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DEAREST YULETIDE FRIEND, PLEASE FORGIVE ME! do not take my late writing of this letter as indication that i do not love you: i do, i do, i do. thank you so much for writing for me! i'm wicked jazzed, you have no idea. ("wicked jazzed" lmao who says that.) it has taken me some time to get off my backside and write this. i hope it hasn't caused you undue stress.

to start with: you are SMASHING. i'm so glad we have overlapping interests! i hope that this yt experience is mellow and full of good cheer. for once i'm going to try to be detailed because i don't have a lot of resources to offer you, and also because my requests were a bit. well. i think they were weak. i should probably look them up again before continuing this letter. you can wait here; i won't be long.

ok, cool. no, i'm good; i'm up to speed. let's do this.




[ profile] hestia8 is one of my oldest fandom friends and is a good person to ask about my tastes. door knows what kind of fic i read, and i recced a bunch of a++ justified fics to sonictoaster. hit them up if you've got Qs, but overall, please have fun, and definitely do not sweat it! we're already buds, don't you know?

[ profile] delgaserasca ex-oh ex-oh heartemoji
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so, after something of a hiatus, i have decided that i would like to do yuletide again this year. i think my requests were pretty comprehensive in detail, but i wanted to outline some wider details.

FIRSTLY, and most importantly: thank you! thank you for tackling any of my prompts. i hope that you have fun and that you find something here that you can work with! if you write something that doesn't bounce off anything in my prompts or anything below, erm, i'm still going to love it? a lot? i am already excited! this is going to be GREAT.

i am, like everyone, on tumblr, and you can find me and my tastes here: notabuddhist @

tumblr stuff )

i love character pieces. in all my time writing fic and reading fic and writing for yuletide, i have always, always loved character pieces. i enjoy plot but i also know that plot is not always easy, so i will take a character piece that fits the tone of what canon has given us with a wide and happy smile. my other tastes have changed considerably. i am really far less discerning than i used to be, haha. i like angst with a happy ending; i like fics that hold up to details; i like A LOT OF PINING. i also like to get into what gets people going. i LOVE stories about stories, so tell me story about these characters we love, and i will be immensely satisfied.

fandom specifics )

people to speak to. no, but seriously. )

thank you, thank you, a thousand times, thank you. have funnnnnn. don't let the above stress you out. if you get a flash of inspiration, run with it. it's going to show if you love what you're writing and if you're enjoying it and that will make it way more than worth it. go nuts. <3
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!!!!! Happy New Year, everyone! I woke up at stupid o'clock this morning to work an entirely pointless shift in my parents' store BUT because Yuletide reveals don't happen until America is awake, there's time to get my recs in, hurrah!

First off: SOMEONE WROTE ME SAZ KAUR FIC. It is GREAT. It is all about unravelling the numbers in her brain, which I really, truly love because Some Girls is a comedy and so a lot of the nuance in the characters is played for laughs. I think Saz gets a tough deal sometimes but I also think I'm sensitive to her characterisation. BUT THE FIC! It is so good! It nails a level of alienation that is backed up less by cultural norms (which is also a thing, but also NOT a thing) and more by personal circumstance. AND it's funny and warm and sad and just GOSH lovely Go read it: greater than or equal to (Some Girls)

Sometimes the best Saz can do is to take what she’s observed and combine it with what she’s seen other people do and try to extrapolate how she’s supposed to behave. That’s probably just how human interaction is supposed to work, only it’s meant to be subconscious. When Saz was with Joe, and then when she wasn’t, she paid a lot of attention to what her friends’ boyfriends were like. Rocky, for instance, couldn’t go five minutes without texting Viva to ask if she thought aliens had pets and would leashes still work with no gravity, and Brandon would go completely mental if he didn’t hear back from Holli right away, and whatever delinquent Holli was not-banging in any given week was sure to be slobbering after her all the time, and everyone said that if she and Joe were going to be long distance, communication was even more important, so Saz communicated.

Other recs! I actually did all my yuletide reading yesterday and I found I just didn't know most of the fandoms. So here is best of the 15 that I read.


Five Women Ryan Stone Met On the Road (And One Man She Technically Never Did) (Gravity/other fandoms)

The girl with the CHICAGO cardboard sign bends down to look through the opened passenger's side window and introduces herself as Cosima Nie-Holy-Shit-You're-Ryan-Stone.

THIS FIC. In an effort to deal with her mounting PTSD symptoms, Ryan takes to picking up hitchhikers. The fic includes crossovers with Sleepy Hollow, Orphan Black, The X-Files, Elementary and The Heat, and is on-point and in character. LOVELY.

(You should read ALL the Gravity fics because they are all haunting and deft and just lovely. But this is kindlier.)


the wine on our breath puts the love in our tongues (Frances Ha)

So she decided to call this chapter of her life spartan and minimalist. Other words for that could be empty and lonely but she made the active decision not to refer to her life at present as either of those things. Those words, she decided, could exist on the opposite side of the aisle, amidst the collection of all the things she does not have.

Frances throws a party - in Sophie's place. What I really loved about Frances Ha - apart from everything - is that Sophie is not a great friend and you slowly learn that across the course of the film. You learn it as Frances learns it, and that's cool - you love your friends regardless of their faults or they're not your friends. This fic does a great job of amplifying Frances' awareness but also that middleground you meet when it's necessary to do so. I also really love the reported style which I think does a great job of replicating a) that arch way Frances and Sophie have of speaking, and b) the greyscale used in the post-production. I can't quite explain how tone achieves that but I think you'll know what I mean.


#knemma (Emma)

what happened between you and Elton?

Emma W
it was super awkward
he was like “I’ve loved you since forever”
by which he meant Halloween
(Haz and I posted our Elementary cosplay pictures
and he went on about it, remember?)
and I was like
“what???” and “I THOUGHT YOU LIKED HAZ”
and had to block him from this account
because he kept insisting
and then he made a cryptic post in his DW
but it wasn’t cryptic enough because his girlfriend
who's not only real but has a tumblr
totally understood and started messaging me
so I had to block her too.

There’s a fandomwank report.

OH MY GOD A MODERNISATION OF AUSTEN'S EMMA THAT IS SET IN FANDOM. It's all in chatspeak, but fuuuuck, it works. I love this. Shut up. It's fab.


Annum Novum (The Eagle)

"Seven days you've been gone," Esca snapped, unable to contain his anger.

"My uncle forced me to stay and rest for a night, or I would have been home earlier." Esca saw now that Marcus was shuddering, with either cold or exhaustion, or both. "I am glad to be back, now."

"You're a fool." Esca stepped up close and fisted his hand in the front of Marcus' cloak, and Marcus came forward, leaning against him with most of his weight. They embraced. After a while Esca became aware that his hand was twisted tightly in the hair at the back of Marcus neck. Marcus did not protest it.

There are SO MANY "and then they live on a farm together" fics for this fandom and I love them ALL. I especially love the following: PINING; continued lack of understanding over one another's cultures; Esca worrying about Marcus' leg; MARCUS WORRYING ESCA WILL LEAVE. I also greatly enjoy reading baout their attempts at farming and the difficulties they have to overcome. This fic has all of that and is just. Yes. Excellent.


Former Detectives Club (Broadchurch)

"Why did you leave Scotland?" Miller is pretending to squint at the setting sun—but even sitting next to her and looking out at the harbour himself, Alec can tell she's got her head on one side and is actually peering shrewdly at him.

He sighs and leans against the back of the park bench. "I've got a heart condition", he says. "Had to get away from all that fried food, didn't I."

The best part of the show was Alec and Ellie's double act, and this fic continues that in the kindliest manner. The characterisation is spot on; I can't commend it enough.


Lastly, a rec for an app/site. Do you read fanfic or anything on the internet? Use POCKET. Seriously, best app I've used in ages. You can add things to it from your phone, tablet, laptop, browser etc. and read things on the go. Download quickly when you have a net connection, and then read your longfic on the go. It also has organisational features, and makes it easy for you to share things with friends. Sometimes I let out a siren call for fluff recs, and the next thing I know, [ profile] wliberation has sent me a handful on pocket. AMAZING. Get it here:

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Dear Yuletider,

Hello! At long last, a proper letter.

Firstly, a confession: I had to default on my entry to this year's Yuletide because there's not a chance I will be able to complete it, though I will try to do stocking fillers. On that note, if you also want to default, I won't blame you, especially as I have been sort of useless with communicating. I do think my previous letters make a good starting point, but I promised you an actual letter, which you wholly deserve. Before all that, you should know that I am always thrilled by fic that is written for me, so I don't want this to cause you any stress. I already know that whatever you write is going to be exactly what I want. If you have an idea outside of what is below the cut, run with it. I love to be surprised!

fandom specifics )

Thank you so much for writing for me! If you have any questions about my likes/dislikes, [ profile] hestia8 is probably the person to ask. Have fun, yuletider!

Love, [ profile] delgaserasca ex-oh ex-oh (tumblr | yuletide tag)

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Dear yuletider,

Assignments came out today, but I am heading into work and still haven't sorted out my letter which is terrible. I'm so sorry!

You should know first up that I am going to be full-on excited for whatever you write. I wish I were a better recipient! Don't let details upset you. Write what feels right. I want this to be nothing but a pleasure for you.

I prefer-character driven stuff and I enjoy thought-out plots; I am big on female friendships. That said, I read pretty much anything these days. My biggest fandom at the moment is full of slash, so. Yeah.

I will be back to populate this part with more details re: individual fandoms but if you hit up my Yuletide tag, you'll find my previous letters and there'll be a lot of crossover, so please make use of them.

Yuletide writer, I love you already! I'm sorry I'm so tardy this year,

[ profile] delgaserasca kiss kiss

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Goddamn, but I always luck out in Yuletide. This year I got two (TWO!) AUs for The Hour, and they're completely different, but somehow both exactly what I wanted.

running you with red is Lix Storm IN SPACE. Need I say more? I think not. The real joy of this fic is the Lix voice. It's a million miles away from canon, but her voice is still world-weary and spot on. Love it.

just a pawn, ready to advance is a crossover with Orwell's 1984 and everything - from the language to the characterisations to the dialogue - is exactly right. I don't know how the anon did it. There are two sides to the truth in this world, and what has Freddie always been about in canon if not the truth? Just brilliant.


In other news, I am waiting for someone to be all, ha! I KNOW THIS IS YOURS. Because, really, the formatting alone gives it away.

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Dear Yuletider!

Hello fandom-sharer! That's always the best bit, I think - when someone else likes what you like. I'm going to try to be concise this year, but if you have any questions, you can probably ask [ profile] hestia8. Either she'll be able to tell you if something is what I'd like, or she'll be able to covertly interrogate me to find out.

general things that I like. )

fandom specifics. )

Please don't go mad over my prompts. I mean that. I would like you to have fun! For all that I have thrown a lot of words around above, I will read pretty much anything. Unless you hit my no-no's, I will be so chuffed with whatever you write. Go with what feels right to you. And maybe we can talk about it in the new year!

Much love,
[ profile] delgaserasca


So much for being concise.

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I managed to write three fics for Yuletide this year, huzzah! My main/actual fic is You Are Tired which is film-verse Ricki Tarr and Peter Guillam (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), but owes a lot to the BBC miniseries. I actually matched for The Hour but this happened instead. Okay!

I also wrote two fic for Yuletide Madness. The first is A Narration in Lessness (The Killing/Forbrydelsen) which is Sarah Lund and Troel Hartmann in the wake of series 1. Spoilers, so beware. The second was The New Guy (Spooks) which is Tariq and Dimitri's first meeting. I think you can probably read it as a prequel of sorts to The Whole Planet &c. as it doesn't directly contradict anything that happens in that fic.


I wish there was an option in Yuletide to ask for fics that deal with one-off guest characters in otherwise large fandoms. I know why there isn't but fuck me, I really want someone to write fic about Idris, the woman whose body gets taken over by the TARDIS in Hipster Who. Although, maybe that's the answer to my [ profile] femgenficathon-shaped question from last year?

I also have another Dimitri/Tariq fic in the works, which I guess is a sequel to The Whole Planet &c. Going to try to get that down and out there before starting on [ profile] picfor1000, the assignments for which went out yesterday. I got another interesting picture that I don't know what to do with. Hurrah!


SIGH. Sherlock. A technically intricate ("clever") plot is not the same as a good story. I did enjoy it, and the friendship between Holmes and Watson (and the lovely Mrs Hudson) was as well-done as ever, but as with Hipster Who there was an element of JUST TELL THE STORY FFS.

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In case you missed them, I received two most excellent Lix-related fics this year:

  • Small Truths
  • The Siege of Tobruk

    Whilst at work this week it quickly transpired I had nothing to do so I spent some time reading Yuletide fics. A smaller range of fandoms than usual, but here's what I loved from the main collection (didn't get around to mining Madness):

    21 fics (the eagle, the baker, terminator, spooks, henry vi/richard iii, push, luther, greek myth, oglaf, jane eyre and justified) )

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    Darling Yuletide Author,

    Hello! We're at the top of the run right now, but I'm still grateful you exist. My fandoms are not small, but also not often written in, and I'm glad we share even one of them. I hope the below is helpful. If not, please feel free to disregard. But most of all, thank you! I'm already excited to see what you come up with.

    chatty. )

    Basically, THANK YOU. I hope you enjoy writing for me. If none of the above works for you, but you find something else that doesn't hit a no-no, then just go with it. I am grateful to you whatever happens. I think having fun is the most important thing.

    Much love!
    [ profile] delgaserasca

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    Hello! Thank you for offering to write one of my fandoms! Thank you for even liking one of my fandoms! I am already excited about whatever you will write because I already know that I am going to love it.

    Below is some stuff that may or may not be useful. Take what you will, disregard the rest. (I am trying to make my letter less...VERBOSE this year. Possibly I have already failed.)

    and so on. )

    In sum: thaaaaaaank yooooou! No, seriously, thank you. I hope you enjoy writing what I know I will enjoy reading. I hope that none of the optional details give you indigestion; they're truly optional, and I will take anything whatsoever. I am very grateful. Very!

    Much love,
    [ profile] delgaserasca

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    Okay! So. As last time, I wrote more for Yuletide than I did the whole year previous, but this time it was all in one fic. This year I wrote Another Foolish Gesture (NCIS: Los Angeles) for [ profile] jenab who was gracious enough to read what I'd written and not be (publicly) confused as hell. Title from Richard Jackson's Antigone Today which -- UGH READ IT. So excellent. All the way through writing this, I couldn't get it out of my head.

    Now: my author's notes, which are about as long as the fic itself, and in which I justify why I wrote what I wrote in the way that I wrote it.


    notes: canon, timelines, head!Nate, and trying to establish/resolve ust. )


    I would also like to thank lunasky and chase_acow who wrote the two fics I received this year. You both did an amazing job with my godawful, horrible prompts, and I was so delighted to get these stories. I read them on my phone on Christmas day as we were driving towards family. A perfect start to what was eventually a lovely day. Thank you!

    delga: ([ncis] it was THIS big.)



    (If you find this letter SCARY and USELESS and INTIMIDATING, then please go ahead and ignore it. No, for serious, forget it exists.)

    This is my second Yuletide and I continue to be massively excited about the whole thing! MARVELLOUS! Thank you in advance for being my Yuletide Giver; I am already honoured to have you on board, not to mention tres grateful. You should know that I am 100% guaranteed to love anything you write me, a) because I love these fandoms and b) because I tend to fare badly on fic exchange challenges and Yuletide is the one occasion where this hasn't happened.

    long-winded intro is long-winded. )

    useful links & general info )

    fandom specifics )

    I feel like I've made things MORE difficult as opposed to less and the last thing I want to do is delivery a coronary on anyone. Give something you enjoyed writing, not something that made you want to thrash your skull with a spanner. If that means ignoring everything except my absolute no-no's then go for it. If inspiration takes and you write something else, I WILL NOT MIND. In short: oh gosh, please don't be scared.

    To conclude: am excited; am crazy; adore you already!

    [ profile] delgaserasca

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    Dear Yuletide Author,

    Guess what? I STILL ADORE YOU.

    But I'm also unable to search through the archive this morning (um, afternoon. LONG STORY, GUYS) which SUCKS in an EPIC manner, and for which I'm so sorry. I will try to get to what you've written for me as soon as is possible.

    Yours contritely!
    [ profile] delgaserasca

    eta. I am a moron and apparently there are notification emails? Dear Gmail, way to be a Scrooge. OK, so I will be able to find the fic pretty ~instantaneously~ but I will still be a failure on the comment front. Especially as I now have to go down and do breakfast. Lunch. WHATEVER. (Sorry!)


    Everyone went to bed at around 2am. Cousin and I then were awake talking until 8am which is 24hrs+ since I'd last been to sleep. Fell asleep, woke; fell asleep again, woke; fell asleep again, and then somehow it was MIDDAY WHAT WHAT.


    delga: ([my own] worst enemy.)

    Dear Person of Marvel/Yuletide Writer (!!!!),

    First things come first: I will love whatever you write, a/ because this is my first Yuletide and b/ because reading ANYTHING from my prompts will bring me immense glee. I am très excited about Yuletide, can you tell? Many thanks just for taking this on, fo'reals.

    Secondly: Um. Please don't be intimidated by this letter. I'm just Very Talky, and I've not done this before (obviously) so I may be going massively overboard. If this isn't useful to you, just ignore it. Seriously. I don't want to hand off a coronary to anyone.

    things what I like. )

    fandom specifics. Now with links! )


    On a completely unrelated note: omggggg, I still love Saffron Burrows, yes, yes, I do. (GIP!)


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