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01. Crazy things that actually happened in Cambridge this past fortnight: a dog was juggling outside M&S; the electronica spaceman was back. Man, this city. I don't know.

02. I watched a lot of TV which is terribly unsurprising. I have skipped through all the things that I find annoying in Glee (which is unfortunately quite a bit) but I do love the musical numbers, and I do like the guy playing Will. Like. A lot.

03. I also watched - and enjoyed - Supernatural, and I hope we see Those Guest Stars again. I have a deep, deep fondness for Jim Weaver and for Titus Welliver, and I wish they'd had a scene together (Deadwood reunion!) Also: apparently the casting directors at Lost and Supernatural know the same agents (lols, Mark Pellegrino. Awesome). But, yeah, whilst the premiere was touch&go for me, I enjoyed this one a lot.

04. The Bones season premiere was completely delightful, and my love for Cam is so immense at this point that I don't really need to talk about it. My love for Caroline has apparently never been expressed before, so: I really love Caroline omg.

04b. Speaking of Bones, have a fic rec:
If you actually mapped out all the morsels of advice that Angela has doled out to Brennan over the years, analyzed them the way you would an author's canon of work, a few recurring themes might emerge: namely, in this order, [1] you (Brennan) want to have sex with Booth; [2] Booth wants to have sex with you; [3] you two are ridiculously perfect for each other in so many ways, whether you realize it or not; [4] you're not actually as failed of a human being as you think you are.

The above is from [ profile] daygloparker's fic The Forgotten Dialects of the Heart. She labelled it as "Ten untold stories about love that also have the benefit of being true". I labelled it as "the other side of canon". Which is to say: this isn't just a fic about Brennan and Booth and the whole friction of their relationship. It's a fic about every character that we know and love, and is equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking. There is a section explicitly about Hodgins that is so perfect and a whole section about Cam that will feel like a slap to the face. AMAZING. Go forth and read, and then tell [ profile] daygloparker how much you loved it. Because you will.

so, this post was supposed to be quite short? Yeah, I don't know what happened. Other things M talks about: Defying Gravity, Fringe, The Lives of Others, Leverage, shows that are airing next week &c. &c. There are also links to FAB photos so skip this cut AT YOUR PERIL or whatever. )


This post was long. There are less trivial things to talk about but I am terrible at those things currently so we'll leave it be for now. It was supposed to be short wtf.

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So, it's my week off! Yay! I've spent most of my time split between home and the community centre. It's kind of nice being back there but also stressful because the team's ability to get things done has diminished further since I left - especially now that EBL is no longer there. It's just a group of people with no clue what they're doing, making shit up. I know that this sounds like every bureaucracy ever but the difference here is that everyone at the centre is AWARE that no-one knows what they're doing so there's a general atmosphere of mild panic floating around. Anyway, I made some leaflets, scrabbled together date cards (the kind you get at the optician, you know, your class is at this time on this date), fixed the printer, picked up some clip art discs that one of the team had left at their house, taught the new admin how to use publisher and then ran far, far away.

Earlier in the week I tried to get Andrew to say for certain which courses are going to be running. That didn't go so well, but we managed to work it out. I have just this very second realised that there is an error in the leaflet. Shit. I hope David hasn't printed those off yet.


The early part of this week was spent beta-ing an excellent fic and watching Brick over and over again. With regards to the beta: it's been a while since I'd done one so thoroughly and as I was doing it, I was wondering about the merits of the method that I was using. So, wee open forum for those that know and/or care: what do you look for in a good beta? What do you do when you beta for other people? When you hand/get back a fic, what do you judge as a successful beta? Questions, questions.

A couple of things that came up whilst I was working earlier this week (and which come up frequently) is how 'ruthless' to be. I know that with a couple of you out there I can put my notes/highlights down and we've been doing thsi long enough that you know what all the annotations means; with others of you, if I were to offer beta services, I would be worried about how many notes constitute too many i.e. what would scare you off as a writer? Betas should be helpful, but I think that often involves a mixture of positive feedback and detailed sense-checking. Sometimes I have to weigh up what needs saying against what doesn't. It's a strange process.


Tuesday night I went out with some secondary/high school friends to see a local production of Rent. The sound production could have done with some work, and the guy playing Roger was fucking awful, but other than that it was a great time. I realised yesterday that I won't be able to meet up with this lot on Saturday because I'll be in London for the wedding, so that's frustrating, but now I'm doubly glad I didn't back out of the trip. Good times, all round.


Bad times: my skin really hurts :((((((


So, yes, have been watching Brick and a week or so ago I was also looking for interviews with the guy who directed Flashbacks of a Fool re: the women in his film. On the latter score: wtf, all the interviews talk about anything BUT the women which is ridiculous because other than Joe Scott, all the male characters in that story are peripheral. The woman drive that goddamn film! Grace Scott! Peggy Tickell! Ruth Davies and Evelyn Adams! WHAT THE FUCK.

And then I found an interview/essay that discussed the female characters and felt much better. So now you get to have some links, hurrah! Next post, though, because this one is already tl;dr enough.


True Blood was legit hilarious in parts this week. In other parts it was just stupid. Man, I'm so disappointed by this season. That last shot was GREAT though. Stupid show; sucking me in. Oh. No pun intended.

I also watched Mad Men which, although it couldn't settle on any semblance of narrative this week, looked like it was setting up a few things. I love any scene where Don and Peggy are trying to be real people with each other, and Betty continues to be equal parts tragic and hilarious. (How can you talk to me like that in this condition? Way to milk it, girl.) I just want more, more, more of everything.


re:Weeds, oh man. I don't know how to talk about this show at all any more. I actually think the Celia story is hilarious, not because she's scared of black!Dean (which: what the fuck) but because that is how she sees Nancy and her vision of Nancy is all surface and ignores everything that Nancy tries not to be. In the meantime, you have Nancy and Shane talking about doing things over and not going down the suburban-weed-dealer route, and Nancy and Andy still being mean and heratbreaking and unkind and always there for each other in the way that family can be, and DAMN IT. This show used to be legit hilarious. Now it is something else that is quasi-horrific. But in a good way. I still really enjoy every episode, even though it's not what anyone signed up for way back in season 1.

Speaking of season 1, I recently rewatched the episode where Shane shoots the mountain lion or whatever that thing was and it's so weird to see Nancy as Nancy, not Nancy as Lacy LaPlante. It's so weird to see her asking Doug if eventually her front business can be her real business. Once upon a time she had choices, wtf. AND THIS IS WHAT SHE CHOSE INSTEAD. Love it.


Yeah, I need breakfast. You should all listen to the Niyaz station, too.

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So, over a year ago I did that top 5s meme and [ profile] zeitheist asked me to name my top 5 fandomgasms. I fluked massively on presenting for that, but today I realised that I still wanted to do it. So, a year belatedly, my top 5 fandomgasm moments (albeit in no discernible order). Insert usual disclaimers here about my fickle, ever-changing tastes, and how you shouldn't hold me to shit I say because I am a massively flakey mcflakerson of a flake. And now that word no longer holds any meaning for me. Guys, this post is really, really long, and not at all dial-up friendly. Just saying.

NCIS, 3x24, Hiatus II: Ziva confronts Jethro. )

Criminal Minds, 4x03, Minimal Loss: Emily and Reid after the ordeal. )

Wire in the Blood, 3x04, Synchronicity: Do you ever wish we were still lovers? )

Spooks, 7x02: Ball-buster. )

Big Love, 1x12, The Ceremony: Barb gets outed. )

Sarah Connor Chronicles, 1x07, The Demon Hand: Cameron is fucking scary. )

Bonus: Kings, 1x07, The Sabbath Queen: Silas and the Angel of Death. )


This endeth the spam. I was going to say that this took me all week but then I realised, no, it took me all year. Goddamn.

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So, I spent much of the weekend rewatching the second-half of Criminal Minds' second season. Traditionally re-watches begin at the top of a series or season, but, um. Well. I just picked Prentiss' first episode and carried on watching. Because of this (her first full episode is 2x10, Lessons Learned) I've inevitably skipped the whole Elle arc which is a bit of a shame because there are some fantastic stand-alones in the first season. The Sister owns season 1 so eventually we'll just swap boxsets. Or marathon, whoop whoop.

I watched 2x10 through 2x17, a span of episodes which include time to cut for spoilers )



Afterwards I watched some seriously old-school NCIS. HEY THEY WORK FOR THE NAVY WHO KNEW? (Baby McGee! D'awwwww).

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Oh gosh, I can't think straight. A couple of initial (thinky, verbose) reactions, though.

NCIS, 6x25, Aliyah. )


Picspam soon, no doubt. Once I've watched it a couple more times.


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For those that missed it: outtakes from a session in which Ricky Gervais meets Elmo. I have watched this repeatedly since I saw it yesterday and I LOVE IT. The ending is kind of scary? lols.


Things that happened today: &c. )


This evening Five aired Corporal Punishment (5.10, NCIS) so naturally I watched it again. Can now recite the dialogue pretty much verbatim. [ profile] wishes_of_stone texted me during the first ad break and, because I don't have any credit, I called her on the landline during the second one. We spent four minutes omg-ing over everything (mostly Ziva, let's be honest) and then watched the rest of the episode before having another very similar conversation. GOOD TIMES, Y'ALL.


I have also rewatched parts of this week's Criminal Minds. I read a review of the episode which I agree with in the main, but disagreed with on some details. Sometimes I read reviews of episodes and I wonder if the reviewer and I even watched the same scene. I know interpretations vary but how so widely?

Anyway, but really, Paget Brewster was fantastic this week, guys, and I am going to keep saying it over and over again because I have yet to cap the scene and give you the play-by-play which proves it.

Bonus: blooper reels for S2 (the first one, with Mandy? SO WEIRD. SO GREAT).


Thank you to everyone who left me a comment or a message or an email earlier this week; I really appreciate it. I promise I will get back to you all individually soon enough. On Sunday I will have to go and buy my train ticket. I am hoping that I get to grips with the whole thing by then or else Monday is going to be a hell of a shock.


This tweet pretty much sums up my reaction to this week's Bones. Also, lols, David Boreanaz directed this week and it kind of shows? Not in a bad way. Just in a ...choice ...way. Or something.

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Oh my.

So, Emily Prentiss. M's long love of Prentiss, now actually documented. )


Criminal Minds, 4x17, Demonology. )

pas de deux: Emily&Rossi. )

pas de trois: Emily, Hotch, Rossi. Point; counterpoint. )

Emily: ballerina versus corps de ballet. )

Emily Prentiss: soloist. )


I have been thinking about Prentiss a lot this season, more than I usually do, and this post is long because this episode gave a way of cohering the various pieces of information we had about her, and thus gave me a way to talk about her characterisation in a way that was previously more difficult. I talk about Ziva David like this so often because her story is linear and coherent, whilst Emily's is non-linear and fragmented. Until now. I hope there's more to say; I hope there is always more to say.

But yes. This post is long. It's really long. And I wrote it more for me than any one else because I don't think any one else really cares that much. But hey, it's worth it. We were a long time coming to this point.

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battlestar galactica. no spoilers. )

being human. no spoilers. )

big love. spoilers through to 3x07. )

bones. no spoilers. )

burn notice. no spoilers. )

criminal minds. spoilers for early seasons. )

csi: new york. no spoilers. )

csi. no spoilers. )

doctor who. no spoilers. )

grey's anatomy. no spoilers. )

life. S2 spoilers. )

merlin. no spoilers. )

my own worst enemy. no spoilers. )

numb3rs. no spoilers. )

private practice. no spoilers. )

pushing daisies. no spoilers. )

sarah connor chronicles. no spoilers. )

saving grace. no spoilers. )

spooks. vague spoilers for whole run. )

supernatural. no spoilers. )

the middleman. no spoilers. )

true blood. spoilers! )

united states of tara. no spoilers. )

x-files. no spoilers. )


I'm off to watch Saving Grace now.

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Am going to take this opportunity to update - something I've been putting off in favour of mainlining s3-5 of The Wire. I'm about 30mins into the show finale but The Gran has decided that she wants to sit with me whilst I'm in my room so on top of just wandering in when my door is firmly shut, she's now just sitting on my bed. Watching me type. She just tried to move my stuff on the bed. lols. I love her, I really do, but, I don't know. I'm being brattish, I know that.

So, yes, The Wire. This show, fuck me. I knew it was great. I knew that. I watched the first two seasons in 2007. From what I remember, I started S3 and then dropped it for whatever reason. I'm not certain why. The answer is probably: I'm an idiot. Anyway, I picked it up again last Sunday and I've zipped through the remaining episodes. Today, half-through S5, I realised that I hadn't actually seen the S4 finale. I thought the season ended with Carver walking away from Randy in the hospital. It seemed fitting, and I worked out the rest from the next season. But then I watched 4x13 today and holy hell. Bubbles, goddamn. Quick: someone hold me!

I'm trying not to spoil; I'm also trying not to talk too much without having seen all of the finale because otherwise I won't want to talk about that either. I will say that spoilers for 5.09 )

I confess: I've spent most of the run with tears in my eyes. OKAY, I'M MELODRAMATIC. Sheesh.

True story: I'll be watching Generation Kill for the third time when I'm done with this. Fo'reals.

No spoils for the finale, please.


Quasi-relatedly, I watched the latest Life today. HELEN McCRORY BEING ALL BADASS IN THE JOINT. Fuck yes. She looked fierce and she and Damien Lewis sparked in the scenes they had together. That's pretty much all I have to say.


Wow, Gran. So far I've had the you're-21-so-we-should-find-you-a-husband speech AND the you-should-be-more-domestically-inclined one. I wonder if we can make it a triptych before the night is out: what do you do on the laptop? SIGH, PEOPLE.


I will now take this opportunity to reply to comments as it's obvious I'm not going to see the end of this damn show before 10pm at the earliest.

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More on Spooks. Talky-talky.

Spooks, 7x07. Spoilers. No, really. )

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I'm trying to keep these fairly short because rambling doesn't make for an easy read, and because otherwise I will be here altogether too long. Some quick round-ups for episodes that I don't have much to say about: Bones was really rather FABULOUS and I don't know that I can say much more than that; CSI: NY was also very good, and I don't know about other people, but the Flack storyline is breaking my heart (and also the other thing made me Super Happy because I'm all about Flack-love); and I've yet to watch The Unit but it's a double, so I'll watch them together. Also, Life was very funny, but I confess to not having anything to say about it, and also not having any clue whatsoever about that last Dani and Tidwell scene. No, seriously, I was watching it and I just didn't understand what the fuck was going on.

Okay. Next!


Merlin, 1x06-1x09 )

Californication, 2x07, In a Lonely Place )

True Blood, 1x10, I Don't Wanna Know )

Sarah Connor Chronicles, 2x08, Mr Ferguson is Ill Today )

NCIS, 6x07, Collateral Damage )

Criminal Minds, 4x07, Memoriam )

Grey's Anatomy, 5x08, These Ties That Bind )

Supernatural, 4x09, I Know What You Did Last Summer )

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Life, 2x07, Jackpot; some additional comments on 1x01, Merit Badge )

So, you know. Everything's connected. And everything is language, too.

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insta-reaction: spoilers )


Why, yes. I am ever-more obsessed with this show. Could you tell?

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The Unit, 4x05, Dancing Lessons )

The Unit, 4x06, Inquisition )


Other things I have to talk about: the ridiculousness of the situation we are in with our house alarm.

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True Blood, 1x09, Plaisir D'Amour )

Long reaction post is long.

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Let us talk about all the ways in which I didn't understand this episode.

7x04, insta-reaction. )


edit: I picspammed Life for the latest challenge at [ profile] picspammy today. My gosh, that pilot continues to be one of the shiniest things.

I also watched the Criminal Minds that was on tonight (girl lost in the mall) and let me take a moment to say a/ TEAM LOVE and b/ Emily was amazing. (This is how she sees herself. Dirty. Disgusting. Oh gosh, oh gosh.)

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Spooks, 7x03. )

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Quickly, because The Mother and I are about to watch Merlin, lols.

Spooks, 7x02. Spoilers. )


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