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So, Charlie's Union Lawyer man of Incompetence? Totally another ex-Deadwood cast member.

In related news: AW. SHOW. <3


Library, all day which was, well, productive actually, even though I have no idea what Victor Pelevin is talking about half the time. Make that 75% of the time. Did I mention he's written one of my dissertation texts? Because: yes.


I read this poem and it was awesome! Except. You guessed it! I can't find the fucker again. It was about birds and flowers and morphology of the inanimate to the animate. I mean, it wasn't actually ABOUT birds and flowers. It was about... metaphor? UGH. CAN'T FIND IT.


No, but really, Life was very good! Charlie had a tiny spoiler 1 )

and Dani spoiler 2 ) Yay! I mean, not explicitly yay but I don't either, so. Also, Criminal o'the Week? Was that guy from Mad Men! Aw. Crossover love.

T and I also watched Pushing Daisies which was fantabulous. The ending was eeksome, naturally, because WHO WOULD PHRASE IT THAT WAY? but other than that. Molly Shannon! Aw.


Eventually I will sit my ass down and marathon all the things that I have skipped in the past fortnight such as Bones which everyone is going dotty over. However, tonight I intend on going to sleep. I mean, at midnight! Fingers crossed. Hmm.


BIRDS AND FLOWERS. Generally speaking, I don't like either of those things. But they weren't really birds and flowers.

Nobody here knows what I'm on about, do they?

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How FLAIL INDUCING was this week's Life?! And despite my comments about last week's episode, I loved that one, too. OH SHOW.

spoilers. )


UGH. I should go to town and buy food now. UGH UGH.

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re: last week's Life (the one with the video game) -

When they say Persia what they actually mean is Iran. And if you want to know how fucking ridiculous I find that, well, Omid Djalili says it best:

There was at time when we used to be embarrassed to call ourselves Iranians. We used to call ourselves, we'd say, I'm not from Iran, I'm from Persia. I'm from Persia. As if that made a big difference. People would say, "Oh, really, you're from Persia? You mean next to Assyria, Mesopotamia and Thrace?! Of course! What a noble race of people! Actually, it's a bit like a Persian cat, makes sense - a Persian cat, they're so sweet. Not an Iranian cat, no. An Iranian cat has a bomb under the body warmer. A Persian, that's something completely different."

Yeah, god forbid we expose Dani as being half-Iranian. Or, you know, Sarah Shahi.

The above link might not work if you don't live in Britain. This is basically the same sketch but with more dialogue.

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Later today I might venture to do some real work, or at least some reading, but I'm so woesome about that stuff right now that I have to take a break already. So. My fannish update! No explicit spoilers, so no cuts.


I spent yesterday evening catching up on some of the fandom I'd across the week. This week's Private Practice was really, really good and whilst I have a general fondness for the show, this I the first time I've watched an episode through and through without stopping to pause it half-way. So, huzzah.


Also saw the latest Criminal Minds which was good, but not as good as the previous two episodes; I loved that opening scene in the pens with Reid, Morgan and Prentiss, and I thought that JJ's skirt was cute. I hope you weren't hoping for something substantial.

Life did a good job of expanding on an angst-plot that I thought was going to be bog-standard, but is actually a little more layered; I was more than a little impressed by Shahi's closing performance. The subplots were excellent, and I really wanted to hug Ted/Arkin's character; Lewis and Weigert played off one another beautifully, and I'd love to see more of that. I finally got around to watching the second-half of Women's Murder Club which turned out to be lovely. I wish the plots were stronger, but that was only the third episode, so I'll give it more time yet. Also: for Angie Harmon.


BONES WAS SO GOOD! So funny, and a tiny bit creepy. I feel like episodes like this one epitomise what this show is about, and the vein in which you're supposed to take it - i.e. not at all seriously.


I watched The Unit which was alternately terrible and excellent. A first I thought the plot with the singer was dumb, but it turned out okay (poor Charles; I love his character a lot); I enjoyed Bob's plot for the most part; I LOVED the thing with the bar woman and Hector, because although I find that whole situation horribly pressuring (with the wives and Bar Woman), I find Hector to be very charming. Mostly, I wish Tiffy would get a new fucking plotline, instead of recycling old ones, or just fuck off already because it's beyond boring.


There's new Numb3rs but I still haven't seen last week's episode. This possibly calls for some marathoning tonight, because I have CSI and CSI:NY to watch, too. (Guys, I am irrationally excited about next week's CSI/WaT crossover, regardless of not knowing a thing about the latter post-early-S3.) Also: this week's Supernatural because the basic plot seems interesting, even though I don't have a clue what's going on in the season arc - and I'm quite happy to remain that way, actually, because I think my brain would explode if I tried to fall back into that show.


Yeah, I've decided to drop Atlantis and marathon it over Christmas break instead.

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You know, contrary to the belief held by most people I know in RL, I'm not a violent person at all. And yet. Life, 1x05. )

You know, I was really hoping to be sort of coherent but I guess you can't have it all.


Oh, actually, with regards to Reese's sub/side-plot: more spoilers. )

edit: The overlay music a the end was a version of Joseph Arthur's In The Sun that I haven't heard before. Does anyone know the vocalist? Was a woman, if that helps.

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I, um. I honestly don't know if anyone cares about this as much as I do. (GUYS. His VOICE. I mean. COME ON. And he's not as old as the guys I'm usually pushing onto my flist!) I was VERY EXCITED whilst rewatching Life at the weekend because I realised that Sibling of Ron Livingston guest starred which is, you know, not Ron Livingston BUT PRETTY DAMN CLOSE. (For the Standoff fans out there, Sibling of Ron Livingston is the guy in the finale who asks Emily out and then talks about himself All The Damn Time.) BUT STILL. RON LIVINGSTON.

No, it doesn't take much.


New Life!


Also, I spent last night talking to family, [ profile] twincy, [ profile] fallapartagain and [ profile] sepiaxtoned (separately) the latter of whom I squeed over NCIS with. And, uh. Well. I may or may not be writing NCIS fic as opposed to all those Numb3rs fics that I have due.

short note on said fic. )

Needless to say, I didn't sleep until afer 2am. DOES IT SHOW?


Am also having nostalgia pangs for my pseudo-religious upbringing. I ended up telling [ profile] twincy some Hindu religious... I guess mythos is the word. And then I was all "WHY DON'T I REMEMBER THIS?" Because, guys, I can recite the Bible. But I don't remember the stories of my YOUTH and KIN. And now I feel sad. Sadface.


I have SO MUCH poetry to read. The BORING kind. GOD. HATE. And to make matters worse, my books haven't arrived yet. SIGH/WOE/&c.

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"And then he threw a toaster at me. A toaster!"

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Um. WOW.

I think this week's Life bested even NCIS.

GUYS. This show? Is SO GLEE-INDUCING. All the freaking time! Just, just, just brilliance. I want a new episode now. NOW.

spoils. )

I'm in the mood to icon a couple of scenes but I have work to do (boo) so I'll have to restrain myself.

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Not only did I watch the Life pilot three times today, I also found time to cap it and make icons? ALL TRUE. Gip-it, yo.


Numbered List of Other Things! Aaaand-- go!

1) Damages? Still scaring the shit out of me. Sometimes it slows down and then something else happens to make me flip out.

2) Journeyman. Um. OK, well, it has Kevin McKidd and Gretchen Egolf which is nice, and towards the end, I was really intrigued about one of the other characters. But. It's also sort of confusing? Not the best pilot I've seen.

3) HAHAHAHAHA, 30 ROCK. Oh man. I sort of love Kenneth? Yes. YES.

4) I watched What's My Line, pt.1 today (Buffy). I'd forgotten how fucking creepy bug man is. Also: how awful Kendra's trousers/accent are. AND how pink DB's lips used to be painted. Oiskie.

5) Season 5 of Spooks comes out on DVD Very Very Soon and of all the box designs, I covet this one the most. It's this menacingly gorgeous red. GUH. So pretty.


I should really go to sleep now.

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UM. DAMIAN LEWIS. IN LIFE. The British aren't coming, they're fucking here.

(Also: Sarah Shahi and Robin Weigert? Hot damn.)


edit: This pilot apparently also includes every guest-bad-guy ever. WHAT ARE YOU DOING. YOU'LL HAVE NO-ONE TO PLAY BADDIES IF YOU RUN THEM ALL IN YOUR PILOT.


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