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Heading to London in an hour or so to go to a get together for my cousin's wife's 40th. Looking forward to seeing everyone and dancing as much as possible! My cousin has also booked a room for us in Euston, but I can't work out why she didn't just book a Travelodge. It would have been cheaper and closer to the venue? Oh well. Heading there to get dressed and then head out. Exciting!

Meeting a lot of people in the next week, too. Going out with a cousin on Monday, Baby Cousin on Friday, and a co-worker from my last job on Saturday. Next weekend, my aunt and The Boys will be over, and it's likely that my dad's cousin and his family will be over with a wedding invitation, too. Busy, busy.


January was a drag of time and also zipped past so I should never comment on the nature of time ever again. We had some snow which was mostly just annoying, and since then it's just been cold. Not freezing, though, for which I'm grateful. I don't have the wardrobe for snow and ice.

Work is so slow. I am fed up. I will be looking for a new job. The thing about having done it once is that I can definitely do it again. It pays to be proactive.


Things I have been watching: NCIS (!!!!!); The Americans (It's Always the Russians); Dancing on the Edge (yessssss, but: more of the band, less of everyone else, please); My Mat Fat Diary (set very close to home in many ways); Justified (better pace this year). Still torturing myself with Glee, and really, really enjoying Elementary.

Being Human is back, which I loved, and I was going to catch up with Ripper Street but was thwarted by iPlayer. Oh well. Not fussed on that score, to be honest. I am also watching Girls which continues to be equal parts difficult and excellent.


And lastly, a song.

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This year's year-end mixtape. As ever, link leads to tumblr. This is almost all new music this time around; I took out some of the older tracks that I've been listening to this year. Three tracks I would have otherwise included but could not were: +3 )

i came out of the woods by choice

track list )

Apparently I completely forgot that Lana Del Rey happened this year. Oops.

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I'll be your Emmylou and I'll be your June
and you'll be my Gram and my Johnny, too
no, I'm not asking much of you
just sing, little darling, sing with me

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This morning I had to take money out for my bus ticket. It's now 6.20a - I got back from town about five minutes ago. Summer in the morning is the best. It's still cool, out, but bright, with blue skies. I love it.

Shame this proactive-ness won't ensure my getting to work at a reasonable time.


Guys! Remember that Bedouin Soundclash track I made you all listen to, Brutal Hearts? The one with Coeur de Pirate? [ profile] the_grynne just told me that the lead singer and BĂ©atrice Martin have collaborated to form Armistice. Gosh, I love their voices together. So brilliant.


After a long, long, long time, I finally watched Terminator: Salvation last night. I had been SO excited for this film - for this story - and I felt a bit let down. I thought the world-building was interesting (I have always enjoyed that part of the post-apocalyptic pitch of the franchise), and I enjoyed Sam Worthington, but I felt the whole thing was lacking purpose. If it's supposed to be a trilogy, where is the story-building? It felt hollow, that Connor should have to learn to trust the machines from scratch. I thought the whole point of Connor was that he had tread this line as a child, a young man. I get it: he trusts Sam in the end. And Sam 'proves' his humanity with his sacrifice. But-- no.

I would have liked to have seen Connor die as a result of his injuries, and his cohorts...cover it up. Because then you get into this position where the name perhaps has more weight than the man. Then the idea of John Connor causes humanity to rise up. It's not like a huge number of people actually knew him by face - even Kyle Reese doesn't know him when they first meet. And I think that would have been an interesting thing to put against Skynet. Because Skynet can kill a body; that's matter over mind. But is it able to kill an idea?

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edit: If someone is willing to beta 3k worth of fic, please drop me a comment or an email. Due by 1700GMT latest tomorrow. I just need a once-over for sense.


My ex-housie, N, is fucking amazing. She sent me this.

Somebody get me a Brontësaurus with Feminist Vision. I NEED IT.

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My Merlin fanaticism is not improving any with the approach of the new season. All this week there have been pictures of the cast out and about, and I've been reading the Big Bang fics that are apparently storming the gate, and, and, and, shut up, I am kind of in over my head with this stupid, stupid show. (I saw another trailer yesterday, even though I have been avoiding them, and I lost my mind with excitement. Oh, Saturday evening, you are a long way off!)

In the meantime, I don't care who you are, please watch this video of Bradley James laughing at an inappropriate juncture whilst on The One Show yesterday.

Related: I have taken to reading WIPs (terrible, terrible idea; did I not learn?!) so now my daily routine involves going over links I've bookmarked to see if they have been updated. One of the fics actually ended yesterday and I felt lost. WHAT DO I DO NOW? Oh, yes, check all the other ones.


The water has been turned off in the house because of some sort of leak from one of the bathrooms. I-- this morning has been so weird. Thankfully I showered last night, and The Dad has drawn buckets of water, so I was able to wash off sleep this morning. I had a moment there when I realised the things I take for granted. It is too early to be this humbled!


Back to work today. My foot is still playing up! Oh, wait. Right, so, on Tuesday I busted my left ankle. Remember I did something similar - or rather, exactly the same - to my right ankle during uni? Yeah: still hurts like a fucker. This time isn't so bad as the last (the step I twisted it on was not so deep) but the outer edge of my foot is bruised and blue, and my foot won't stop swelling. SIGH. I know it's my own fault that after 20-odd years I still don't really know how to walk (seriously: I am forever twisting my ankles, but it's only really a problem when my feet try to align themselves at right angles to my legs) but guuuuuys, it huuuuurrrrrrts.

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Yesterday was a really, really long day. The Dad gave me a lift to the station, so I caught the 6.30am train, and the 6.55am bus, and got to work at 7.45am. Managed to get a bucket load of contracts written up, then took a bus to the suboffice for the afternoon where...I bitched with my boss about the lack of work flow in our various offices, heh. I was going to stay at work until 5 so that I wouldn't have to hang around in P for an hour, but I left at 4, went home, dumped the files I was carrying, and got offered a lift by The Dad! Apparently he also gave The Sister a lift to work earlier in the day. I am beginning to wonder if this is some sort of reaction to our plans falling through on Thursday because he told us The Mother would drive us, and then she was in a mood because she had to walk back and we pushed our plans to Friday because no-one would take us. (That or: it's a significant anniversary. Maybe. I don't know.) Anyway. A lift!

Anyway, went to see Inception with The Sister. Loved it. Movie was made for me on many, many levels - narrative, action, concept, everything. Am tempted to go this morning and see it again. (No, really.)


Things I need to do this morning: post to the Spooks comm; beta a fic; make a super-vague outline for my femgen entry for which I have the vaguest of vague plot ideas, and which will probably end up completely different.


Speaking of Spooks, I'm going to rewatch 5x01 and 5x02, mostly because I never have, and also because the genesis of Rosalind Myers is a pretty important starting point if you're going to be writing about her.


To conclude: have a video of Tom Hardy! Everyone needs to see his interview on Jonathan Ross. He's pretty wry and at times self-deprecating. At about 4.20 in the second part, JR starts asking him - in a really awful way, I think, because it's clear Hardy is uncomfortable - about his wild halcyon days, and there's a bit of humorous muscling, and then he shuts down for a moment when the audience applauds (around 5.20). And other times he's pretty hilarious. Fucking interesting guy.

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give me another waking moment
shine against the solemn grate
tell me the season's almost over
i can wait

Perfect morning music.

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"I will eat all the leaves on this tree(!) I will eat more leaves than I should. And then other giraffes may die. Ahaha! I am an evil herbivore, aha!"


+ )

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Mostly tumblr is an easy way for me to get rid of the urge to spam eljay with screencaps, but every now andthen it produces some utter gems. Witness: Brian Cox teaching Hamlet to a toddler. UNBELIEVABLY GREAT.

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Who in the US can get me a copy of this? No, seriously. Anyone, please?

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Basia Bulat has always been wonderful, but this is such a kindly performance of In the Night, and she does some interesting things with the vocals of which j'approve.




Blitzen Trapper's Furr. Now with a link to a gorgeous Daytrotter session version, as seen on Twitter.

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oh seriously
you're gonna make mistakes, you're young
come on, baby, play me something
like here comes the sun

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So, I've been obsessing over this track on both twitter and facebook recently, mostly because it's brilliant and I love it and it's been a while. I bought the track this week and was a little disappointed to find that the version I initially heard (performed live on Jonathan Ross' show) is better than the one that was released. Not by much, but enough.

Hi, I fucking love youtube.

Florence and the Machine perform Rabbit Heart. Cue my brain floating quietly away, my gosh.

Gah, perfect. Excuse me, I have to go and listen to this again omg.

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Why hello there eljayland! Let me tell you about yesterday.

So, the bus was actually early yesterday, and the train to C was on time, so if that's where I'd been heading, I'd have been in on time. Except I went to H yesterday, and I got to the station in time to catch an earlier train, so I was at work by 7.30. As I think I've mentioned before, there's a lot of paperwork due to go out right now which is why I was in H for the day. From when I got in till about 10.30-11 I was compiling papers and stuffing envelopes. PEOPLE, I WAS A MACHINE. A wonder to behold, truly so. Then it was a day of writing contracts and updating spreadsheets with zeroes. The H office is always so loud and hot; I don't know what that is.

Anyway, next week is my first week on my own at the C office. Fingers crossed I can keep on top of things and remember what to do. It's not all stuffing envelopes, I'm afraid, though it's a massive world of bureaucracy, so there's always something for me to do. IT IS WEIRD, GUYS.


I have Thursday off next week, mostly because I finally got an appointment with a dermatologist, but also because I will have accumulated extra work hours by then. The thing about the flexi-work scheme is that there's no such thing as OT. Oh well. On the plus side: lols, it turns out that I'm an idiot. I thought I was getting paid a certain amount per month but that's actually the amount per week. I am an idiot.


Back to yesterday: left the office at 4.10 and had to quick march it to the station to make my train. The Flatmate had been texting periodically across the afternoon to let me know where she was, and by the time my train pulled into P, I thought I'd have time to get to her platform. I'm going up the steps when she texts me to say she'll meet me at platform 1; I'm all, BUT HEY I'M HERE, and then I basically walk straight into her at the top of the steps. Yes, we're amazing. We do synchronise well, even after not having lived together for a while.

We wandered around for a little while, caught the bus to D, and then reacquainted the ducks. (I have 11. Of my own. WHAT.) In the evening we went to the quiz night which was hilarious and ridiculous. There were a handful of times when we wrote down the right answer before crossing it out, goddamn. Then there were a few rounds where we thought we'd fail massively, but we actually did okay. I don't know what that is. We totally lost though, and as losers we won wooden spoons (?) with Cadbury's Cream Eggs sellotaped (?) to them. (I keep being given cream eggs. I hate them!) I won some candles in the raffle; The Flatmate won two free meals at the local chippie, heh, so we swapped prizes. It was generally an entirely insane process.


I don't know what we're going to do today. She's still asleep at the moment, and I have to run errands for The Dad later. It was sunny all of five minutes ago, but now it's grey and it's probably going to rain.

[ profile] xanitia is in Leeds; if I find out what time her train comes in tomorrow then I can meet up with her when I drop The Flatmate off at the station. [ profile] xanitia and I were going to go to an early showing of Wolverine tomorrow night except my promotional code died on me, so, no can do. Hopefully we can meet up, though.


In other, more horrifying news, Thandie Newton is in the ER finale, what? I hate the Kem/Carter story as much as anyone else, but that's because I mostly hate Carter. But I haven't watched the show in 3-4 years now, and I wasn't planning on watching the finale. BUT IF THERE IS THANDIE. I may be obligated, y'all.


Before I go: Das ist Numberwang! THIS MAKES ME LAUGH SO MUCH, GUYS. Epic lols.

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For those that missed it: outtakes from a session in which Ricky Gervais meets Elmo. I have watched this repeatedly since I saw it yesterday and I LOVE IT. The ending is kind of scary? lols.


Things that happened today: &c. )


This evening Five aired Corporal Punishment (5.10, NCIS) so naturally I watched it again. Can now recite the dialogue pretty much verbatim. [ profile] wishes_of_stone texted me during the first ad break and, because I don't have any credit, I called her on the landline during the second one. We spent four minutes omg-ing over everything (mostly Ziva, let's be honest) and then watched the rest of the episode before having another very similar conversation. GOOD TIMES, Y'ALL.


I have also rewatched parts of this week's Criminal Minds. I read a review of the episode which I agree with in the main, but disagreed with on some details. Sometimes I read reviews of episodes and I wonder if the reviewer and I even watched the same scene. I know interpretations vary but how so widely?

Anyway, but really, Paget Brewster was fantastic this week, guys, and I am going to keep saying it over and over again because I have yet to cap the scene and give you the play-by-play which proves it.

Bonus: blooper reels for S2 (the first one, with Mandy? SO WEIRD. SO GREAT).


Thank you to everyone who left me a comment or a message or an email earlier this week; I really appreciate it. I promise I will get back to you all individually soon enough. On Sunday I will have to go and buy my train ticket. I am hoping that I get to grips with the whole thing by then or else Monday is going to be a hell of a shock.


This tweet pretty much sums up my reaction to this week's Bones. Also, lols, David Boreanaz directed this week and it kind of shows? Not in a bad way. Just in a ...choice ...way. Or something.

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I have co-opted my Sunday for myself; let's see how long that lasts. Yesterday I sorted out a lot of paperwork that needed doing, then spent a few hours in the evening at Baby Cousin's whilst her parents went out. We played Musical Statues which consisted of me occasionally hitting mute on the TV and her laughing as I caught her moving. lolsome times.


Here, have some links:

01. Promo picture for X-Men Origins: Wolverine
This actually makes me laugh a lot (I'm pretty certain that Logan's claws aren't half the length of his arm), but I'm also pretty psyched for it. SHUT UP OKAY. Plus: trailer's officially out now. I am basically waiting for this film to smack me around, but I doubt anything can be as terrible as X3. OR CAN IT? (Lols. I don't know what it is: I never got into the comic adaptations - I hate Spiderman and I've yet to see Batman - but I've always had a soft spot for X-Men in all its permutations. Plus: am ridic excited for Watchmen and everything I know about that I learned from [ profile] raeyashi. lols.)

02. Site/trailer for 500 Days of Summer
Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. With thanks to [ profile] sendero_oculto for reminding me about this film. I feel like this film - much like Rachel Getting Married - is something I'll never get the chance to see, despite being terribly excited for it.

03. Lykke Li performs I'm Good, I'm Gone for The Black Cab Sessions
I have recently taken a great liking to Lykke Li's album. I first heard her on one of the podcasts I'm subscribed to, and though I starred that song (Little Bit), I found that I wasn't all that interested in the rest of her stuff. Until I heard her perform Dance, Dance, Dance with Bon Iver and I heard her do a live set of her tracks for another podcast. Suddenly I couldn't get Dance, Dance, Dance out of my head, so I bought the album. The album has a high production value which really works for it, but the way the live sessions are pared down is amazing. I love that Black Cab Session; lots of hand claps. Hearts.

04. Coraline (trailer)
Based on the book by Neil Gaiman; I heard about this book when I was in secondary school but I never read it. My perception of the plot has been completely altered by this trailer. I don't know if that's because the tone of the trailer is very "wheee kids' film!" or if the plot really isn't all that sinister, but either way: not what I thought it was about. (Also: Co-ra-line not Co-ra-leen? Really?)


I watched Battlestar Galactica yesterday, and I do not have too much to say about it other than I felt an immeasurable amount of relief watching it again, which is possibly a very strange reaction to have, but for a while there I was of the mind they'd never air the second half of the season. I liked the episode. That's all I want to say until we get the next episode.


Thus endeth this terribly informative post.


edit: So a couple of nights ago I changed my tags because I was bored. I was going to change them back yesterday but I haven't gotten around to it just yet, and anyway, my inner adolescent still finds them incredibly amusing. True story: I have lost a tag, specifically, 'movies.' Goshdarn.

edit2: Oh, wait: found it. Phew!

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This is one of my favourite adverts EVER.


Today I watched the latest episodes of The Unit and then some season 2 Spooks. I also spent the whole time talking to The Flatmate.


Russell Howard at 8pm! Am kind of ridiculously excited. (!!!!)


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