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Anyone who has me listed on their dashboard hates me right about now but I don't care. This episode was pretty boring, but Paget wore a red top for some of it, then a purple one, and then Emily Prentiss emotionally presided over the last fifteen minutes. So I don't give a fuck.

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This image is wholly pleasing to me.


Yeah, so much for actual content.


Apparently, when things get difficult in the Real World, I do not have the patience necessary to detail my boring exploits on eljay. Which is not to say that nothing has happened of late, just that I'm loath to recall what has. For the most part this past week I have existed solely on tumblr, where I can lie ensconced in Merlin picspams and reblog pretty materialistic things to my heart's content. Plus, you know, everything else has zero sum value at the moment.


Today I caught up with Being Human, the idea being that I'd watch it whilst it aired tonight. Yeah, not so much with that in the end because I am ludicrous and easily distracted.

I also watched Lost and discovered the joy of seeing Hiroyuki Sanada and John Hawkes on screen together. Fuck and yes.


For those that have the vaguest notion of what I am talking about: my friend is at home and my predictions were entirely correct, which is both disappointing and yet hardly surprising. Thanks to those who sent letters; I am replying.


WORK IS SO BUSY RIGHT NOW. I am freaking out a little bit about this project I'm working on with another team because it's not a lot of responsibility but I fear I'm about to fuck it up monstrously. It's like psychological self-harm at this point. I am stupid.


To conclude: I hope to spend Tuesday (day! off!) watching lots of NCIS and trying to restore equilibrium.


edit: Lurkers meme! Have you read me but never commented? Do you surf by occasionally? Here for the fic bullshit? Say hello! You are under no obligation to ever comment or delurk again, but here's a chance to do so in a post just for that.

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Flist cut! I'm not hearing disputes but I don't care if you lurk/comment/stick around. I barely lock anything anyway and I'm boring, so I doubt any of you truly care.

Every day is de-friending amnesty. No-one has to be here if they don't want to be.


Some opinions. Firstly, the first quote was about whether or not evil affects you; the answer this week is apparently 'yes'. Criminal Minds, 5x09, 100. )

So. There was that.


Up soon: NCIS marathon because I'm behind the times; Yuletide prep; Bones marathon (I keep saying this and never doing it but I waaaaaant to); dancing to Glee tracks. I'm set!

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Criminal Minds was beyond excellent this week! There was a lot about it that I enjoyed, but as always, I only have Emily-meta. I refuse to apologise for this. But quasi-spoiler. )

Detail!Girl solves the case! )


Other stuff to talk about: Spooks, Glee, stuff I haven't watched.

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The person I am posting this for knows I am posting for them. (HANDS OMG.)


In other news, this layout is shit for embeds.

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My current pet peeve: reading other people's reaction posts, only to find that they're parroting a third party. I don't mean reading a post and finding that there is a consensus on a show/episode/whatever. I mean, reading a post and finding that a person has made an 'intelligent' report/analysis/commentary on something they've seen which directly echoes (in terms of theme and language) what someone (more 'popular' in LJ terms) has said elsewhere in the hopes that people reading it will think they are clever and tuned in. I fucking HATE this. It makes you sound so false, not to mention stupid. It's plagiarism, too, of an intellectual variety. And I also hate it because it's boring and mostly unimaginatively hidden - an extra thought added in parentheses decrying what's been said as possibly misleading or incorrect! Oh my, no, you're not wrong at all! HOW INSIGHTFUL. Especially as the rest of the post is insta-reaction or a rehash of your personal issues disguised as a fandom trope.



I watched a lot of stuff today but none of it has inspired me to make posts of my own. In case you didn't already know, I'm 100% in love with Emily Prentiss, and also LOL CSI: NY what the fuck is the matter with you? Fringe was passable this week; I haven't seen Supernatural, and I took an hour an a half out of my day to watch The September Issue which I'll be watching again in the car tomorrow, fuck yes.

Blah, blah, blah &c. I need to rewatch NCIS.


Oh man, I was so excited earlier today! I had THINGS to say! And now I'm filled with ennui. I wish I had frozen the last CapriSun. SIGH.

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01. Crazy things that actually happened in Cambridge this past fortnight: a dog was juggling outside M&S; the electronica spaceman was back. Man, this city. I don't know.

02. I watched a lot of TV which is terribly unsurprising. I have skipped through all the things that I find annoying in Glee (which is unfortunately quite a bit) but I do love the musical numbers, and I do like the guy playing Will. Like. A lot.

03. I also watched - and enjoyed - Supernatural, and I hope we see Those Guest Stars again. I have a deep, deep fondness for Jim Weaver and for Titus Welliver, and I wish they'd had a scene together (Deadwood reunion!) Also: apparently the casting directors at Lost and Supernatural know the same agents (lols, Mark Pellegrino. Awesome). But, yeah, whilst the premiere was touch&go for me, I enjoyed this one a lot.

04. The Bones season premiere was completely delightful, and my love for Cam is so immense at this point that I don't really need to talk about it. My love for Caroline has apparently never been expressed before, so: I really love Caroline omg.

04b. Speaking of Bones, have a fic rec:
If you actually mapped out all the morsels of advice that Angela has doled out to Brennan over the years, analyzed them the way you would an author's canon of work, a few recurring themes might emerge: namely, in this order, [1] you (Brennan) want to have sex with Booth; [2] Booth wants to have sex with you; [3] you two are ridiculously perfect for each other in so many ways, whether you realize it or not; [4] you're not actually as failed of a human being as you think you are.

The above is from [ profile] daygloparker's fic The Forgotten Dialects of the Heart. She labelled it as "Ten untold stories about love that also have the benefit of being true". I labelled it as "the other side of canon". Which is to say: this isn't just a fic about Brennan and Booth and the whole friction of their relationship. It's a fic about every character that we know and love, and is equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking. There is a section explicitly about Hodgins that is so perfect and a whole section about Cam that will feel like a slap to the face. AMAZING. Go forth and read, and then tell [ profile] daygloparker how much you loved it. Because you will.

so, this post was supposed to be quite short? Yeah, I don't know what happened. Other things M talks about: Defying Gravity, Fringe, The Lives of Others, Leverage, shows that are airing next week &c. &c. There are also links to FAB photos so skip this cut AT YOUR PERIL or whatever. )


This post was long. There are less trivial things to talk about but I am terrible at those things currently so we'll leave it be for now. It was supposed to be short wtf.

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So, over a year ago I did that top 5s meme and [ profile] zeitheist asked me to name my top 5 fandomgasms. I fluked massively on presenting for that, but today I realised that I still wanted to do it. So, a year belatedly, my top 5 fandomgasm moments (albeit in no discernible order). Insert usual disclaimers here about my fickle, ever-changing tastes, and how you shouldn't hold me to shit I say because I am a massively flakey mcflakerson of a flake. And now that word no longer holds any meaning for me. Guys, this post is really, really long, and not at all dial-up friendly. Just saying.

NCIS, 3x24, Hiatus II: Ziva confronts Jethro. )

Criminal Minds, 4x03, Minimal Loss: Emily and Reid after the ordeal. )

Wire in the Blood, 3x04, Synchronicity: Do you ever wish we were still lovers? )

Spooks, 7x02: Ball-buster. )

Big Love, 1x12, The Ceremony: Barb gets outed. )

Sarah Connor Chronicles, 1x07, The Demon Hand: Cameron is fucking scary. )

Bonus: Kings, 1x07, The Sabbath Queen: Silas and the Angel of Death. )


This endeth the spam. I was going to say that this took me all week but then I realised, no, it took me all year. Goddamn.

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Why would I pick only 4 caps? Idk. Anyway, am posting this because I can. I don't even remember which episode it's from? Yeah.

Carry on.

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So, I spent much of the weekend rewatching the second-half of Criminal Minds' second season. Traditionally re-watches begin at the top of a series or season, but, um. Well. I just picked Prentiss' first episode and carried on watching. Because of this (her first full episode is 2x10, Lessons Learned) I've inevitably skipped the whole Elle arc which is a bit of a shame because there are some fantastic stand-alones in the first season. The Sister owns season 1 so eventually we'll just swap boxsets. Or marathon, whoop whoop.

I watched 2x10 through 2x17, a span of episodes which include time to cut for spoilers )



Afterwards I watched some seriously old-school NCIS. HEY THEY WORK FOR THE NAVY WHO KNEW? (Baby McGee! D'awwwww).

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Good morning Livejournal! Have you seen that light outside yonder window? Fuck me, it's amazing. I've been sat here a while now, trying to figure out how I used to spend my early summer Saturdays before I had exams and a job and all that other rubbish, and I can't really remember? But I don't think it matters so much. It's such an amazing day outside.

For those of you that don't regularly follow my tweets, the part you don't know is that I have been saying something of this ilk every day for the past 10 days or so. But guys, my gosh. Having to wake up early has improved the day for me. There is nothing like dawn. When I was younger I had a thing about sunset but the air is never so fresh as when the sun is in the East. Does that sound like bullshit? I don't really care. The morning makes me feel good.


plans. )


Guess who'll be spending her evening doing a stock take? Yes, me. Hopefully I'll be back from P in time to charge my various music players and upload songs to the mp4.

Speaking of, I'm leaving for my day out in a little while. I continue to be your friendless host, swanning around the fen on my onesome. Tip over the pity bucket on your way out, y'all.

I'm kidding, naturally. It's going to be a good day.


Oh, William Fitzsimmons, you're so depressing! And yet melodious and wonderful.


Have I mentioned, recently, that I love Emily Prentiss? No? How about Ziva David? Because yes, yes, yes, I love these women. Fuck you, Criminal Minds for making Demonology so ridiculous in plot and your finale so contrived. I'm going to watch Minimal Loss over and over and remember Prentiss' bound hands and heels against the windowpane.

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For those that missed it: outtakes from a session in which Ricky Gervais meets Elmo. I have watched this repeatedly since I saw it yesterday and I LOVE IT. The ending is kind of scary? lols.


Things that happened today: &c. )


This evening Five aired Corporal Punishment (5.10, NCIS) so naturally I watched it again. Can now recite the dialogue pretty much verbatim. [ profile] wishes_of_stone texted me during the first ad break and, because I don't have any credit, I called her on the landline during the second one. We spent four minutes omg-ing over everything (mostly Ziva, let's be honest) and then watched the rest of the episode before having another very similar conversation. GOOD TIMES, Y'ALL.


I have also rewatched parts of this week's Criminal Minds. I read a review of the episode which I agree with in the main, but disagreed with on some details. Sometimes I read reviews of episodes and I wonder if the reviewer and I even watched the same scene. I know interpretations vary but how so widely?

Anyway, but really, Paget Brewster was fantastic this week, guys, and I am going to keep saying it over and over again because I have yet to cap the scene and give you the play-by-play which proves it.

Bonus: blooper reels for S2 (the first one, with Mandy? SO WEIRD. SO GREAT).


Thank you to everyone who left me a comment or a message or an email earlier this week; I really appreciate it. I promise I will get back to you all individually soon enough. On Sunday I will have to go and buy my train ticket. I am hoping that I get to grips with the whole thing by then or else Monday is going to be a hell of a shock.


This tweet pretty much sums up my reaction to this week's Bones. Also, lols, David Boreanaz directed this week and it kind of shows? Not in a bad way. Just in a ...choice ...way. Or something.

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Oh my.

So, Emily Prentiss. M's long love of Prentiss, now actually documented. )


Criminal Minds, 4x17, Demonology. )

pas de deux: Emily&Rossi. )

pas de trois: Emily, Hotch, Rossi. Point; counterpoint. )

Emily: ballerina versus corps de ballet. )

Emily Prentiss: soloist. )


I have been thinking about Prentiss a lot this season, more than I usually do, and this post is long because this episode gave a way of cohering the various pieces of information we had about her, and thus gave me a way to talk about her characterisation in a way that was previously more difficult. I talk about Ziva David like this so often because her story is linear and coherent, whilst Emily's is non-linear and fragmented. Until now. I hope there's more to say; I hope there is always more to say.

But yes. This post is long. It's really long. And I wrote it more for me than any one else because I don't think any one else really cares that much. But hey, it's worth it. We were a long time coming to this point.

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Soooo. You know how sometimes I get kind-of-then-incrementally-more-until-finally-weirdly-madly interested in a celeb (which, if they are female, tends to be a prelude to full-blown obsession; I don't really understand that sex divide, but whatever)?

Yeah. Hi there, Adrien Brody.

I. do. not. know.


Oh gosh, today turned out to be so crazy busy, mostly because Boss Lady's son has been sick this week so since Wednesday I've been the only 'tutor' who has been in all of the classes. I practically swam in because the footway between my house and D continues to be absolutely useless. the rest of the day. )

I then spent a lot of time trying to teach various people the difference between delete and backspace. This is my life, guys.


Got home, baked, started to read The Secret History, watched Bones, argued with The Mother and The Sister, watched more Bones, watched NCIS (the one with Gibbs' third wife. I watched most of it with the sound muted but I still love it. All the women are SO FIERCE) and then sat down to bitch about my day. Oh LJ, how you love me.


Idk, I'm regressing? I'm back to wearing my hair in two plaits/braids.


No, but really, Bones. I kind of loved it? This show is basically a procedural and yet the two most recent episodes dedicated whole sections to spoilers )

and lots of insinuations that Booth and Brennan are a couple. No, really.

Other things that I liked: poor Hodgins, who kept getting upstaged; the two intern-y guys (The Brit and The Cute One); CAM. Guys, Cam is so badass. I love her. Like. A lot. A LOT. And I also covet both her figure and her wardrobe. Truth.


Shut the fuck up, Sienna Miller.


Do you know who else is badass? EMILY FUCKING PRENTISS. You bet your balls. Other languages? Check. Cognitive interview? Check. Hot Cop, Bad Cop? CHECK. (What do you mean there were other people in the episode?)


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