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I wrote very, very little this past year, and what I did write was mostly drabbles. But I did get in a couple of crossovers and the like, so whatever. Year in review!

the fics. )

the break-down. )


The end. I wrote much less this year because of work and general lack of inspiration, but I'm not disappointed? I don't know. I thought the lower count would bother me, but it doesn't. It's been a success this year just to talk about the things that I enjoy in fandom, so any fic at all becomes an accomplishment.

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Accidental Haiku by Lenka Clayton

These are a little bit great in their straightforward-ness.


So, it's been ages since the last haikuathon and I have no want to actually set up and run another one but I DO want some fannish haiku! So hit me up, guys. 5-7-5 syllables, fandom of your choice, as many times as you like. It's fun, I promise! Here is one I did last time earlier:

selfish. | csi: ny | mac/stella
slip silently out
from beside her - so selfish -
she wakes to cold sheets


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Driving lesson wasn't a complete bomb. I spent the rest of the day watching the Aragorn &/or Ent parts of The Two Towers and then a beautiful, beautiful film called Sukkar Banat (Caramel). The stories, the direction, the music: all delicious, all delightful. I'm tempted to watch it again before I go to sleep, especially since my insomnia is kicking up again.


Meme: Reply to this meme by yelling "words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you. Got mine from [ profile] fallapartagain.

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Ooh, full moon? It's a little red/orange tonight. Gorgeous. You'd never be able to tell we had torrential rain in the middle of the day.

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I don't remember the order in which I watched these, so I'm going by air date. Likely y'all don't care but it matters to meeee.

Also, I watched a lot of them with The Sister this week which I think changes the way I see things. Mostly because she finds a lot of things funny, and it makes me more sympathetic to the kinds of joke that I would usually stomp all over.


re: Numb3rs. I didn't even finish last week's episode (5x03, Blowback), even though the first act looked good. I just. I think I'll wait for it to air on TV some time next year. Maybe time will make me more sympathetic to it? I don't know. It's a bad sign when you can't even watch the scenes with characters you don't actively dislike. And whilst Nikki Betancourt is fierce, I just don't care about her if she's been set up to be the fall guy, instead of a foil to Don & co. which is what she was originally described as being.

Farewell, show. Farewell, Don's Awful Hair.


True Blood, 1x07, Burning House of Love )

The Unit, 4x04, The Conduit )

Mad Men, 2x12, The Mountain King )

Californication, 2x04, The Raw and the Cooked )

Sarah Connor Chronicles, 2x06, The Tower is Tall, But the Fall is Short )

My Own Worst Enemy, 1x02, Hummingbird )

NCIS, 6x05, Nine Lives )

Pushing Daisies, 2x04, Frescorts )

Criminal Minds, 4x04, Paradise )

CSI: NY, 5x04, Sex, Lies and Silicone )

Private Practice, 2x03, Nothing to Talk About )

Grey's Anatomy, 5x05, There's No 'I' In Team )

Supernatural, 4x06, Yellow Fever )

Life, 2x06, Did You Feel That? (In which I talk in circles) )

I still haven't seen this week's Merlin (worked during the repeat on Sunday, and now I'm waiting for The Mother). Speaking of, it took The Mother a year to get into Northern Lights. A YEAR. Then, last week, she picked it up, finished it, finished The Subtle Knife and started The Amber Spyglass which she's quickly making a dent in. I am a little bit eye-roll-y about the whole thing, but also a little bit triumphant. I KNEW she'd like that damn series.

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Apparently I spent this week being mostly underwhelmed?


CSI: NY, 5x03, Turbulence )

Bones, 4x07, The He in the She )

Private Practice, 2x02, Equal & Opposite )

Supernatural, 4x04, Metamorphosis )

Grey's Anatomy, 5x03, Here Comes the Flood )


Wonderfully, I finished typing the above and new Life arrived. Impeccable timing!

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NCIS, 6x01, Last Man Standing; 3x04, Silver War. )

Criminal Minds, 4x01, Mayhem. )

Bones, 4x05, The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond. )

CSI: NY, 5x01, Veritas. )


Real Life is knitting and job-hunting, as per always, so more on that if there's more to report. The next thing that I have to look forward to is tonight's Mock the Week, whoop whoop!

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The first of the lyric ficlets. NCIS, Wire in the Blood and CSI: NY.

i've got spots; i've got stripes, too. (ncis)
tony, ziva, desert #
Tony doesn't do too well in the desert
( link. )

at the violet hour. (wire in the blood)
carol, self-deceit #
But you could stay, he says
( link. )

on the corner of main street, just trying to keep it in line. (csi: new york)
flack/danny; angst #
Don knows this city, knows what it can do to a man
( link. )


More to come.

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Busy weekend! My eldest cousin brother and his family came to visit, and I finally met the new baby. She's lovely, as is her older brother who is totally into the Power Rangers right now. In. Sane. Also: marvellous. ♥

Now: the last of the top 5 replies. I know, I know, this is from aaaaages ago. To see the rest of the replies, hit the meme tag.


[ profile] fallapartagain asked me for my top 5 Mac/Stella fics and top 5 things in my room that I can't live without.

top 5 Mac/Stella fics. )


top 5 things in the room that I can't live without )


[ profile] inflightdata asked me for the top 5 reasons why Gibbs is awesome; the top (? haha) 5 worst ways to die; and the top 5 things I'd do with a hundred dollars. $100 actually comes to about £50 (100 Australian dollars is about £47) so I'm going with what I'd do with £100 sterling.

top 5 reasons why Gibbs is awesome. )


top 5 worst ways to die. )


top 5 things I'd do with £100 (if I didn't have a ridiculous amount of debt to sort out) )


[ profile] razorxrosary also asked me for my top 5 fandomgasm moments and I FAIL because I've yet to finish my answers. I think, though, that I'm going to just cheat and post loads of appropriate picspams, and then be totally verbose about them. \o/


Am trying to decide what to talk about when I go to see those year 12s tomorrow. Aie.

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Been a while, been a while.


New Amsterdam, 1x08, Love Hurts. )

Bones, 3x10, The Man in the Mud. )

Criminal Minds, 3x16, Elephant's Memory. )

CSI:NY, 4x17, Like Water for Murder. )

Battlestar Galactica, 4x03, The Ties That Bind. )


Sarah Connor Chronicles looks like it'll be back. Fuck yes.


Have yet to watch the latest NCIS; caught a couple of old school X-Men cartoon episodes. I love everybody's funky 80s hair. And Gambit! Mostly I forgot how weirdly everyone spoke.

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csi:ny, 4x16, right next door. )

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First set of replies (finally) for the top 5s meme which is still open (hint, hint). [ profile] melliyna asked me for my top 5 moments from Life. Spoilers below the cut, and images, too. This format was shamelessly NICKED from [ profile] razorxrosary.

top 5 moments from Life. )


[ profile] melliyna also asked me for five reasons why Mac and Stella work as a couple. I don't have any old school caps on my laptop right now, or I'd show you scene-by-scene. You'll just have to make do with some icons I made last year, and my being VERBOSE. As per always.

top 5 reasons why Mac and Stella work as a couple (csi: new york) )


I need to go and buy a train ticket back to Soton today. Aie. There's not a lot else going on right now. My gran is still here, I still have class work to get caught up on. I really need to buy Eugenide's Middlesex, too, so I can give T her copy back. Work, work, procrastination, work.


Watched NCIS yesterday - Gretchen Egolf guest starred, aw. I felt so good after I saw the episode. I'm glad it's back, even if we're only getting a handful of new episodes.

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Dude. Torchwood. WHAT WAS THAT? You know, other than being VASTLY SUPERIOR to last year's offering. (I love Rhys and Gwen's Cop Partner Buddy Person. Aw.)

(Plus, in about a hour, new Doctor Who, yayarms!)


Have yet to catch up on the rest of the new viewage. It's been a long day. I finally sorted out the home PC, installed the newest MS Office and burned the backup disc. So. Everything should be in working order now.


GUYS. (Um, CSI: NY peeps, that is.) THERE SHOULD BE MORE M/S FIC ALREADY, OKAY? I am getting nostlagic and they still have buckets of potential. And. YES.

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I wasn't going to do one of these, but I happen to have some free time. So. You know. I'm still catching up with three weeks worth of Damages because of the new stuff, but I've finished all of Saving Grace which was made of many brilliant things, and which I'm glad to report there will be more of, huzz. I was watching Chuck but I didn't finish it and now I don't know where it is? Um. Yeah. And I was going to watch K-Ville but I lost that, too. I don't really know. I'm trying to mainline Friday Night Lights because, well, Kyle Chandler, and I've read some good fic. Also, giving Burn Notice another shot. I have all of Mad Men so far, but I haven't seen past episode 4 or 5. I'm still obsessed with the costumes. (And DeWitt's wigs. !)


Bones, 3x01, The Widow's Son in the Windshield. )

NCIS, 5x01, Bury Your Dead. )

The Unit, 3x01, Pandemonium Part 1. )

Criminal Minds, 3x01, Doubt. )

CSI: NY, 4x01, Can You Hear Me Now? )

Grey's Anatomy, 4x01, A Change Is Gonna Come. )

CSI, 8x01, Dead Doll. )

Stargate: Atlantis, 4x01, Adrift. )

Numb3rs, 4x01, Trust Metric. )


I have yet to finish Private Practice. So far, so good, though. Have you guys been watching Weeds and/or Californication? The latter continues to engage me for reasons unknown, but the former is SO GOOD. Really. I say this every year so I hope some of you are listeing: watch Weeds. You won't regret it.

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So, I was going to make that Stella moodtheme but then I just ended up making season 1 icons. ZOMG, MAC AND STELLA. It's like reliving the ship. They're so cute! Stella's all smirky, Mac's all Reticent and it's marvellous! And then he TAKES HER TO A DOG SHOW. Where he loses a bet and she makes him pay. Their faces in that scene, I mean, !!!AMAZING. (He takes off his tie! I don't think I've seen you without a tie! You don't wear ties to dog shows!)



edit: GIP!

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All things considered, I was fairly productive today. I'll be more so tomorrow, though, because tomorrow is dedicated to reading and writing. And eventually I have to go back to being academic, so. Today I am feeling "displaced" because "I'm worrying about irrelevancies". With thanks! M.


[ profile] numb3rswriteoff round 2 started today. Please to be posting and poll-answering!


How much do I LOVE Stella Bonasera? I mean, sometimes she does things, or reacts to the world in a way that I find unexpected but that suggests more that I don't understand her character completely. But I do love her because that woman is hella fierce. So smart and motivated. I don't know why I'm thinking about this now, but it's becoming a thing. I'm mildly obsessed. I haven't even been watching CSI: NY recently. I'd retify that this week but I really need to rewatch some of Numb3rs. That said, I'm back to collating pics for a mood theme. Those Greek features, I love them.


Some picspams to come this week. Pushing Daisies, Women's Murder Club and Peter Lindbergh.

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Oh boy. This time last year CBS had renewed just about everything it was airing. This time around? Survivor. What? Not that the shows are really in danger of being cut but still. This is a whole new world of crazy.


The Black Donnellys, 1x10; 1x11. )

Bones, 2x19; 2x20. )

Criminal Minds, 2x22; 2x23. )

CSI, 7x22; 7x23. )

CSI: NY, 3x21; 3x22; 3x23. )

Grey’s Anatomy, 3x24. )

L&O: Criminal Intent, 4x02; 5x04; 6x21. )

NCIS, 4x23. )

Numb3rs, 3x22; 3x23. )

The Unit, 2x23. )

This is going to sound weird but even though I’ve seen spec for the finale episodes, I don’t like talking about them. I’ll talk to you about the episodes I’ve seen, but I’m speculation-phobic, so. Yeah.

And now I have to go and do actual work.

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CSI: NY, 3x19, A Daze of Wine & Roaches. )

Criminal Minds, 2x19, Ashes & Dust. )

Bones, 2x16, The Boneless Bride in the River. )


I have yet to finish the last Battlestar, heh. I've been waylaid by the rest of fandom, not to mention early S4 NCIS which I have taken to re-watching. Tonight is S3 NCIS, yay, and Thandie Newton is on Jonathon Ross - I will endure an evil (Ross) for a good (Newton). Thanks to [ profile] tigertrapped for the heads up. And I have decided to also watch Raines because I sort of like the idea of crazy detectives who talk to themselves all the time. The producer's theory is that Raines is suffering PTSD-related hallucinations which is an interesting idea, especially if it becomes a tool as opposed to a bad thing.


I think the Baby Cousin is coming to stay tonight. She had school of some variety today so she couldn't stay last night which is what she really wanted. I think I'm babysiting next week.

Also, I think I'm running an errand for The Dad tomorrow. If this errand traslates to "come to the shop at 8am so that I can do the forework to the errand" I will be severely pissed off.

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So, didn't finish The Unit because the Paternal Parental returned home. So am meme-ing, specifically that WIP meme. Under the cut you will find extracts of varying lengths from unfinished fics. The point is to motivate me to actually write the bloody things but I doubt that will happen.

fic;snip. )

Make of those what you will. I'm off to sleep. Also: GIP. And GLP if you're interested.


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