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Warning: so many pictures. SO MANY WORDS.


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Happy New Year, everyone. Here's to 2012.

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Fuck me, I always luck out in Yuletide.


Small Truths (The Hour)

She’s a photojournalist at heart. It used to be a shutter click and the thing was set to memory forever, preserved in its unyielding black and white. No snapshots now, or anything to keep hold of.


It's Lix and co in the aftermath of the finale, everyone equal parts furious and hurt, and Lix pulling herself up by the proverbials and carrying on. I have read this over and over again, and each time I find something new in it. That crushing feeling of having thought she'd known Clarence; that slight bitterness towards Bel and Freddie and their youthful inconstancy; the physical act of casting off excess, because, of course, Lix only keeps the things she needs, and she leaves so much behind. GOSH. IT IS SO GOOD. I want to read everything in Lix's droll tone. I am ridiculously lucky.


The Siege of Tobruk (Spooks/The Hour)

In the intermittent light from outside, he could see she had a camera in both hands. British journalists, the only part of the war worse than the cliche. Zaf wanted to laugh.

Someone wrote this for me as part of Yuletide Madness and I am sort of gobsmacked by how many of my buttons it pushes in such a small space. Zafar and Lix meet during the war, neither one of them quite whole, but neither one of them with the inclination to leave. GOODNESS. HOW DO I TALK ABOUT THIS? I can't. It's too brilliant. You have to read it. If you know anything about either character, you will love this. If you know them both, YOU MIGHT COMBUST. Fair warning.

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Happy birthday [ profile] muldy! Hope the day has been fabulous. SOMEONE GET THIS LADY BALLOONS, STAT.

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In a couple of hours I have to drive (!!!!) to town, park my car (£8 for 24 hours, which is pretty good going), and take a train to London. I have planned this poorly, because I will be back around midnight, and am at work tomorrow and Friday, before having all of next week off. And yet? Fucking fantastic.

I am so excited about today! I am totally that lame person who goes to shows by herself but it has rather got to the point where I just don't care.


One of those useless facts that I have in my head and now can't get rid of: today is Gil Grissom's birthday.


Work continues on apace. Am gradually getting more things to do, and some informal proof-reading, which I always enjoy. My boss is still completely mad, but I find I'm getting better at ignoring the random expletives that eject from the other side of the cubicle. And I do like her a lot. Other!newbie is back from her holidays and insists on IM-ing me, instead of just talking to me, so she IMs, and I answer out loud. She is an odd, odd thing. Feeling vaguely triumphant, though, because it's been a week since I last got off the elevator on the wrong floor. Hurrah! Progress.


People are very weird about invitations. Have spent some time sorting out a meal for Tuesday, and people sometimes fail to understand that I need definite yes and no answers in order to book the table. It's okay! I invited a boat of people because I knew 95% wouldn't be able to come, but it was rude not to offer! I don't mind if you can't make it, though I would be super happy if you could. But - and here is the vital thing - I do actually need to know one way or the other.

Relatedly, there are seven of us going now, and does anyone there know anyone else? Ahahahaha, NOPE. I'm quite excited to see how this fest of awkward is going to go. At least [ profile] fizzawrites and [ profile] hestia8 will have The Internet in common? Um. Yes.

Have planned poorly, though, as [ profile] hestia8 and I will miss The Hour's finale for this. Lady, I have done you - us! - a great wrong.


At some point I hope to finish watching Glorious 39, but it's difficult to take caps on iPlayer, which is why a two-hour film is taking me years to watch.

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with love x

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I was extremely blessed when it came to Yuletide this year. I was written a story, and two treats, and they were all fucking delightful. Please read these and drop kudos or whatever that thing is because these were all successful in making me really, really happy, and people who do that are deserving of a lot of warmth.


Shimmers (King Arthur, 2004)

As the oldest of the knights under Arthur, Bors and Dagonet try to keep a certain sort of order, especially as Arthur grows into his own. Tristan and Lancelot, however, present problems.

I have this idea of a pre-film story featuring the knights and their travails, and all that jazz, and it's rattling around my skull, never to come out. Darling Anon took my prompt somewhere else, and I still absolutely adore what they came up with. Light-touch, with a wise, wise Dag, whose voice and viewpoint is so, so crucial to this story. A genius choice; I truly believe that.

They thought Tristan was slow as a boy or scarred from the journey, when he first came from the East with Lancelot, Galahad and Gawain. Most boys – the other boys – were eager to play at swords, but Tristan just wanted to pick moss off stones in the courtyard wall, smashing it between his fingers and smearing it on his tongue.

Little Darling, It's Been a Long, Cold, Lonely Winter (Spooks, Ros/baby!HomeSec)

The second time was never going to be as easy as the first. Ros and a wildly AU post-S8 adventure.

So... post-S8 finale, Ros makes an escape and takes Andrew Lawrence with her. This piece is short but it does a lot of things: proves that Ros is a poor runaway, makes a charmer out of baby!HomeSec, and made me laugh quietly. Baby!HomeSec is my favourite thing in this story, but Ros' usual flair for undercutting is lovely, too.

She arrived at the final destination to find him waiting for her in the cafe at the bottom of the hill. "Hello there," he said with that smug grin, as if had been his own intellectual prowess that had got him here from London undetected. "Fancy seeing you here."

In the Dead of Night (Weeds)

One night in Nebraska.

Guys. GUYS. Someone wrote me Sad!Silas. SAD SILAS.

This fic really got to me. I don't know - I think because Silas really got to me this season, and seeing things from his perspective really defines the boundaries of the world Nancy inhabits. This fic does that: delineates the mess that was the Botwins on the run, and nails Silas' growing outsider status. Except. Except he's not an outsider. He just feels that way. His internal monologue here is the ultimate delusional narrator. He just can't let it - them - go.

Silas closes his eyes and think about his best crop ever; the colour of the leaves, the weight of the buds, the heat of the lamps, the smell of fresh, clean dirt. He misses those days.


A few, choice recs; in short because I am lazy. The rest are at my delicious account.

Snow, Melting (Alice in Wonderland/Narnia)

Alice takes Susan down the rabbithole. Susan proves she's no wilting flower. A really lovely piece.

Working Title (Brick)

Kara plays games. I enjoy fics about Kara because they flesh out what was rather a one-dimensional character, and because they always make me think a little more about Brendan from the outside.

The Art of Fugue (Fringe)

All of the Astrid-centric fics this year have been lovely, lovely, but this one has a really nice moment with Walter. Guys, I need more Astrid fic. Gimme.

Persuasion to Joy (Mulan, 2009)

In which the Princess is determined to give Mulan her due happiness. What a fantastic story! It doesn't detract from the film's gravity at all; doesn't belittle the conclusion. It's a story about immense kindness.

Spellbound and hellbound and caught in the netting (Justified)

Please read all the Justified fic I have bookmarked, because it's all really good. This fic is about Raylan, Ava, and Winona, and is so perfect, I can't even. That place Raylan gets stuck, between his desire to run and stay at all times, it's so clear here. Brilliant.

Four Times Eggs Ruined Milo's Life, and One Time He Saved It (The Baker)

Oh god, if you loved the film, please read this. It's hilarious. If you don't know what I'm talking about, please, please watch the film - and then read this. Gold.

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Somewhere in the interim, I forgot I had poems to post here. Oh, tumblr.


Guys, Christmas happened! So, on Friday I had to brave town for essentials such as PYJAMAS (capitalised because I bought an amazing pair at a discounted rate, booyah) and A Nice Thing for Christmas Day. Then I had to wrap shit, and clean my room, and fold clothes ( My sister mostly did the latter) AND THEN IT WAS CHRISTMAS.

Went to Uncle #6's house; cousin made some mulled wine. Baby Cousin hung around past her bedtime and then was excited because she'd left out mince pies and a carrot and what have you. IT WAS GREAT. Cousins ate the pies; Sister make teeth mark in the carrot; I wrote a letter from Santa in my middling cursive. Chatted a lot aboout nothing specific - it transpires that one of my cousin brothers has a jumpsuit to wear around in the house. I— I mocked him. A lot. I was like, it's basically a onesie, dude, and he did't get why everyone was laughing. A onesie with grip marks on the soles. Yeah. In age-old tradition, came home at around 11, drank Baileys, stayed up til 7am talking about everything, and then had to do Christmas Day.

(...ahaha, and that was her on the phone. Another cousin has ditched on NYE plans, so girl is one her onesome. She might turn up! Hope so because otherwise it's just me, the immediates, and Jools Holland. Again.)

Christmas Day started off moody, but I gave my YT gift a once-over (it is so great; recs soon) and got into the mood once people stopped asking me about food and started plying me with drink. Santa brought Baby Cousin a Wii, so that day got eaten by that until we opened up the Jenga. Presents happened (I got some random stuff this year; mostly proof that no-one has any idea what I am into, but it was lovely giftage all the same), and crackers, and then I spent about half an hour trying to explain to Uncle #4 why the words 'sheet' and 'shit' do not sound the same in English. That was...interesting. I honestly sat that and made him say 'shit' over and over again. I just— it, hit, sh-, shit; eat, heat, sh-, sheet. And repeat.

Went home, played blackjack until 1am; accidentally stayed up until 2.30am, then started coughing so badly that I didn't sleep properly.


Boxing Day: worked in the shop for six hours; everyone left. This is also the day when [ profile] daygloparker's plans - and subsequently mine for Tuesday - got shitcanned due to some serious snowfuckery in the States. (UGH. LADY. SO SO SAD OF FACE. Am saving pennies for a trip, I am, I am.) After having two days of absolute madness, felt a bit like day-old undies. Was disappointed by the lack of wine.


It was good having two days off after that to just pull myself together and prepare for the rest of the week. I've been working from the suboffice, so I get in about 7.30, and leave just after 3.30. The building closes at 3 tomorrow, so I could be home by 4.30, holy damn. Pretty much I have no plans, which I am more than okay with, and more than used to, and I might just marathon a few films. Any other Friday night, frankly.

Work has been an odd boring and contented because we're doing paper checks (checking info has been properly scanned to the system; yaaaaaaawn) but I'm with admin people, and I don't have any commute stress. Am going to miss it when 2011 starts up proper.


Guys, I hope your break time was similarly great! I have a handful of Christmas things to send out still, a) because I do not write Christmas cards, and b) because a lot of stuff is still in transit to me. But everyone enjoys belated gifts, I know, so: happies yet to come.

Plus: I found my letter jotter! As I bombed spectacularly on the postcard exchange last year, I am...trying again? Or something.


Finally: have booked my rooms in London for the plays I'm going to see January-end and March-top. EXCELLENT.

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I honestly am going to post more than once every ten days - and with things of substance, like those 5 days I just had off, thank you Bank Holidays - but, shit, it is 6.30a, and I have to leave for work. Plus side: this week I am working three days, all from subsidiary office, and on Friday we get to leave at 3.30p 3pm, sanctioned from on high, holy cow.


Oh shit, Yuletide. Guys. Considering my own lacklustre efforts, I was OVERWHELMED by my giftage this year. Actual recs later, but basically: an amazing, amazing, amazing King Arthur fic, and two Madness offerings, one for Spooks, and one for Weeds. All three were pretty much everything I wanted. HOW SO LUCKY? I don't know. My givers were fucking great.

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edit: If someone is willing to beta 3k worth of fic, please drop me a comment or an email. Due by 1700GMT latest tomorrow. I just need a once-over for sense.


My ex-housie, N, is fucking amazing. She sent me this.

Somebody get me a Brontësaurus with Feminist Vision. I NEED IT.

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Hello! Thank you for offering to write one of my fandoms! Thank you for even liking one of my fandoms! I am already excited about whatever you will write because I already know that I am going to love it.

Below is some stuff that may or may not be useful. Take what you will, disregard the rest. (I am trying to make my letter less...VERBOSE this year. Possibly I have already failed.)

and so on. )

In sum: thaaaaaaank yooooou! No, seriously, thank you. I hope you enjoy writing what I know I will enjoy reading. I hope that none of the optional details give you indigestion; they're truly optional, and I will take anything whatsoever. I am very grateful. Very!

Much love,
[ profile] delgaserasca

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Am going to sleep in a minute, but: holy shit, Weeds! Just caught up on two weeks' worth of episodes and— I love this show.



So, anyway, I spent Saturday evening in London, and danced garba until my feet ached. Sunday I spent with Baby Cousin. We watched Merlin and drew pictures which she then made me sign. I-- I don't know. She wants me to take her to the fayre this weekend, so I guess that's that. She is still hilarious, bless her.


We have new phones at work. Getting people to use the and not bitch about every. little. damn. thing. is driving me to despair. Or, at least, wine. It's been a while since that was my go-to option, but it felt right.


And now it's time to sleep. GUYS. I have so many poems to bookmark. Jesus.

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And I thought about what these American kids just said to me, and I started deconstructing it. And I thought, can I really be offended over what they just said to me? Cos think about it, hmm? My family weren't in the War of Independence in 1776 - they were in India, making money. Yeah. My family weren't in WWII - they were in Kenya with the British, making even more money. Then finally I realised why it was I got so upset. [...] I was upset because these American kids were taking the piss out of my white people. It's alright, bruv, I got your back.

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Have just discovered that I have to take a specific train according to my ticket, so I'm here for another couple of hours at least. This is excellent, as we just rewatched last night's Who, and it means I don't have to pack yet.


Guys! The wedding was amazing! I got in at around 6.30pm on Friday and met with the girls at Denz's place where we proceeded to sort out her clothes and our clothes and then look through old photographs. We also had to go and collect a massive leather-bound tome which Denz had ordered for use as a guestbook. Natch we left our scrawls on the back page. As you do.

Saturday morning: getting ready; checking things 100x; planning how to steal stuff. )


The registration! registration; Schadenfreude. )


Back to the room to dress Denz for the wedding actual. Unforseen complications: how to remove the top of her suit without fucking up her hair? Solution: wing it. No, but really. In the end there were three of us trying to get the damn thing off. "Hello friends, I can't breathe--" "Shh, serious strategising going on here!"

food & getting dressed; hitched!; fairy-lights; SURPRISE GUESTS; the arrival of the groom's wedding party. )


Eventually Denz was ready. Bhangra Club; BFF time; Operation: Strangled Tangled Groom; Operation: Ugly Shoes; gift-giving. )


In Indian ceremonies, the bride's maternal uncles give her away. Denz has one actual maternal uncle and two step-uncles. The three of them carried her in on what is basically a really fancy stretcher. Her dad obviously has really important things to do during the ceremony but he and her stepmum were already at the mandap. Sunni's siblings' little ones threw rice and flower petals, followed by Denz and her uncles, followed by the rest of us. Denz looked absolutely stunning. Like. We'd all seen her get dressed but when she actually stood up she looked radiant. The sari she was wearing was fairly typical - red, white and gold with heavy, heavy beading but she didn't look overwhelmed under it all because her jewellery was tasteful and because the girl has marvellous posture. Then she was sat under the mandap and we ran out of things to do. Bish sat with her for a little while, and Maya and I stayed close at hand in case people needed us to fetch things, but we weren't really needed.

Things got hysterical a couple of times: firstly when the best man realised that he had no idea where the groom's shoes were and Maya winked at him ("What the hell are you doing?" "Winking in triumph!") and secondly after they'd circled the aarti a few times and we started wildly gesturing to Denz that she should really make sure she is the first to sit down, no, really, Denz, SIT YOUR BACKSIDE DOWN RIGHT NOW SIT DOWN. (In theory, whoever sits first rules the roost. Denz was totally down first.) I caught up with Sunni and her husband, and then we all watched as Denz's unmarried brother tried to chat up someone from her in-laws' side. Conclusion: he has no social skills or charm. Jeez.

meeting old friends; the horrendous queue for lunch; bastardising our great and esteemed culture; bargaining for the return of goods; Operation: Grease Lightning. )

And that was it for us. Denz finally left, the wedding party got back into the coach, and we dispersed.


Bish and I went to Maya's for the evening to change into actual clothes, eat pizza and watch Doctor Who which we all loved viciously. We then saw a trailer for Clash of the Titans and Bish made us jump out of our skin: "THAT IS MADS MIKKI- MIKKOSAN- MAKKOSEN- IT IS THAT GUY!" So we decided that post-Who we'd go to the cinema.

Of course, just as we were leaving we got a call from Denz who had left her suitcase in Maya's car so we went to the cinema by way of Denz's in-laws where we very, very nearly got sucked into the house and held hostage. Maya charmed the hell out of Denz's husband's grandmother, though, and we escaped, though Maya also nearly ended up bringing the best man with us for reasons that are known only to her.

The film was so-so; Mikkelsen was hott; we stayed up until 3am re-watching Doctor Who and singing along to the Glee soundtrack. Badly, of course.

And that was my weekend. Heading home now. Feeling emotionally wrought! Oh boy.

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"I will eat all the leaves on this tree(!) I will eat more leaves than I should. And then other giraffes may die. Ahaha! I am an evil herbivore, aha!"


+ )

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Tantrum over! Excellent! I can stow that crap for another six months now, one can hope.


Had a team meeting today after which my co-workers sat around and bitched about our processes. And also the workshop that has been set up to try and tackle the issues we have with our processes. And everything, basically. So I'm writing today off with yesterday.


Plus side! Came home to a small package and a delightfully long letter from [ profile] noorie which improved my mood ten-fold. Long-distance relationships: still easier for me to handle than localised ones! Which, considering the state of some of my long-distance relationships at the moment, is saying quite the thing.


PANCAKE DAY, MOTHERFUCKERS. Have eaten and thoroughly enjoyed mine without bastardising them with bananas so, frankly, much is right with the world.


Oh boy - cannot wait for this week to be over, guys. Up next: poems and pictures! Whoop whoop!

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Six a.m., and still not up early enough to be the first to do this. Oh well!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] melliyna!

I hope that your day is going well thus far, and that someone has remembered to buy you one (1) balloon and one (1) cake. I also hope you've made plans to do something with a few of your friends.

Things people don't know about [ profile] melliyna: firstly, that she is an absolute sweetheart, both on eljay and in Real Life. Secondly, that she's secretly a powerhouse; seemingly docile but able to withstand the likes of life that you've never had to encounter. Thirdly, that she is going places, because she is sharp-minded and focused, and willing to go the distance to lift herself from the lows she sometimes finds herself in. If more people were like [ profile] melliyna, the world would be a lovelier place.

So, girl, have a great one. You deserve it!

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There is basically nothing I can do to legitimise this post. Gif made by [ profile] miss_jaffacake.

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(If you find this letter SCARY and USELESS and INTIMIDATING, then please go ahead and ignore it. No, for serious, forget it exists.)

This is my second Yuletide and I continue to be massively excited about the whole thing! MARVELLOUS! Thank you in advance for being my Yuletide Giver; I am already honoured to have you on board, not to mention tres grateful. You should know that I am 100% guaranteed to love anything you write me, a) because I love these fandoms and b) because I tend to fare badly on fic exchange challenges and Yuletide is the one occasion where this hasn't happened.

long-winded intro is long-winded. )

useful links & general info )

fandom specifics )

I feel like I've made things MORE difficult as opposed to less and the last thing I want to do is delivery a coronary on anyone. Give something you enjoyed writing, not something that made you want to thrash your skull with a spanner. If that means ignoring everything except my absolute no-no's then go for it. If inspiration takes and you write something else, I WILL NOT MIND. In short: oh gosh, please don't be scared.

To conclude: am excited; am crazy; adore you already!

[ profile] delgaserasca

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27th-29th Oct I will be in Newcastle ohemgee!
5th-8th Nov I will be in Swansea whoop whoop!

My cousins, marvellous girls, are scattered across the country so I shall be a-visiting. Newcastle is probably going to be riotous - it's P's birthday and I am attending a graffiti party (???) and probably not going to spend a lot of time sober. Because I am lame I'm feeling a little trepidation. Swansea is probably going to feature a day trip to the Ikea store in Cardiff which seems a complex way to do things, but that's V for you.

Note to self: buy batteries for camera. I AM SO EXCITED. And this is also why I have no money because I have spent it all on travels this month.


I am probably going to marathon Bones today. Or, at least, this is what I SHOULD do. Currently I am failing at being motivated. Sadface.


Psst, The Misanthrope!


edit: DAMN. It has been AGES since I used my whoop whoop tag! This is SO SAD.


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