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I know it's been everywhere - all over the shops and all over LJ, my flist included - but guess what suddenly just now clicked to me? Yesterday was Valentine's Day, hahaha.

It's so awesome that I am so not bitter about that.

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Pour [ profile] wliberation, for being endlessly awesome when I am fritzing out and for encouraging the crackage(?):

For the record, no, I don't know why I decided to itallicise the first line of this post.

{ :( }

Feb. 14th, 2006 09:28 pm
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Aw man, Peter Benchley died. It's seriously a year for it, isn't it? I know everyone knows him for Jaws but he also wrote one of my favourite books ever, Q Clearance. RIP author man.

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In an effort to learn how to cook properly, I am begging recipes of the flist! Simple foods, quick & cheap to make, please. Requirements:

1) Must be vegetarian friendly

2) Cannot be soup because liquid foods are the death of me

3) Nothing with mushrooms, broccoli or beans

Think you can help me out? Please?

In other news, I watched BSG but can't be bothered to talk about it. Suffice to say I liked it better than Black Market and less than Scar. I'm still making GA icons because I found shiny caps and then got all excited about the color balancing tools. Also, is there anyone who can help me with basic pointers on the curves tool? I can't use presets because I have PSP and I've been using curves for night on six months now but I'm still pretty useless. So, anyone?

The parentals just called; have been waiting for them to do so from, like, Thursday. So now home sounds like a good place to be even if they're living in the pokey little flat and the house is being painted. I seriously just had the battiest conversation with my dad. I was trying to ask whether or not they'd actually bought paint and he was telling me that the paint will go on the walls, as if I wouldn't know that anyway. *brainpalm* Seriously, I'm tired, not impaired (although some may beg to differ).

Oh, apparently this post is all about begging of the flist so: rec me one book, one song/artist and/or one fic. Please. (LASS FOREVER!)

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Exam = so very done with.

I'm going to watch this week's GA now. Yey.

{ ; }

Jan. 17th, 2006 12:17 pm
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Oh, people, come on. Let us celebrate the beauty that is the semi-colon. Seriously. learn how to use it. Love it. Embrace it into your world.


See? Isn't that a thing of beauty? Stop using it as a fucking apostrophe and stop replacing it with commas. Commas are like mice; they breed extraordinarily quickly.

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At 21.19, local time, Riger the Stress Ball was rushed to the stationary drawer for emergency surgery. A spokesperson has issue a release stating that "overworking and stress" had led to a burst in Mr. Riger's skin. Emergency services are working on him sti--

Wait, news just in: Mr. Riger has come out of surgery. Surgeons report that the injury has been dealt with quickly and efficiently. Stay tuned as we bring you more news of the event as it happens.

{ GLP }

Jan. 6th, 2006 03:21 pm
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My lunchbreak yielded pleasing results: [ profile] delgaserasca

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So, it occurs to me that in the past month or so my flist has grown somewhat. And whilst that doesn't bother me so much, I kinda want to talk to you people more. Right now my flist reads like a random community. I am skipping posts because I don't always know who you are or - not to be rude, but - why I should care. I understand that you're probably skipping most of my posts too. So. Comment and tell me something about YOU. And then ask me a question about me. Let's move it away from fandom, too. Or, at least, fandoms that we share. Yo, let's get interactive, hehe.

OK, that wasn't funny. But you catch my drift. Old flisters can play, too!

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In other news, I am so going to make myself an Amita moodtheme. The idea has just now planted itself very firmly in my mind. Huzzah!

OK. Signs.

{ x }

Dec. 16th, 2005 11:21 pm
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I can't believe this. I'm in complete shock. John Spencer died of a heart attack.

20th Dec. 1946 - 16th Dec. 2005
And you were one of those better ones I never thought I'd know

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Well, LJ, I gotta say that I'm totally disappointed. You're supposed to bethe font of all knowledge! And yet I'm finding out about stuffs ten days after they've happened. Guys, Jennifer Garner had a baby girl!

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Police in Germany arrested a shoplifter who filled his trousers with 39 tubes of toothpaste, authorities in the western town of Dueren said on Wednesday.

The mind boggles! (The last line of that article is fairly worrying).

Also this article is made worthwhile by the best line: "apparently hairy ice isn't a big consumer issue". What amuses me most is that the artcle had to be corrected five minutes later.

ETA: Tubey's ass is reeeally white.

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The article in whole )

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OMG, GUYS, WANT SO BAD! Who can I send money to in order to make this happen? *flails*

Also, [ profile] svu_fan_4ever, did we ever get around to ordering that Audrey Hepburn CD??

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Where the hell is everybody today??

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"OMG I'm like a freakin' cat!"*

Yes, yes, indeed. In other news, the balloons are no longer in the hallway because in a frenzy of The Crazy, my faltmate went around popping them all with a pin. The remains are on a chair in the kitchen if anyone wants them. Hehe. Wouldn't it be so cool if we had someone like AJ from Empire Records who could stick things to the floor?

In an annoying turn of events, the fridge is now once again in the cupboard. Yeah.

* will explain this later. Promise.

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Dear Flist,

Meisha totally just read your eljays but right now is feeling ohso lazeee and thus made no comments. Meisha promises to rectify this tomorrow when she's no longer shattered. Thank you and g'night!

-- M x

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I have a lecture at 9, I've just printed off my essay, the weather is making my nose the one part of my body (other than my uterus, which for once is playing nice) that I would now like to be rid of. At 1.30pm today, I am going to kill that sonnet dead. Yeah.

Welcome to my Winter Moods, people. Hang on to your hats/heads/toupées. /spam

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I hereby put to you, teh flist massives, that we resuscitate resurrect the word 'dweeb'. Because it's TOO COOL TO SAY.


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