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So, firstly I woke up at 6am and thought, I know I need to be up earl but this is ridonkulous. Cut to 7.20 and N's phone alarm is ringing irritatingly next door. Cue my squinting at the clock... 7.20? What is this nonsense? Why didn't my alarm go off? Answer: left laptop on, yes, but forgot to set up iSnooze. Crikey. Note to self: do not shut that program off, no matter how often it clutters up your notification area.

Anyway, up now, dressed, breakfasted: now ready to do Real Work. Except for the part where [ profile] general_jinjur has me thinking about SG-1 canon that I haven't seen in three years. Oh fandom, how you eat my brain. Like Uncle Boris to vodka.


edit: Remember my post on the Polish in P? A follow-up, of sorts, or a tie-in at least. The horror story that turned out to be a myth a.k.a. social fears blame crime on immigrants whereas in reality, that's just not the case.

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Psalm 119:27-29 by [ profile] viciouswishes
multiple pairings.

They call him the good prophet. He makes sure that his flock is cared for, provided for. No one goes hungry or without shelter. Sure, once in a while, he has to turn a blind eye; but it's for the good of the people, for the good of the compound. He might drive around in his Hummers, but he's no Roman Grant.

[ profile] viciouswishes takes a step into the (probable) future, and places Bill Henrickson in the role of the Juniper Creek prophet. The family falls apart and falls together in all the ways you expect, and then some. By turns heartbreaking and endearing, this fic follows the various threads to their conclusions. What I liked most about this fic was how natural the turns felt, and the closing section which is poignant and disarming, the way the show itself can be.


Five Things Jack Never Expected by [ profile] odestructogirlo [apocalyptothon]
Jack O'Toole (episode: The Zeppo).
The thing is, of course, that you don’t have to intentionally start the apocalypse. You do a few little things, the other guy ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and apocalypse, always the mistress of opportunity, steps in.

This fic is hilarious whilst maintaining the pathos the show so often displayed. Written from the perspective of one of the minor characters from The Zeppo, this outsider's perspective is wry, witty and sometimes even touching. A fun read.


The TARDIS and the Slow Path by Roz McClure [twicetoldfandom]
gen. Martha. au.
That was when Martha realized the TARDIS had a sense of humor: later. When she was going over the timeline in her head for the memoir she would write someday, and figured out who else was taking the slow path in 1869. Ha. Until then, she'd just thought the TARDIS was jealous.

I'm always glad to find Martha fanfiction, even more so when it deals with the TARDIS. I love how this fic is both linear and non-linear, just like the series, and I like the slightly disaffected tone. Martha's comments of the sigh - what now? variety are a treat to read, and the whole fic is light and thoroughly enjoyable.


And Walked the Night Alone by [ profile] elohvee [apocalyptothon]
gen. Jayne. River. post-Serenity.
Things were supposed to be better. They fought a war for this, right? Not Jayne, 'cause he ain't the sort, but Mal. Mal and Zoe and all those other people, and it don't make sense, because they were always right before, in the end.

Confession: I've read a fair few Jayne-and-River-survive fics, and I love nearly all of them. The irony of Jayne being left to care for River is almost too much, but it also brings the best out in him. This haunting apoca-fic leaves Jayne lonely; I was drawn to how quiet and eerie it is.


Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring by [ profile] cherryice [apocalyptothon]
ensemble. Izzie/Denny.
It begins on a Wednesday. The morning dawns like any other: grey clouds low overhead, cool air heavy with the threat of rain. Light slanting through the plate glass window of Seattle Grace is muted, soft. The sound of quick footsteps, the beep of monitors, the hiss of lowered voices fills the halls.

Zombies in Seattle Grace, and whilst it sounds like it should be funny, it's not. Izzie - typically, Izzie - decides to hide Denny to stop him from being killed. Re-killed. Whatever. But it's really more of an ensemble piece, the main cast trying to hold on, make sense of things in the context they have. The writing loosens a bit towards the end, but I still thought it was a good piece for what it was, and the majority of the characterisations are spot on.

Clinging in the Wreckage (& part 2) by [ profile] toestastegood [apocalyptothon]
gen. Bailey. Derek.
Just stomach pains, but by the time the surgical team got inside, half of her internal organs had been black and rotten. A rancid smell had invaded the theatre, a scent that not even the masks covering their mouths could defend them from. Despite their best efforts, the girl had died as little more than a medical mystery.

OH MAN. I love this, the first part especially. A horrible, horrible virus comes to Seattle Grace and Miranda eventually has to say enough is enough, and leave the interns to themselves. A wonderful character piece detailing Bailey's position, and whilst the second part (same fic, Derek's perspective) is weaker, it's still a good fic. The situation is horrific and somewhat hopeless in the truest sense, but Bailey does what she has to do - sticks to what she knows.


Missing by [ profile] oxoniensis [haikuathon]
gen. Ziva. running.

Sounds Like by [ profile] stateofsoul [haikuathon]
Tami/Eric. baby.

Both of these are beautiful. The first is one stanza, and is so Ziva that even on multiple re-reads it lives up to its flash-promise. The second is from a fandom I don't even know, but the rhythm and repetition is infectious, and the obvious affection in the voices is warming.


A Balmy Morning in Hell by [ profile] caitn [apocalyptothon]
gen. Briscoe. Munch.
Detective Lennie Briscoe winced as another explosion reverberated from outside. "It sounds like all hell is breaking loose out there."
"This country's been going to hell for years, my friend," John Munch announced. He wound up for a lengthy rant. "It's been going on long before the conservative right-wing power mongrels--"

This was written for me! I would have been pleased for any of my prompts to have been chosen, but [ profile] caitn took the one I thought no-one would touch with a pole and produced a brilliant dialogue-fuelled ficlet. They're being attacked, sure, but the old-timers are babysitting. I'm filled with glee over it.


Single Step by [ profile] blufamingo [femgenficathon]
gen. Teyla.
Teyla believes, for the first two months, that every day is the day they will return. It is not the first time they have gone back to Earth, and every time they have come back to Atlantis, to Pegasus. She is sure this time will be no different.

Hands down one of the best Teyla fics I've ever read, discussing her attachment to the Atlantis crew and her estrangement from her people. It's what I call a "silent" fic, where the dialogue doesn't impinge on your interaction with Teyla's story. There's hope in the long run, but also sadness and Teyla's strength. The long haul is the harder battle, and re-aquaintance is harder than first contact. This fic epitomises all those things that I love about Teyla, her quiet, her good sense and her patience which is often taken for granted. A lovely, lovely fic, and one that I strongly encourage you to read.

Watched by [ profile] inlovewithnight [twicetoldfandom]
gen. Ronon. Sheppard.
When he was on the run, Ronon had known he was being tracked all the time, but that isn't the same as being watched. Feeling eyes on the back of your neck. Knowing every step you take, every turn of your head, every motion of your hands is being broken down to be used against you by whatever bastards are holding you prisoner.

Ronon and Sheppard have been imprisoned, and they're both unspooling, though in different directions. But really, this is a fic about Ronon and his history, the skills that make him an asset to the Atlantis team. It probes notions of confinement and, like the previous rec, estrangement. Things he cannot say. There are moments when you think he's being taken for a ride, and moments when you feel for him intensely. But you cannot connect to Ronon Dex. And that's entirely the point.

A Method for Introducing Heuristics by [ profile] general_jinjur [apocalyptothon]
Mckay, McKay/Sheppard; slight crossover with Heroes.
Rodney doesn't realize he's seeing her for the first time when he sees her for the first time. He takes her for Esposito, for all that she's taller, and her hair is pulled into a smooth twist where Esposito is all curls. She has a different look to her, too - a readiness, like she's assessing potential threats, constructing strategy at the unlikeliest times. Steel in her shoulders and spine. It's an oddly military look. That's not quite the way to put it - not oddly military, but military in an odd way. Like Sheppard, never acting like a soldier until it suits him, but always a soldier nonetheless. In any case, the first time he sees her, she's up to her elbows in one of the access panels in corridor 27. Rodney's mind leaps from puzzlement to dark-haired mechanical engineer to full-blown tirade against unauthorized tinkering in well under a second. He figures it's to his credit that he doesn't so much as flinch when she turns to face him and isn't who he expected.

OKAY, I KNOW. (TRUST ME, [ profile] wliberation, I KNOW.) But, seriously, this is genfic! It's like... okay, it's like taking for granted that McKay and Sheppard are a couple and just assuming you know that, so get past the shippy and onto the plot(-y). Really, this is a Rodney fic, and the way his brain works as the city begins to collapse from the inside. It's about Trojan Horses and the end of the world. The rhythm here is so strong, and the ideas so potent, you get carried away. What I love about this is the hum of activity, of things going wrong too quickly to be remedied, until the end where there's a sudden halt, a deceleration. Also, [ profile] general_jinjur has the most acute turn of phrase. I'm content to read just about anything she's written because the writing is completely worth it.

edit: Authorial intention versus reader response! Which is to say that I read the fic counter to what the author intended (see comments!) BUT. It's still a great fic, so however you read it, you should at least, you know. Read it.


Like a Slinky Down a Stairwell (She'll Be in Her Bunk) by [ profile] viciouswishes [sg_femslash, Carter round]

Vala's discovered the Spice Girls, and Sam blames Daniel. She doesn't know why she blames Daniel, who likes Vivaldi and Mozart, but she does. He's supposed to be the one keeping Vala under control.

Hilarious ficlet. Pop-culture references, Vala, sexual repression, femslash and just an overall tone of lightness and gaiety that was lovely to read. So much fun.


The Great Zombie Invasion of 2001 by [ profile] netgirl_y2k [apocalyptothon]
ensemble. Josh/Donna.
"There are zombies in Ireland."

I think what I love the most about all the West Wing fics to come out of the [ profile] apocalyptothon is that they all start with Donna because she, naturally, is the most likely receptacle for the tidbits of information to trickle through. [ profile] netgirl_y2k's fic is short, but very funny, with lots of one-liners, all of which made me giggle. Zombies, and the Bartlet administration at its most ridiculous.


I am not a fan of the blockquote style I've got going on, but I can't make the code do what I want it to do. Basically, I want to gmail-i-fy it so that the text indents with a bar to the left. Any help? Dear [ profile] twincy, I have stolen from your code. Please forgive the impromptu theft? love, M x

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note on Stargate, 10x20, Series finale )

More involved opinions after class. I now have to hobble to campus on this damn foot. OW.

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I watched the three Stargate episodes that I had. Loved the Teal'C one. Watched the Vala one and - okay, seriously, is this because they'd already started producing episodes when they found out about the cancellation? I mean, why would you choose that to be your last stand alone episode? Surely it should have been a team-centric episode? Admittedly the final scene (Teal'C in the theatre) was appropriately hilarious but still. It's the LAST stand alone! It was too average for the last stand alone.

(Then again, the last stand alone X-files episode featured the Brady Bunch house, so. But I at least understood that one! Giving up what you love &c. &c.)

Then watched The Unit and loved it, as per always. It was cool to have an episode without any interaction from the wives, and like I said yesterday, I'm in the mood for this kind of show right now.


[ profile] twincy, I don't know if you've ever seen an episode of NCIS ever, but CORIN NEMEC turned up in this one, and I was happy. So.

NCIS, 4x17, Skeletons. )

In conclusion: damn. March is re-run season, isn't it?


Lenny Henry was amazing, and so funny. Tonight is Omid Djalili which is going to be just as awesome. Last night was also the lunar eclipse. I love lunar eclipses, which is not something I often get around to mentioning. The mood was this gorgeous and eerie red colour. It was amazing.

People keep emailing me with Important Things but I'll get to them tomorrow because when I said I was taking this weekend off, I meant it. Unfortunately, I still have to do my assigned reading today. Haven't quite got there yet. So I'm going to read and then watch last week's Prison Break and then finally be caught up on fandom. Only to have new stuff tomorrow. Am looking forward to Battlestar, though.


It sort of sucks that the weekend is so nearly over. But it is and tomorrow I really have to get my hind into gear over the research skills assignment and the On Reading critical piece. Ugh, my group leader keeps sending us emails, which, whatever, but why are they all in bold, or upper case? Gah. Also, also, also: dissertation topic is freaking me out. But it's my weekend off, so I'm going to forget about it until tomorrow.


A man walks into a bar... ouch!


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I am not used to alcohol, so considering I woke without any sort of hangover, I'm impressed. Turned the laptop off at 2 but slept at 3. Wke at 10.30am - got up an hour later. I'm improving?

People need to STOP TALKING TO ME ABOUT STARGATE AND ATLANTIS. Because on the one hand, I do not give a fuck, and on the other, I really, really do, so the best way to make sure I don't get pissed off is just to act as though the two shows DON'T EXIST.

Today I will be watching circa six movies and possibly also Numb3rs.

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Stargate turned out to be shiny and irritating, but that's par for the course this season. L&O: SVU was amazing - the scene when the victim starts screaming? Wow. I still feel sick. Of course, the ending was worth the whole ordeal, as well as the scene when they're trying to arrest the perp an Eliot is so mad. Meloni and Hargitay have some of the best on-screen chemistry I've seen in a long time. I'm going to watch CI next.

Class today was so-so. Modernism was good, African lit. turned out to be a bore. I got my mark back for that Modernism paper that nearly killed me at the end of term - I did well, thank fuck. Also, I found out that the exam essay requires no secondary sources so I feel so much better about that. Of course, before then I have two other essays (film, af.lit.) to write, so, whatever.

A housemate put chocolate spread and sprinkles on a fajita wrap today, then gave me half. It was suprisingly tasty, but then I had guilt-pains (?!) after eating it so I really wish I'd given it a miss. I did buy more cranberry&raspberry juice today, though, some more water (ours is gross), and mixed berries, so I'm leaning to healthy. I'm slowly cutting out my chocolate supply and replacing it with fruit and nuts. It's taking time, though, because have no willpower.

TIRED, not to mention pissed off at the level of stupid that occurs in the world. Also: randomly anxious that I'm not actually good at grammar? *hates brain*

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] kabutar! Enjoy being old :P the day - I hope you have a great one, and that the year brings you everything you wish for!

*thows confetti*

Have a mango (or two)! x


In other news, I have class in two hours. Before then I have to clear the debris on my desk and make a to do list for when I get home this evening. Yay. I started watching Stargate last night and currently my question is: why is everyone so orange?

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Stargate was blah if you discount Morena Baccarin and Vala's bloody hairdryer (lolz!)

SG:A, 3x10, The Return, pt.1 )

Ahem. Oh man. And then next week is new Battlestar Galactica?! OH MAN.

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Still watching Atlantis, but - OK, what the fuck? this week's Stargates )

* That's Ari from NCIS, btw.

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The only thing I really have to say about this week's Stargate is spoiler. May be of interest to Firefly fans who don't watch Stargate )

And now for toast with mozarella. Because we all need fat.

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The "Save SG-1" campaign is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. We've had ten years. Let it finish vaguely good, you idiots.

In other news: blah.

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I really didn't need to wake up to the news that Stargate has been axed because even though logically I know it's probably time for that, I've been going through a SG-related renaissance! So this bums me out majorly. Atlantis is sticking around, for those that care. (Oh, if anyone here watches channel 5 for shows and wonders why the fuck such-and-such a show has disappeared, here's your answer).

I'm using the PC right now because the laptop is a no-go place. Well, that's a lie, it has 3 hours of battery life but I'm saving those for an "emergency". Like needing to get to all of my music. *worried* I'm still waiting to hear back from Dell so I think I'm going to have to get on the phone and start being aggressive talking one-on-one. I could really do without hassle this week. Or, you know, ever. Just today especially.

I did however get an envelope in the post today. It looks like it's from the UK... DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 24th! That made me giggle. I think I recognise the handwriting, but we'll see.

Anyway, back later, if I can persuade The Sister to share the PC.

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SG-1, 10x06, 200 [plus: mondo flailing] )

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Excuse me. I have to go be speechless.

eta: Re: SG-1, I really quite like Vala when she's smart.

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Stargate, 10x04, Insiders )

Up next, Atlantis' Annual Ronon Fest.

{ *dies* }

Jul. 24th, 2006 04:42 pm
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So, between Upgrades and Divide & Conquer, Stargate has officially KILLED ME DEAD.

You should also know that the end of Divide & Conquer makes me bawl like a small child, and that the keywords to this icon are "guilty secrets".


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