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Boo hoo hoo, woe is me, etc. etc. Done? Excellent. That shit was getting old.


Today is the appraisal. No, I am still not done writing it up, but whatever. There are whole swathes of stupid questions I just don't have an answer for. Like, that 'potential' one I mentioned last night. Things that are hindering my potential are my inability to consistently give a shit, but that's not really something I can put down. Also, customers keep calling! With queries! And they expect answers! GOD WHAT KIND OF WORLD IS THIS. How fucking distracting! So, yeah. The way things are in the public sector at the moment, I am probably going to get fired anyway. In this way, my tag should probably read '(but not for long)'.


Tonight I am going to sit down and hopefully watch the three last ever episodes of Saving Grace. Then I am going to curl up and cry and cry and cry. I enjoy making plans.


Awesome Ladies Ficathon! This has been running since the 20th but I only found out this morning, but now that I know, consider this a pimp out.


Obligatory Mads Mikkelsen mention: I have recently taken to watching a clip of Vildspor (also featuring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) over and over again, in which Mikkelsen and Coster-Waldau get horrifically wasted. Then they walk drunkenly down a street and sing a song that...seriously, what is that song? Anyway, this is just to say that at the beginning of the clip, I am totally into Mikkelsen's look. I AM JUST SAYING.

Oh god, I need to be less obsessed.

No, I still have't managed to find time for Valhalla Rising. I know, I know, I'm such a slacker.


This podfic I am trying to edit - I still have another to record! - is taking a long time. And it is awkward, listening to yourself! I am not great at this reading out loud business.

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Have woken to the news that season 4 of Saving Grace will be its last, goddamn. :((((

I wish I had a nayarms Grace icon.


Things that are screwy: British Summer Time. Oh boy.

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/he who would gather immortal palms. (defying gravity)

When there was nothing left, he put his hand on the screen, up to where her face was and imagined being able to touch her skin. Maybe he could draw some strength from her, because he had nothing left.

"I'm no good with blind worship," he whispered. "I never have been. But what if these objects are another school house, and all my doubts bring about their destruction? What if I repeat the same mistake again, Claire?"

She brought her hand up to the same spot as his. A millimeter and fifty million kilometers away, and yet still he felt better, especially when she tilted her head and smiled. "Then maybe at some point you'll have to admit that it wasn't a mistake in the first place, Evram. Because you are who you are: a smart, compassionate man who can evaluate data as he sees it, and, when all the data isn't there and you still have to make a choice, you do the best you can."

Hiiiiiii, someone write this for meeeeeee. More emphatically: some BADASS wrote me EVRAM MINTZ FIC. Fuck. Yes. What's more, they nailed his personality, the measure of his speech, his mannerisms - they nailed his mood. Yes, the man has a mood. And it is SO GREAT. Much like this fic!

In all seriousness, though, I am kind of bowled over! I did have high hopes of getting Evram fic for this challenge, and yet my assigned author did wonders. It reads like an addendum to an episode that hasn't been aired yet, referencing the aftermath of the Venus landing beautifully. Plus, Claire here is lovely, and Evram's questions are so real. I am so fond of this story and the way in which it unfolds. I like Evram in his isolation; I love his persistent tone with Goss; I feel for him in his guilt. Just. It's so wonderful.


/longhorns and sooners. (saving grace)

"What do you get when you cross a University of Texas fan and a pig?"

Butch smirked, lifted two fingers at the fast food vendor, and almost immediately had two cups of deep fried peaches and cream thrust at him. He handed one over to Grace and snagged a spoon for each of them. "I dunno, Grace, what?" he answered, navigating the huge crowd of mixed orange and red as he headed toward the Cotton Bowl.

"Nothing!" Grace said, snorting as she simultaneously tried to laugh and eat, talking with her mouth full. "There's some things even a pig won't do!"

Saving Grace fic! With banter! Friendship! Underlying sexual currents! Just-- GUYS THIS IS SO GREAT. Grace and Butch play fight over football and are utterly delightful. Fuck. I love this! It's so them. It's so what I want for them.


I wrote this post a couple of days ago and this is where I would have launched into all my other recs but that's going to have to wait. I do want to do them pre-reveal so they'll be out some time today.

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Name your top six TV shows right now, before reading the questions.

01 ncis
02 criminal minds
03 spooks
04 saving grace
05 sarah connor chronicles
06 life

meme. )


Probably time to quit with the memes already.

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Not-so-super-sekrit message to [ profile] twincy: good luck! Am waving pompoms for you!


Totally just put a batch of muffins in the over. Oh yeah. Hopefully they'll come out okay. Also: hopefully we won't get stuck in traffic today.


Did I mention that I watched Saving Grace yesterday? Have 4 episodes to write about now. I get the feeling that the religious aura turns people away from this show but it's not as didactic as you might think. It is hilarious and touching and superbly well put together. And Holly Hunter owns me. I love her.

(Ham Dewey's Man Angst resulted in an ADORABLE teensy puppy dog. Aw.)


So, yeah, off today. At this point everyone knows this. My family (by which I mean rents & sibling) are going to drive me insane this weekend, I know it. But. I shall have my brothers and sisters with me, and I was smart enough to pack food this time so I won't starve like I did in June.

Enjoy the weekend, y'all. See you on the flipside.

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It is raining like a mofo out there. Also: tomorrow I get my hair cut!

Isn't juxtaposition swell?


Today has been uneventful. I woke early; The Mother went to her computer class; I started watching Homicide again. And then I baked muffins, but I don't know. Something was not Prime because as okay as they came out, they still weren't great. I think it has a lot to do with (a) not sifting the dry ingredients and (b) the fact that the scales are still broken.


I also read the back end of my Norton's poetry anthology. It was very good. No, really. Now I'm listening to my backlog of podcast tracks. So far so good.


That's not really juxtaposition.


Yesterday I watched Army Wives which threw a lolarious lesbian-shaped curveball and Saving Grace which was Very Tense. I need to write about the last three episodes, all of which have been smashing, but considerably different from the first season. As it turns out, I still have a thing concerning Butch Ada.


real life. )


The podcasts are beginning to churn out rubbish. Sigh.

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This week's episode continued the show's trend of establishing community within Grace's life. Often I'd watch a show like this and seriously question how truthful a portrayal it is to suggest that everyone should know Grace and be willing to extend themselves for her, but I think this show has that cop dynamic nailed. And Grace is loved, which probably goes a long way to explaining why she can stick at her job but not her life.

Three things happen this week. (1) The son of a man whose body Grace found after the OK City bombings goes missing and is involved in a girl's disappearance. Grace, naturally, is connected to the boy through his father's death. The episode title, as always, comes from a line of dialogue: a survivor lives here. Grace says this whilst appraising the boy's apartment. Long plot shot, the boy used his father's money to score some coke, which his girlfriend, an athlete (rowing) destined for great things (the Olympics, apparently) strongly objected. She followed him out to his deal, and crashed her car on the way back. The boy ends up doing prison time, but Grace assures his mother (with whom Grace is now friends) that he can get his life back. The girl, presumably, lives. 

The relationship between Grace and the boy's mother touches on the scope of Grace's heart: that she can be so, so kind and steady to strangers, but she doesn't afford herself that same kindness. The case also put forward the fact that Grace is such a great cop, and she's so dedicated to her work. In the course of working the case, she gets the boy to quote what I feel is almost a directive for her (see below).

(2) Ham Dewey has left his wife. We find this out at the beginning of the episode in a typically carnal scene, involving a lot of food. Later in the episode Grace opens her drawer to find it stuffed with bottles of mustard and ketchup. Even later in the episode, Grace opens Ham's glovebox to have party coils spring out at her. Such is the relationship. Ham is very aware that Grace is unable to commit to him, but now, at least, the relationship is cleaner. He has his own place; he quietly takes the numbers of divorce lawyers from the lt. (in a great scene which reveals that she's twice divorced, heh). Ham has Grace's back throughout the episode, and Butch lingers there, too, peripherally. This is not Butch's episode, naturally. There's one excellent, excellent scene where Grace goes out to have a cigarette and takes a bag of ashes out with her - they're the ashes of the first female detective in major case! ("Verna liked to smoke, so sometimes Grace takes her.")

In their partnered pairs, the team recounts who they lost at the bombing. Ham reveals he lost about 16 friends; Grace, of course, lost her sister, Mary Francis (more on this shortly). Rhetta feels out of the loop because she doesn't know the family that Grace is trying to help this week; she was pregnant with her eldest child at the time and unable to help anyone. Butch lost a couple of friends; he arrived on the scene 6 minutes after the bombing. Bobby was at home, arguing with his wife, late for a meeting at the very building that got blown up. This is what I mean by a sense of community. The bombings shook OK City, but these people, so close to it in this cop community, for them the bombing hit every single one of them in one way or another. And the show gets that right.

And finally, (3) Clay takes Gus(man) out for a walk, and he goes missing. This seems like a gimmick plot sometimes but is just. Really it's not about Gusman. It's about Grace and Clay, her nephew, and the continuation of the impact of Mary Francis' death on Grace. I think this is the big plot this year. If last year was leading up to the abuse reveal, then this year is taking care of Grace's guilt and pain over the second biggest pain in her life: the death of her sister, and the part she feels she played in it. 

Clay finds out that Grace was absent the day before the bombings (which is why Mary Francis ended up being at the building, trying to get social security sorted for her son) and in his grief over losing the dog, he gets annoyed at Grace, which Rhetta has to bear witness to. Rhetta defends Grace because she knows, as do we (I hope), that no-one blames themselves more than Grace does. Clay, thankfully, calms down and forgives Grace: the bombing wasn't her fault, and he lets her know that he knows this. 

Whilst looking for Gusman, Rhetta meets Earl again, but she finds that the more she tries to recall him, the less she is able to, which explains why she doesn't realise that he's the man who bought Holy Cow from her last year. 

Looking for Gusman is a beautiful story. Grace's sense of loss over the dog is enormous, and she immediately goes out to look for him and put up missing flyers. The lt. puts out a bolo on the dog, and a local patrol cop helps out (wonderfully Grace psychs the guy by pretending he's run over her foot; he answers by using the car's phone system: "Grace Hanadarko, yo' mom's looking for you!") Even when Grace is at her wit's end with the case, her team is asking her if she's heard anything about Gus, if she's okay, if she needs some help looking for him. 

Very little Earl about this week, though he feels strongly for Grace. He tells her that Grace has to ask God for the god, and he watches over her, but he can't help her grief. The dog only comes back once Grace is brave enough to stop feeling sorry for herself, stop being angry at Clay (which she is only temporarily), and admits to Clay why she wasn't there the day before the bombing to babysit him. 


Other points:

* The Lt. is still all over Texans because of football, lols. "No surprise in Austin they know all about cheating." Butch gives her this great look over that one.

* Rhetta is so amazing. She drives up onto the sidewalk in front of Grace, and even Grace has to smile.

* Both Ham and Butch are playing with half-sized footballs in the conference room (wtf?)

* Grace just wants to save that girl. This is the great thing about Gracie: her priority is the victim, then the perp. Victims first, always. And the fact that she kept in touch with this boy at all is just... it shows that there's so much to her that the people around her don't always get to see. (Her family, for instance.)

* The emblem on the wall - the graffiti - is almost like a charge against Grace. We know that the bombing is a huge motivating factor in her life, both as a cop and as a survivor (she, unlike her mother and sister, didn't retrieve anything from the bomb site. Her grief and her guilt are enormous). I don't know. Maybe that's what makes her so good at her job?
the grafitti                      

Team 5
We search for the truth.
We seek Justice.
The Courts Require it.
The Victims Cry for it.
And GOD Demands it!

* The trick glovebox is a lovely moment between Ham and Grace: "I know what we are and what we ain't." I like that even though Ham obviously loves Grace so, so much, this is autonomy for him. He's finally breaking out of that miserable marriage to Darlene.

* Grace smacks Earl sharp on the jowls. The violence of her grief, and the brutality of it - that she continues to beat on Earl... sometimes Grace makes me speechless. I want my dog. I WANT MY DOG. She's so childlike sometimes. It's like some part of her is still that child that was violated. Not just the tricks she plays, but her anger at the world, and the way she messes with responsibility. There is something of innocence to this woman - that she can't ever grow up because something of her was stolen. It's remarkable. And the way she acts, sometimes, that too can take your breath away. 

You know, if you were missing, I'd keep looking till I found you. Grace's love for Clay, and finally sympathy, and the kindness he needed to hear before, when she tells him that he's not to blame. And then is so, so brave, to let him ask about the things she fears. "I hear the kids at school have been talking about me?" Oh, Grace.


These episodes go so quickly, aie. Suffice it to say: another great episode, and I can't wait for the next one!
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 So. You know. It's back.

Objectively I knew that Grace wouldn't kill Father Murphy, but the episode was skilfully constructed all the same. From the initial shoot&chase (and the dog, bless) to finding that Grace had essentially kidnapped Father Murphy, to the other victims and the final reality of sexual abuse, this episode was insane. You had the usual bouts of humour (the dog was initially horrifying but seeing the team rally behind Grace at that point was pretty amusing) and the continuing brawl-off between Ham and Butch. The teams affection for Grace continues to be a source of great happiness to me ("I don't know whether to hug you, or kick your ass." "Hug (!)"), and Rhetta's conversation with Grace's brother was also a great scene.

The scene when Grace's mother returned was beautiful - I guess the ambiguity there is because the mother doesn't actually know the truth of Grace's exposure to Murphy. And then the scene with Grace's sister's friend was heartbreaking because, of course, we understand and sympathise with Grace's guilt over her sister's death. 

The scene where Grace was abusing Father Murphy - those were horrible to watch, because for all of Grace's inanities, for all her caricature nature, her character has some stamina and some pride. But watching that display was just shameless, and so horrible to consider that in a sense, Murphy had created that anger and that shamelessness in her. Seeing her glee at his death was also terrible (because even though Rhetta concurred, there was quietess to Rhetta's reaction). To then find out that Earl was Murphy's 'last-chance' angel, too, and to have him silhouetted at the moment when Grace sends her childhood acquaintance off (to continue the chain of abuse, though she has yet to figure that out) was so saddening.

I find Ham's defensive impulses annoying (I much prefer Butch's quieter, kindlier approach to Grace) but to see his actual concern quieten around Grace, that was lovely, and to see her desperation mixed with her lust and her frustration, that all felt very true to her character, too.

The closing scene, with Earl, was gratifying because the one thing that girl needed all the way through the past few episodes, was release, someone to treat her with comfort. And it had to be Earl; wouldn't have it any other way.


I am so excited that the series is back! This was a brilliant opener to the season, though a little pacier than we're often used to with this show. I hope that the episodes go back to being a little more focused (I can forgive it in a season opener because I know how TV works) but really, this was a perfect open and I'm so, so, so psyched to see more already!
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 I never wrote about the Saving Grace finale, but suffice it to say that the show continued its trend of being touchingly funny and emotionally dramatic. Grace's secret - her childhood abuse - comes to light in a beautiful scene with Rhetta, and her relationship with her brother is strengthened when he realises the true reason for her alienation from the church. Furthermore, Grace finds out that her sister's husband is having an affair - to her sister's knowledge - and she quietly, unobtrusively keeps the knowledge to herself, knowing that Paige's pride is at stake. The series ends with Grace coming upon her childhood abuser, preparing herself to murder him for his crime. 

The second season starts in a week or so, and I'm terribly excited to see where the show is going to go next. Grace is at a turning point in her life. She's gone from being at the low point of her life to a point where she has shared the greatest trauma she's ever experienced. She's still fighting Earl, but she's trying, too, and for me the joy of the show comes in the battle between her 'free' persona, the tragedy of the characters in her life (and there is much of that abound) and the need for her to be in control of her impulses. I think it's fair to say that she's not going to kill the priest (I loved seeing her brother knock the guy out, though, and the warmth Grace felt towards him for that act) but now she's there, where does she go next? Onwards, onwards, one assumes.


I have recently started to watch The Closer which is a fairly run-of-the-mill procedure that I'm enjoying. It's the show that Saving Grace is partnered with, and deals with another strong female lead, although of a variety quite different to Grace Hanadarko. So far, so good. I'm half through the first season. It's not as compelling or as endearing as Saving Grace, or, say, Medium, but it has charm to it, as will (I suspect) Cold Case which I have collected, ready to streamline. Procedural dramas continue to be my saving grace (har, har).
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Heading home on Sunday/Monday. I should be packing, hence I'm procrastinating. Incomplete fic meme!


take me somewhere trouble don't know. (sarah connor chronicles)

The first thing you ask on waking is where is John? And then where am I? The same questions, every day, the same tests of reality. Is this happening? Yes, it's still happening. This is still your life.

Try as I might, I can't seem to get anywhere with this fic. Every time I sit down to write about Sarah Connor, I end up talking about future!John. This was originally going to be my entry for [ profile] picfor1000, but I ended up writing the Cameron fic for that instead. I don't really know where I'm reaching with this other than I am a little bit in love with Sarah Connor and she may unfortunately only be describable from an outside source. That said, I'm loathe to drop the second person. This may never get written.


turn not, tempt not. (ncis)

McGee had hugged her at the airport in a sudden display of desperate affection. Abby, too, with her exuberant throw of arms and surprisingly firm embrace. Ziva tried her utmost not to compare her farewell to her welcome but it was difficult, like everything else. She wanted to reassure them, had wanted to have something to give them in the way of kindness. Instead she had grasped McGee's hand with something approaching terror, holding on a moment too long before heading for the boarding gate, unable to meet his eye.

This fic was supposed to compare two flights to Tel Aviv (post-Kill Ari and post-Judgment Day) but that hasn't happened yet. spoilers for s5 finale. )

But so far I have three paragraphs and no destination. So I think ultimately this will end up being much shorter and about other things.


what dreams may come. (sarah connor chronicles)

Old faces, new ones. In a cyclical narrative time means different things, simple words garner complex meanings. You does not mean you precisely. It means, that which is before me, that which I can see. Identity is troublesome. Does the machine ask who is this I? John Connor asks: who are you? Because even he is not entirely himself. Even he is outside his own body. Who are you?

Obviously I'm not quite done with the 'going forward to go back; going back to come forward' theme.


Unfortunate of unfortunates: I tried to write for Saving Grace and failed. Which is actually okay - the how doesn't need embellishing - and the Grace&Ziva haiku I wrote for [ profile] haikuathon are more than enough to sate my appetite. (Also: omg, what I wrote was horrible.)

I'm also still trying to write Road to Palmyra (Spooks), a fic which has changed permutation a handful of times now. It's still basically 'Zaf and Ros get stuck in the desert' but whilst before it was very much a team-based/episode-like fic, it's now more about the two of them. Except I'm going to have to shelve that again because every time I read [ profile] hestia8's fic, I feel Heavily Influenced, lols. Plus: it's not like I know where it's going after a year and a half of staring at it. I may also be writing Ziva meets Zaf fic because it pushes my buttons.

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More top 5s. Still open to requests. [ profile] razorxrosary asked me for my top 5 poems/pieces of verse and top 5 female characters.

top 5 poems/pieces of verse )


top 5 female characters )

Ironically, 3/5 of these choices have turned out to be blond characters. If there was a #6, I'd pick serial killer Suzie Costello or ass-kicking Kima Greggs, both of whom I love but don't talk about nearly enough.


I still have one of [ profile] razorxrosary's top 5s to answer, as well as a handful from other people. Slow going but I'm taking care with my answers, yo.

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Things what have happened this morning:

-- I woke up to Duffy, who is amazing.

-- I had to put a freaking plaster ON MY FACE. I feel like Meredith Grey, if Meredith Grey wasn't white or anorexic. Or obsessed with a man born clearly to endorse hair products.

-- No, seriously, I fucking hate my hormones. What is this thing wherein you have NO FUCKING CONTROL over what your body does at any one moment? I don't think it particularly cool that my face is falling off. And if you think that's hyperbole, think a-fucking-gain.

-- I am also harbouring resentment towards my four-hour class this afternoon. It's on sonnets, though, so that should count for something, I guess.

-- I'm about to put a wash on (yay, clean clothes) and then I'm going to watch the last 45 minutes of Hallam Foe. [ profile] twincy, you're right, it's smashing! Denz, you're right, too - it's EXACTLY my kind of fucked up. I don't really know what that says about me.

-- I discovered that wow, Numb3rs fandom still loves the shit out of Don and Billy, doesn't it? That's longevity, yo.

-- FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS GOT RENEWED. !!! Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. It's about goddamn time.


I found that I was lacking in a yayarms icon. Then I found one I'd saved from [ profile] call_me_daisy. OH, GRACE. WHEN WILL YOU RETURN? I love Grace! She's so... well. She's pretty messed up! But she's also more together than people give her credit for, I think. I also think that I need to re-watch the first season for the many happies it provided me. (Wrestling! Atop the Grand Canyon!)


I have LOST the poem that I want to post. Most people would just find another poem to post, but I am determined to post the one that I WANT to post FIRST. So. Take that, universe.

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 Sometimes Grace is so hardcore, I don't know how to take her. Like, logically I know she's messed up somewhat, but I admire her guile a hell of a lot.

This week's episode (1x12) involved a vicious defense attorney who brought up everyone's private issues and turns most of the team against each other. Also, Grace is debating whether or not to go to her nephew Clay's confirmation, and Leon Cooley tricks Rhetta. Also, also: the boys continue to play pranks on one another. I mean, seriously. These guys!

As ever, it's an intense episode, but the winning scene has to be Grace during the deposition where she answers every question that sleazy lawyer throws at her. The others have their woes exposed to one another, but Grace is ultimately the only one truly on record. Her ex-lovers are paraded in front of everyone, and she cracks a joke (whilst Ham - AGAIN - decides to try and kick the crap out of Butch). Bobby is outed as having diabetes. Butch, apparently, is quite rich, and his friend was disabled during a car accident years a go. Rhetta's debt is exposed. Everyone is feeling sore and picking at one another. I felt quite frustrated watching this because I love how together the team usually is, but the scene where everyone is worried about Grace in the deposition (where they all make up) makes the rest of the episode worth it.

Also, the ADA cuts into the deposition when the defense attorney starts asking Grace about her history of sexual abuse, but Grace gets angry - the scene where she tells her that she will take anything the sleazy lawyer throws at her is fantastic because you know, you know that Grace is such a brilliant cop, and that she's right. Nothing will change the fact that the defendant killed his fiancée. (I love the way everyone dresses for the deposition. They're so Southern. All the boys have hats! Rhetta wears a neckerchief! Fabulous.)

Leon Cooley invites Rhetta to give her 'God's Angel's shoelace' which is actually just from prison footwear. Rhetta and Grace get into it over Cooley because Grace wants to protect Rhetta; Rhetta is annoyed at Grace because the latter is considering boycotting Clay's confirmation. In the end - after the intervention of two nuns, one of whom Butch nearly exposes himself to - Grace not only goes to the service, but also sets up a chocolate fondue fountain in her role as godmother. During the scene with the second, older nun (who knew Rhetta and Grace as girls), Rhetta tells the nun that she thinks Grace's sister made Grace a godmother because she (the sister) knew that Grace loves everyone she knows more than she loves herself. It was a wonderful moment, and a mostly funny scene.

In retaliation for knowing that Grace and Butch had slept together recently (i.e. post-Yeehaw Geepaw), Ham fucks the ADA against the wall of the bar. Later he tries to confess to Grace, but she, of course, isn't blind and has already worked it out. She lets him off the hook; he finally tells Grace that he loves her. Those two are so messed up. 

And finally: the pranks! Bobby's drawer is filled with peas (because his wife calls him 'sweet pea'), as is his mug; someone told Butch that the first nun was actually a stripper; Ham is still getting flack over the birds; the milk was filled with oil or something. These relationships are strong and real, and I love watching this show for them.

The next episode is the finale; I'm psyched!


OK, let's skip back a week, first. I'm trying to remember the episode (1x11) but nothing is coming to mind. This is ridiculous, though, because there's no way I didn't enjoy it. Ah, okay, a person holding up a store turns out to have a mental disability of some sort, and is killed for his attack. The team tries to find who put the guy up to the heist, with a wooden gun. It's a bittersweet episode. The dead guy and his best friend both have Down's Syndrome, and are quite childlike; they're also obsessed with a children's show featuring a detective who can attack people with almonds, or some such. The scenes between Grace and the best friend are so touching,

Also: Grace meets her next door neighbour's nephew who captivates her with his charm and atheism. It's a quick fling, but she draws it out; they only get together at the end of the episode. I felt like she was maybe flirting with the guy and playing with expectations because Earl was around.

My favourite scene remains the exposition scene near the beginning where the squad are all talking about this kids' programme. It ends with everyone raising their hand to be heard by the Captain, which was funny in a lighthearted way. Nicely put together, but mostly a slow filler episode, with a tragic ending. The best friend's sister is the one who is behind the crimes.


But yeah, the finale! Wow. But I want more.

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(1) Am still failing at academia. Hurrah, hurrah.

(2) As happens every year or so, I have rediscovered Rilo Kiley.

(3) Saving Grace continues to be MAGNIFICENT. Honestly my favourite show.

(4) Life! Ever delightful! (Is it wrong to want Constance/Reese femslash? On top of the other stuff?)

(5) I dreamt I was in [ profile] hestia8's zombie fic. Ros was awesome. I was not.

(6) Um. I'm totally writing a NCIS/Spooks fic. Assassins ahoy!

(7) And now I have to write a Super Detailed Plan of my dissertation. Sadface.

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 I don't completely understand how TNT are scheduling this, but I don't really care because in the midst of network scripted dramas grinding to a halt as the WGA strike takes serious effect, we have new - brand new, yet unseen! - episodes of Saving Grace. This running marks the last four episodes of the season that were filmed with the first nine, but reserved for the December period. Why? Like I said, no idea. But I'm excited all the same.

This week, tornadoes are tearing through the state, Grace is trapped with a woman responsible for a bus crash, prison!guy converts to Islam, Rhetta and the mortician get drunk in the morgue, and Butch and Ham fight it out. The gist of Ham's story is that he is forever losing Grace - she just wanders off to do her own thing. He's worried about her, he loves her, and he doesn't know if she wants him around. There is a scene at the close of the episode between the two of them that is lonely. Butch scolds Grace for going off alone, and Grace apologises to Ham, telling him she needs him as her partner.

The scene between Ham and Butch is hilarious. On the one hand, it echoes and inverts an earlier scene where a grieving father takes his frustrations out on Ham and Butch is behind them, ready to support his friend. On the other hand, it's farcical. They're fighting, letting out their frustrations, but it's not really bad blood. Ham is constantly worried, and Butch is too but he takes it out on Ham by teasing him that he's lost his partner again. Ham's jealousies reawaken, which is why the fight starts. But there's no real malice in it. I love when Ham lifts and repeatedly slams Butch against the wall. The captain ends the ordeal by spraying them with water. It's fabulous. "Thank god," she says, "I was worried this might have been filled with silly string," which is a reference to earlier in the episode when Butch tells Ham there's something wrong with the torches, and Ham goes to check the batteries, only to have a party spring launched at his face. The relationships here are beautiful and strong.

Grace goes it alone this week, and that's sort of the point. Earl leaves her trapped in this collapsed building, and Grace finds herself wanting to save this woman - a woman who, as it turns out, is one of the two people behind a case of negligence resulting in a bus crash which killed a lot of children. (As a sidenote, Grace is originally with a paramedic played by Jason London; boy has certainly grown up. The two of them were lovely together, friendly, professional. They were both on scene for survivor recovery after the Oklahoma Bombings. We learn Grace has been on the force 21 years, and it hints towards her fear of being buried alive.) A lot of things are going on concurrently. Firstly there's Grace's simple human connection to the woman; secondly, there's her anger at God and Earl, and wanting the woman to just live; thirdly there's Earl's comment at the end: she doesn't understand that in forgiving the woman, in not killing her, in wanting her to live, Grace redeemed her. It's a haunting narrative, and Grace's sadness is palpable.

Things that I would like to see more of: Grace and Butch. I love their relationship so much. As Butch points out to Ham - he knows her better because he's known her longer (which makes me question when he transferred from Texas; or maybe he just went to college there? I freaking love his Bulls shirts). We already know that the two of them used to date, we already know that they've slept together recently. We know that Butch definitely knows about Ham and Grace. But what I like about them comes through so clear in Butch's conversation with Grace when he and Ham come into the bar: they're beyond the physicality of their relationship. They love one another in the way of true friendship, and when Butch chastises Grace, he's doing it as someone who has known her for a long time, and someone who cares for her. They share mutual respect. And I love seeing that in play.

Also, hopefully we'll see more of Grace's fabulous family in the next few episodes, and possibly more scenes where Earl meets Grace's friends and family. That whole set up tickles me. I'm even a little invested in prison!man's storyline. (This week was great because he obviously did not understand that all gods are the same God. That 'reveal' was wonderful.)

No Bobby this week, unfortunately. Plus: no repercussions from Grace's reveal in the last episode before the hiatus, which is a shame, but understandable. I'm so pleased it's back. I enjoy this show so much.

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I have no shame. Fics I wish people would write:

  1. Numb3rs - Amita. AMITA. I wish I could find a fic where Amita is happy, balancing her Asian side with her American side, and totally rocking her field of academic expertise. Charlie doesn't need to be there, but fuck, I'd just like more Amita fic that is about her. (As an addendum: I wish I could finish my Amita fic but I fucked that up. So.)
  2. Criminal Minds - Hotch/Prentiss, superfuturefic, wherein Emily has long since left the BAU, and Hotch doesn't really know what to make of her. It would be delightful to begin with, Emily would be unfortunately less dorky, but it would start of pleasantly and sophisticated, and end up angsty-messy. Alternatively: JJ/Emily femslash, but I do actually spend a lot of time hypothesising this relationship so that's not so much of a need.
  3. NCIS - more Ziva fic. GEN fic. Not femslash, of which there is an abundance, or het, though I don't think I've seen any of that around. I want Ziva fic. The kind of fic that deals with her and Ari, or her and America, or her in the future, maybe having to go back to Mossad, or maybe past!fic from when she was an assassin.
  4. NCIS/Spooks - Ziva and Ros, the former when she was still an assassin, the latter being generally fabulous. Alternatively: Ziva and Zaf, because Zaf would charm the hell out of her, and she'd push his buttons.
  5. Friday Night Lights - in which Coach and Mrs Coach meet, and possibly Coach is an asshole, but Mrs Coach is Horrifically Awesome.
  6. Numb3rs - future!fic, in which Megan has her own team, and no more demons. And possibly Colby comes to visit her and they talk about how Larry got married to some linguist, and this makes them all very happy. And Colby is also married, but Megan isn't, and it's not a problem. And maybe Don is dead because he got things wrong, but that's what makes them all so strong.
  7. Saving Grace - Ham and Butch both love Grace, but she eventually finds God, sends Ham back to his wife (which is messy and sad), sends Ham to someone else, and eventually gets together with a ranch hand named Billy who's old and tired, just like Grace. She's still all fire, of course, but she's finding it easier to breathe now, and she's not repeating her old mistakes. Ham doesn't talk to her anymore, but Butch calls every now and then, and the four of them (Butch, Grace, Billy and Butch's Woman) eat dinner together. Butch still looks at her sometimes like he remembers her, but mostly they let one another be.
  8. Little Miss Sunshine - Olive is a teenager now, and she resents a lot of things about those fucking beauty contests (they remind me of her grandfather, and he was fucked up, wasn't he? But she misses him, too). Dwayne is an adult, and he's still not flying planes, but he's come to accept the life he has, and he helps Olive when she has a crisis of faith.


Dear Ripway, wtf is going on?



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I wasn't going to do one of these, but I happen to have some free time. So. You know. I'm still catching up with three weeks worth of Damages because of the new stuff, but I've finished all of Saving Grace which was made of many brilliant things, and which I'm glad to report there will be more of, huzz. I was watching Chuck but I didn't finish it and now I don't know where it is? Um. Yeah. And I was going to watch K-Ville but I lost that, too. I don't really know. I'm trying to mainline Friday Night Lights because, well, Kyle Chandler, and I've read some good fic. Also, giving Burn Notice another shot. I have all of Mad Men so far, but I haven't seen past episode 4 or 5. I'm still obsessed with the costumes. (And DeWitt's wigs. !)


Bones, 3x01, The Widow's Son in the Windshield. )

NCIS, 5x01, Bury Your Dead. )

The Unit, 3x01, Pandemonium Part 1. )

Criminal Minds, 3x01, Doubt. )

CSI: NY, 4x01, Can You Hear Me Now? )

Grey's Anatomy, 4x01, A Change Is Gonna Come. )

CSI, 8x01, Dead Doll. )

Stargate: Atlantis, 4x01, Adrift. )

Numb3rs, 4x01, Trust Metric. )


I have yet to finish Private Practice. So far, so good, though. Have you guys been watching Weeds and/or Californication? The latter continues to engage me for reasons unknown, but the former is SO GOOD. Really. I say this every year so I hope some of you are listeing: watch Weeds. You won't regret it.

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 The final three episodes of the season all pack quite the punch, and I'm interested in what the four remaining un-aired episodes feature because this seemed both a fitting end to the current run whilst also being somewhat incomplete in some ways.

Episode 7 came on the heels of the Rhetta episode, and introduced us to more of Grace's family, namely her pushy younger sister, Paige, and their Native-American Grandfather, GeePaw. Again, I don't really remember the case (what's new?) but Grace's relationship with GeePaw was touching, as were her frustrations with her sister, Paige. GeePaw has Alzheimer's and Grace is forced to begin the long slow process of saying goodbye. It's an unsettling pattern in her life - only two episodes before she threw out her dying aunt. Grace's life is filled with loss.

Another reason I enjoyed the episode was because it once again brought up that Grace once had a relationship with Butch (something brought up before with Ham's jealousy). Butch falls for Grace all over again when they go horse-riding and by the end of the episode, Grace wakes up with Butch in her bed.

Oh, the case featured some sort of Native American ritualisation of the corpse, and we finally had a Bobby showcase which was really nice. We found out that he's half-Cuban, that the guys tease him about his 'Indian-fu' and that he helped to look after troubled-teens, one of whom died at war, the other who was killed by the soldier's foster father. Bobby's loss is great, too. The episode had a lot of laughs in it, but naturally ended with weight.

Episode 8 featured Grace getting shot; the cold open ended with Earl rushing towards her, full of worry. It's a close call. The case follows Grace and the team as they try to figure out who killed who in the shootout, and how to get the head runner. The twist in the tale was that the gangster's grandmother was responsible for the trouble; she'd been running the neighbourhood. At the end of the episode, she kills her grandson. It's shocking and horrible.

The beginning of the episode is actually very intense, and excellent entertainment. Watching the team go through their pre-warrant rituals is fascinating and funny. Ham tapes down his necklace; Butch pulls on a Texas sweater; Bobby kisses a picture of his family and puts it in his flak; Grace - I love Grace - Grace puts a tampon in her boot. A tampon. What a woman. They team then jumps hard on the spot to make sure they're not making any noise. (Sound-check). It was a brilliant insight into the ritualisation of attack methods, and the buddy-system that Grace truly belongs to.

Grace's boys rally around her - Ham and Butch feel some of their mutual jealousy over Grace, but the whole team feels the hit. There's a scene when Grace returns to work before she's really fit to, and the boys all come in for a hug. It's heart-warming because the team really feels like Grace's natural family. She loves all of them, and they love her. In a later scene at Grace's house, Grace falls asleep whilst the guys are there. Bobby notes that he didn't like seeing Grace in the hospital bed. The three guys then argue over who should stay with her - Butch wins because he doesn't have a wife or family. That was a pretty funny segue, actually, subtly reminding us of Butch and Ham's relationship,how they're brothers battling over the same girl. Ham's jealousy is his natural bravado - he's pushed Butch away before when nothing was going on; Butch's jealousy is founded in wanting Grace, and knowing that Ham has a claim on her. Butch tries to cook Grace breakfast: she doesn't really eat breakfast. It's all very touching, and funny, as are the football references which come back in the final episode.

A side-plot in the episode features Leon Cooley, the convict that Grace 'killed' in the first episode. He grows enough to allow his ex-wife's future husband to one day adopt his son. Another painful but excellently executed scene.

The episode ends with Rhetta revealing to Grace that the cop that was killed was the one who managed to kill one of the opposing shooters. Grace - looking tiny and fragile, inspecting the bruise she got from the bullet she took (the flak caught it) dresses in her dress greens and heads for the funeral. Two especial details that I liked about the episode include Grace talking to her priest brother, and the cops wearing black bands over their badges to show that they were mourning one of their own.

Episode 9 was aired this week as the season finale and starts off with Grace being tied to the bed by one of her one-night stands, who bolts when he realises that she's a cop. Ham finds her like this and takes off, jealous and hurt; Earl refuses to help her but sits by trying again to make her a believer. Ham returns to unlock her cuffs only when the new Captain is about to send Bobby over to see if something is wrong with Grace. Later they argue because Ham is hurt, but Grace points out that he only came over early to get in a booty call before work - leaving his wife in the process. By the time they make this week's arrest, they seem to be on marginally better terms.

The case of the week was very important and brought to fruition some ideas I had about Grace's past. A girl is found stabbed and assaulted in a warehouse (on a humorous note, Ham opens the body bag and finds a dead bird which makes him flip out; the guys are pushing retaliation on one another because of a recent football game on which they were all betting. Later in the episode, Butch wraps Ham's desk in clear wrap. All great indicators of the world in which Grace and her team live) and the guys find the word EVIL written on the wall in her blood. Butch reveals that he has a hard time looking at murder victims' purses because they remind him of  his sisters.

When Grace finally sees the scene, she recognises it as a continuation of a cold case in Tulsa. She also finds out that the wall actually reads DEVIL. We learn that 11 years ago, Grace was doing what she does - i.e., going into bars to get laid - and that she woke up after a blackout and found that she had been stabbed and that the wall read DEVIL in her own blood. She collected evidence from her own house, went to Tulsa police, filled out a report and the moved to Oklahoma where in the present day, the evidence she collected helps her to put away her attacker. Grace talks to the perp alone, the team present behind the glass as she confesses her attack. Everyone feels the burden that Grace has been carrying around, and I think that the attack was probably what set Grace off on her promiscuity binge. She kept at it to prove to herself that she was still alive, still a survivor.

The subplot of this episode involved Grace's nephew in a bullying scam. Grace hardcore interrogates him and the puts him in a cell for a day. The kid learns his lesson, that's for sure.

The episode ends with Rhetta realising that the things that Earl leaves for Grace are a message. A wooden duck and the Ganesha statuette (duck, elephant) represent avoidance of memory. Rhetta's heart breaks. Earl tells Grace that God's plans for her are coming to fruition, and that contrary to his belief, Grace had actually made some progress and that maybe she was ready to move on to the next stage. It was a powerful scene, heading back to the landscape that Earl first led her to, and Grace holding on to Earl for assistance.


The whole season has played out this way, amusing and yet able to push buttons, digging down to the core of human nature. It's almost as though Grace punishes herself through gluttony, distancing herself from those who love her because she doesn't believe in herself. From her family to her team, from her home life to the way she tackles her cases and her entanglement with Earl, I have loved this series so much, and I can't wait to see more. I really hope I don't have to wait a whole year for it.

Next up: more Damages which is now well into the second half of the season.

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GUYS. I AM SO SORRY ABOUT LAST NIGHT'S POSTING. ! There was a lot of it, apparently. I don't remember all of it? Yeah.


The electricity keeps randomly cutting out. It's Very Frustrating. Gah.


I love reading the comments on [ profile] runwaym. People get really catty! It's like the comments on [ profile] foto_decadent, except a little tamer. f_d people are hardcore bitches. Res-pec!


Watched Saving Grace, finally. Again had to restrain the urge to cry LOTS AND LOTS. Some trauma going on there. I, uh, didn't really know what was going in the case, but I was impressed that Not-Ham-or-Butch got some showcasing. (Btw: Ham and Butch? WHAT? At least I know their names now. I can stop calling them Man One through Three.) And! More Hanadarkos, ooh. I want moooore.


Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with me. I find I get Very Excited sometimes. I think I should post those Life icons.


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