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HAHAHAHA! Thandie totally laughed off the Bond rumours and this makes my day in a crazy awesome way. Thank god. Here's hoping this is the last of it. And how much do I love this article regarding Angelina's butt? Man, crack news is awesome.

In other news, back to campus to work at 2.30; I always come out of Crit. theory with a need to talk to people about the lecture but I apparently am the only one who really cares. Oh well. Anyways, note writing (duhduhduh) and back out again. The boss is away this week and an ex-student is running the stall, the lazy git. That being said, job feels good so I am still very thankful, yes, donttakethejobawaykthnxbai. And tonight the flatmate wants to go and see Broken Flowers at the SU. I do too but I'm also fairly well knackered so that may not happen. Sigh. Mmmm, chocolate. *wanders off*

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Food is not worth the hassle of cooking. It really, seriously isn't. And before people start in all "M you have a food problem" I'd like to say (a) I know that and (b) it's not that I have an eating disorder because I really don't, it's more that I just don't like food. On that note, please understand that there was much hilarity as I tried to cook the spices to add to my pasta. Seriously burnt and now you can't go into the kitchen without burning your lungs. Yeah, that bad. Not cooking again for at least two days. Too much trauma! Heh, it's funny to hear people coughing though. The flatmate and I keep yelling "BREATHE SHALLOW!" and people try to test the air by breathing deep and then the two of us freak out all, "We said BREATHE SHALLOW!" It's quite funny.

The day has been so long and tomorrow will be just as bad except I'm going to come back to halls between the lecture and work. I have to go read Moll Flanders now and then I have to read at least two pages of Fantomina. Tomorrow I need to type up LTC2 stuffs. You know, LJ has just become one great big to do list for me, hasn't it? Heyzeus. Carrying on in the same vein then, I need to do that Barthes presentation before Friday and I should probably write up my hist. lit. notes before the weekend. You know, I'm supposed to be at Talking Heads right now. SIGHDOM.

So, this evening: hist. lit. notes, Moll Flanders, Fantomina. [And if I'm good, Grey's Anatomy!] OK. Go!

ETA: I promise, promise, promise to go through all your LJs soon and be a good commenter. I promise.

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In an effort to learn how to cook properly, I am begging recipes of the flist! Simple foods, quick & cheap to make, please. Requirements:

1) Must be vegetarian friendly

2) Cannot be soup because liquid foods are the death of me

3) Nothing with mushrooms, broccoli or beans

Think you can help me out? Please?

In other news, I watched BSG but can't be bothered to talk about it. Suffice to say I liked it better than Black Market and less than Scar. I'm still making GA icons because I found shiny caps and then got all excited about the color balancing tools. Also, is there anyone who can help me with basic pointers on the curves tool? I can't use presets because I have PSP and I've been using curves for night on six months now but I'm still pretty useless. So, anyone?

The parentals just called; have been waiting for them to do so from, like, Thursday. So now home sounds like a good place to be even if they're living in the pokey little flat and the house is being painted. I seriously just had the battiest conversation with my dad. I was trying to ask whether or not they'd actually bought paint and he was telling me that the paint will go on the walls, as if I wouldn't know that anyway. *brainpalm* Seriously, I'm tired, not impaired (although some may beg to differ).

Oh, apparently this post is all about begging of the flist so: rec me one book, one song/artist and/or one fic. Please. (LASS FOREVER!)

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So as I said, I've finished my Spooks ficathon entry which is one less deadline I have to worry about. I'm still writing up lecture notes from early last week; I really have to sort that stuff out. Went to Portswood, bought a few bits and bobs. Now time to finish the notes and try to do the prep for next week; that way I can spend tomorrow reading.

No Numb3rs! I don't know how people in the US can stand not knowing when new episodes are going to air; I know we only have shows for half a year in the UK but they're shown consistently, week after week. Oh, speaking of TV, am trying to icon GA and remembering why I quit after the first attempt: it's so difficult! I have good caps but trying to get the colouring to work is driving me batty. I think I'll make about twenty and then wait another year before making more, heh.

OK, off to do boring academia-relating stuffs before I get behind.

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Head hurts. Universalist what now? As you can tell, the Crit. theory seminar went so well. At least it's interesting. Middle English which will be vapid but easier and then a dash up to the primary campus for history of lit. FInally finished Oroonoko; gruesome much? Thanks to [ profile] gr8k9, I've got an e-version of Moll Flanders so I can start reading that at last.

Mini rant: I hate that I'm in an academic institute yet still have to defend the fact that I like academia. That's so dumb. It's also something I thought I'd left behind already.

In more shallow news, I was looking at the Vogue red carpet shots for the SAGs and the Emmys: Charlize Theron needs a new stylist. Or, you know, a stylist. I kinda like that she has the guts to wear what she wears and it's not dire or anything but she spends a lot of time looking like someone ran her over and left all the tire marks on her scrap of a dress. /mean&shallow

Oh, [ profile] tigertrapped? I'm sorry about being incommunicado (sp?) the past couple of days, even though I asked you for thetime; I need to get used to the schedule and work out when I'm actually free. Also, [ profile] crouchingmajor, if you're reading this, that is, I have a letter for you, huzzah! And one last PSA-like thing, [ profile] wliberation, I have an email for you but it's long and not finished and not entirely coherent either. So. Um. Soon?

Some things never change. Why do we not get given hard copies of seminar prep sheets? Rarrdom!

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Dear Photobucket,
Quit linking my images, assholes.
No love,

In other news, it amuses me how often people credit [ profile] tja_rama just because it's easier to spell than [ profile] delgaserasca. Not that I care either way, it's just funny. That being said, misspellings do in my brain so I'm going to start adding text boxes to my posts with removeable credit tags.

Laundry is in the drier and the flatmate and I are going to see Walk the Line today. No work, just reading when I get back so the day is a bit calmer. Washed my hair today; I had no idea how it got that disgusting that fast. I only washed it two days ago. Anyway, feeling light now. (Which, you know, what is it with that?)

Oh, new SPN, huzzah! Why is YSI so sloooooow? It's irritating.

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Still ow, but less so today. We have a rhythm now so it was much better. Not going to see History of Violence because far too knackered. Tomorrow is laundry, notes and Walk the Line; Thursday is early start, then reading and Comme Une Image in the evening. Yay :)

My grammar/spelling freak is getting very bossy. I nearly corrected someone for typing Coup D'etat. THAT'S NOT EVEN MY LANGUAGE. Sighdom. She needs curbing, does the grammar geek. She also need new feet because seriously, OW. You see, to pick up the boxes on the stall, I need to get my fingers under the base. To do that, I slide them onto my toes dontaskmeplease. I'm going to be at eleven tonight. At least, that's the plan. And there should be new SPN tomorrow which will hopefully be good.

Mmmmm. Foooood.

ETA: Eye to the Telescope is a fantastic album. So much love.

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on my knee; I feel
five again; my muscles are a
little sore from it.

Also, work in an hour and a half, and I feel better about it now. Wait for that to change. I'm so buying chocolate on my way in. And I saw this week's GA at last: OHEMGEE. Seriously. I mean, the ending aside (because, um, obvious much? Nice linkage to beginning though) it was awesome. The ending, too. But whatever. /oblique

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Triumph! Nighy beats the letter opener! In other news, I worked from 11 to 5.40 today and got paid, too. Going in on Sunday; classes start on Monday. Now I have to decide whether or not I can be arsed to cook tonight.

The Flatmate returned today but has since disappeared to go to the theatre. It faked snowed earlier and I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. I'm awful apathetic in general, even though I have receipts to stick down, a new timetable to draw up and a new planner/journal to start up. I need to make booklists, weekly schedules, reading schedules, and essay timetables. I need to do all of this and then go to work on Sunday. Which, you know. Whatever.

And just because someone had the guts to give crit where crit was due doesn't mean we're all closet freaks. Maybe someone's just annoyed that their freakhood is a singular thing. [/deliberately vague]

ETA: Guess what, spell fucker? T-H-E-A-T-R-E is exactly how you spell theatre. Standardisation is for wimps.

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*sporks fandom*

In other news, if anyone sees me online at midnight(GMT), force me to go to sleep, please.

eta: Happy Birthday [ profile] agentcat47! Hope you have an awesome day :)

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Jarhead = very good. [ Sarsgaard = very much love ].

Tomorrow = Laundry + Memoirs of a Geisha.

Me = sleep now.

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I was going to do a post about the pretty-gone-bad but I think I won't because it's mean and I don't care so much because it's not like I can dress up. That being said? Quit with the high collar ruffles. It's just ugly.

I've now seen up to 2x06 of NY and that's where I'm going to stop for now. It's still so good and fun, even if the new girl is beginning to make me want to scratch the screen. My OTP for this show is odd, not because of the pairing (M/S 4evahhhhh!) but because spoilers )

This is because anyone with half a brain can see that it's going to take Mac another millenia before he realises that Stella is his perfect partner. It's very cute.

This morning I'm going to revise Old English, then this afternoon I'm going to turn to my poetry essay. It's time to get set with that because otherwise come Sunday/Monday I'm going to have yet another freakout. Also, there should, very soon, be new SPN, huzzah!

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I am listening to music from BSG. I love it.

that spelling meme that's going around )

In other news, I did my LTC work and then people came back and sat in my room. As such I have been talking for the last two hours. As it turns out, I can't do much for my essays until tomorrow's lectures, and then I need to go to the library. I'm still anxious about work in general but I will get over it.

I'm going to watch Numb3rs later - that took less time than expected. Huzzah! I need it. Hell, I deserve it! (What? I do!) I started to write a fic for the fandom but I've scrapped it because it's crap. But that's ok. You write when you can, right?

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After last night's (this morning's) woe, I am currently waiting for a cheese toastie to be ready and imploring my friend to save me. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a spangly latex flying suit. Alas! we are foiled once more!

Next: Meisha tries to learn runic symbols in one afternoon.

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Dear Wincest fans, kindly go away, no love, Me.

I am so taking that comm off my flist. It's not that I'm against slash because, yo, obviously not but bloody hell. You're talking about two brothers. This is not at all close to kosher. AND I'M NOT JEWISH. I'd have taken myself off the numb3rs fic comm if there wasn't decent gen fic on there, but thankfully there is. Look, I know some of my flist likes to read this stuff, which, ok, fine. I'm not going to outcast people for it. It's just that I'm making a very vocal decision to not read it. Or not be subjected to it. So if you decide that it's not cool to be flisted with someone who doesn't like your part of fandom, I won't take it personally. Just understand that I don't really care what you're into as long as I don't have to be into it too. Did that make any sense? Whatever. No incest.

Now that's off my chest, I have a disgusting confession to make. David Caruso? Fairly amusing, not to mention watchable in Proof of Life. Yeh. Knock me down with a freakin' feather, because when the fuck did that happen? It must be the end of the world if I actually like Caruso in a role ever. (Wow, this seems to be my day for pissing people off. Again, I know there are flisters out there who like the guy. Again, whatever. This is not a personal jibe aimed at you dontletthecrazieskillmekthnxbai). Also, I now so want to write fic for that film. Which, by the way, was more watchable than Armageddon. LIV TYLER CANNOT ACT. What the hell was that? That was awful. And I saw at least 6 scenes that were complete rips from Independence Day which was way funnier. Although, the Russian pleased me.

Totally the plan is to watch Kill Bill (both volumes) but the other day, I swapped out one of my copies of The Interpreter for Cold Mountain so I might just end up watching that instead. Oh, The Interpreter? Bloody good film. Bloody brilliant. That's what you want from a movie. And Snatch is a film everyone ever should watch. Brad Pitt's turn as 'The Pikey' is one of his best performances ever and every one should worship at the feet of the brilliant Jason Statham ("What are you waiting for, 'zee' Germans?!")

We also went to see Harry Potter the other night. Dad took us. He actually liked it. I liked it; it was engaging. I thought the first half was very, very choppy but then Rowling wrote the damn thing that way, so what do you expect? I thought the ball scene was well done, and that Grint is a much better performer than Radcliffe (what's new?) but overall, I hae to wonder if they can do the politics of the fifth book much justice or if they're just going to skip over that stuff for the visuals. They did a good job with the fourth book but GoF is pretty action packed anyway. They just cut out all the BS that made it such an awful read. And is it me or do the film directors really play up the interaction between HP and Hr? Bloody hell. It's called canon, jeebus! Whatever. Pretty film. (What? Don't look at me like that. I'm allowed to be shallow too).

So, what next? King Kong, I think. But I want them to hurry up and show Good Night & Good Luck and Memoirs of a Geisha (love!) SORT YOUR SHIT OUT, Y'ALL. Is it realy that hard to show a good movie every now and then? Actually, they were showing Chicago last night except because I'd already seen it, I was bloody vetoed and had to watch Armageddon. Not pleased.

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Happy New Year! Here's to a future that's...something something something. I forget the lyrics. I hope you all had a great one and that you stick to any resolutions you make :p I am being sensible. My resolution is not to make any resolutions buit it's somewhat self-fulfilling, isn't it?

The plan today is to try and get into the bathroom before midday but considering that's twnety minutes away, I don't think I'm going to succeed. Sigh. The plan for this week (starting tomorrow) is to do actual work. Like, learn OE forms of the definite article. Yay. Except not. And I should really start those essay plans. I know we have three weeks but I'm going to need that time. Oh, hello Stress. I'd been wondering when you were going to show up.

Oh. Maybe I can go to the bathroom now. OK. Got to run!

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So, apparently, LJ does work on this connection. Awesome. I'm not going to complain. I am going to complain about life above the store, though, because there is NO FUCKING SPACE JEEBUS. Seriously. I just want somewhere to read!

I have been reading. I've finally picked up House of Sleep and I now only have a little more to read. Over in one day tch tch. I'll talk more about it when I'm done with it. Then I have poetry to read for class and I should really start doing actual work but we all know that I'll be leaving that for at least next week.

Ah, Christmas hath happened. Before I move to that, I'd like to wish [ profile] hestia8 a belated happy birthday! I hope you had a lovely day and weren't cheated out of giftage just because you were born so close to Christmas :p *celebrates*

OK, so, we went to Surrey and spent the day with the cousins. There was food (none of which was eaten by me, by the way; I never put on weight at Christmas. I am the only person to lose weight over the Christmas break. Seriously) and there was drink (I had a bit of baileys but my tastebuds are still shot to hell so I ended up ditching that, too) and there was much talking. Endless talking. There were also gifts. [ profile] tigertrapped, thank you! I'm going to take those back to uni with me to put on the minifridge that I have to take out of my cupboard sometime soon. My cousins got me a box of brainteasers that we started to work through on Christmas day, the rents bought me a poncho, a scarf brooch, a shaver (hehe, weeeiiird) and stuff; I got DVDs from P and V, Happenstance from [ profile] crouchingmajor (thank yooou!) and candles from Baby Cousin et al. Nice homey stuffs. Awww.

Ooh, I have random squeeage! One: OMGBSGYAY! Two: OMGBSG SPOILER PIC YAY! Three: OMGDONEPPESYAY! Four: OMGNEWSPNYAY! And Just Like Heaven is out next week, huzzah! I have been film crazy recently. I've watched Dogma, Snatch, Chronicles of Riddick and TV films. Tonight BBC is showing Signs which I will be watching if I manage to (a) finish House of Sleep and (b) can stay awake. Being teh sick means that I'm totally knackered all the time.

Lastly, whoever it is that gave me the orchestral cover version of Metallica's Nothing Else Matters is my very bestest friend because it is too awesome! iTunes also informs me that I have vocal versions by Lucie Silvas (meh) and Bif Naked (w00t!) but this version (Apocalyptica???) is by far the very very best. And no words! Huzzah!

ETA: Oh, how could I forget? It's been snowing. A lot. Be a dear, snow, and fuck off. Hate.

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Yay! I found net connection in the flat! Because the damn thing is totally about to cut out on me, I'd just like to take this moment to wish the flist a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I probably won't be in touch until after New Year. I'm going to try and comment as much as possible before the net link disappears but no promises!

In other news, am ill. Bleugh. PITY ME!

And yay! I have a parcel from [ profile] noorie and a postcard from [ profile] natushka (omg, I love your handwriting!) and am listening to [ profile] wliberation's voice post (omg, I still love your voice!) and I have Numb3rs to watch and a friend bought me Chronicles of Riddick (ohnoes; but I love Thandie so I will endure the craptasticness of the film just for her) and and and! Yay!

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OMG! We had the best time. It was five of us in the end: [ profile] wishes_of_stone, [ profile] xanitia, [ profile] holliethefairy, me and Linds. From the minute I got in the car, to the minute I got dropped off, it was the usual farce of frivolity and hilarity. Gigglefits ahoy! Anyways, a great time was had by all. Now we just have to plan for New Year. Oh, [ profile] crouchingmajor, remind me to tell you about The New Duck Plan. It is FANTASTIC and will be oh-so bloody brilliant!

I still can't upload my voice posts so if you (that is, [ profile] noorie) can randomly email me, I can randomly email the file to you. Yay! I should do a new one; that one's out of date now. I'm now happy and peppy and omg, [ profile] wliberation, I followed the link in your journal and want to hear so much more from this band now. That voice! Speaking of awesome music, at the end of Narnia were two excellent songs and I could have sworn they were by Frou Frou and Alanis Morissette respectively. So, yeah, I now want that album.

If you couldn't tell, I'm totally excited now and there's a CSI:NY repeat on and then actual L&O so I'm going to rot in front of the telly now :D Good day, people, very good day.

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Argh! I can only log onto LJ on one of the two available wireless networks. Which network works least often? The one that I need! *weeps* This is too stressful!

Went to a small gathering of friends last night; was fun. Walked back to the flat with two of my mates, the two of them sharing a bottle of something between them. Was hilarious! Tonight we're going to a restaurant but god knows how many will actually turn up. It's actually the night of the a level presentations but lots of people are boycotting. I hope they're bloody boycotting. Tomorrow, I'm going to see King Kong with [ profile] crouchingmajor and a friend, then we need to go tree shopping for [ profile] crouchingmajor. Should be fun!

I'm sorry this is such a quickie; I think the net is about to cut out on me again and I've got icons to post and emails to answer before it does. Hopefully I can get this sorted out soon!


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