kyle Chandler, and I've read some good fic. Also, giving Burn Notice another shot. I have all of Mad Men so far, but I haven't seen past episode 4 or 5. I'm still obsessed with the costumes. (And DeWitt's wigs. !)


Bones, 3x01, The Widow's Son in the Windshield. )

NCIS, 5x01, Bury Your Dead. )

The Unit, 3x01, Pandemonium Part 1. )

Criminal Minds, 3x01, Doubt. )

CSI: NY, 4x01, Can You Hear Me Now? )

Grey's Anatomy, 4x01, A Change Is Gonna Come. )

CSI, 8x01, Dead Doll. )

Stargate: Atlantis, 4x01, Adrift. )

Numb3rs, 4x01, Trust Metric. )


I have yet to finish Private Practice. So far, so good, though. Have you guys been watching Weeds and/or Californication? The latter continues to engage me for reasons unknown, but the former is SO GOOD. Really. I say this every year so I hope some of you are listeing: watch Weeds. You won't regret it.

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Oh boy. This time last year CBS had renewed just about everything it was airing. This time around? Survivor. What? Not that the shows are really in danger of being cut but still. This is a whole new world of crazy.


The Black Donnellys, 1x10; 1x11. )

Bones, 2x19; 2x20. )

Criminal Minds, 2x22; 2x23. )

CSI, 7x22; 7x23. )

CSI: NY, 3x21; 3x22; 3x23. )

Grey’s Anatomy, 3x24. )

L&O: Criminal Intent, 4x02; 5x04; 6x21. )

NCIS, 4x23. )

Numb3rs, 3x22; 3x23. )

The Unit, 2x23. )

This is going to sound weird but even though I’ve seen spec for the finale episodes, I don’t like talking about them. I’ll talk to you about the episodes I’ve seen, but I’m speculation-phobic, so. Yeah.

And now I have to go and do actual work.

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The extent of my emotional wackiness can be summarised by the following anecdote: when capping the end of Killer Chat (Numb3rs, 3x11), I had to stop myself from bursting into tears. Bear in mind that this is a scene I've seen twice previously, and on both occasions I didn't give a damn.

Why hallo thar Hormones.




I'm trying so hard to watch CSI but some BASTARD spoiled me for what's coming up and it's making me miserable. Oiskie. In other (related) news, the run up to sweeps has me - as per always - in a frenzy of *flails* For the love of whatever, NO SPOILS, please.

My emotional investment is disproportionate to my actual level of caring, I know this. But it's the end of the year. You peddle faster, right?

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Dear Google,

How much do I love you? Not only, in my time of need, are you providing me somewhere to type up my most pressing eljay post, but you delivered me this, Judith Butler, just as I returned from the last of my On Reading lectures. You are near-prophetic. Thank you.

Now, if you'd just let me download my photos from my duck cheer account, that would be brilliant,

Lots of love, as ever,
M (kisses!)


No, but seriously, when I try to download attachments from gmail, my system goes on the fritz and then my server needs resetting because the net refuses to load eljay. I'm leaving it for now because I'm dong other stuff but all I can say is thank fuck for ljgate.


(Possibly Controversial) Statement of the Day: The Postmodern is not a temporal event, but a geographical one. The East has yet to meet it.

My lecture has nothing to do with this in the grosser sense, but it was about hypertexts and the woman kept throwing the term Postmodern around and I kept thinking, well, hey, a good portion of people I know don't believe in DNA. Sure, our sense of selves may be more and more attuned to technology (we're Cyborgs - I love Harway's critical piece), but you can't talk about that as a Postmodern occurrence if you want to suggest that post modernity is a global occurrence. It isn't - it's a social, economical, theoretical, arguably Western term.

My grandmother thinks that asking for family medical history is part of a medical conspiracy. I tried once to explain the concept of DNA but when she has no concept of genes, cells or microscopes, it gets difficult.

I'm a person who owns a mobile phone that is nearly never on (ask my family). I don't have an iPod, or a MP3 player, or a Walkman or a disc man, though I do have a laptop. But my connection to the internet, oh boy. That's what makes me as much of a Cyborg as anyone I know.

OK, I need to stop talking about this because I just CALLED MYSELF A CYBORG and no-one knows what the fuck I'm on about.


Oh boy: Hairspray. !!!


Dear CSI fans,

Regarding the last episode to air in the US: don't be stupid. It was bait; don't get caught. Think about the type of person he is. Admittedly, it was a nice throwback to a comment that Keppler made (one that I hoped would be played with) but, please. DON'T BE IDIOTS. For one thing, it makes no sense. For another, the guy is just completely - it'll be an empathy/sympathy thing.


I have new NCIS to watch and nearly all of last week's fandom. This is very exciting.


There was other stuff but it can't have been so important because I don't remember. Actually t was about translating and interpreting, but it basically ended with the phrase: "and that, ladies and gents, is why FedEx is the right-hand of God." Yeah, really.

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So, didn't finish The Unit because the Paternal Parental returned home. So am meme-ing, specifically that WIP meme. Under the cut you will find extracts of varying lengths from unfinished fics. The point is to motivate me to actually write the bloody things but I doubt that will happen.

fic;snip. )

Make of those what you will. I'm off to sleep. Also: GIP. And GLP if you're interested.

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Dear CSI,

7x15, spoilers. )

Confused love,


Going to see the house at three. Hurrah?

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Re: Battlestar, I loved 3x11 and really, really didn't get most of 3x12. By which I mean to say, I didn't really understand what they were going for. But hey! War trial. OBVIOUS MUCH? Anyway, parts of the latest episode felt a bit too much like the latter episodes of season 2 to make me care all that much, which is a shame. I loved Gaius, though, and I loved Adama's interactions with him. I really, really loved DeAnna's fate because, shit, that's insane.


The latest two CSIs to be aired? I have absolutely adored. CSI, 7x12 and 7x13 )

Five fucking stars. Seriously, I loved it.

Um. Is anyone on my flist still watching this? [ profile] spiescameout, you will be, right, when it airs? Anyway, I now have a really big yen to write the rest of the Sara Sidle fic I was writing as an addendum to the Megan Reeves one I wrote. Can I pull it off? Likely not. OK. Back to fandom.

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I had a really dumb post about Little Miss Sunshine (I loved the movie, by the way) that I won't go into right now because I have been inspired by my darling [ profile] binglexjells to shut the fuck up over the emo and JUST GET ON WITH LIFE. I think my hormones are beginning to realign (it's like having planets inside you sometimes, orbital motion and all of that) and even though the first thing that happened this morning was my waking up in sheer PANIC of the amount of work I have to do in the next two to three days, I know it's doable - not just because I've done it before, but because it only feels like a lot of work when in reality, it isn't.

So, I'm writing two essays this weekend, and then I'm going to calm down a little bit. This time next week, I'll be in Hudds. (!) with [ profile] wishes_of_stone and a day away from seeing [ profile] xanitia again. I mean, come on. I have a lot of awesome things going on!


Fandom has been lacking this week. Criminal Minds was not appropriately awesome, even with the chronology fuck arounds (which are usually a kink, so god knows what's happening there). CSI: NY was Old Faithful so I liked watching it even if it was a fairly run-of-the-mill episode. Nice to see Mac and Stella working a case together again. And Emmanuelle Vaugier! Yay.

I have CSI and Grey's to watch, so that's a reward for getting shit done. I still want to talk about last week's CSI but I won't now. It was about Grissom and I have decided that I don't need to have an argument over this shit. So.

(And Prison Break, 2x02. Watching that Monday; I like watching this at the same time as other people in Britain because I get caught up in the hum of anticipation which I didn't get whilst watching the first season over Christmas break.)

No Numb3rs last night so I went to check details for the next episode (2nd Fen, ages away!) and I choked when I saw this: Spoiler for 3x14 )

I have NO WORDS. They have rendered me speechless. It's quite the sight, really.


Because Supernatural was actually atmospheric enough to give me bad!images, I watched Dylan Moran on youtube and then some Black Books. AWESOME.

And now to get to work.


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