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Dear Yuletider!

Hello fandom-sharer! That's always the best bit, I think - when someone else likes what you like. I'm going to try to be concise this year, but if you have any questions, you can probably ask [ profile] hestia8. Either she'll be able to tell you if something is what I'd like, or she'll be able to covertly interrogate me to find out.

My tastes have changed dramatically since I first started doing Yuletide. I will read everything except fics that engage in rape or abuse (physical, verbal or mental). Whilst I will read extreme kinks and/or BDSM, I would rather not in any of the fandoms I have picked. Just a thing. I am also not big on embarrassment or character bashing.

But! I love character-centric stories, and I love small moments as well as bigger-picture stories. I recently discovered that I will read an alternate universe of just about anything, but I adore canon stories that really explore the present moment of a person, or a group of people. Happy endings are the best! Angsty, ambiguous, haunting endings are also fabulous! I am pretty easy to please. If it's got full stops and capital letters, and I'll probably love it.

Maybe my tumblr will help? I doubt it, but it might give you a better idea of what I'm into than this journal.


Bletchley Circle: I would love to see fic set at Bletchley Park. I love the show as a whole, but the first five minutes are what made me fall in love with it. Alternatively, friendship at any period in their lives. I enjoy femslash, but I'd rather not read it in this fandom.

That's basically it. ALL THE FRIENDSHIP. ALL THE CODE-BREAKING. ALL THE TIME. A tried and tested kink of mine is extreme competency in people, and the women in this show definitely fit that mould.

In Time (2011): Go wild! I loved the world building in this film, so if you want to ditch the characters completely and run with that, do that. Alternatively, maybe a moment in the film itself? e.g. how Sylvia feels once she turns sides, or the choices that led Raymond to his life?

I enjoyed this film so much more than I thought I would. The world-building is amazing. They took a really basic idea and made it corporeal: time is money. So, yes, dally with the characters all you like, but I would also read the hell out of original characters in this world.

(I also included this one because if you didn't match on this but are having some trouble with the actual prompt, this is an easy source to digest.)

The Hour: First meeting, or last meeting, in years to come. Maybe Freddie breaks a story unexpectedly? Maybe Lix teaches Freddie how to drink bourbon? Anything about the spaces between them, physical or otherwise. Nothing that has one beholden to the other, please.

I love Lix Storm. I love her so much. And I was so into the quasi-romance she had going on with Freddie. I go back and forth over whether or not she sees herself in him. I really like the trust between the two of them, and I think there's a lot there worthy of exploration. The two of them exist at an intersection of their lives where neither one is especially stable. Lix seems rich with ardour and regret; Freddie is tripping over himself to stand still and be seen.

I also think this fandom would be amazing as an AU. Last year options I threw up for grabs included running a kosher bakery, but seriously: if you think you can write this show in another time, another place, another set of circumstances do it. I think it's a really rich text, and would be so excited to read that!


Please don't go mad over my prompts. I mean that. I would like you to have fun! For all that I have thrown a lot of words around above, I will read pretty much anything. Unless you hit my no-no's, I will be so chuffed with whatever you write. Go with what feels right to you. And maybe we can talk about it in the new year!

Much love,
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So much for being concise.


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