Oct. 25th, 2015

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so, after something of a hiatus, i have decided that i would like to do yuletide again this year. i think my requests were pretty comprehensive in detail, but i wanted to outline some wider details.

FIRSTLY, and most importantly: thank you! thank you for tackling any of my prompts. i hope that you have fun and that you find something here that you can work with! if you write something that doesn't bounce off anything in my prompts or anything below, erm, i'm still going to love it? a lot? i am already excited! this is going to be GREAT.

i am, like everyone, on tumblr, and you can find me and my tastes here: notabuddhist @ tumblr.com

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i love character pieces. in all my time writing fic and reading fic and writing for yuletide, i have always, always loved character pieces. i enjoy plot but i also know that plot is not always easy, so i will take a character piece that fits the tone of what canon has given us with a wide and happy smile. my other tastes have changed considerably. i am really far less discerning than i used to be, haha. i like angst with a happy ending; i like fics that hold up to details; i like A LOT OF PINING. i also like to get into what gets people going. i LOVE stories about stories, so tell me story about these characters we love, and i will be immensely satisfied.

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thank you, thank you, a thousand times, thank you. have funnnnnn. don't let the above stress you out. if you get a flash of inspiration, run with it. it's going to show if you love what you're writing and if you're enjoying it and that will make it way more than worth it. go nuts. <3


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