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Guys! It's September! Whaaaaaat.


Things that have happened since the last time I updated: LOLYMPICS; all of summer, apparently; I saw the rings; my one proper holiday of the year*; gingerbread TARDIS fail; my birthday; more Curious Incident; knitting; nails.

Eventful, yo.

*) I go to work 51 weeks out of 52 in a year. Those may not be full weeks, but I only take the week ending in the late Summer Bank Holiday off.


work. )


Are there any Brit-/London-based Chris Pureka and/or Gregory Ivan Isakov fans on my flist? Let me know; I might have something for you.

In quasi-related news: I have tickets to see Jesca Hoop this year! I loved Hoop when she first came out with Money a few years back, and the whole of The House That Jack Built makes me crazy with how good it is.


Hipster Who returned! It was a good episode, but something was missing. I don't know what that something is just yet. The plan is to finish my goddamn knitting project today, and re-watch.

In other news, did anyone watch Accused 2x02? Or 2x03 for that matter. Ugh, talk abut being shanked. 2x02 featured stellar performances from Anne Marie Duff and Olivia Colman. Both were amazing. Can't wait to see Duff in Berenice at the Donmar in the next month or so.


New Merlin in a month. !!!!! YES.


Didn't do that much for my birthday. etc & driving. )


The programme for this year's Film Fest comes out on September 5th. Exciiiiiited!

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The track I am listening to is called "Whiskeyface". And this is why you can't really hate folk music.


This morning I am 25p short of £2.80 so I'm going to have to pay the bus driver £10.80 and there will be curmudgeonliness* to deal with. Fuck you. Not everyone has change floating around. It's the tenner or a fistful of coppers which you will also hate because no-one on a clock likes counting shrapnel.


I have taken to watching that 2004 version of King Arthur whilst at work. Things I am now enamoured of: Bors shouting; Lancelot's gay love; everything that is Tristan. I never pretended to have shame.


I am away this weekend for a family wedding. I have just realised that this means I miss the second episode of Hipster Who! Well, fuck. Things I will be avoiding: tumblr.


I am now one of those people who hopes the direct will be late so that I can catch it. Oh, how times have changed.

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Hiiiiii, I'm hooooome!

I have become EVEN MORE BORING; is that possible? Yes. Yes, it is. But I Work now so apparently that makes my personal state of Tedium totally acceptable. I can live with that. I mean. I kind of like the people I'm with even though the work is pretty brain-numbing. I mean: it's numbing, but I kind of enjoying doing it? What can I say, I enjoy organising other people's messes. Metaphorical messes, natch; my quasi-ocd tendencies mean that Actual Mess is someone else's bag.

As those of y'all on Twitter know, I spend a good portion of my day either (a) travelling (bus/train/foot) or (b) waiting for travel to commence (bus/train/DON'T MAKE ME BREAK STRIDE FOR TRAFFIC GREEN MAN). My days are kind of insane. I am talking about this only because I haven't actually had anyone to talk to about it. It's really boring, though. I mean. You don't want my fucking itinerary but that's pretty much what this is. Look, cutting for YOU. I know. I'm terribly great. )

Kind of relatedly: ugh, I sweat like oxen at push. I've taken to wearing a tee in the morning & then changing into my blouse, but it's wreaking havoc on my moisturising schedule. This is not a vanity thing, so much as a comfort thing: I need that emollient to stay put so that my eczema keeps at bay/doesn't recur. But I'm a little allergic to my own sweat, so it's killing me a little, and I'm having difficulty trying to figure out how to take the emollient with me.

Goddamn, though, I wanted to rip my elbow off the other morning.


Oh shit, Mother's Day.


Things will be better next week when I nail the schedule, and hopefully my legs will get used to the vigorous exercise. I have a corner desk with my back to the pen so I don't dare read/update LJ so I tend to do that first thing in the morning or last thing at night. I'm going to try reading gReader during lunch because coming home to that is kind of horrifying but, at the same time, I don't want to unsubscribe.

I am still reading LJ entries, though I barely have time to comment. I'm going to try to improve on that, probably at the weekend, which is when I'll deal with emails. I know a handful of you are waiting for me to get back to you, but seriously: I spend two hours a day at home, and one of those is taken up with getting dressed etc.


Reason why I am available today: Boss Lady (of community centre 'fame') was in C today and very, very kindly treated me to lunch. She then told me she'd wait for me after her meeting and drove me home. One of the trustees at the centre went on holiday to Australia and was ill on his return. That was a week+ a go; it looks like he may not come back. So I'm going to get in touch with The Trustee and see if she wants some help with the admin. I can't come during the week any more, obviously, but seeing as I have to run errands on Saturday mornings anyway, I'm thinking maybe I can go in and sort out things like emails and leaflets after 11am. I don't know how tired I'll be, but she helped me out a lot, so I'm going to see if I can help out.


Things I am going to do now: charge all my electronic peripherals; read fanfiction. Oh yeaaaah.


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