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!!!!! Happy New Year, everyone! I woke up at stupid o'clock this morning to work an entirely pointless shift in my parents' store BUT because Yuletide reveals don't happen until America is awake, there's time to get my recs in, hurrah!

First off: SOMEONE WROTE ME SAZ KAUR FIC. It is GREAT. It is all about unravelling the numbers in her brain, which I really, truly love because Some Girls is a comedy and so a lot of the nuance in the characters is played for laughs. I think Saz gets a tough deal sometimes but I also think I'm sensitive to her characterisation. BUT THE FIC! It is so good! It nails a level of alienation that is backed up less by cultural norms (which is also a thing, but also NOT a thing) and more by personal circumstance. AND it's funny and warm and sad and just GOSH lovely Go read it: greater than or equal to (Some Girls)

Sometimes the best Saz can do is to take what she’s observed and combine it with what she’s seen other people do and try to extrapolate how she’s supposed to behave. That’s probably just how human interaction is supposed to work, only it’s meant to be subconscious. When Saz was with Joe, and then when she wasn’t, she paid a lot of attention to what her friends’ boyfriends were like. Rocky, for instance, couldn’t go five minutes without texting Viva to ask if she thought aliens had pets and would leashes still work with no gravity, and Brandon would go completely mental if he didn’t hear back from Holli right away, and whatever delinquent Holli was not-banging in any given week was sure to be slobbering after her all the time, and everyone said that if she and Joe were going to be long distance, communication was even more important, so Saz communicated.

Other recs! I actually did all my yuletide reading yesterday and I found I just didn't know most of the fandoms. So here is best of the 15 that I read.


Five Women Ryan Stone Met On the Road (And One Man She Technically Never Did) (Gravity/other fandoms)

The girl with the CHICAGO cardboard sign bends down to look through the opened passenger's side window and introduces herself as Cosima Nie-Holy-Shit-You're-Ryan-Stone.

THIS FIC. In an effort to deal with her mounting PTSD symptoms, Ryan takes to picking up hitchhikers. The fic includes crossovers with Sleepy Hollow, Orphan Black, The X-Files, Elementary and The Heat, and is on-point and in character. LOVELY.

(You should read ALL the Gravity fics because they are all haunting and deft and just lovely. But this is kindlier.)


the wine on our breath puts the love in our tongues (Frances Ha)

So she decided to call this chapter of her life spartan and minimalist. Other words for that could be empty and lonely but she made the active decision not to refer to her life at present as either of those things. Those words, she decided, could exist on the opposite side of the aisle, amidst the collection of all the things she does not have.

Frances throws a party - in Sophie's place. What I really loved about Frances Ha - apart from everything - is that Sophie is not a great friend and you slowly learn that across the course of the film. You learn it as Frances learns it, and that's cool - you love your friends regardless of their faults or they're not your friends. This fic does a great job of amplifying Frances' awareness but also that middleground you meet when it's necessary to do so. I also really love the reported style which I think does a great job of replicating a) that arch way Frances and Sophie have of speaking, and b) the greyscale used in the post-production. I can't quite explain how tone achieves that but I think you'll know what I mean.


#knemma (Emma)

what happened between you and Elton?

Emma W
it was super awkward
he was like “I’ve loved you since forever”
by which he meant Halloween
(Haz and I posted our Elementary cosplay pictures
and he went on about it, remember?)
and I was like
“what???” and “I THOUGHT YOU LIKED HAZ”
and had to block him from this account
because he kept insisting
and then he made a cryptic post in his DW
but it wasn’t cryptic enough because his girlfriend
who's not only real but has a tumblr
totally understood and started messaging me
so I had to block her too.

There’s a fandomwank report.

OH MY GOD A MODERNISATION OF AUSTEN'S EMMA THAT IS SET IN FANDOM. It's all in chatspeak, but fuuuuck, it works. I love this. Shut up. It's fab.


Annum Novum (The Eagle)

"Seven days you've been gone," Esca snapped, unable to contain his anger.

"My uncle forced me to stay and rest for a night, or I would have been home earlier." Esca saw now that Marcus was shuddering, with either cold or exhaustion, or both. "I am glad to be back, now."

"You're a fool." Esca stepped up close and fisted his hand in the front of Marcus' cloak, and Marcus came forward, leaning against him with most of his weight. They embraced. After a while Esca became aware that his hand was twisted tightly in the hair at the back of Marcus neck. Marcus did not protest it.

There are SO MANY "and then they live on a farm together" fics for this fandom and I love them ALL. I especially love the following: PINING; continued lack of understanding over one another's cultures; Esca worrying about Marcus' leg; MARCUS WORRYING ESCA WILL LEAVE. I also greatly enjoy reading baout their attempts at farming and the difficulties they have to overcome. This fic has all of that and is just. Yes. Excellent.


Former Detectives Club (Broadchurch)

"Why did you leave Scotland?" Miller is pretending to squint at the setting sun—but even sitting next to her and looking out at the harbour himself, Alec can tell she's got her head on one side and is actually peering shrewdly at him.

He sighs and leans against the back of the park bench. "I've got a heart condition", he says. "Had to get away from all that fried food, didn't I."

The best part of the show was Alec and Ellie's double act, and this fic continues that in the kindliest manner. The characterisation is spot on; I can't commend it enough.


Lastly, a rec for an app/site. Do you read fanfic or anything on the internet? Use POCKET. Seriously, best app I've used in ages. You can add things to it from your phone, tablet, laptop, browser etc. and read things on the go. Download quickly when you have a net connection, and then read your longfic on the go. It also has organisational features, and makes it easy for you to share things with friends. Sometimes I let out a siren call for fluff recs, and the next thing I know, [ profile] wliberation has sent me a handful on pocket. AMAZING. Get it here:

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Holy wow, guys, Only God Forgives is easily THE MOST VIOLENT FILM I HAVE EVER SEEN. And it's not like I didn't know Winding Refn's repertoire , but I was STILL shocked by some of it.


My parents left this morning to bring my sister home from uni, so that's a thing that's happening.


Other things I have seen in the past week, a list: films & theatre. )


Last night I met up with my cousins for dinner. We were all falling asleep at our seats and then, as the night went on, we perked up. They're a riot, and I love them, and I needed to see them. We saw each other in the middle of May and then, because of work, I missed out on the next meet-up. There's going to be a larger gathering next weekend when we have our (almost) annual musical weekend. It's been a couple of years since the last one, so we are long overdue. After that: summer. With that in mind, I really need to get back to this Raft Race paperwork...

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Big pictures under the cuts.


theatre 2012 )

television 2012 )

film 2012 )

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Oh, wow, what have I even been doing since the last time I updated?


Stupid question. Obviously I have been at London Film Fest, and heading to work every day, despite there being no work for me to do. Obviously.

I saw a range of things at film fest, all of which I am planning on writing up. For continuity's sake, I'll post those here as well as on my dedicated tumblr, but suffice it to say that it's been an exhausting but fulfilling fortnight or so. My end film count was the same as my start, except I managed to get tickets to Beyond the Hills and ended up forgoing tonight's screening of Fill the Void. (Way too late, my god, what was I thinking?)

Also saw Looper, which I loved. I enjoy a good Moebius strip narrative.


A couple of weeks ago I also saw Jesca Hoop perform in London, and went to see Berenice at the Donmar. I have some music things coming up - Chris Pureka and The Killers, the latter of whom are being opened by Tegan and Sara, omg - and I'm going to see Sally Hawkins in Constellations which I have been excited about since Spring.

At the end of November I have tickets to see a new production of Medea. Medea! Fuck yeah.


I should post some poems because I have read some in the past month that have tripped me up. Share and share alike, y'all.


I am sure I would normally talk about TV here but fuck if I can even remember what I've seen or haven't seen lately.

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I am trying to remember the many things that have happened since the last time I updated and, as ever, am coming up blank. I talked myself out of updating a couple of times because I was freaking out over a few things which, in the end, turned out to be ridiculous. But it's been a whole month! So.


I saw En Kongelig Affære at the BFI, which was pretty standard historical costume romance, except in Danish. Mads Mikkelsen played Struensee with a kindness I hadn't expected, but I was most delighted by Mikkel Følsgaard, who played the mad king. I am not at all surprised that he was lauded at Berlin earlier in the year.


Spent an evening hanging out with [ profile] xanitia of whom I do not see enough. Went out for a very pleasant dinner, and then headed back to mine and watched Island which is very good, but also very odd. I'd seen it before, but had forgotten whole swathes of it. Sent [ profile] xanitia on her way with Brick which she has never seen, wtf.


The Mother and I made time for Snow White and the Huntsman which was visually very, very good, but lacked definition. We both felt that the ending was terribly anticlimactic - not because we knew what the outcome would be, but because there were key points in the final act where someone says something to Snow...and then there is awkward silence as she stares at them and doesn't answer. It wasn't entirely clear to me why we were supposed to root for Snow to take the throne - I mean, other than Ravenna clearly being unfit to rule. Charlize Theron was wonderful as the evil queen, and I loved the people they cast as the dwarves, but ultimately I came out of the cinema feeling let down. Something was lacking.


let's stick a cut in here: theatre, BFI, and London. )


I completely failed to go to any of the Poetry Parnassus events, which I am irritated with myself over, even though I rationalised the decision to myself at the time, but I did manage to track down The Red Ball and some painted phoneboxes, so not all bad.


I have seen the first two episodes of The Newsroom. opinions that others have also had. )


Did I talk about the last episode of Girls? Girls. )


I bought some albums! I haven't properly listened to Metric's Synthetica just yet because I haven't been in the mood to listen to pop electronica. I have, however, spent a lot of time listening to Jesca Hoop's latest offering, The House That Jack Built, which is quirky and playful, and has a couple of stunning tracks. At some point I will share, but will have to save that for when I am not zipping through a month of stuff.


I saw Henry IV Part 1 and Part 2 in preview at the BFI on Monday. GOSH. GUYS. Are you watching The Hollow Crown? Stylistically the "episodes" don't match up (different directors), but they're a great feat. Some truly wonderful performances, and the whole set has a very cinematic feel to it. Wonderful adaptations.

Afterwards there was a very interesting Q&A. I have notes! But I am not sure how interested people are, so will probably bullet point them on tumblr after Henry IV is broadcast.


I taught Baby Cousin how to knit, and then bought her some supplies. She tells me she is going to make a scarf. Atta girl!


This week has been sort of crazy because I've had a few things on, and because I've been working odd hours. The Olympic torch came through Deeping this morning, and we all came out to see it, despite the rain. Tomorrow I'm back at the Nash to see Helen McCrory and Rory Kinnear in conversation. Friday, [ profile] hestia8 and I are going to see Raza Jaffrey as Billy Flynn in Chicago. Exciiiiting!

My sister is back from Spain now, and she's brought two Spaniards with her. She's been taking them around - Lincoln, Cambridge, London, and all their shops - and I've met up with them for lunch (or to help them buy tickets to Shrek the Musical). They were here when Spain won the Euro final, and they came with us to see the torch this morning. They're very sweet girls, and Baby Cousin is quite taken with them. But it's meant the house has been a bit crazy, because there are people around all the time, and I've had around 10 months of being mostly by myself. The adjustment has been odd.


Work is work is work. Have had a few weeks where it's been a bit slow and then intermittently frantic because other people are horribly inefficient, but whatever. It is still going; I am still going. It's almost one year since I started, but I try not to think about that too much because it freaks me out.



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Very quiet in the office yesterday. With a lot of people off for half-term and the end of the Jubilee bank holiday, we also had people out at a big all-day meeting, plus two designers who spent the end of the week in Warsaw. My co-worker only worked half day, so for the morning it was just me and one other girl in our set of desks. Let's call her Stitch (she runs Stitch&Story). She was very excited because she was offered a spot at Spitalfields Market for free, and was trying to work out how she was going to set up her stall.

My co-worker was on a conference call at three pm. Near the end, she said, "OK, should I email Paul?" There was a bit of a pause before she exclaimed, "Oh, Paul, I'm so sorry; I thought I was talking to Neil!" Everyone around her heard, bless her. She cracks me up.

Anyway, it's been a slow week because we've only done three days, and I've been building graphics in flash. Not high-end stuff - I haven't actually been trained how to use the software, so my graphics are flat - but some pictures and tables. To be honest, I spent most of yesterday emailing [ profile] hestia8, so. Yeah.


I have a nail appointment today. I need to keep reminding myself or I'll forget to put on shoes and leave the house.


Guys, I have actually been doing stuff since my last update! [ profile] daygloparker swanned into London, and we terrorised waitresses, tried to see a film (I ruined that), and then travelled to Bath. It was excellent, and as ever, I wish there had been more time.

There was also a family wedding which, thankfully, went off fairly painlessly. When I came back from it, I completely failed to do anything Jubilee-related.


Gate-crashed ("gate-crashed") the Prometheus premiere, so.


On Monday I am going to a preview screening of En Kongelig Affære at the BFI. Nggggggh, stupidly excited about this. I have only been waiting for this film for two years, no big deal.

I am also spending some time with [ profile] xanitia next week who I haven't seen in months. I miss her! But she's coming back! \o/

People who will also be back next week: my mother, who is in Spain with my sister. She has left food enough for an army, and there's only my dad to eat it all. (I am subsisting on my own creations.) (OK, yes, mostly homemade croissants, BUT THEY ARE LUSH.)


I have watched some teevee, but I don't have a lot to say about it. Have loved the heck out of season 2 of Game of Thrones; have found Mad Men disturbing on many levels. I want The Hour to come back (soon, soon). Once Upon a Time is entertaining but sloooow, and does that annoying back and forth with its central romance where one goes for it, and the other backs off. UGH. Annoying. Boring. But I like the rest of it enough.


I found a Glee fic I started to write so I am amnestying the hell out of that today. In other news: wah, wah, waaaaaah. I need to remember my nail appointment.

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I came home on Friday to find cake on the table, and I was like, Mother, what the hell with this cake? It's not that I am not into cake, it's just that it was majorly unexpected and I was going to make brownies this weekend, but now that's redundant. And The Mother was all, The Dad was going to sell it off, and I told him we could have it! And The Dad said, oh, M will eat it! And I said, but I haven't eaten it and it's already a quarter gone. And The Mother said, The Dad must have eaten it.

Basically we have to give him excuses to enjoy things.

Anyway, ten minutes ago The Dad is all, M, do you want cake? And I'm all, no, thanks, maybe later, and The Dad was all, OH. BUT THE CAKE IS FOR YOU. And I was all, JESUS DAD I'M NOT REJECTING YOUR HUNTER-GATHERER INSTINCTS I'LL EAT THE CAKE LATER.

My house is so full of drama I can't even.


This weekend and last our floor has been undergoing a furniture refit. They're taking out our desks and replacing them with smaller ones, and some of us are moving to new seats, blah, blah, NO WORK GOT DONE YESTERDAY. There was a cake stall and then a network outage and then rain and then we left the office at three and went to the pub. Should have left at three last week, too, but I was building stuff, and it wasn't our side of the floor that was being worked on, so we eventually left at four thirty. By four thirty yesterday I'd already had a drink, some conversation (one very long one about chickens; my Polish lady co-worker is SO LOVELY you guys), and was on a train home. Good times.

Work on the whole has been weird. It was all BE BUSY GET THINGS DONE YESTERDAY PUT OUT THAT FIRE and then suddenly...zzzzzzzzzzzzip. Nothing to do. So I'm getting back to my "background" project: writing Ops instructions. Jesus, what a bore.


Last Friday I stayed back for drinks and then went to see The Ladykillers which was hilarious and fucking delightful. The set was amazing, and the cast had great chemistry. Peter Capaldi was fabulous. I wish it were still on because I would take all of you. SO GOOD.


Pro-tip: don't watch The Deep Blue Sea. It's a brilliant cast, but a) it's depressing as fuck, b) it's filmed in this soft focus which just adds weight to everything, and c) it suffers the exact same problem as Closer: you can tell it's a play. Rattigan is brilliant, as is the play script for The Deep Blue Sea; I'm going to see The Browning Version in a month or so. I have no qualms with him or the play. But it was poorly adapted. I liked the flashbacks as a mode of storytelling because they were especially effective, and the transitions were seamless. But neither Hester nor Freddie are sympathetic, and Mr. Miller is completely minimised in the film. It makes for a much better play than a film.


The following wall of text is a paragraph of everything I've watched and found lacklustre this past fortnight. Whilst we're here, let's take a moment to comment on the new cut-tag design which, jesus, GO AWAY. )


Scott and Bailey continues to be terrifically entertaining stuff. I've always been partial to Gill, and her scenes this week were especially gratifying. Can't believe there's only two more episodes left. Going to be gutted when it's over.


I'm reading Jeffrey Eugenides' The Marriage Plot which, as I have said to a few people already, is different in tone to his previous works, and as of yet not as compelling, but I haven't been able to put it aside, which is saying something. It's incredibly meta, and feels both true and somewhat uncomfortable (in that I can relate to the general experience of the lit student, if not the specific). Looking forward to seeing where it leads me.


And then I forgot to complete my post before hitting save.

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Egg hunt! [ profile] hestia8 has been taking pictures of all the ones she's found; this is one that she showed me on Friday night after she rescued me from work.

On that note: holy crap. I'm not used to working 10-hour days. This week has been mental. I'm glad I did it because it means next week won't be so ridiculous, but still, am shattered.


Television, as brief as I can make it. Justified continues being excellent and also fantastically creepy. ITV has finally put Den Som Dræber online so have been watching that today. It's very Wire in the Blood. I have Awake to watch, and am excited about that. I have given up on Smash.


I watched two films this weekend. The first was Sleeping Beauty which I loved on an aesthetic level, but was in two minds over the narrative. Emily Browning was wonderful in it. The second was Restless which was lovely, but also the grown version of My Girl. They set the mood for my Saturday.


Scott and Bailey is back next week. I'm so excited!


This Friday coming, [ profile] hestia8 and I are going to see The Recruiting Officer. Nancy Carroll! Mackenzie Crook! Mark Gatiss! Tobias Menzies! Rachael Stirling! OH GOSH.

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I still haven't seen more than five minutes of the most recent Being Human. Am beginning to consider that when these things take effort, I should just drop them already. fannish round-up: glee, justified, fringe, smash. )


I wasn't expecting to be overly invested in the IFTAs last night, but then Colin Morgan presented the award for TV Best Actress, and Ruth Negga won it for Shirley, and suddeny it was something else entirely.


Work. What do I say about work. I had my appraisal this week, and managed to type it up. I also had a couple of days of things to do. The problem with my job is that when we are at high capacity, we need two more people to get things done. But it's so inconsistent that I spend a lot of time twiddling my thumbs, despite asking for, and completing, other work. I like my job a lot - when I am actually doing it. Otherwise it's a bit of a time suck. At least I'm getting paid? Yeah.

That said, have been looking at what it would take to set up an independent cinema. The answer is: insanity. And yet. Fuck, I know nothing about business.

Anyway, only working three days next week, and then five days off, hurrah.


House/flat-hunting = dead end so far. This is less because of options and more because I am the worst. But. Whatever. Not thinking about it right now.


Today I watched Beginners (Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer, Melanie Laurent, and a dog) which was exactly what I needed to watch today. It was about starting over - in life, in love - but also about the history of people. I liked it for what it was, and will definitely watch it again, though I can see how some people might find it very surface-level.


Jaw-ache resulting from toothache. I just have to survive a week before my dentist appointment. At this point it's fifty-fifty as to whether or not I will make it.

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In case it wasn't obvious, I am trying to get back into the habit of regularly updating, which is why these weekly quasi-summaries keep showing up. I've done okay this week, though. I posted other things to places that aren't my tumblr! Hurrah! I've been quite busy at work, too, and trying to catch up on sleep since gallivanting around London last week.


On Monday night The Mother and I bought pizza and watched more of Justified series 1. I have not managed to catch up with 3x01 yet, but hopefully will get to that today. I have Bones and two episodes of Fringe, too. I have accepted that if I don't watch Borgen this week then I am never going to get caught up.

But: early Justified when the villain du series was much subtler, and the individual stories held more weight! The last episode The Mother and I watched was the first one with Arlo Givens, but the one before that was the one with the dentist. The Mother seems to be enjoying it; I'm getting a kick out of re-watching.


On Tuesday I went out with some co-workers to see Shame. It was the second time I'd seen it (film fest!) and I was feeling weird about it because a) coworkers and b) it turns out Michael Fassbender is a lady beating asshole, gdi. I normally have quite a hard and fast rule about dumping things because of the leads being dicks, but. Gosh, I'm finding myself being a massive hypocrite. The film was put together by Steve McQueen, and the music is wonderful, and it's galling to me that Fassbender is the face of it, because I love them film. I do. So I spent a lot of time thinking about social responsibility, and not getting very far.

I did enjoy having the opportunity to talk about the film afterwards. Am very, very much the New Girl in that circle of people, but enjoyed a drink after the film, then took myself home. Am in the process of flat-hunting right now, so maybe I won't have to skip out so soon in future.


Thursday was weird for me at work because I was super busy but not doing the job that I usually do. It was brilliant for that - I talked to a lot of people that I do not normally talk to. I think I've mentioned before that the nature of my work and the arrangement of seats in the building makes interacting with people a little awkward sometimes, but being up on my feet and interacting with people was great. Had a good day.


My aunt went into hospital at the top of the week, and it didn't go as planned. She's still there today, but from the sound of things is doing a bit better. I don't know; there's not been much news.

My gran is in India, did I mention? That, too.


I got some post this week - a card and some lovely bracelets from (and made by) [ profile] fallapartagain, and a lovely long letter from [ profile] belantana. I'm in the process of trying to send some packages. I say trying because I keep forgetting to leave work and go to the post office. (I try to go at opening so I don't have to queue for a long time.)

I also received a copy of Stacie Cassarino's Zero at the Bone which I had forgotten I'd bought, plus two copies of Richard Siken's Crush which I am going to distribute. A new dress should arrive next week - dropped from £30-something to £12, so I do not feel bad about the additional purchase. I should probably try to find some trousers, ffs, but I am having a hard time on that front.


The Duck Cheer tumblr has some pictures and a video from last weekend. I'm opening it up a little this time. I'm going to send out the eight ducks I bought for round 2 (I really am! I am just waiting on the arrival of some info cards) and track those like I did last time, but this time I'm also opening up to submissions from other people. Have a duck of your own? Share!

A few people have been asking me: why ducks? And this project has never really been about the ducks as much as it has been about the people and the places. Ducks are just an easy way in. But the root of the story is that at secondary school water used to collect on the roof of the cafeteria. My friends loosed about 10 ducks up there once. It's just our thing, I guess, and it took off. Either you find plastic ducks inherently cheering, or you don't.


Have you seen these posters? I love them.


But, yes, Cassarino's poetry. I started reading it on the train and fell into a collection that is basically a long list of my lexical kinks. Words for earth, light, water. I am trying to be better at reading poetry on two levels again - the semantic, and the syntactical. It's been a while since I've pulled something apart, and I've never done it without guidance of some sort. I am trying to do this because reading at a syntactical level informs writing; it always will. And I think it would be good practice, if nothing else.


Lastly, [ profile] hestia8 and I went to see Di and Viv and Rose last year, written by Amelia Bullmore and starring Tamzin Outhwaite, Nicola Walker and Claudie Blakley. I have recently discovered that copies of the text are available. Does anyone want one? Let me know.

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Baby Cousin turned eight on Sunday, and so - to accommodate her birthday plans - she came to stay on Friday night. I picked up some pizza, and there have been a slate of animated films on the BBC recently, so we watched Bolt which was about a dog that stars in a TV series but doesn't realise he doesn't have superpowers until he's thrown into the real world. Frankly I would have watched the TV series; the scenes where the dog is doing his super bark or whatever were brilliant.

On Saturday, Baby Cousin and I made cupcakes, watched Tangled (which we bought her for Christmas), and then went into town. We went to this new cake shop to see what it was like, then I took her to this massive Antiques place that has been in town for decades. She's never been! It's more of a bric-a-brac, and it's more specialised now than it used to be. There are whole sections for card marking, scrap booking, knitting, vinyl records, jewellery making and so on. We spent a significant amount of time looking at the insane number of beads this place had. Amazing.


Yesterday I started many, many things (Borgen, Die Tür, Nikita, The Brothers Bloom) and failed to get very far with any of them. My concentration was shot. I have been feeling randomly anxious recently, too. It's freaking me out.

Watched Sherlock, and was pleased to see Amelia Bullmore, whom I adore. I don't really have a lot to say about it. spoilers )

I was really into the Major's beard, though.


Speaking of Sherlock Holmes, I saw the second film, and loved Jared Harris as Moriarty. The perfect cruel balance to Downey Jnr's manic Holmes.


I'm at home today because I am going to the dentist. I have needed a dental appointment since 2007 at the least, but haven't had one since my very first when I was about 7? Yeah. The guy is going to be really confused when he sees me, I just know it. And I'm going with The Dad. Oh. Yes. Great.


Okay, I want to finish watching Borgen today. Sidse Babett Knudsen is lovely as Birgitte Nyborg.

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Warning: so many pictures. SO MANY WORDS.


theatre 2011 )

television 2011 )

film 2011 )

me 2011 )

Happy New Year, everyone. Here's to 2012.

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Like, what up, eljay? How have you been? I have been doing things that are not updating this journal. Which is dumb considering I come here two or three times a day to flist-check and stuff**. In the main I have not updated because nothing is happening here. Christmas sort of happened! I had to go to some works-related booze-up because of Peer Pressure and then that dissolved into...other things! I wrote a fic for yuletide and pre-reveal revealed myself due to some futzing with the fic notes! (Fixed that. You know, three days after posting. Oops.) I wrote some Yuletide treats! I finally submitted my post for What 2011 Sounds Like! I hung out with some people I used to go to school with and had both an excellent time and also an awkward time, which is my particular skill set! AND THAT'S JUST THE PAST FORTNIGHT.

I know, I know. Thrilling.


I watched some stuff. And by some I mean a lot, relatively speaking. Here are some eljay cuts about those things.

Forbrydelsen II: (spoiler-free) )

Merlin, series 4 (spoilers) )

Red Riding Hood )

Lars and the Real Girl )


I have also watched half of Misfits series 3, which is uneven in some parts, and excellent in others; Cowboys and Aliens which was everything I could have wanted it to be and yet also a bit of a disappointment (could do with drunk cinema settings tbh); Melancholia, which was about as weird and stylistically on point as you can expect from von Trier, and yet still managed to reel me in by the very end; Tamara Drewe which is fucking full of slut shaming and is miserable because of it, and also makes little-to-no effort in trying to voice its protagonist; We Need to Talk About Kevin, which is beautifully shot and directed, but goddamn miserable; and (a while back) Centurion, which is violent, and sometimes dumb as fuck, but so much fun for a sword-and-sandal, whilst not being run-of-the-mill either.



I initially started this post to do a quick catch-up and then talk about Ladies, but, you know what, I never do that because it's an exhausting topic, and others are more coherent, and my rage-to-serenity spirals fluctuate massively. Suffice it to say, if you are thinking about Ladies and Lady Things a lot - in any way - you are probably doing as much as you can in a social environment that often feels like a constant no-win situation. this becomes a bit didactic so now you can ignore it. )


*) this a song? Did I just make that up?

**) devour kink memes. True story.

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In honour of my having FINALLY finished not only writing but typing up The Fic, please have another tidbit. This is now with my beta so it will be up in full for you to read by New Year. It's 25k in total (!?!?!?!?!?), so give my beta a chance to mow through it, yeah?

fic extract: Dimitri/Tariq. )

Earlier this week I went to see We Need to Talk About Kevin. It's masterfully put together, and the cast was brilliant (SWINTON \o/), but, fuck me, it's miserable. Also, I went with co-workers. Um. Interesting.

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The Awakening
Director: Nick Murphy
Writer: Stephen Volk, Nick Murphy
Cast: Rebecca Hart, Dominic West, Imelda Staunton, Isaac Hempstead Wright


"We might want ghosts to be true. It doesn't mean they are."

Nicky Murphy, the director of The Awakening introduced his film, and apologised in advance for not being available for Q&A after the credits. I suspect the reason he didn't stick around is because is film isn't very good.

In post-WWI Britain, Florence Cathcart (Rebecca Hall) is in the habit of debunking ghost stories. Having lost her love at war, it quickly becomes apparent that she is so focused on exposing charlatans because she wants on day to be proved wrong. Robert Mallory (Dominic West) is a History teacher at a Cumbrian boarding school which may house a ghost. He comes to Florence at the behest of the school Matron (Imelda Staunton) after a boy dies one day after a reported sighting. The school has a history of suspicious deaths, although the first one is shrouded in mystery.

The Awakening. )

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Director: Michael Winterbottom
Writer: Thomas Hardy (book)
Cast: Freida Pinto, Riz Ahmed


"Thank you, Sir."

Confession: I have not read Tess of the D'Urbervilles. I have, however, read enough literature from the period to know that modern day India is a good setting for the book. I have been telling people for years that being an Indian today is much like living in that period, what with the industrial and technological boom, and the sociological transformation that the subcontinent is undergoing. That's part of the reason why I think the film could have been much better than it was. I didn't think Trishna committed to its subject enough.

Trishna is about a young Indian woman from a family of poor means who falls in love with a British-born Indian, Jay, the son of a hotelier. Her entanglement with Jay leads her on a not-so-merry chase, in and out of financial and personal straits, and across Rajasthan to Mumbai and back. By the story's end she has returned home, wretched in heart, and a disappointment to her father. Suffice to say, it does not end well for her.

Trishna. )

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Martha Marcy May Marlene
Director: Sean Durkin
Writer: Sean Durkin
Cast: Elizabeth Olsen, John Hawkes, Sarah Paulson, Hugh Dancy


"You're my favourite. I won't lose you."

Martha Marcy May Marlene is the story of a young woman who escapes from a cult and finds temporary respite in her sister's holiday home. Through a series of flashbacks, we learn about her experiences, whilst in the present day we see how her past has changed her, and how adjusting to the modern world is going to prove difficult.

Martha Marcy May Marlene. )

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Writer: Dictynna Hood
Director: Dictynna Hood
Cast: Claire Foy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Shaun Evans

There is no trailer available for this film

"You can't save him."

Wreckers is the story of a young couple - David and Dawn Johnson - who married without knowing too much about one another's history. Their idyllic country life is interrupted when David's brother, a war veteran named Nick, comes to stay, unveiling family and village secrets along the way.

Wreckers. )

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Midnight in Paris
Director: Woody Allen
Writer: Woody Allen
Cast: Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard


"There's no city like this in the world."

Midnight in Paris (a title I am having difficulty remembering) is not part of the London Film Festival, but I went to see it as a way to pass the time before heading to Mayfair.

Gil is a Hollywood script writer who is trying to write a novel. In Paris with his fiancée, Inez, and her parents, he falls in love with the city all over again. Quietly anxious about his future plans, he feels immense nostalgia for Paris in the 1920s. One night, at the stroke of midnight, he is invited into a taxicab - a taxicab from 1920s Paris. On his nightly excursions he meets with the influential writers, artists and thinkers of the time, whilst in present day, his travelling party becomes more and more annoyed with his solitary behaviour.

Midnight in Paris. )

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The Future
Director: Miranda July
Writer: Miranda July
Cast: Miranda July, Hamish Linklater, David Warshofsky


"I've been gearing up to do something really incredible for the last fifteen years."

Background: You and Me and Everyone We Know (2005) )

In The Future, a couple in their mid-thirties, Sophie and Jason, are thirty days away from adopting a cat, a decision which propels them into a premature mid-life crisis. They both quit their jobs in an effort to be more open to opportunity and fulfil their own nascent desires. Whilst Jason joins a tree-selling eco-movement, he meets an elderly man whose house is brimming with tokens of his life. There he discovers answers to questions he didn't know he was supposed to be asking. Meanwhile, Sophie fails to make headway on her personal project, 30 Dances in 30 Days, and, in her loneliness, ends up having an affair. And this is the crux of the story: the way in which their relationship is dismantled.

The Future. )


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