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i have never made a post in this dw. huh.

this is a placeholder! but honestly, it's much the same as before. details to follow.
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DEAREST YULETIDE FRIEND, PLEASE FORGIVE ME! do not take my late writing of this letter as indication that i do not love you: i do, i do, i do. thank you so much for writing for me! i'm wicked jazzed, you have no idea. ("wicked jazzed" lmao who says that.) it has taken me some time to get off my backside and write this. i hope it hasn't caused you undue stress.

to start with: you are SMASHING. i'm so glad we have overlapping interests! i hope that this yt experience is mellow and full of good cheer. for once i'm going to try to be detailed because i don't have a lot of resources to offer you, and also because my requests were a bit. well. i think they were weak. i should probably look them up again before continuing this letter. you can wait here; i won't be long.

ok, cool. no, i'm good; i'm up to speed. let's do this.




[ profile] hestia8 is one of my oldest fandom friends and is a good person to ask about my tastes. door knows what kind of fic i read, and i recced a bunch of a++ justified fics to sonictoaster. hit them up if you've got Qs, but overall, please have fun, and definitely do not sweat it! we're already buds, don't you know?

[ profile] delgaserasca ex-oh ex-oh heartemoji
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so, after something of a hiatus, i have decided that i would like to do yuletide again this year. i think my requests were pretty comprehensive in detail, but i wanted to outline some wider details.

FIRSTLY, and most importantly: thank you! thank you for tackling any of my prompts. i hope that you have fun and that you find something here that you can work with! if you write something that doesn't bounce off anything in my prompts or anything below, erm, i'm still going to love it? a lot? i am already excited! this is going to be GREAT.

i am, like everyone, on tumblr, and you can find me and my tastes here: notabuddhist @

tumblr stuff )

i love character pieces. in all my time writing fic and reading fic and writing for yuletide, i have always, always loved character pieces. i enjoy plot but i also know that plot is not always easy, so i will take a character piece that fits the tone of what canon has given us with a wide and happy smile. my other tastes have changed considerably. i am really far less discerning than i used to be, haha. i like angst with a happy ending; i like fics that hold up to details; i like A LOT OF PINING. i also like to get into what gets people going. i LOVE stories about stories, so tell me story about these characters we love, and i will be immensely satisfied.

fandom specifics )

people to speak to. no, but seriously. )

thank you, thank you, a thousand times, thank you. have funnnnnn. don't let the above stress you out. if you get a flash of inspiration, run with it. it's going to show if you love what you're writing and if you're enjoying it and that will make it way more than worth it. go nuts. <3
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Hi everyone,

I'm running Duck Cheer again, albeit it on tumblr this time.

Let me know if you'd like to join in.

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!!!!! Happy New Year, everyone! I woke up at stupid o'clock this morning to work an entirely pointless shift in my parents' store BUT because Yuletide reveals don't happen until America is awake, there's time to get my recs in, hurrah!

First off: SOMEONE WROTE ME SAZ KAUR FIC. It is GREAT. It is all about unravelling the numbers in her brain, which I really, truly love because Some Girls is a comedy and so a lot of the nuance in the characters is played for laughs. I think Saz gets a tough deal sometimes but I also think I'm sensitive to her characterisation. BUT THE FIC! It is so good! It nails a level of alienation that is backed up less by cultural norms (which is also a thing, but also NOT a thing) and more by personal circumstance. AND it's funny and warm and sad and just GOSH lovely Go read it: greater than or equal to (Some Girls)

Sometimes the best Saz can do is to take what she’s observed and combine it with what she’s seen other people do and try to extrapolate how she’s supposed to behave. That’s probably just how human interaction is supposed to work, only it’s meant to be subconscious. When Saz was with Joe, and then when she wasn’t, she paid a lot of attention to what her friends’ boyfriends were like. Rocky, for instance, couldn’t go five minutes without texting Viva to ask if she thought aliens had pets and would leashes still work with no gravity, and Brandon would go completely mental if he didn’t hear back from Holli right away, and whatever delinquent Holli was not-banging in any given week was sure to be slobbering after her all the time, and everyone said that if she and Joe were going to be long distance, communication was even more important, so Saz communicated.

Other recs! I actually did all my yuletide reading yesterday and I found I just didn't know most of the fandoms. So here is best of the 15 that I read.


Five Women Ryan Stone Met On the Road (And One Man She Technically Never Did) (Gravity/other fandoms)

The girl with the CHICAGO cardboard sign bends down to look through the opened passenger's side window and introduces herself as Cosima Nie-Holy-Shit-You're-Ryan-Stone.

THIS FIC. In an effort to deal with her mounting PTSD symptoms, Ryan takes to picking up hitchhikers. The fic includes crossovers with Sleepy Hollow, Orphan Black, The X-Files, Elementary and The Heat, and is on-point and in character. LOVELY.

(You should read ALL the Gravity fics because they are all haunting and deft and just lovely. But this is kindlier.)


the wine on our breath puts the love in our tongues (Frances Ha)

So she decided to call this chapter of her life spartan and minimalist. Other words for that could be empty and lonely but she made the active decision not to refer to her life at present as either of those things. Those words, she decided, could exist on the opposite side of the aisle, amidst the collection of all the things she does not have.

Frances throws a party - in Sophie's place. What I really loved about Frances Ha - apart from everything - is that Sophie is not a great friend and you slowly learn that across the course of the film. You learn it as Frances learns it, and that's cool - you love your friends regardless of their faults or they're not your friends. This fic does a great job of amplifying Frances' awareness but also that middleground you meet when it's necessary to do so. I also really love the reported style which I think does a great job of replicating a) that arch way Frances and Sophie have of speaking, and b) the greyscale used in the post-production. I can't quite explain how tone achieves that but I think you'll know what I mean.


#knemma (Emma)

what happened between you and Elton?

Emma W
it was super awkward
he was like “I’ve loved you since forever”
by which he meant Halloween
(Haz and I posted our Elementary cosplay pictures
and he went on about it, remember?)
and I was like
“what???” and “I THOUGHT YOU LIKED HAZ”
and had to block him from this account
because he kept insisting
and then he made a cryptic post in his DW
but it wasn’t cryptic enough because his girlfriend
who's not only real but has a tumblr
totally understood and started messaging me
so I had to block her too.

There’s a fandomwank report.

OH MY GOD A MODERNISATION OF AUSTEN'S EMMA THAT IS SET IN FANDOM. It's all in chatspeak, but fuuuuck, it works. I love this. Shut up. It's fab.


Annum Novum (The Eagle)

"Seven days you've been gone," Esca snapped, unable to contain his anger.

"My uncle forced me to stay and rest for a night, or I would have been home earlier." Esca saw now that Marcus was shuddering, with either cold or exhaustion, or both. "I am glad to be back, now."

"You're a fool." Esca stepped up close and fisted his hand in the front of Marcus' cloak, and Marcus came forward, leaning against him with most of his weight. They embraced. After a while Esca became aware that his hand was twisted tightly in the hair at the back of Marcus neck. Marcus did not protest it.

There are SO MANY "and then they live on a farm together" fics for this fandom and I love them ALL. I especially love the following: PINING; continued lack of understanding over one another's cultures; Esca worrying about Marcus' leg; MARCUS WORRYING ESCA WILL LEAVE. I also greatly enjoy reading baout their attempts at farming and the difficulties they have to overcome. This fic has all of that and is just. Yes. Excellent.


Former Detectives Club (Broadchurch)

"Why did you leave Scotland?" Miller is pretending to squint at the setting sun—but even sitting next to her and looking out at the harbour himself, Alec can tell she's got her head on one side and is actually peering shrewdly at him.

He sighs and leans against the back of the park bench. "I've got a heart condition", he says. "Had to get away from all that fried food, didn't I."

The best part of the show was Alec and Ellie's double act, and this fic continues that in the kindliest manner. The characterisation is spot on; I can't commend it enough.


Lastly, a rec for an app/site. Do you read fanfic or anything on the internet? Use POCKET. Seriously, best app I've used in ages. You can add things to it from your phone, tablet, laptop, browser etc. and read things on the go. Download quickly when you have a net connection, and then read your longfic on the go. It also has organisational features, and makes it easy for you to share things with friends. Sometimes I let out a siren call for fluff recs, and the next thing I know, [ profile] wliberation has sent me a handful on pocket. AMAZING. Get it here:

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Dear Yuletider,

Hello! At long last, a proper letter.

Firstly, a confession: I had to default on my entry to this year's Yuletide because there's not a chance I will be able to complete it, though I will try to do stocking fillers. On that note, if you also want to default, I won't blame you, especially as I have been sort of useless with communicating. I do think my previous letters make a good starting point, but I promised you an actual letter, which you wholly deserve. Before all that, you should know that I am always thrilled by fic that is written for me, so I don't want this to cause you any stress. I already know that whatever you write is going to be exactly what I want. If you have an idea outside of what is below the cut, run with it. I love to be surprised!

fandom specifics )

Thank you so much for writing for me! If you have any questions about my likes/dislikes, [ profile] hestia8 is probably the person to ask. Have fun, yuletider!

Love, [ profile] delgaserasca ex-oh ex-oh (tumblr | yuletide tag)

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Dear yuletider,

Assignments came out today, but I am heading into work and still haven't sorted out my letter which is terrible. I'm so sorry!

You should know first up that I am going to be full-on excited for whatever you write. I wish I were a better recipient! Don't let details upset you. Write what feels right. I want this to be nothing but a pleasure for you.

I prefer-character driven stuff and I enjoy thought-out plots; I am big on female friendships. That said, I read pretty much anything these days. My biggest fandom at the moment is full of slash, so. Yeah.

I will be back to populate this part with more details re: individual fandoms but if you hit up my Yuletide tag, you'll find my previous letters and there'll be a lot of crossover, so please make use of them.

Yuletide writer, I love you already! I'm sorry I'm so tardy this year,

[ profile] delgaserasca kiss kiss

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Holy wow, guys, Only God Forgives is easily THE MOST VIOLENT FILM I HAVE EVER SEEN. And it's not like I didn't know Winding Refn's repertoire , but I was STILL shocked by some of it.


My parents left this morning to bring my sister home from uni, so that's a thing that's happening.


Other things I have seen in the past week, a list: films & theatre. )


Last night I met up with my cousins for dinner. We were all falling asleep at our seats and then, as the night went on, we perked up. They're a riot, and I love them, and I needed to see them. We saw each other in the middle of May and then, because of work, I missed out on the next meet-up. There's going to be a larger gathering next weekend when we have our (almost) annual musical weekend. It's been a couple of years since the last one, so we are long overdue. After that: summer. With that in mind, I really need to get back to this Raft Race paperwork...

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I am beyond relieved that this is a three-day weekend. Admittedly, I still haven't managed to type up the minutes from the last Raft Race meeting, but at the same time, I have managed to do half a beta (I AM THE WORST), lose half a tooth (don't ask), and get caught up with Orphan Black (now I have to wait a week for the gd finale).


Work has been a maelstrom of late. I know that I complain when there is fuck all to do, but I've worked a fortnight of late nights, and had a family wedding in the middle, and am quite cross about the whole thing. I've got at least the rest of this week to have to deal with it some more, a couple of weeks of peace, and then I we have to do the whole thing over again. Luckily, when I spoke to my line manager about running the next cycle using a rota (I HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR OVER A YEAR) she finally sounded amenable to it. Progress! I'm am quite pleased about this because it means a) this should be less stressful next time around and b) if I ever get my act together for new jobs, I now have a concrete example of problem-solving to call upon in interviews. Fuck yeah.


I have been very bad at updating eljay, and very bad at updating the tumblr I set up to review things, so I think I'm going to do a series of posts called Have You Been Watching...? which will summarise (mini-)series I have seen recently and then forgotten to talk about. I think I'll post them here, too, just to get back into the swing of updating.


Speaking of, I saw The Hothouse at Trafalgar Studios this week. Uproariously funny, but surprisingly dark. I enjoy Pinter a great deal, and his wit never fails to get my sides aching, but having known nothing about this play in advance, I was incredibly surprised by the setting and subject matter. Brilliantly staged.


I did actually start doing admin for the Raft Race yesterday (have I talked about this? I don't remember. Anyway, I'm the secretary of a committee that has been put together to run an event in our town) but I got interrupted by several phone calls, my Dad asking me to help him with some admin for another local event, and then the arrival of some of my maternal cousins who were passing by on their way back from a wedding. It was one of my cousins' birthdays, so I made some cinnamon cupcakes. By the time they left, Baby Cousin turned up, and there went the evening. I have a feeling I'll have to leave the minutes until tomorrow, but they're almost a fortnight overdue. (See: work.)


At the end of this year I am going to get rid of my domain hosting which I wasn't able to utilise the way that I wanted, so if you go back through any of my older posts (I don't know why you would) and find there are images missing, that's why.

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Ten NINE I AM AN IDIOT years ago today I started a livejournal because I was procrastinating on completing revision for my AS Levels.

I thought that maybe I would delete my eljay once I hit the ten year mark, mostly because I am active everywhere but here, but I still read my flist every day, and I still think about updating every week. (I don't do it because I am lazy.) This weekend I spent a lot of time with my family and I talked about things I don't normally talk about out loud, and I've been thinking about that this evening as I wondered what to update with. There's been a notable shift towards melding the various faces I wear. Where my online space was once anonymous under this username, I'm now linked, one name at a time, thorough various social networks. Eljay was useful in a lot of ways, because I didn'tt have to put a face to my name, or a name to my thoughts; I could just say what I needed to say without really feeling the repercussions. But I am better at saying things out loud now because I have had time to consider the foundations of my character. It's a work in progress, but there's less work to do now.

Eljay has been great, and I'm not shutting it down. I still need it. I met good friends via it. I still read it every day. But it's strange to think I've had a presence that was solely designed by me anywhere for ten years, let alone on this corner of the internet.


There was a wedding this weekend, which I typically hate for two reasons. Firstly: what a faff. Secondly: I don't do well in situations where I have to stand next to the expectations of the culture I was raised in, mostly because I am super conscious of not really meeting the mark. I am mostly okay with this, except for the part where I have to face other people's judgement, because whilst it doesn't really matter what the elders in my family think, I still feel it. I grew up wanting to meet and/or defy expectations, and I hate the side of failure that is other people.

But the wedding was great. My family was really more interested in being around one another than in dealing with the specifics of the festivities, and it ended up being an opportunity to be around one another in a warm, positive way. There are good parts and bad parts, but I do love them. The benefit of most of us having left school now is that the age gap has suddenly become irrelevant. At four o'clock this morning, there were six people in my room, aged between 18 and 39, and although my eldest cousin sister can't give up the opportunity to bemoan her history when her audience is in a confined space, even her constant lament that "things were different when I was growing up" couldn't erase the fact that at that moment our respective ages didn't really matter. We were all there, in one another's confidences.


So time passes, quickly, slowly, relative to each one of us, and the more things change, the more they stay the same, which is longhand for the tenderness in constancy, for which I find myself more grateful every single day.

Happy eljayversary to this username, guys. Let's do this thing.

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Heading to London in an hour or so to go to a get together for my cousin's wife's 40th. Looking forward to seeing everyone and dancing as much as possible! My cousin has also booked a room for us in Euston, but I can't work out why she didn't just book a Travelodge. It would have been cheaper and closer to the venue? Oh well. Heading there to get dressed and then head out. Exciting!

Meeting a lot of people in the next week, too. Going out with a cousin on Monday, Baby Cousin on Friday, and a co-worker from my last job on Saturday. Next weekend, my aunt and The Boys will be over, and it's likely that my dad's cousin and his family will be over with a wedding invitation, too. Busy, busy.


January was a drag of time and also zipped past so I should never comment on the nature of time ever again. We had some snow which was mostly just annoying, and since then it's just been cold. Not freezing, though, for which I'm grateful. I don't have the wardrobe for snow and ice.

Work is so slow. I am fed up. I will be looking for a new job. The thing about having done it once is that I can definitely do it again. It pays to be proactive.


Things I have been watching: NCIS (!!!!!); The Americans (It's Always the Russians); Dancing on the Edge (yessssss, but: more of the band, less of everyone else, please); My Mat Fat Diary (set very close to home in many ways); Justified (better pace this year). Still torturing myself with Glee, and really, really enjoying Elementary.

Being Human is back, which I loved, and I was going to catch up with Ripper Street but was thwarted by iPlayer. Oh well. Not fussed on that score, to be honest. I am also watching Girls which continues to be equal parts difficult and excellent.


And lastly, a song.

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Big pictures under the cuts.


theatre 2012 )

television 2012 )

film 2012 )

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This year's year-end mixtape. As ever, link leads to tumblr. This is almost all new music this time around; I took out some of the older tracks that I've been listening to this year. Three tracks I would have otherwise included but could not were: +3 )

i came out of the woods by choice

track list )

Apparently I completely forgot that Lana Del Rey happened this year. Oops.

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Goddamn, but I always luck out in Yuletide. This year I got two (TWO!) AUs for The Hour, and they're completely different, but somehow both exactly what I wanted.

running you with red is Lix Storm IN SPACE. Need I say more? I think not. The real joy of this fic is the Lix voice. It's a million miles away from canon, but her voice is still world-weary and spot on. Love it.

just a pawn, ready to advance is a crossover with Orwell's 1984 and everything - from the language to the characterisations to the dialogue - is exactly right. I don't know how the anon did it. There are two sides to the truth in this world, and what has Freddie always been about in canon if not the truth? Just brilliant.


In other news, I am waiting for someone to be all, ha! I KNOW THIS IS YOURS. Because, really, the formatting alone gives it away.

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The Chariot in Love
by Marty McConnell

there is a red box in my bedroom
for the disposal of needles.
there is a woman in my bed

with a body made of flowers.
they feel like thorns to her,
like weeds. part of me thinks

she is dying. another part says no,
that’s how we sleep now.

the hormones are new

but the story is old: Tiresius
was a man, then a woman, then
a man. punishment, prophecy,

redemption. I’ve begun guessing
at the gender of lamp-posts. of couches.
of calendars. watching the jaws of men

on the train, studying their shoulders,
the shrug in their lean. I’ve become
something different now, too. omnipresent

bystander, witness for the defense: the bed
is nothing like a coffin. the animal hair
at the end of her backbone has always

been there
. I watch your body
square into itself and think, armor.
the temperature of your skin in sleep

says fever, flight, release. we leave
the windows open all winter. I am cold
but you are here. I never learn

to push the needle into the meat
of your thigh. does this make me
a coward, or the man in the moon?

You’re extraordinary. Don’t leave.
this spring, my sister ripped out half
a garden of blossomless poppies

because a neighbor told her
anything with thorned stems
and thorned leaves

is a weed. no matter what answer
you give the gods, something
will be granted and something taken

away. I would like someone to teach me
a new way to pray. I miss the sight
of your breasts in sleep. your knees

are the same. I fold photographs
of you as a girl into postcards
and mail them to orphans. you are

your own daughter, they say. everyone
earns their body somehow. what
do we do now?

transform, metamorphose, transmute, transmogrify, convert, transfigure: to change a thing into a different thing. transform implies a major change in form, nature, or function {transformed a small company into a corporate giant}. metamorphose suggests an abrupt or startling change induced by or as if by magic or a supernatural power {awkward girls metamorphosed into swannish ballerinas}. transmute implies transforming into a higher element or thing {transmute lead into gold, body into deity}. transmogrify suggests a strange or preposterous metamorphosis {a story in which a frog is transmogrified into a photograph once thought lost, now reappearing as an ad for feminine hygiene products}. convert implies a change fitting something for a new or different use or function {converted the study into a nursery, the bed into a boarding house}. transfigure implies a change that exalts or glorifies {joy, or maybe it was the hormones, transfigured her face}.

love. may the body you are becoming hold fewer
cruel boundaries. may its territories admit my hands,
hormones taking down fences like boys in cars
with baseball bats swinging at mailboxes.

dear mystery, dear mythological
shapeshifter, may I adore you
in any skin, inherited or built.
there is a hair below your chin

that I love to study. it is like
a small flag invented by an army
wildly outnumbered but with the very
best uniforms. their boots punched with holes

but polished to a sheen in which they can see
their gorgeous reflections. God’s perfect
monsters, they stomp through your bloodstream,
set up camp at the base of your spine where I tuck

my knee while sleeping. they are not sure
how to love me. a body untransformed, transfigured only
by time and afternoons at the gym. may you be able
to remind them, I was here first. or at least,

I loved you more.

you are not a war. there is nothing
to be won here. you asked me once

what my ruin is. what could make me
a monster. I didn’t answer. the answer is,

fear. I am that ordinary. I was born
like this. but I have invented new ways

to pray. the clock is a liar who dissolves
in the light. the shower is resurrection central.

your mouth is a storehouse of surrogate
bones, you grow fruit trees and crocus

in the back of your throat. give me
your moonshoulders, the stars all over

your body, and the keys. hand over
the map. you choose the road. I can keep

both wheels on the ground, I can hold us.
the book says, remember. victory is just

the beginning.
we’ll make a banner
from your binding shirt, collect my shed hair

for the seams. my love, my sphinx, my vanishing
point, I am not perfect. but I was built for this.

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Dear Yuletider!

Hello fandom-sharer! That's always the best bit, I think - when someone else likes what you like. I'm going to try to be concise this year, but if you have any questions, you can probably ask [ profile] hestia8. Either she'll be able to tell you if something is what I'd like, or she'll be able to covertly interrogate me to find out.

general things that I like. )

fandom specifics. )

Please don't go mad over my prompts. I mean that. I would like you to have fun! For all that I have thrown a lot of words around above, I will read pretty much anything. Unless you hit my no-no's, I will be so chuffed with whatever you write. Go with what feels right to you. And maybe we can talk about it in the new year!

Much love,
[ profile] delgaserasca


So much for being concise.

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Oh, wow, what have I even been doing since the last time I updated?


Stupid question. Obviously I have been at London Film Fest, and heading to work every day, despite there being no work for me to do. Obviously.

I saw a range of things at film fest, all of which I am planning on writing up. For continuity's sake, I'll post those here as well as on my dedicated tumblr, but suffice it to say that it's been an exhausting but fulfilling fortnight or so. My end film count was the same as my start, except I managed to get tickets to Beyond the Hills and ended up forgoing tonight's screening of Fill the Void. (Way too late, my god, what was I thinking?)

Also saw Looper, which I loved. I enjoy a good Moebius strip narrative.


A couple of weeks ago I also saw Jesca Hoop perform in London, and went to see Berenice at the Donmar. I have some music things coming up - Chris Pureka and The Killers, the latter of whom are being opened by Tegan and Sara, omg - and I'm going to see Sally Hawkins in Constellations which I have been excited about since Spring.

At the end of November I have tickets to see a new production of Medea. Medea! Fuck yeah.


I should post some poems because I have read some in the past month that have tripped me up. Share and share alike, y'all.


I am sure I would normally talk about TV here but fuck if I can even remember what I've seen or haven't seen lately.

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I'll be your Emmylou and I'll be your June
and you'll be my Gram and my Johnny, too
no, I'm not asking much of you
just sing, little darling, sing with me

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Guys! It's September! Whaaaaaat.


Things that have happened since the last time I updated: LOLYMPICS; all of summer, apparently; I saw the rings; my one proper holiday of the year*; gingerbread TARDIS fail; my birthday; more Curious Incident; knitting; nails.

Eventful, yo.

*) I go to work 51 weeks out of 52 in a year. Those may not be full weeks, but I only take the week ending in the late Summer Bank Holiday off.


work. )


Are there any Brit-/London-based Chris Pureka and/or Gregory Ivan Isakov fans on my flist? Let me know; I might have something for you.

In quasi-related news: I have tickets to see Jesca Hoop this year! I loved Hoop when she first came out with Money a few years back, and the whole of The House That Jack Built makes me crazy with how good it is.


Hipster Who returned! It was a good episode, but something was missing. I don't know what that something is just yet. The plan is to finish my goddamn knitting project today, and re-watch.

In other news, did anyone watch Accused 2x02? Or 2x03 for that matter. Ugh, talk abut being shanked. 2x02 featured stellar performances from Anne Marie Duff and Olivia Colman. Both were amazing. Can't wait to see Duff in Berenice at the Donmar in the next month or so.


New Merlin in a month. !!!!! YES.


Didn't do that much for my birthday. etc & driving. )


The programme for this year's Film Fest comes out on September 5th. Exciiiiiited!


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