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Tonight I have to walk The Sister to a party at a local hotel and then I basically have the night to myself until at least 10pm. HUZZAH HUZZAH!


NCIS, 6x04, Heartland

I keep trying to verbalise the joy I felt through most of this episode, but I just can't. All I can think of is the look on Jethro's face when he finally comes into the garage, and the smile as he rips that car down the street. Oh my.

What a wonderful episode. Baby!Gibbs was played by Harmon's eldest son, Sean Harmon, which is why the fit was pretty good. Raite was perfect as Jackson Gibbs (a name of which I heartily approve, lols). I wish Tony had asked where Jethro's name had transpired from; his actual question managed to fuck Jethro-canon all over again (I thought the rules came from Mike Franks?!) but the end of the episode - the hug, and then the memory - was heart warming.

There was a lot this week that was endearing: Ducky and Jethro talking about Jethro heading back; the team discussing Gibbs' origins (I particularly liked Ziva's suggestions); Jackson talking to Ziva; Jackson and Abby; Jethro working in the store; Jethro and Jackson drinking coffee in the early morning. [ profile] atlashrugged mentioned that Jethro and Jackson felt like father and son, not two men who were supposedly related, and I agree completely.

Man, this show. THIS SHOW. Guys. My happy place is right here. AND NEXT WEEK IT'S TOBIIIIAAAS!


Pushing Daisies, 2x03, Bad Habits

I laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and then probably cried - this episode was filled with nun puns, and I feel like it was made JUST FOR ME. Oh gosh. NUN ON THE RUN, NUN ON THE RUN!


I like that Lily's secret is out to Chuck, because now the only person that it needs hiding from is Vivan, and that's easier. I'm also excited because hopefully Olive will come back now, and hopefully we'll learn more about Ned's father. I loved Chuck's wig at the beginning, too; I thought it was super cute. And I thought the scene when the not-nun came back to life was hilariously done, including when she made a run for it, natch. Plus! Ned is really bad at guessing games. (Is it something to do with the number of nuns? Something to do with the sacred feminine?)

I think, though, what made this episode a success - other than the nuns, omigosh - was that it was actually pretty straightforward. Diamonds! Not actual diamonds! Secret passage ways! Chuck's emotional trauma aside, there was only one thing going on, and all the humour revolved around it. So, more of that, please. !

Best line? What if LaRue's guilty pleasure wasn't soft lips or Harlequin tingles? What if it was bling? And she smuggled ice into the penguin house for herself? OH EMERSON ILU.


My Own Worst Enemy, 1x01, Breakdown

VERY effective opening, but I have to confess that the show lost me about half-through. (It doesn't help that I don't care about Henry, but I think Edward is spiffing). Saffron Burrows only had two scenes, but she was a delight to see; from what I've heard, her storyline expands, so I'm looking forward to that. The story was... weird. I mean, I get it. He's a spy. He's ~secretive~, even to his own super secret organisation. He's a prick, and his other half is a wimp. The wimp half is the half that we're supposed to be humanly invested in, and the bastard half is the sex drive. I get it. I just. There was a lot going on in that subplot - the sexy dead murderess, the Russian, the return of the Russian. Over what, marbles? Why were the marbles important? Why does Edward need Uzi? What's the connection, and why did he matter? Too many super vague situations.

BUT. I loved the payback. The episode tripled in pace as soon as you clued into the double-play, because suddenly you're weren't dealing with Henry and then Edward; you were dealing with Henry and Edward, which is much, much more interesting. The idea that the two halves of this man are now trying to communicate. That's what really gripped me, and that's what would have brought me back if I wasn't already Burrows-obsessed. Bring on episode two; I want to know what happens next.


Life, 2x05, Crushed

What the fuck? This episode was... weird. It was like they had two or three episodes that weren't really going anywhere, and decided to put them together.

Tidwell: maybe no-one thinks of you as their Superior Officer because you do thinks like IM Reese and ask her out for a drink. I have to say, though, that scene brought more lols than the one in which the perp landed on Dani. I do. not. know. I liked the she and Crews both leapt at the guy, but other than that, blah blah, whatever. This episode had re-used footage (the very last scene was out of place, and the episode didn't feel closed), and the direction was mostly uninspired. So. I didn't even think it was all that pretty.

Then you had the stories. The primary case was boring to me. (Also: they're Homicide cops, not Major Case. Why do the cases start off so weird? What happened to a person just getting shot? I mean, I know why, but it's hardly subtle.) Ted's side-plot was endearing, and I felt bad that so many people stepped out on him, but I didn't understand why we had so many shots of that class (= the A-plot had barely any meat, is why). I hope his classes improve. Then you had Crew's two-and-a-half sub-plots: the guys in the picture, his past with Jen, and Jack Reese protecting Rachel. Actually that I was interested in, but it didn't go anyway. I did like that Rachel sees Crews in shades of grey, though, because it highlights that the character isn't entirely who we think he is. And I love that Jack Reese isn't so straightforward, though making him more of a good guy seems... I don't know, too easy? The story with the wife didn't make any sense: I guess the implication was that she was scared? But it didn't play that way, so I don't know why she didn't just tell him who she recognised the first time around. As for Jen: jesus, woman, stop fucking around. Either you care about your marriage, or you don't. I thought the whole thing was actually fairly endearing until she started being a tease, at which point all I could think was that was fucking cruel. So.

Back to Tidwell, momentarily. I don't mind the guy, actually; I get that he plays two lines (incompetent/misogynist versus actual Captain-material), and I think he does that pretty well. I just think that a/ I miss Davis (lols) and b/ this week was lame. I still don't understand why we were supposed to care about this family, and I pegged the mother pretty early on (I still can't tell if we weren't supposed to work that out or not; I can't tell if the case was the point this week, or the sub-plots were). I felt kind of frustrated when the episode finished? Sadface, all. Sadface.


Californication, 2x03, No Way to Treat a Lady

This show, oh my. Sometimes I don't get it; sometimes I don't get why no-one I know is watching it. It is INSANE. It is HILARIOUS. It is very, very different to anything I've seen.

It was great to see Trixie again; I really liked the character the first time, and I like that she and Hank had this great camaraderie. Callum Keith Rennie continued to be completely loco, and completely brilliant at the same time - the fight was easy laughs, but the shotgun was just batshit. Runkle and Daisy the pornstar was kind of ridic, but I love the actress who plays Daisy, and it was weirdly funny, so I can go with it. The previews for next week include Marcy whom I adore, and Becca's Damian, of whom I approve. I wish Becca had more to do because she gets the best dialogue considering she's the show's only minor.

The only downside was Karen's bad mood. Dude, I totally side with Hank. What the fuck, Karen?


Merlin tonight! Yay!


I have been doing this thing recently where I come into a song all wrong. I mean, I hear it, and the beat doesn't syncopate in my head, so I'm all disoriented for a minute before my brain rearranges the noise and makes sense of it. It's so weird.

Date: 2008-10-19 11:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I adored Heartland, I love Gibbs' smile and that the Rules actually came from Shannon and after mainlining from fourth to sixth season I appreciate a lot of things more.

As for Life - oh, man, I don't know what the writers are doing here. Tidwell is dangerously close to edging into me loathing him a lot. I really feel like he brings nothing to the show and plot unlike Davis who was respected by the detectives despite being at odds with her, who advanced Dani's plot because of a shared history.

Dani had next to nothing to do this week again except as target for unwanted sexual remarks. Hopefully next week would be better...


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