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I have co-opted my Sunday for myself; let's see how long that lasts. Yesterday I sorted out a lot of paperwork that needed doing, then spent a few hours in the evening at Baby Cousin's whilst her parents went out. We played Musical Statues which consisted of me occasionally hitting mute on the TV and her laughing as I caught her moving. lolsome times.


Here, have some links:

01. Promo picture for X-Men Origins: Wolverine
This actually makes me laugh a lot (I'm pretty certain that Logan's claws aren't half the length of his arm), but I'm also pretty psyched for it. SHUT UP OKAY. Plus: trailer's officially out now. I am basically waiting for this film to smack me around, but I doubt anything can be as terrible as X3. OR CAN IT? (Lols. I don't know what it is: I never got into the comic adaptations - I hate Spiderman and I've yet to see Batman - but I've always had a soft spot for X-Men in all its permutations. Plus: am ridic excited for Watchmen and everything I know about that I learned from [ profile] raeyashi. lols.)

02. Site/trailer for 500 Days of Summer
Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. With thanks to [ profile] sendero_oculto for reminding me about this film. I feel like this film - much like Rachel Getting Married - is something I'll never get the chance to see, despite being terribly excited for it.

03. Lykke Li performs I'm Good, I'm Gone for The Black Cab Sessions
I have recently taken a great liking to Lykke Li's album. I first heard her on one of the podcasts I'm subscribed to, and though I starred that song (Little Bit), I found that I wasn't all that interested in the rest of her stuff. Until I heard her perform Dance, Dance, Dance with Bon Iver and I heard her do a live set of her tracks for another podcast. Suddenly I couldn't get Dance, Dance, Dance out of my head, so I bought the album. The album has a high production value which really works for it, but the way the live sessions are pared down is amazing. I love that Black Cab Session; lots of hand claps. Hearts.

04. Coraline (trailer)
Based on the book by Neil Gaiman; I heard about this book when I was in secondary school but I never read it. My perception of the plot has been completely altered by this trailer. I don't know if that's because the tone of the trailer is very "wheee kids' film!" or if the plot really isn't all that sinister, but either way: not what I thought it was about. (Also: Co-ra-line not Co-ra-leen? Really?)


I watched Battlestar Galactica yesterday, and I do not have too much to say about it other than I felt an immeasurable amount of relief watching it again, which is possibly a very strange reaction to have, but for a while there I was of the mind they'd never air the second half of the season. I liked the episode. That's all I want to say until we get the next episode.


Thus endeth this terribly informative post.


edit: So a couple of nights ago I changed my tags because I was bored. I was going to change them back yesterday but I haven't gotten around to it just yet, and anyway, my inner adolescent still finds them incredibly amusing. True story: I have lost a tag, specifically, 'movies.' Goshdarn.

edit2: Oh, wait: found it. Phew!

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Been a while, been a while.


New Amsterdam, 1x08, Love Hurts. )

Bones, 3x10, The Man in the Mud. )

Criminal Minds, 3x16, Elephant's Memory. )

CSI:NY, 4x17, Like Water for Murder. )

Battlestar Galactica, 4x03, The Ties That Bind. )


Sarah Connor Chronicles looks like it'll be back. Fuck yes.


Have yet to watch the latest NCIS; caught a couple of old school X-Men cartoon episodes. I love everybody's funky 80s hair. And Gambit! Mostly I forgot how weirdly everyone spoke.

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GUYS. Can you imagine the SHEER BATSHIT that would be flying around if the Galactica got to Earth post-Judgement Day?


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Taken continues to be EXCELLENT and ASTOUNDING on second-viewing. It also continues to have some wonderful guest stars, most recently:

This show. I fucking love it.


Tomorrow morning? Battlestar Galactica, season 1. \o/

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Dear Battlestar,

You are one crazy world of wtf. But I can safely say that after 5 episodes of blah, I'm pretty much interested all over again. And not because of the dren that was spoilers )

either. So. Kudos.


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With the end of term fast approaching (Friday!), I'm hard pressed to get my reading done. I'm leaving my notes until the break so that I can get them done in one swoop (I have this week's and last week's to do) and I'm just enjoying the spate of nice weather that we're having. Have to keep reminding myself that I have to go to class - I have a double lecture at 11am.


Caught up with the UK aring of Prison Break - I can watch the next four episodes (2x10-2x13) on a real television, woo. I'll say this for Prison Break up to 2x09 )


I also watched The Black Donnellys which I felt slowed down a bit this episode. spoilers: 1x03 )


Saw Battlestar Galactica - probably should have paid more attention because I didn' quite understand the resolution of the episode, but whatever. One thing I did notice was the crazy level of hoyay! between Anders and Apollo which makes me strangely gleeful. All this time we though Starbuck made them hate each other. Whatever. lolz.

Re-watched Numb3rs, 3x17, One Hour and made some caps. I'm feeling good about Numb3rs again so I'm going to go back to iconning episodes that I've missed. Having seen 3x18, the ending was distressing but inevitable. spoiler for 3x18, Democracy )

But, yes: screencaps, icons, yay.

The series finale of Stargate today - NO SPOILERS PLEASE. Not until I've seen the damn thing. Please&thankyou.


So, am re-reading Northern Lights, slowly remembering the story and picking up on details that I never saw the first time around. Like how when Lyra is watching Ma Costa (the gypsy) freak out about her missing child, she throws down her cigarette. Yeah. I don't even know.

It's good though, well-written and pretty intense from the get go. Edited to specific information but also with a good idea of where it's going, even this early on in the trilogy.


GIP! Also: I love this song.

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The net is being a bitch today. I'm actually typing this as a draft in gmail as that's about the only page that will load properly.


Just watched the latest Battlestar.

explicit spoilers. )


Gmail keeps giving me this piece of information:

Reuters: Oddly Enough - Traumatic memories easier to recall than happy ones

All I can think is duh, flashbulb memory. I miss psychology.


Was talking earlier about how Native Son filled me with rage at certain parts of the novel. I always thought I was pretty clear cut with race but after this book, I'm not so sure. I think we're supposed to have sympathy of some variety for the protagonist in this novel but I have none. In fact, I get really, truly angry at him.

My housemate, T, is from the States and she's read this book, ad she's read it in the original context (sort of) which is why I was talking to her. I told her that it inspires frustration and anger in me and she said, "Well, it's supposed to." But I don't think it's supposed to act on the reader in quite the same way that I am receiving it. I used to spend a lot of time thinking about race and recently I've sort of put that aside because it wasn't constructive thought (it revolved a lot around how to label factions of the community and if and why we should, and how that effects me and the people that I know; Omid Djalili's stand-up really brought those questions back to me last night and today) but this book is really kicking up a fuss in my head. I'm really angry about the book, and it's a surprising emotion.


I spent the rest of the day messing around in PS (NCIS icons, mostly Hollis Mann, which is unsurprising considering my new love affair with the character) and researching for the group project. I'm going to pick an article for the critical reading assessment and make notes on it - tomorrow I can make the plan and write the first 500 words. I was supposed to email the tutor, too, but that can wait. (Verily my weekend off was detrimental to my ability to give a damn. Niiice.)

Oh, SLS is writing my character reference for me, yay. WP has just had a hip operation which I totally forgot she was going in for. SK has relinquished the Deputy Head of 6th Form position. I knew he was planning on doing that, but not so soon. It's quite shocking to me. It's been a somewhat unsettling evening, what with all these unexpected happenings, fictional and real. I have no real yen to do anything, just like old times.

Have been listening to Patty Griffin's Tony a lot. Am disturbed by how anthemic the song is considering its topic. I'm playing Chapman's Devotion again, but only really as background noise. I'm not really paying attention to it. But listening to Tony is not healthy.

OK, off to do a little bit of work before going to sleep. I have a group meeting tomorrow and then a lecture, so I need to get cracking with this On Reading malarkey, especially considering I have all this reading to do, too.

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Re: Battlestar, I loved 3x11 and really, really didn't get most of 3x12. By which I mean to say, I didn't really understand what they were going for. But hey! War trial. OBVIOUS MUCH? Anyway, parts of the latest episode felt a bit too much like the latter episodes of season 2 to make me care all that much, which is a shame. I loved Gaius, though, and I loved Adama's interactions with him. I really, really loved DeAnna's fate because, shit, that's insane.


The latest two CSIs to be aired? I have absolutely adored. CSI, 7x12 and 7x13 )

Five fucking stars. Seriously, I loved it.

Um. Is anyone on my flist still watching this? [ profile] spiescameout, you will be, right, when it airs? Anyway, I now have a really big yen to write the rest of the Sara Sidle fic I was writing as an addendum to the Megan Reeves one I wrote. Can I pull it off? Likely not. OK. Back to fandom.

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For whatever reason, instead of spending my free time catching up on fandom, I spent it finishing book for class tomorrow, reading Bones fic (I know. I know) and thinking about this week's Battlestar. Which. OK, am I seriously the only person who loves watching the pilot-centric episodes? Because I loved it, I really did, and without giving anything away, it was one of those episodes that said a lot more about Kara than it did [Pilot o'the Week]. Not just that, but it brought some awesome ideas to the fore. Look, just read the TWoP recap of it. Seriously! Spoilers. )

I am in a spamtastic mood right now. Sigh. Oh, that Bones fic? Is something everyone should read. It's bloody brilliant. Even if you don't know the fandom, I'd recommend it, but the chronology is a bit wackyso it might mean less to you. It's called fractures (three of them) and it's by [ profile] sezzie_dee and it's MADE OF AWESOME. Srsly. I can't even be coherent about the way the whole damn thing comes together. I read it, went back to the start, read it again, went back to the start. I want to read it again. It's Brennan/Booth, or rather, it's about not-them and about all the ways they'd never get it to work out. This is not my usual party, guys, but the writing knocked me out. You know how I love stylistic plays. READ THIS. Please? Please.

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So, BSG? WOW. and. )

Also, Army Wives is happening and whilst I think people are picking up on the niche The Unit is exploiting, I'm also a little bit excited because, yo, KIM DELANEY and CATHERINE BELL. I think that so long as (a) it's substantially different from The Unit without (b) being completely DUMB, the series should do just fine.

In other news, I should really finish Ulysses today. And then make Numb3rs icons, especially because I spent two hours last night making c.2,000 screencaps. Srsly. This is why I should cap as I watch.

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Fly-by posting today.

First off, happy birthday [ profile] daygloparker! I hope you have a great day and that the toga-related shenanigans are as brilliant as they sound! (Your Halloween costume? Colour me significantly impressed.) *throws happy stuff*

Secondly, Rekha is beautiful. Thirdly, Exodus pt.2 totally rocked mine. Lastly, people are writing haiku porn omg.

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So. My awesome cousin is here to stay and, being awesome, he's set up the wireless in the house! I'm using the laptop, and we're using wireless but my laptop tells me that I'm not connected to the internet when, hello, yes I am. Whatever. As long as it's working. I hope it's still working tomorrow. Not that I'll be here. Tomorrow morning, heading in to BGS to see people. Hopefully I'll get up on time. I have nothing to take this time, and this leaves me with a feeling of consternation.

Speaking of acronyms, BSG is on Sky3 tonight! And now that the digital aerial has been sorted out, we can watch. All the way back to 33! I can't wait. Currently ITV3 is showing Due South and the fangirl in me is screaming with laughter.

[ profile] tigertrapped - your parcel has been sent, sans note because I couldn't find my pretty stationary. [ profile] muldy, your parcel will be sent first thing tomorrow, avec note because I found my pretty stationary once I got home from the post office. Both your packages have about five first class stamps on them so they should get there fairly efficiently.

Sigh, I did write more but the draft feature only saved up to the last paragraph. And now I have to go eat so I'd better dash.

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And now a couple of recs. Firstly, two from [ profile] stellaluna_ who is honestly one of the best writers in the CSI: NY fandom. Travellers is a Stella/Hawkes fic that is plausible and the best characterisation of Sheldon Hawkes that I have ever seen. Sheldon is the thinking girl's crumpet, obviously, and this fic shows just how seductive knowledge is, be it personal or otherwise. The Snow Queen is one of those fics that transcends fandom, really. You know when the heat kicks up and you get bitter and frustrated? This fic captures that, winding you tighter and tighter. It's Mac/Stella, my bestest OTP, but the beauty here, as ever, is the tragedienne. Stella is frustrated and hurting, and the heat just keeps coming. Truly wonderful.

Apparently it's a time for CSI: NY fics because I've been re-reading other ones that I like (alas! marginalia has disappeared!) and I remembered a wonderful Stella/Hawkes, Stella/Mac fic that I'd read ages ago. (I'm not a Stella/Hawkes shipper; that's just the way my month's gone, I suppose). Public Dreams, Private Myths is the fabulously awesome [ profile] ivinnuna's take on addictions and comforts in the human realm. Love a man, hurt a man, want a man; want peace. Again, a gorgeously textured Stella characterisation with a slightly aching and bitter undertone that I love to see in Ms. Bonasera. By the same author is The Underachiever - Flack/Danny and another emotional struggle over possession and loss. I think what I love best about [ profile] ivinnuna is that her writing hits you solidly in the middle of you chest and knocks the wind from you. On that note, a Without a Trace fic from her, too. Danny/Martin. I don't have enough superlatives, really, so I'll just leave you links: Wednesdays, Headspace and Everywhen.

OK, today's theme has changed from NY to "pimping out one half of the flist to the other", so let's just go with that for now. All Plans Fail is Beckett/McKay SG:A fic from [ profile] wliberation who is the only person who can write Carson. In the world. No, seriously, I've never found anyone else that can do him any justice. In that vein, you should also read her Carson gen-fic Before I Go because Carson loves his mum and we love Carson. (Caw! Caw! [ profile] icaw!) Let me point out that even though I am a sucky beta, these fics are both amazing. [ profile] wliberation is Queen of Carson. Or something.

I've recced [ profile] daygloparker this week already but whilst I'm here: this is her fic tag; go read all (I went to look for your website and it had gone ohnoes. Thankfully you like organising and categorising). She's written for old-school West Wing, Without a Trace, Atlantis and (more recently) Lost, Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who. If you can't choose, start at Experiment #6 (Absent-Minded Transgression Remix). It's Battlestar Galactica, it's Six; it's God, Gaius, dreams and machines. This fandom brings out crazy clever fic, obviously.

When I am pimping fics, I really can't pimp anything without mentioning some fic queens that reside on my flist. [ profile] tigertrapped is my idol; she writes in a way that is visceral and beautiful. From the frighteningly violent (yet lyrically beautiful) turns of her Constantine fanfics to her personal writing that is real and touching, she's my go-to girl for writing skills. I can't choose from her work but because I want to give you something I'll pick Two Minute Silence which begins with the most intriguing first sentence and The Swimming-pool and the Sea, a slice-of-life original fiction that I read over and over again. Other fic queens: [ profile] binglexjells who writes the best mixture of CSI:NY fluff'n'angst; her fics are snapshots of Very Important Moments and I love how fleeting they are, and lastly, [ profile] raeyashi, who writes Don/Cooper slash for the Numb3rs fandom. You should all read Let It Spin and Those Damn Blow Pops (omg Don and his oral fetish, yes, yes).

Finally, a list of stuff you just have to read.

Of History by Northlight [Firefly]
Zoe and Wash, and why it was never going to be Mal. The best thing about this fic is the narrative. I could listen to this style forever.

The Olympic Spirit by [ profile] freedomfry [Sports Night]
REC ME SN FIC. Ahem. Dan, Casey, gymnastics. Hell yes.

Six Places We May Have Met by luna [West Wing]
Oh. Oh. One of my favourite TWW fics in the world, ever. And CJ, too, who I just adore. Well really, who wouldn't? There are other TWW fics that I adore, mostly CJ/Toby (OTP? Hell yeah) but this one is all about possibilities and optimism that fits the daylight.

Growing Up by sheldrake [Chronicals of Narnia]
So, who else detests the treatment Susan gets at the end of the series? (Or am I the only one to love her character?) This is a fic about Susan and her life in the Aftermath; it's also about sisters and choices. I love it.

Now I'm off to clean and start packing. You should all be reading fanfiction.

{ WTF? }

Mar. 9th, 2006 04:02 pm
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We don't get BSG's third season until OCTOBER WTF? How reliable is this? And why don't we get it in July? *angry pout*

{ mafia }

Mar. 8th, 2006 10:08 am
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Fans of BSG, Atlantis (and Grey's Anatomy) should totally check this shit out. THE BEST CRACKFIC - EVER.

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So, today I:

[01] Went to all of my classes. Yeh, I know, hardly note worthy. Except that it was, a little bit. I really enjoyed Crit. theory (Freud!) and the other two weren't so bad. Now I just need to write up my notes.

[02] Did one bad thing. Not bad as in dire or morally wrong but something I shouldn't have done, for my own sake. But I did it, it is done.

[03] Watched 1x04 of Kitchen Confidential (thank you to my darling [ profile] tigertrapped) wherein Michael Vartan guest stars as a French chef opposing Bradley Cooper who is seriously hot these days. I was impressed and am upset that the series was cut. I mean come on! Cooper, Nicholas Brendon (I forgot how sweet he was as a dork), John Francis Daley (holy shit, he's cuuuute these days) and JOHN CHO HELL YEAH. John Cho should be on TV more often, for real.

[04] Am watching CSI episodes 613-615. Face Done-away was in 613 and yaaaaawn because it took me a fortnight to watch that episode all the way through. 614 had SHERIFF VALENTI OMG! And thus was totally awesome. There's a viewer discretion tag on 615. Hmmm.

[05] Was uber productive in that I cleaned my room and now you can see the desk surface, huzzah!

[06] Am going to watch Underworld again and if Blonde Sporty Flatmate is in, I'm going to get back my DVD of Proof of Life and rewatch that.

[07] Am excited because tonight is BSG and new Numb3rs eeee!

Tomorrow I'm going to do a bit of shopping, a bit of note writing and mostly just chill out. Sunday mid-morning my cousins will be here (P has a netball match somewhere in Soton and V needs someone to hang out with, lol) and Sunday afternoon/evening [ profile] muldy will be here! Huzzah! I love happy plans :D

ETA: There's this wonderful montage at the beginning of 614 with Brass talking to the vic's father and Sara processing the car. Can I just say? Most awesome Sara scene this season. Which doesn't say much for the season but does say a lot about how much Jorja Fox rocks my socks even though they've KILLED OUR CHARACTER.

Also, last night, watched the newest CSI:NY. I have nothing to say on the cases other than the A case was cute and the B case was shuddersome in an itchy way. Also I LOVE TEH HAWKES. Thus endeth M.

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Um, heh. I just watched the whole first season of Weeds. Yeah.


Also watched BSG; back on form! I'd say more but my brain is done in by the Weeds marathon. I want to watch more. Actually, what I want is a new fandom. Or just a new show that I can marathon with. REC ME SHOWS. No soaps, no teen dramas a la One Tree Hill and The OC. So rec me.

ETA: This is one of those days when I wish BSO wasn't in update mode. I want fic!

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CSI: NY: I am so very ready to write fic except I have the Spooks ficathon to finish and oh yeah, classes.

BSG: I'm kinda disappointed by the position that episode brought us to with regards to Starbuck but I also really loved two of the scenes. So... I don't know. I don't know if I care for these standalones. At least this one made more sense than last week's.

I've stuck down the receipts. Time to geek out.


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