Jan. 2nd, 2009

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There's no way that I wrote as much this year as I did last year, but I probably posted more often because of the drabble comms. Plus: I ficbarfed all over Yuletide. (I'm sure you're all grateful for that image.) I don't really know how to organise this? I guess by fandom. I don't really know why I'm thinking this through in-post, but there you have it.

the fics. )

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With thanks, as ever, to everyone who left feedback or shook pompoms. Nothing would get written if it wasn't for you.

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So, the thing about gmail is that it has this fab 'star' feature which means you can pinpoint emails to get back to. My problem is that I tend to abuse that feature to the extent that everything is starred. This is the reason why I am so shit at replying to comments because I read the comment, then decide that it's not something I am emotionally capable of dealing with at that precise moment (regardless of whether the comment is positive, negative, or mood-neutral) and then I star it to come back to later. Cue a fortnight gone, and I just have a backlog of comments that are too intimidating to trawl through and I end up deleting most of them.

Shamefully, this is a true story. It's also a story with no salient point to it other than: if I don't reply to your comment, it's not necessarily because I didn't want to, it's just that a/ I'm a lazy fuck and b/ I'm also really forgetful. So. Yeah.


On the plus side, I sat down and wrote replies to ALL of my Yuletide comments last night. Fuck yes.


I watched Leverage this morning/lunch time and then Baby Cousin was here for a couple of hours. I helped her to write a thank you letter (she's four; I wrote the letter and then she - letter-by-letter - copied the right parts) and then we played with the Christmas gift my family gave her. It's a book about fairies (I think it's supposed to be a story but it reads more like a catalogue: fairy palace! Rainbow fairies! etc.) and each page is a PUZZLE. It's really rather good. We did a few of those and I pretended that I don't understand the basics of spatial perception. Good times!


I have been listening to The Killers' Day and Age which I like quite a lot. I still think Sam's Town is better, but there is a lot to be said for this new one. Namely: huzzzz.


Profanity is becoming a bit of an issue. I go through spates of overuse and yeah, we're hitting that around now. The problem is that I occasionally consider it as one would consider punctuation. Dear self, no, you don't need to cuss at every natural pause in a sentence. True story.


I am waiting for my NCIS season 4 DVDs to turn up (£10! Bargain!) which brings me to the NCIS friending meme. I don't normally participate in these things but flist expansion is the motivator at the moment. No doubt I will then purge my flist in six months' time. I never said I wasn't fickle. (I won't do that, guys, srsly.)


I am tempted to cap The Bank Job but I'm not sure that's the best idea I've ever had.

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This is truth: I suck at dealing with nice comments on my fic. I kind of lose it internally - I call this my inner flail - and then can't reply without sounding like a complete moron. You'd think someone had just given me their kidney, crikey.

I'm just saying. I've had that experience a couple of times the past week.

Yeah, no, I have no idea where all this comment-related meta is springing from. INDULGE ME. It's a passing phase. Well. You'd best hope it's a passing phase, or you might open your flist to an essay on the subject.


Speaking of awkward: hi, friending memes! I've decided I want to expand my flist and [livejournal.com profile] denorios is hosting a flisting meme and good googlies, I AM A MORON. I. Guys. New Flisters: please to not be completely thrown by my inability to say hi in the way that most people would. Everyone else: if perchance I leave you a comment that is more unintelligible than usual (it occurs to me that unintelligible is something of an absolute, but run with me here) just ignore me. Don't feed the dragons; they singe.

It occurs to me that I should do and intro post of some variety, but really, who wants to read that. It would be superfluous in a lot of respects because all I do is talk about myself anyway. And when I'm not talking about myself, I'm being unnecessarily verbose in such a way that even if people ARE interested they've probably fallen asleep by the end.

This is the long way round of saying: haha, guess what I'll probably post next?


Little self-deprecation kick, apparently. Not a cry for reassurance, seriously. My language is just coming out that way right now.


For the love of leg warmers, Last.fm spam needs to be stopped. It is SO ANNOYING. It doesn't even introduce itself in an interesting fashion - I clicked on your invite and all I got was a lousy song. WHERE ARE THE PROMISES OF INCREASED DRILLABILITY?* HOW CAN I DRIVE HER TO THE MOON AND BEYOND WITH THIS SUB-PAR PROBING INTO MY SOCIAL NETWORK?

*) I shit thee not: that was an actual promise on one of the emails in my spam box.


I had something of worth to update with. No, really. Pfft.


The ice cream I ate apparently contained REAL Bailey's and wasn't just flavoured. Can you tell?


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