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Hi everyone,

I'm running Duck Cheer again, albeit it on tumblr this time.

Let me know if you'd like to join in.

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In case it wasn't obvious, I am trying to get back into the habit of regularly updating, which is why these weekly quasi-summaries keep showing up. I've done okay this week, though. I posted other things to places that aren't my tumblr! Hurrah! I've been quite busy at work, too, and trying to catch up on sleep since gallivanting around London last week.


On Monday night The Mother and I bought pizza and watched more of Justified series 1. I have not managed to catch up with 3x01 yet, but hopefully will get to that today. I have Bones and two episodes of Fringe, too. I have accepted that if I don't watch Borgen this week then I am never going to get caught up.

But: early Justified when the villain du series was much subtler, and the individual stories held more weight! The last episode The Mother and I watched was the first one with Arlo Givens, but the one before that was the one with the dentist. The Mother seems to be enjoying it; I'm getting a kick out of re-watching.


On Tuesday I went out with some co-workers to see Shame. It was the second time I'd seen it (film fest!) and I was feeling weird about it because a) coworkers and b) it turns out Michael Fassbender is a lady beating asshole, gdi. I normally have quite a hard and fast rule about dumping things because of the leads being dicks, but. Gosh, I'm finding myself being a massive hypocrite. The film was put together by Steve McQueen, and the music is wonderful, and it's galling to me that Fassbender is the face of it, because I love them film. I do. So I spent a lot of time thinking about social responsibility, and not getting very far.

I did enjoy having the opportunity to talk about the film afterwards. Am very, very much the New Girl in that circle of people, but enjoyed a drink after the film, then took myself home. Am in the process of flat-hunting right now, so maybe I won't have to skip out so soon in future.


Thursday was weird for me at work because I was super busy but not doing the job that I usually do. It was brilliant for that - I talked to a lot of people that I do not normally talk to. I think I've mentioned before that the nature of my work and the arrangement of seats in the building makes interacting with people a little awkward sometimes, but being up on my feet and interacting with people was great. Had a good day.


My aunt went into hospital at the top of the week, and it didn't go as planned. She's still there today, but from the sound of things is doing a bit better. I don't know; there's not been much news.

My gran is in India, did I mention? That, too.


I got some post this week - a card and some lovely bracelets from (and made by) [ profile] fallapartagain, and a lovely long letter from [ profile] belantana. I'm in the process of trying to send some packages. I say trying because I keep forgetting to leave work and go to the post office. (I try to go at opening so I don't have to queue for a long time.)

I also received a copy of Stacie Cassarino's Zero at the Bone which I had forgotten I'd bought, plus two copies of Richard Siken's Crush which I am going to distribute. A new dress should arrive next week - dropped from £30-something to £12, so I do not feel bad about the additional purchase. I should probably try to find some trousers, ffs, but I am having a hard time on that front.


The Duck Cheer tumblr has some pictures and a video from last weekend. I'm opening it up a little this time. I'm going to send out the eight ducks I bought for round 2 (I really am! I am just waiting on the arrival of some info cards) and track those like I did last time, but this time I'm also opening up to submissions from other people. Have a duck of your own? Share!

A few people have been asking me: why ducks? And this project has never really been about the ducks as much as it has been about the people and the places. Ducks are just an easy way in. But the root of the story is that at secondary school water used to collect on the roof of the cafeteria. My friends loosed about 10 ducks up there once. It's just our thing, I guess, and it took off. Either you find plastic ducks inherently cheering, or you don't.


Have you seen these posters? I love them.


But, yes, Cassarino's poetry. I started reading it on the train and fell into a collection that is basically a long list of my lexical kinks. Words for earth, light, water. I am trying to be better at reading poetry on two levels again - the semantic, and the syntactical. It's been a while since I've pulled something apart, and I've never done it without guidance of some sort. I am trying to do this because reading at a syntactical level informs writing; it always will. And I think it would be good practice, if nothing else.


Lastly, [ profile] hestia8 and I went to see Di and Viv and Rose last year, written by Amelia Bullmore and starring Tamzin Outhwaite, Nicola Walker and Claudie Blakley. I have recently discovered that copies of the text are available. Does anyone want one? Let me know.

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Can someone please explain to me how a person goes about calculating their GPA? It'll probably be redundant anyway, but just in case. Thanks in advance.


Poll 2 is up at [ profile] duck_cheer. Will probably take it down this evening.


Being Human continues to be both a chore to watch and also really quite good. I don't know what that is about, other than inherent laziness. I don't think it's a masterpiece of televisual writing, like most people who are into it, but it really is better than I let on.


And now it's time to run.

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Sometimes I'm in the middle of a reasoned debate, and I have to ask myself if the next thing I am going to say is going to tip it into non-reasoned debate, and then I have to pull out, so to speak. And it's not because what I have to say next is particularly inflammatory, just that I don't trust the other people in the conversation not to take it personally.

Have been thinking about this quite a lot recently, because self-censorship wasn't something I was into ten years ago, and now it plays a huge role in my personal interactions. A lot of the time it's with people who are very buff about their own lack of limitations when it comes to 'telling the truth' - I find that more often than not, those people are the ones I am least likely to be straight with at line-end, because those people are the ones who overreact.

Normally it's not something I'm worried about, because normally I'm not talking about anything too important, but every now and then I get frustrated at feeling the need to cut a conversation short because of the fallout.


New Fringe! How exciting!


The first of the polls for naming the ducks is up at [ profile] duck_cheer. Please play/pimp/etc. even if you're not too invested. It doesn't obligate you to further participation, and I'm sure there will be something there to amuse you. The last name that was submitted to the list was 'Fauxlivia', and I laughed pretty hard.


Had a really great time in London at the top of the week. Made a stupid, rookie mistake with the tubes on my way to the theatre but it all worked out. London ton. )

Afterwards I took the tube back to King's Cross and made my way home to find my Merlin DVDs had arrived. Things I am doing this afternoon: burning through the commentaries, oh yes.


Am trying to sort out a group booking for the theatre in July (girl cousins have decided we want to do another trip) and it's proving really bloody difficult. Some of it is availability, some of it is pricing. Some of it is lack of choice, believe it or not. On the other hand, still have months to book it. Managed it last year; damn well going to manage it this year.

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Not that anybody is at all surprised - least of all me - but I forgot Being Human was on. This despite the fact that I have been reminding myself all week! Not even one episode in, and I have fallen into bad habits. I am just not used to keeping up with shows as they air.


I have also been distracted by my not-packing for my trip to London after work tomorrow. Some time between 7pm when I came up to do my packing, and now, I have managed to locate all my tickets, sew all my buttons back onto my coat, iron my dress, and get roped into visiting my gran on Tuesday. None of these are what we could term 'packing' but at least they come close.

Am STILL trying to decide what to carry. I think I'm just going to take my huge shoulder bag, which is like a faux-leather beach-bag-type thing, and is big enough for my jamas, shoes, towel, and hopefully also my jeans, but I am not holding my breath on that count. Have decided am just going to wear a dress to work that can double-up as theatre wear in the evening, but if I'm going to see gran, I need to be in trousers.


Hey, hey, I finally took pictures of the ducks! Am still looking for names so that I can do a poll by week end. Would also appreciate any pimping. Please make your way to [ profile] duck_cheer or tumblr if you are so inclined.


This weekend I managed to catch up with Bones, mostly by skipping anything in an episode that was case-related, and also by being over-invested in Cam's clothes/face. Time well spent? Yessum.

Baby Cousin was also over, and that was pretty much the most exhausting thing ever. I don't really have the patience to handle her for more than a day at a time. Will hopefully make up for any grumpiness by taking her to see Tangled next weekend.

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Did I mention we ran out of oil on Thursday night? Yeah.

I live in the sticks, albeit close to amenities (a mile to town actual), but like most people in the Fen, I don't live close to a gas line. This means that everything in the house runs on electric. When the house was extended a couple years ago, we bought gas cannisters so that we could run a gas cooker. But all the water in the house - the taps, shower, the heating - runs on electric. What fuels it? A huge oil tank in the back yard. For some reason, we've gone through more than usual this year, and are out again.

This means: no heating! And also: no showers. We have been doing it old school, boiling water in huge saucepans on the cooker, and then carrying it to buckets in the wet room, which is thankfully on the ground floor. I went to sleep with two pairs of socks on last night.

Am currently using my uncle's space heater to warm up my room, and then am passing it to my sister so she can do the same. Then I will not be opening my door until I absolutely have to - at 5 tomorrow morning.


Today The Mother found a box full of photos from '95 and before. All our baby pics! And some truly hilarious photos of The Dad in his early twenties. He looks a bit like Prince (the Artist Formerly Known As). Or a Leo Sayer nightmare. And my mum has the hugest tortoise-shell glasses! Their wedding photos are amazingly lol. Jesus.


My ducks were only despatched on Friday, so probably won't arrive until tomorrow or Tuesday. I'll set up the poll for names on Tuesday, so if anyone has other thoughts for names, hit up [ profile] duck_cheer.

On that front, I need some advice. I found that ducks that circulated flists did better than ducks that went out into the world last time around. This time I want to do that, but I want to tell people where the duck should head to eventually (hence asking for participants). BUT. Am super aware that it's one thing to share your address with a flister, and another to share it with a flister's flister. So: I need suggestions for sustainability this time around. I don't want my ducks to sink!

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Things I need from you:

  • Willing participants
  • 8 duck names & associated back stories
  • Pimpage


    Care to name a duck? [eljay] [tumblr]

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    For those that missed it: outtakes from a session in which Ricky Gervais meets Elmo. I have watched this repeatedly since I saw it yesterday and I LOVE IT. The ending is kind of scary? lols.


    Things that happened today: &c. )


    This evening Five aired Corporal Punishment (5.10, NCIS) so naturally I watched it again. Can now recite the dialogue pretty much verbatim. [ profile] wishes_of_stone texted me during the first ad break and, because I don't have any credit, I called her on the landline during the second one. We spent four minutes omg-ing over everything (mostly Ziva, let's be honest) and then watched the rest of the episode before having another very similar conversation. GOOD TIMES, Y'ALL.


    I have also rewatched parts of this week's Criminal Minds. I read a review of the episode which I agree with in the main, but disagreed with on some details. Sometimes I read reviews of episodes and I wonder if the reviewer and I even watched the same scene. I know interpretations vary but how so widely?

    Anyway, but really, Paget Brewster was fantastic this week, guys, and I am going to keep saying it over and over again because I have yet to cap the scene and give you the play-by-play which proves it.

    Bonus: blooper reels for S2 (the first one, with Mandy? SO WEIRD. SO GREAT).


    Thank you to everyone who left me a comment or a message or an email earlier this week; I really appreciate it. I promise I will get back to you all individually soon enough. On Sunday I will have to go and buy my train ticket. I am hoping that I get to grips with the whole thing by then or else Monday is going to be a hell of a shock.


    This tweet pretty much sums up my reaction to this week's Bones. Also, lols, David Boreanaz directed this week and it kind of shows? Not in a bad way. Just in a ...choice ...way. Or something.

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    from [ profile] razorxrosary

    &c. )

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    Dear [ profile] inoue130,

    Look who arrived today!

    meet Gillian the Duck

    Thank you so much - she's wonderful! More pics under the cut.

    quackers. )

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    Happy Birthday [ profile] viennawaits! I hope that you have a lovely day, and a year to match! *streamers*


    Oh gosh, so busy. The Mother decided that she wanted to choose today - on day before guests are due to arrive - to re-arrange the study. Cue chaos. It's still a mess, but at least the desks are now in their new positions. This does, however, explain why my net cut out last night: disconnected router, sigh.

    More chores today: have run out of blu-tack, so can't put up more cards. Will instead be ironing. Um. Huzzah? Also, I bought some thank you notecards which need sending out.


    Wednesday was a great day. Went to the matinee screening of Kung Fu Panda with my aunt, Baby Cousin and The Sister, and then went to lunch. Baby Cousin loved the film - her first cinema experience - and laughed heartily every time one of the characters got whacked on the head. \o/

    The Sister and I spent an extra hour in town so that she could buy new school trousers, and we fested in Paperchase because that store is my zen. Came home and watched the pilot of 4400 whilst The Sister straightened my hair, before dashing out to catch the bus to The Fairy's place. The bus driver remembered me from 4 years a go (haha), and The Flatmate called whilst I walked down to The Fairy's house. We had an amazing time - wine, pizza, quacking ducks (it's a theme, obvs.) and BopIt. A quietly riotous evening by all accounts. Got home after midnight and promptly went to bed. Am such an old woman sometimes.


    A re-rec, because last time it was in a locked post: [ profile] razorxrosary wrote a poignant post-Journey's End Doctor Who fic that puts a hand in your gut and tugs sharply. Oh, so sad, and so real compared to a lot of the other post-JE fics out there. Light, Then Negative was written for me, which I guess makes me biased, but seriously: so lovely. You must read it! No excuses!


    Birthday present picspam, as promised ages and ages a go.

    Heffalump (as yet unnamed) and Roma from [ profile] wliberation

    plus. )


    The gardener has been here since 8-something this morning, and he's really doing my head in. Omg, the lawn mower is so fucking loud. And that hedge trimmer - oiskie!

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    Meet Roma, the newest addition to my collection of plastic waterfowl:

    [ profile] wliberation = &HEARTS.


    Proper update once I've dealt with the mountain of clothes in the guest room.

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    I have yet to actually finish watching this season's Friday Night Lights but I've got recs from a couple of authors that I think people will enjoy. I didn't think I had a pattern of reading (outside of "coach/mrscoach yayarms") but apparently I favour Tyra, Tami, Tim and Lyla. I only just realised how many 'T' names there are in this show. Anyway, those recs will be up later today.


    [ profile] wishes_of_stone and a friend have set up another edition (I guess is the word?) of Duck Cheer. I'll be posting updates at [ profile] duck_cheer when they get it off the ground. Round 2 of the original is scheduled to begin in June. If anyone knows where the Round 1 ducks are, please let me know; if anyone particularly wants to be part of Round 2, again, let me know.


    In other news: The Mother is driving me batty. (I wondered how long it would take.) If you're looking for me, I'll be at the other end of the house, vacuuming.

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    She's not so good at hide and seek.


    GUYS. I feel like my Very Important Poll isn't being taken seriously! Vote! Pimp out! Stay vigilant!

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    I LOVE THIS SONG A BIT TOO MUCH. (Current count: 264. Current most-played position: #2.)

    [ profile] delgaserasca.


    I updated [ profile] duck_cheer with some old pictures and some new.

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    The Flatmate, N and I were up ALL NIGHT. Finally finished work around 8 or 9am and handed the damn thing in two hours later. I tried to sleep, failed, so decided to stay up, except my body decided to do that thing it does when it thinks I need to sleep already, namely: my body temperature dropped viciously and suddenly. I went to bed at 3pm in my jammies, my jumper and my woollen socks. Yeah. Didn't wake until 9pm, either. Still knackered, though, so I'm heading to bed as soon as my hair dries.

    Muscles still cane, though.


    The Pierces are amazing and people fail for not telling me about them sooner. I'm subscribed to this song-of-the-day podcast because they had Haley Bonar's Captain Captain listed about a fortnight ago an I'm coming across some brilliant music, the best of which so far has to be The Pierces. Am listening to their newest album right now. It's fabulous; I love it.


    Got more [ profile] duck_cheer pictures of Leopold today. Was obviously too tired because they made me all nostalgic. Little people I once knew, now all grown up and adult-looking. (The pictures were taken at my secondary school.) So. Yeah. *weepy*


    Replying to comments and then going to sleep again. Thanks to every one who took my cracked out emails last night. Around 4am things began to get wobbly; by 5am every little thing was hilarious. Oh hysteria, how we love you.

    (The walk to and from campus was interesting to say the least.)

    ANYWAY. Done with; thank you; sleep now.

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    I sent Baby Duck (formerly known as: Duck) on [ profile] duck_cheer because (a) I had too many people I wanted to send ducks to, and (b) I couldn't send 13 ducks. But that meant I lost my duck! So. Meet Mouse (he squeaks).

    As The Housemates have pointed out, I have a thing for ironic naming.

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    [ profile] twincy = FTW. !!!

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    Gakked from [ profile] melliyna. Set iTunes/music player of choice to random and list the first 15 20 songs. Don't skip tracks, you pansy.

    meme: cut. )

    Confession: I skipped "Santa Claus is coming to town" because he really, really isn't.


    Have updated [ profile] duck_cheer at long last. Am a little worried because I haven't heard from any in about a week.


    Numb3rs, 3x19, Pandora's Box. )

    Raines, 1x03, Reconstructing Alice. )

    Heh, I don't think that actually had spoilers for the episode in it (GIP!). Am waiting for The Black Donnellys which just got shelved, but whatever. Like I said, after the first couple of episodes, the quality of scripting decreased. I hope it amps up again because I really felt that the first two episodes were brilliant. But who knows.


    This song is pretty. I don't know if I like it or if it just sounds right. If you see me at midnight walking the streets / you know it's me for I cannot sleep. Originally, I misheard the lyrics which is why I was excited. Now? Not so much.

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    The plan for today was originally to hand in my work, come back and read until abut 3 o'clock, then have the afternoon off. That's really not going to happen. I'm going to go to Avenue, print out my essay and hand that in, head up to the main campus where I'm meeting the project editor to cut another 300 words from our project. Then I want it to be done, thanks. I need to hand this bitch in on time. I can't believe these are the people I have to discuss my dissertation with.


    Watched all of Numb3rs (GIP!) last night and whilst I was very excited about the guest cast (see previous post), the story resolved itself in a very wtf manner. Sigh. Also managed to watch half an hour of The Black Donnellys pilot and figured out why people are so into this show: BECAUSE IT'S GOOD. Have yet to see last week's Prison Break. Oops?


    I have the best best to put up for [ profile] duck_cheer today, thanks to [ profile] viciouswishes. I'm normally farly anal about presentation, but her write up will be an exception because it works, and is funny. I laughed out loud when I read/saw some of it. Good stuff!


    Question: do I have change for the printers? Bugger.


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