Feb. 9th, 2013

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Heading to London in an hour or so to go to a get together for my cousin's wife's 40th. Looking forward to seeing everyone and dancing as much as possible! My cousin has also booked a room for us in Euston, but I can't work out why she didn't just book a Travelodge. It would have been cheaper and closer to the venue? Oh well. Heading there to get dressed and then head out. Exciting!

Meeting a lot of people in the next week, too. Going out with a cousin on Monday, Baby Cousin on Friday, and a co-worker from my last job on Saturday. Next weekend, my aunt and The Boys will be over, and it's likely that my dad's cousin and his family will be over with a wedding invitation, too. Busy, busy.


January was a drag of time and also zipped past so I should never comment on the nature of time ever again. We had some snow which was mostly just annoying, and since then it's just been cold. Not freezing, though, for which I'm grateful. I don't have the wardrobe for snow and ice.

Work is so slow. I am fed up. I will be looking for a new job. The thing about having done it once is that I can definitely do it again. It pays to be proactive.


Things I have been watching: NCIS (!!!!!); The Americans (It's Always the Russians); Dancing on the Edge (yessssss, but: more of the band, less of everyone else, please); My Mat Fat Diary (set very close to home in many ways); Justified (better pace this year). Still torturing myself with Glee, and really, really enjoying Elementary.

Being Human is back, which I loved, and I was going to catch up with Ripper Street but was thwarted by iPlayer. Oh well. Not fussed on that score, to be honest. I am also watching Girls which continues to be equal parts difficult and excellent.


And lastly, a song.


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