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!!!!! Happy New Year, everyone! I woke up at stupid o'clock this morning to work an entirely pointless shift in my parents' store BUT because Yuletide reveals don't happen until America is awake, there's time to get my recs in, hurrah!

First off: SOMEONE WROTE ME SAZ KAUR FIC. It is GREAT. It is all about unravelling the numbers in her brain, which I really, truly love because Some Girls is a comedy and so a lot of the nuance in the characters is played for laughs. I think Saz gets a tough deal sometimes but I also think I'm sensitive to her characterisation. BUT THE FIC! It is so good! It nails a level of alienation that is backed up less by cultural norms (which is also a thing, but also NOT a thing) and more by personal circumstance. AND it's funny and warm and sad and just GOSH lovely Go read it: greater than or equal to (Some Girls)

Sometimes the best Saz can do is to take what she’s observed and combine it with what she’s seen other people do and try to extrapolate how she’s supposed to behave. That’s probably just how human interaction is supposed to work, only it’s meant to be subconscious. When Saz was with Joe, and then when she wasn’t, she paid a lot of attention to what her friends’ boyfriends were like. Rocky, for instance, couldn’t go five minutes without texting Viva to ask if she thought aliens had pets and would leashes still work with no gravity, and Brandon would go completely mental if he didn’t hear back from Holli right away, and whatever delinquent Holli was not-banging in any given week was sure to be slobbering after her all the time, and everyone said that if she and Joe were going to be long distance, communication was even more important, so Saz communicated.

Other recs! I actually did all my yuletide reading yesterday and I found I just didn't know most of the fandoms. So here is best of the 15 that I read.


Five Women Ryan Stone Met On the Road (And One Man She Technically Never Did) (Gravity/other fandoms)

The girl with the CHICAGO cardboard sign bends down to look through the opened passenger's side window and introduces herself as Cosima Nie-Holy-Shit-You're-Ryan-Stone.

THIS FIC. In an effort to deal with her mounting PTSD symptoms, Ryan takes to picking up hitchhikers. The fic includes crossovers with Sleepy Hollow, Orphan Black, The X-Files, Elementary and The Heat, and is on-point and in character. LOVELY.

(You should read ALL the Gravity fics because they are all haunting and deft and just lovely. But this is kindlier.)


the wine on our breath puts the love in our tongues (Frances Ha)

So she decided to call this chapter of her life spartan and minimalist. Other words for that could be empty and lonely but she made the active decision not to refer to her life at present as either of those things. Those words, she decided, could exist on the opposite side of the aisle, amidst the collection of all the things she does not have.

Frances throws a party - in Sophie's place. What I really loved about Frances Ha - apart from everything - is that Sophie is not a great friend and you slowly learn that across the course of the film. You learn it as Frances learns it, and that's cool - you love your friends regardless of their faults or they're not your friends. This fic does a great job of amplifying Frances' awareness but also that middleground you meet when it's necessary to do so. I also really love the reported style which I think does a great job of replicating a) that arch way Frances and Sophie have of speaking, and b) the greyscale used in the post-production. I can't quite explain how tone achieves that but I think you'll know what I mean.


#knemma (Emma)

what happened between you and Elton?

Emma W
it was super awkward
he was like “I’ve loved you since forever”
by which he meant Halloween
(Haz and I posted our Elementary cosplay pictures
and he went on about it, remember?)
and I was like
“what???” and “I THOUGHT YOU LIKED HAZ”
and had to block him from this account
because he kept insisting
and then he made a cryptic post in his DW
but it wasn’t cryptic enough because his girlfriend
who's not only real but has a tumblr
totally understood and started messaging me
so I had to block her too.

There’s a fandomwank report.

OH MY GOD A MODERNISATION OF AUSTEN'S EMMA THAT IS SET IN FANDOM. It's all in chatspeak, but fuuuuck, it works. I love this. Shut up. It's fab.


Annum Novum (The Eagle)

"Seven days you've been gone," Esca snapped, unable to contain his anger.

"My uncle forced me to stay and rest for a night, or I would have been home earlier." Esca saw now that Marcus was shuddering, with either cold or exhaustion, or both. "I am glad to be back, now."

"You're a fool." Esca stepped up close and fisted his hand in the front of Marcus' cloak, and Marcus came forward, leaning against him with most of his weight. They embraced. After a while Esca became aware that his hand was twisted tightly in the hair at the back of Marcus neck. Marcus did not protest it.

There are SO MANY "and then they live on a farm together" fics for this fandom and I love them ALL. I especially love the following: PINING; continued lack of understanding over one another's cultures; Esca worrying about Marcus' leg; MARCUS WORRYING ESCA WILL LEAVE. I also greatly enjoy reading baout their attempts at farming and the difficulties they have to overcome. This fic has all of that and is just. Yes. Excellent.


Former Detectives Club (Broadchurch)

"Why did you leave Scotland?" Miller is pretending to squint at the setting sun—but even sitting next to her and looking out at the harbour himself, Alec can tell she's got her head on one side and is actually peering shrewdly at him.

He sighs and leans against the back of the park bench. "I've got a heart condition", he says. "Had to get away from all that fried food, didn't I."

The best part of the show was Alec and Ellie's double act, and this fic continues that in the kindliest manner. The characterisation is spot on; I can't commend it enough.


Lastly, a rec for an app/site. Do you read fanfic or anything on the internet? Use POCKET. Seriously, best app I've used in ages. You can add things to it from your phone, tablet, laptop, browser etc. and read things on the go. Download quickly when you have a net connection, and then read your longfic on the go. It also has organisational features, and makes it easy for you to share things with friends. Sometimes I let out a siren call for fluff recs, and the next thing I know, [ profile] wliberation has sent me a handful on pocket. AMAZING. Get it here:

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Goddamn, but I always luck out in Yuletide. This year I got two (TWO!) AUs for The Hour, and they're completely different, but somehow both exactly what I wanted.

running you with red is Lix Storm IN SPACE. Need I say more? I think not. The real joy of this fic is the Lix voice. It's a million miles away from canon, but her voice is still world-weary and spot on. Love it.

just a pawn, ready to advance is a crossover with Orwell's 1984 and everything - from the language to the characterisations to the dialogue - is exactly right. I don't know how the anon did it. There are two sides to the truth in this world, and what has Freddie always been about in canon if not the truth? Just brilliant.


In other news, I am waiting for someone to be all, ha! I KNOW THIS IS YOURS. Because, really, the formatting alone gives it away.

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In case you missed them, I received two most excellent Lix-related fics this year:

  • Small Truths
  • The Siege of Tobruk

    Whilst at work this week it quickly transpired I had nothing to do so I spent some time reading Yuletide fics. A smaller range of fandoms than usual, but here's what I loved from the main collection (didn't get around to mining Madness):

    21 fics (the eagle, the baker, terminator, spooks, henry vi/richard iii, push, luther, greek myth, oglaf, jane eyre and justified) )

  • delga: ([the hour] the eye & the storm.)

    Fuck me, I always luck out in Yuletide.


    Small Truths (The Hour)

    She’s a photojournalist at heart. It used to be a shutter click and the thing was set to memory forever, preserved in its unyielding black and white. No snapshots now, or anything to keep hold of.


    It's Lix and co in the aftermath of the finale, everyone equal parts furious and hurt, and Lix pulling herself up by the proverbials and carrying on. I have read this over and over again, and each time I find something new in it. That crushing feeling of having thought she'd known Clarence; that slight bitterness towards Bel and Freddie and their youthful inconstancy; the physical act of casting off excess, because, of course, Lix only keeps the things she needs, and she leaves so much behind. GOSH. IT IS SO GOOD. I want to read everything in Lix's droll tone. I am ridiculously lucky.


    The Siege of Tobruk (Spooks/The Hour)

    In the intermittent light from outside, he could see she had a camera in both hands. British journalists, the only part of the war worse than the cliche. Zaf wanted to laugh.

    Someone wrote this for me as part of Yuletide Madness and I am sort of gobsmacked by how many of my buttons it pushes in such a small space. Zafar and Lix meet during the war, neither one of them quite whole, but neither one of them with the inclination to leave. GOODNESS. HOW DO I TALK ABOUT THIS? I can't. It's too brilliant. You have to read it. If you know anything about either character, you will love this. If you know them both, YOU MIGHT COMBUST. Fair warning.

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    I was extremely blessed when it came to Yuletide this year. I was written a story, and two treats, and they were all fucking delightful. Please read these and drop kudos or whatever that thing is because these were all successful in making me really, really happy, and people who do that are deserving of a lot of warmth.


    Shimmers (King Arthur, 2004)

    As the oldest of the knights under Arthur, Bors and Dagonet try to keep a certain sort of order, especially as Arthur grows into his own. Tristan and Lancelot, however, present problems.

    I have this idea of a pre-film story featuring the knights and their travails, and all that jazz, and it's rattling around my skull, never to come out. Darling Anon took my prompt somewhere else, and I still absolutely adore what they came up with. Light-touch, with a wise, wise Dag, whose voice and viewpoint is so, so crucial to this story. A genius choice; I truly believe that.

    They thought Tristan was slow as a boy or scarred from the journey, when he first came from the East with Lancelot, Galahad and Gawain. Most boys – the other boys – were eager to play at swords, but Tristan just wanted to pick moss off stones in the courtyard wall, smashing it between his fingers and smearing it on his tongue.

    Little Darling, It's Been a Long, Cold, Lonely Winter (Spooks, Ros/baby!HomeSec)

    The second time was never going to be as easy as the first. Ros and a wildly AU post-S8 adventure.

    So... post-S8 finale, Ros makes an escape and takes Andrew Lawrence with her. This piece is short but it does a lot of things: proves that Ros is a poor runaway, makes a charmer out of baby!HomeSec, and made me laugh quietly. Baby!HomeSec is my favourite thing in this story, but Ros' usual flair for undercutting is lovely, too.

    She arrived at the final destination to find him waiting for her in the cafe at the bottom of the hill. "Hello there," he said with that smug grin, as if had been his own intellectual prowess that had got him here from London undetected. "Fancy seeing you here."

    In the Dead of Night (Weeds)

    One night in Nebraska.

    Guys. GUYS. Someone wrote me Sad!Silas. SAD SILAS.

    This fic really got to me. I don't know - I think because Silas really got to me this season, and seeing things from his perspective really defines the boundaries of the world Nancy inhabits. This fic does that: delineates the mess that was the Botwins on the run, and nails Silas' growing outsider status. Except. Except he's not an outsider. He just feels that way. His internal monologue here is the ultimate delusional narrator. He just can't let it - them - go.

    Silas closes his eyes and think about his best crop ever; the colour of the leaves, the weight of the buds, the heat of the lamps, the smell of fresh, clean dirt. He misses those days.


    A few, choice recs; in short because I am lazy. The rest are at my delicious account.

    Snow, Melting (Alice in Wonderland/Narnia)

    Alice takes Susan down the rabbithole. Susan proves she's no wilting flower. A really lovely piece.

    Working Title (Brick)

    Kara plays games. I enjoy fics about Kara because they flesh out what was rather a one-dimensional character, and because they always make me think a little more about Brendan from the outside.

    The Art of Fugue (Fringe)

    All of the Astrid-centric fics this year have been lovely, lovely, but this one has a really nice moment with Walter. Guys, I need more Astrid fic. Gimme.

    Persuasion to Joy (Mulan, 2009)

    In which the Princess is determined to give Mulan her due happiness. What a fantastic story! It doesn't detract from the film's gravity at all; doesn't belittle the conclusion. It's a story about immense kindness.

    Spellbound and hellbound and caught in the netting (Justified)

    Please read all the Justified fic I have bookmarked, because it's all really good. This fic is about Raylan, Ava, and Winona, and is so perfect, I can't even. That place Raylan gets stuck, between his desire to run and stay at all times, it's so clear here. Brilliant.

    Four Times Eggs Ruined Milo's Life, and One Time He Saved It (The Baker)

    Oh god, if you loved the film, please read this. It's hilarious. If you don't know what I'm talking about, please, please watch the film - and then read this. Gold.

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    Do you enjoy Supernatural? I know that quite a few of you do, and that quite a few of you have a fondness for Castiel. Guys. I have a fic for you that you are going to lap the hell up.

    One of the big bang challenges that ran this year was [ profile] sncross_bigbang in which participants produced entries that crossover with Supernatural. I was extremely privileged to read and help to edit a first-rate entry for this challenge, and I can honestly say that it is an excellent read regardless of whether or not you know the show.

    Weep, Little Lion Man was written by the wealth of wit and talent more commonly known in these spheres as [ profile] zeitheist. It's a Supernatural/American Gods crossover set during season 5, in which Castiel continues his quest for God and comes across a pantheon of others. It is both funny and touching, and features a host of carefully drawn characters. It is a living, breathing world of a fic.

    This is emphatically not Hammer of the Gods though it does a similar thing in introducing other mythologies to the Supernatural world, and was written before that episode was aired. Where Hammer of the Gods was superficial and a fairly offensive mixing of the pantheons, [ profile] zeitheist's fic is a warm character piece for Castiel whilst also weaving in a world of other delights. I myself do not know American Gods, but it didn't matter: but not a single word goes to waste in this fic. I am re-reading it now, having decided once again last weekend to get caught up with the show, and I am getting so much more from it. But the beauty of this fic - of [ profile] zeitheist's writing - is that you don't need to know either the show or the book; you just need to know that it is a road trip narrative in which the journey, as ever, is more important than the destination.


    Weep, Little Lion Man by [ profile] zeitheist

    The girl led him through the dusty, uneven roads, her stride unhurried even as the sun dropped lower and lower in the sky. They passed other citizens along the way, many of whom looked at Castiel suspiciously, some of whom quickly averted their eyes and hurried onwards. Several cars caked in gravel-chalk slowed to a crawl as they passed, so that they could peer at Castiel closely. Castiel felt exposed beneath their stares, and he found himself winding tighter and tighter like a coiled spring, his palms burning with restless violence.

    She didn’t talk to Castiel, which was fine by him. Some of the older denizens called out to her as they passed, sounding concerned or intruiged, but her replies were always terse. Once they walked by a group of children who jeered and sang at Castiel, until the girl tossed a sharp gesture over her shoulder that made them all boo and scatter.

    Eventually, the girl glanced at Castiel and asked: “What’s your name?”


    She shrugged. “I wanted to see if I recognized it. I only really know the main four.”

    The reminder of Castiel’s archangel brothers was particularly unwelcome, and he found himself saying: “If I were one of them, then you’d be dead right now.”

    If she was bothered by his tone, then the girl didn’t say it. “Figures. Aren’t they supposed to be warriors or some shit?” She cast Castiel a deeply unimpressed look out of the corner of her eye. “You don’t look much like a fighter, so what does that make you? One of the ones that sing praises? Hosannah, hosannah, and all that junk?”


    They didn’t speak after that.


    Run, don't walk. You're going to love it.

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    subtle salvation. (alien series)

    Logically, she knows she can't outrun the nightmares. Doesn't mean she can't try.

    Ripley/Hicks, post-Aliens, of course. Ripley and Hicks become part of this spoken-word legend and they purge the universe of the threat. But beyond the legend is the story of two messed up, determined people. I love Ripley stories. She's like the ultimate stronghold.

    more recs. Aliens, Angels in America, The Assassination of Jesse James, Being Human, Dead Like Me, Dinosaur Comics, Empire Records, Glee, Greek Mythology (Metamorphoses), Juno, Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain, Life, Mad Men, New Amsterdam, Practical Magic, Push, Raines, Spooks, The Thick of It, The Wire, United States of Tara. )


    You can find all the Yuletide fics I bookmarked this year at my delicious account.

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    /he who would gather immortal palms. (defying gravity)

    When there was nothing left, he put his hand on the screen, up to where her face was and imagined being able to touch her skin. Maybe he could draw some strength from her, because he had nothing left.

    "I'm no good with blind worship," he whispered. "I never have been. But what if these objects are another school house, and all my doubts bring about their destruction? What if I repeat the same mistake again, Claire?"

    She brought her hand up to the same spot as his. A millimeter and fifty million kilometers away, and yet still he felt better, especially when she tilted her head and smiled. "Then maybe at some point you'll have to admit that it wasn't a mistake in the first place, Evram. Because you are who you are: a smart, compassionate man who can evaluate data as he sees it, and, when all the data isn't there and you still have to make a choice, you do the best you can."

    Hiiiiiii, someone write this for meeeeeee. More emphatically: some BADASS wrote me EVRAM MINTZ FIC. Fuck. Yes. What's more, they nailed his personality, the measure of his speech, his mannerisms - they nailed his mood. Yes, the man has a mood. And it is SO GREAT. Much like this fic!

    In all seriousness, though, I am kind of bowled over! I did have high hopes of getting Evram fic for this challenge, and yet my assigned author did wonders. It reads like an addendum to an episode that hasn't been aired yet, referencing the aftermath of the Venus landing beautifully. Plus, Claire here is lovely, and Evram's questions are so real. I am so fond of this story and the way in which it unfolds. I like Evram in his isolation; I love his persistent tone with Goss; I feel for him in his guilt. Just. It's so wonderful.


    /longhorns and sooners. (saving grace)

    "What do you get when you cross a University of Texas fan and a pig?"

    Butch smirked, lifted two fingers at the fast food vendor, and almost immediately had two cups of deep fried peaches and cream thrust at him. He handed one over to Grace and snagged a spoon for each of them. "I dunno, Grace, what?" he answered, navigating the huge crowd of mixed orange and red as he headed toward the Cotton Bowl.

    "Nothing!" Grace said, snorting as she simultaneously tried to laugh and eat, talking with her mouth full. "There's some things even a pig won't do!"

    Saving Grace fic! With banter! Friendship! Underlying sexual currents! Just-- GUYS THIS IS SO GREAT. Grace and Butch play fight over football and are utterly delightful. Fuck. I love this! It's so them. It's so what I want for them.


    I wrote this post a couple of days ago and this is where I would have launched into all my other recs but that's going to have to wait. I do want to do them pre-reveal so they'll be out some time today.

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    Who here loves Brick? All of you, I hope; if not, sit down and watch it, or never ever tell me. It's a brilliant little noir piece featuring a wonderful script and a fantastic performance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Just astounding.

    In case it wasn't obvious: I LOVE THIS FILM.

    I also am terrible, terrible fond of one Ms. [ profile] zeitheist who, amongst other things, is a kindly person with an amazing talent for writing. Like. Sometimes you go to certain authors because what they write is what you want to read. And sometimes you can go to an author because it's what you want to read but it's also written in a way that makes it all the more compelling. [ profile] zeitheist falls in that latter category. Often she has a spectacularly light hand, and a great eye for detail. I don't come away from her writing feeling like she's trying to pull one over on me; it's sophisticated, but [ profile] zeitheist is never laughing at her audience or trying to prove that she is cleverer than they are. She's a storyteller, and I appreciate that about her not only because I value stories but because I value the effort she puts into the telling. It's not just narrative, it's language, and I think that is exceptionally clear in the fic that she has written me.

    Plenty of Swift (Brain; Brendan; fallout

    Brain never does figure out who went to the bulls, but it was probably just some low-level goon trying to jaw his way off a possession rap. How they found out about it is anybody’s foggiest. Point is: the story lands on a Thursday with all the charm and subtlety of a punch and everybody from the upper crust to the dope rats suddenly starts making sure they’re not found anywhere near it. Whoever spilled the whole sorry tale clearly knew enough to tell some pretty stories about Em and Frisco, and get the papers sharing Chinese whispers about the Kingpin’s dope network to boot, but it’s the mention of Dode that spells bad news for Brendan. Pretty much everybody can tell you what went down between him and Em and there’s a handful of hash-heads who saw Brendan give Dode the shakedown, who’d hand him over in a hot minute if it meant saving their own skins.

    The fic is set post-film (so for serious: watch that first; you won't regret it) and is a picture of the school trying to get back to some sort of status quo. Except-- it is that, but it's also a fic about Brain and Brendan; about who Brain is, and whether or not he and Brendan are all surface-value. It's a quick read, so read it twice. Enjoy it. Enjoy what it says about this interior world that Johnson created and then realise that you are back in it. A wonderful thing. Check it out; you'll be doing yourself a favour.


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    01. Crazy things that actually happened in Cambridge this past fortnight: a dog was juggling outside M&S; the electronica spaceman was back. Man, this city. I don't know.

    02. I watched a lot of TV which is terribly unsurprising. I have skipped through all the things that I find annoying in Glee (which is unfortunately quite a bit) but I do love the musical numbers, and I do like the guy playing Will. Like. A lot.

    03. I also watched - and enjoyed - Supernatural, and I hope we see Those Guest Stars again. I have a deep, deep fondness for Jim Weaver and for Titus Welliver, and I wish they'd had a scene together (Deadwood reunion!) Also: apparently the casting directors at Lost and Supernatural know the same agents (lols, Mark Pellegrino. Awesome). But, yeah, whilst the premiere was touch&go for me, I enjoyed this one a lot.

    04. The Bones season premiere was completely delightful, and my love for Cam is so immense at this point that I don't really need to talk about it. My love for Caroline has apparently never been expressed before, so: I really love Caroline omg.

    04b. Speaking of Bones, have a fic rec:
    If you actually mapped out all the morsels of advice that Angela has doled out to Brennan over the years, analyzed them the way you would an author's canon of work, a few recurring themes might emerge: namely, in this order, [1] you (Brennan) want to have sex with Booth; [2] Booth wants to have sex with you; [3] you two are ridiculously perfect for each other in so many ways, whether you realize it or not; [4] you're not actually as failed of a human being as you think you are.

    The above is from [ profile] daygloparker's fic The Forgotten Dialects of the Heart. She labelled it as "Ten untold stories about love that also have the benefit of being true". I labelled it as "the other side of canon". Which is to say: this isn't just a fic about Brennan and Booth and the whole friction of their relationship. It's a fic about every character that we know and love, and is equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking. There is a section explicitly about Hodgins that is so perfect and a whole section about Cam that will feel like a slap to the face. AMAZING. Go forth and read, and then tell [ profile] daygloparker how much you loved it. Because you will.

    so, this post was supposed to be quite short? Yeah, I don't know what happened. Other things M talks about: Defying Gravity, Fringe, The Lives of Others, Leverage, shows that are airing next week &c. &c. There are also links to FAB photos so skip this cut AT YOUR PERIL or whatever. )


    This post was long. There are less trivial things to talk about but I am terrible at those things currently so we'll leave it be for now. It was supposed to be short wtf.

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    Spooks: Code 9 was ostensibly an excellent idea but turned out shit in its execution. That's no excuse, though, for y'all not to indulge in and enjoy [ profile] hestia8's code-9 verse ficlets. There's No Way of Knowing is Lucas when the bomb detonates, and I Can Get By in the Meantime by Myself is the aftermath. Go, read; delight in [ profile] hestia8's ever-light touch.


    In other news, today was shit, and the rest of the week looks like it's going to be more of the same. I wish I wasn't such a moron about using the phone because I would get 10x more work done. This week has been two steps forward, three steps back. I left at four and then wandered aimlessly around town. I'm probably on the verge of suffering sunstroke. Joyful, joyful.


    Other things: still in love with this song; I have a new book despite not finishing the others; I got carded today because I apparently look like I'm not old enough to watch Layer Cake. Yeah.

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    /The Ecstasy of Bursting Forth (Mad Men).

    Later, when Don asks her to deliver a report to Mr. Cooper's office, she tiptoes in, having slipped off her shoes before she walked into his office. She stares at the Roethke, cocks her head this way and that, tries to see what they're all talking about. The gradations are intriguing she supposes. She steps forward, again bending her head. But still she sees nothing. It should just be gray, she thinks, a mass of shades of gray.

    A gen fic about Joan, post-S2 finale; written for me and basically hitting all my kinks. Where canon!Joan's strength (paradoxically) lies in her passivity towards Greg, this Joan does the thing we want her to do: she starts to take control of her life. The fic has this great mirroring effect, following her through two mornings and listing the differences. On top of that, there are quiet character notes on Peggy and Salvatore (oh gosh, the latter is heartbreaking) and the atmosphere feels very true to the show. I'm totally in love with it.

    the rest, by fandom (alphabetically) )


    Includes: Angels in America; Friday Night Lights; Homicide: Life on the Streets; Life; Mad Men; The Middleman; movies (Aliens; Brick; Chocolat; Empire Records; Hancock; Little Miss Sunshine; Speed); Mythology; Old Testament; One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights); Pushing Daisies; Sarah Connor Chronicles; Slings & Arrows; Spooks; The Time Traveler's Wife; Wire in the Blood

    The rest of my Yuletide bookmarks are, natch, at my delicious account.

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    Today The Mother and I went shopping to buy the last of the Christmas presents and some other bits and bobs. We still have a couple of things to get but we're very nearly done, hurrah. I also saw some boots that I like in Clarks so hopefully The Sister will help me out with her staff discount.

    Tomorrow I need to go to the local Factory Shop and pick up some trainers (my first in 10+ years!) and hopefully a pair of jeans/trousers. Then I should basically be prepped for Aberdeen.

    Tonight we're watching Merlin (huzzarms!) and after dinner I'm going to do a pre-bake wherein I test my newest biscuit/cookie recipe. It needs refrigerating overnight so I can bake them tomorrow morning. If they come out well that's a few gifts sorted out (I AM TERRIBLE) (& also skint).

    In a couple of minutes I'm going to call up T and N in Soton and hopefully have a good long blather about absolutely nothing. Strip me down and paint me excited, y'all. Um. Or not.


    Challenge #5 at [ profile] picspammy is favourite people or something like that. Anyway, in a move that shocks absolutely nobody my two entries were Saffron Burrows and Thandie Newton. I am also considering wasting some time tomorrow doing minispams of Michelle Yeoh and Claire Forlani. We'll see.


    In other news, I totally want to watch old school NCIS right now. Which is great because s1 is being repeated on Saturday nights, yay.

    Speaking of: fic rec! McThief (NCIS) by [ profile] oxoniensis is a short post-6x07 ficlet about a missing stash of chocolate. It is lovely and funny and joy-inducing, much in the way of the show itself. Many hearts.


    And now to go and do... things.

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    This is a bit of a pimp post because I have some random photographs to upload later today, and this stuff doesn't really fit with all that. So now there is pimp stuff with random RL stuff thrown in for good measure, and I probably shouldn't have been incredulous at the dawn sun because she has run away.


    one. I have noticed that I have become unable to leave basic comments any more. I mean, I'm commenting, but I come off a moron in them. Please forgive and bear with me whilst I try to thrash my syntax issues in a bare-knuckle fight. So far: I am losing.

    two. The rather badass and talented [ profile] razorxrosary has made some Merlin icons which you can find here. Witness my GIP, and Colin Morgan's adorkableness. Fab.

    three. As ever, the trip to London wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Unfortunately, 4 out of 5 people who left uni this year are already employed. My cousin brother and I chose to ignore that in an attempt to hide our wounded egos.

    four. The car journey home was uncomfortable (I try to sleep but I'm now the wrong height to be able to do that comfortably in the back) but aided by Matchbox Twenty and Natalie Merchant. The car journey there was rather smashing. I watched Criminal Minds which hit some rather specific kinks, and NCIS which had a gag that I am choosing to believe was written JUST FOR ME.

    five. The lovely [ profile] leda_speaks has been running [ profile] movie_100 (a weekly drabble prompt challenge where the fandom is a movie of your choice). I have yet to participate, though I have a great desire to. Comm is running a bit slow at the mo, but [ profile] leda_speaks updates every week without fail, and the prompts are shiny. For the many of you on my flist who are lamenting a dry spell in the fic department, this is as good a place as any to start. !

    six. Oh, there were also fireworks last night. Lame ones, unfortunately, but fireworks all the same. It was très exciting! (No, really.)

    seven. I was going to link to this thing about how Ten doesn't really have a story arc, more like a revolving stasis (whoot, paradox!) but a/ I don't know if the person who wrote it would appreciate random linkage and b/ I don't really want to deal with other people's opinions on the subject. So that was a fail on many counts.

    eight. A Softer World is really quite fantastic. An Eye for an Eye, haha! The creators have also produced a horror story called One Bloody Thing After Another. It's a serial piece, and will be up in full by the end of the week.

    nine. They Call Me Boss (NCIS) by [ profile] oxoniensis. A delightful McGee-centric ficlet set post-6x01, with perfect voices. "I can only see one booby," Tony says, looking pointedly at Tim, "and it isn't the bird you're holding. Which, for the record, is a Herring gull." MARVELLOUS.

    ten. Trailers! No Heroics, an indie comedy about a world where everyone has super powers. Apparently this has been released in the UK for a month or so now, but I've yet to find anywhere that screened it. Sadface.

    eleven. The trailer for Rachel Getting Married which is a film that I have a desperate, desperate need to see. Speaking of girl crushes (DeWitt, not Hathaway) the red band trailer for The Guitar. (And speaking of Saffron Burrows: this week's My Own Worst Enemy was another round of standard-standard, although the last few minutes brought me tremendous glee. Mostly because I yelled spoiler! )

    and I was RIGHT. Ha.)

    twelve. It's a Shame, Sylvia Plath (CSI) by [ profile] fated_addiction. A Sara (G/S) fic, getting into her head as she slowly slips away from Las Vegas. It's a slow, sad fic, and doesn't completely mesh up with canon, but it's a lovely, delicate read.


    Up next: photographs.

    delga: ([Random] italia.)

    Happy Birthday [ profile] viennawaits! I hope that you have a lovely day, and a year to match! *streamers*


    Oh gosh, so busy. The Mother decided that she wanted to choose today - on day before guests are due to arrive - to re-arrange the study. Cue chaos. It's still a mess, but at least the desks are now in their new positions. This does, however, explain why my net cut out last night: disconnected router, sigh.

    More chores today: have run out of blu-tack, so can't put up more cards. Will instead be ironing. Um. Huzzah? Also, I bought some thank you notecards which need sending out.


    Wednesday was a great day. Went to the matinee screening of Kung Fu Panda with my aunt, Baby Cousin and The Sister, and then went to lunch. Baby Cousin loved the film - her first cinema experience - and laughed heartily every time one of the characters got whacked on the head. \o/

    The Sister and I spent an extra hour in town so that she could buy new school trousers, and we fested in Paperchase because that store is my zen. Came home and watched the pilot of 4400 whilst The Sister straightened my hair, before dashing out to catch the bus to The Fairy's place. The bus driver remembered me from 4 years a go (haha), and The Flatmate called whilst I walked down to The Fairy's house. We had an amazing time - wine, pizza, quacking ducks (it's a theme, obvs.) and BopIt. A quietly riotous evening by all accounts. Got home after midnight and promptly went to bed. Am such an old woman sometimes.


    A re-rec, because last time it was in a locked post: [ profile] razorxrosary wrote a poignant post-Journey's End Doctor Who fic that puts a hand in your gut and tugs sharply. Oh, so sad, and so real compared to a lot of the other post-JE fics out there. Light, Then Negative was written for me, which I guess makes me biased, but seriously: so lovely. You must read it! No excuses!


    Birthday present picspam, as promised ages and ages a go.

    Heffalump (as yet unnamed) and Roma from [ profile] wliberation

    plus. )


    The gardener has been here since 8-something this morning, and he's really doing my head in. Omg, the lawn mower is so fucking loud. And that hedge trimmer - oiskie!

    delga: ([csi:ny] flack&mac.)

    Busy weekend! My eldest cousin brother and his family came to visit, and I finally met the new baby. She's lovely, as is her older brother who is totally into the Power Rangers right now. In. Sane. Also: marvellous. ♥

    Now: the last of the top 5 replies. I know, I know, this is from aaaaages ago. To see the rest of the replies, hit the meme tag.


    [ profile] fallapartagain asked me for my top 5 Mac/Stella fics and top 5 things in my room that I can't live without.

    top 5 Mac/Stella fics. )


    top 5 things in the room that I can't live without )


    [ profile] inflightdata asked me for the top 5 reasons why Gibbs is awesome; the top (? haha) 5 worst ways to die; and the top 5 things I'd do with a hundred dollars. $100 actually comes to about £50 (100 Australian dollars is about £47) so I'm going with what I'd do with £100 sterling.

    top 5 reasons why Gibbs is awesome. )


    top 5 worst ways to die. )


    top 5 things I'd do with £100 (if I didn't have a ridiculous amount of debt to sort out) )


    [ profile] razorxrosary also asked me for my top 5 fandomgasm moments and I FAIL because I've yet to finish my answers. I think, though, that I'm going to just cheat and post loads of appropriate picspams, and then be totally verbose about them. \o/


    Am trying to decide what to talk about when I go to see those year 12s tomorrow. Aie.

    delga: ([spooks] ros myers.)

    re: the following post - yeah, I don't really know. I think the sun is beginning (pfft!) to bleach my brain.


    Today Spooks fandom has been running around making me smile which is SUPER random because this is the Fandom of Woe (I don't care if you disagree, y'all; this shit is oft low). The easiest one to talk about is [ profile] hestia8's newest fic, Thrill Seeker, a crossover with 28 Days Later (apparently the post-apocalyptic scenario really appeals - and hey, why not?) featuring some smashing Zaf characterisation that everyone wishes he'd gotten in the series. Also: a laconic Ros. What's not to love?

    Other things are more vague: probably-not-true casting spoilers (um, not for Spooks, although more than tangentially related) and promises of more fic. Yayarms, people, yayarms.


    In the Real Life department, omg, I have to collect my (provisional) dissertation marks tomorrow. In the words of ye olde internets, does not want! I'm content to not know my dissertation grade and/or my degree classification for the rest of time. (Oh self, when did you lose your spine? Oh yeah: AGES AGO.)

    T leaves for Brighton on Saturday, The Flatmate is leaving for Familial Things on Sunday (back Tuesday, thank fuck) and I'll probably be heading back home on Thursday. I'm failing at preventing a constant state of !!! GUYS. I AM SEVERELY ALARMED BY TIME. Oiskie, someone had to tell me what year it was today. I was very much displeased to hear that it's '08. OH EIGHT WHAT WHAT. I don't even know.


    On the plus side, I walked up a storm and a half today. Magnificent.

    We also breakfasted out this morning, which was lovely, and I've started reading Life of Pi. I don't really know why I'm telling y'all this as Twitter is only going to repeat me at 6am tomorrow, but anyway, I like the book so far.

    Also: I made the best chip-like potato food at lunch today. Thin, fries-like, with spices. Yum.


    Obviously I'm that kind of pretentious. Currently I'm rocking out to Vivaldi. Oh yeah. (Which reminds me! Poetry, yay.)

    delga: ([ncis] brace for contact.)

    Taking a break to rec an excellent NCIS gen fic that I read today. Tony and Ziva on a mission quite unlike any other, one that reveals more than a little about both of them. Tony is sharply rendered in this fic, and in a way that is both sympathetic and realistic. What won it for me, though, had to be the characterisation of Ziva who is strong, and human, and - as we've always known - knows the fine, fine line between right and wrong.

    Vacationing in Tel Aviv by [ profile] laytoncolt @ [ profile] nixa_jane

    Tony sets his passport on the bedside table and pushes the curtain aside for one quick glimpse of the view. Ziva is un-strapping the weapon on her thigh with one bare foot up on the bed, smiling slyly at him from behind the strands of her curly hair. "It is beautiful here, is it not?"

    Tony's eyes are guarded as he glances around the room. He is still getting a feel for this job, this new person he has been asked to be. Ziva's there already, because this is who she really is.

    "It's not what I expected," he says.

    Ziva drops her gun onto the bedspread with the kind of indifference only those that have killed can have. "You know, this whole city used to be only sand," she says.

    "We're not very good at empty spaces," Tony tells her, as he sits down beside the gun on the bed. "We've always got to fill them up with something."

    It's non-linear, but excellently executed, and the ending will hit you square in the chest. So, so good.

    delga: ([friday] mr and mrs coach.)

    Fic recs, as promised. They're all primarily gen, and they tend to be character-driven pieces because (a) that's what the fandom produces and (b) that's what I enjoy. By the by, if anyone has recs for me based on what I'm posting, please let me know.


    [ profile] tangleofthorns (3)
    tell summer no (tyra)

    Summer is spiteful. Summer laughs at Dillon and bears right down with its 105-degree temperature, its touch so dry that even sweating hurts. Tyra's learning to treasure her hours at Applebee's, all the free ice-cold conditioned air that she can inhale. It's hell to leave at the end of the shift, walking out into the dead heat, her hair a sticky, heavy rope against her throat.

    I love Tyra's resilience. At first she was that stereotypical makes-trouble, can't-wait-to-leave outsider staple but she quickly became a much more complex character, a product of Dillon but fighting for a way to make something of herself that wasn't football. Tyra is, in many ways, small-town Americana, dreams and frustrations all, but she's also beautiful and strong and always, always fighting. This fic is about summer in Dillon, and the lyricism is true to Tyra's character. A wonderful ficlet, and an enjoyable read.

    plus two. )


    [ profile] therealjae/jae gecko. (3)
    chains and fetters (tyra)
    But there's one thing Mrs. Taylor's email doesn't mention. And that's the feeling she got when she first set foot on campus—the one that felt like stepping out of some bitterly cold darkness into the warmest, brightest light she'd ever seen. It never goes away, that feeling. It's there when she catches her first glimpse of the Tower against the blue sky of an Austin morning. It's there when she stays up late hovering over a calculus problem, frustration stinging her eyes, only to discover in class the next day that she got it right. It's there when she slides into a booth next to Zach and Jessica with a slice of Mr. Gatti's pizza and finds that they have a dozen things to talk about besides football.

    Tyra, excelling at college, and then coming home to feel the difference. Some people come home from college and don't notice the difference in themselves for a long time (see: me). Others come home and feel the differences and distances immediately. Tyra's one of these people.

    I love this rendering of her - her joy in college, and that fierce quality to her personality when she comes home. She hasn't changed as much as she thinks, but she's also changed more than she realises. I love the interactions here - Tami Taylor's emails, and Tyra's family's reactions to her. You can picture it all play out in your head, and Tyra is so beautiful in this, I can't even begin to explain it. The author nails her, completely.

    plus two. )


    [ profile] oxoniensis (5)
    illumination (drabble, tami)
    First time Tami's been to church in a while. Eric's made Grace his excuse to stay home, and her arms feel light. Light arms, light mind, and she smiles as she prays.

    A touching drabble about Tami and faith, and her family. I have a deep-seated love for Tami Taylor, her no-nonsense attitude and her big heart, and this drabble does justice to her in a gentle, understated way.

    plus four. )


    others. (3)
    dialogue by [ profile] them0rgue (landry)
    Landry likes weekends without games the best because there’s a lull in the buzz around Dillon where everyone breaks out of the fog of Slammin’ Sammy’s voice and looks in amazement upon the changed faces of their families and neighbors. Barbeques are hosted, brunches are had, and the entire town congregates at Applebee’s on Friday night to finally catch up and talk about topics that aren’t blue and gold.

    Written for [ profile] picfor1000, this ficlet is effortless in its narration. The plot is summarised by the first line, but the beauty of it is in the way the town - and the body of the show - is so eloquently and precisely captured by the author. An excellent piece of writing, and a touching piece of fic.

    plus two. )


    Watched a couple of episodes of Lost last night, then watched TV-movie Carolina Moon which featured Claire Forlani and Oliver Hudson. It was quite obviously a mystery/romance adaptation and even though the dialogue was GOD AWFUL (no, really, it was horrendous - I don't know how they got Forlani and Hudson to sign on) the performances were oddly remarkable. Forlani had that southern accent nailed. I don't recommend it (read: HORRENDOUS) but I enjoyed it, and there were a couple of moments that genuinely made me jump. I sort of want to write fanfic for it? UGH, I KNOW. But. !!! UGH.

    delga: ([torchwood] we call this kidnap.)

    Today's fic recs: Torchwood/Doctor Who. Um. Well. Okay, a disclaimer. If you're expecting fics about the protagonists, the primary ships and what have you, this is not the post for you. What you'll find here is a collection of fics about Suzie Costello (!), some Jack Harkness gen, and a smidgen of Lucy Saxon who I was ambivalent about in the show, but have taken a liking to via fic. Other characters make more-than-token appearances - Ianto, for example. All of the fic I've chosen are good reads; I'm picky about what I like/dislike in these fandoms.

    Warnings for a general excess of angstcakes.


    doctor who.
    threads by violetisblue (fourth doctor/romana i)

    It was here, at the center of time as she herself remade it, that Rom, sired by An, gestated by Ad, of the Vora chromosomal line of the Tre genome sequence of the ancient and venerated House of Lundar, found herself staring inescapably into herself, and what she saw was a great and bottomless emptiness that no amount of time could never fill, that no art or accomplishment could ever mask. Time roared into her and through her and turned her inside out and showed her the nothingness that was her lone self, and she was horribly, terribly afraid.

    Who am I? she demanded, almost despairing, knowing the Loom heard every fleeting thought. What am I? Am I anything at all?

    You are you, the Loom answered, when it deigned to pause in its work.

    But what is this thing you call me? she cried, from inside herself. I see inside it, and I see nothing. How can you, the Loom, create me out of nothing?

    I'm not a classic Who fan, by which I mean to say that I've not seen any. That said, I have a vague idea of who Romana is and watching a couple of youtube clips clued me in well enough. That was after I'd read the fic, though.

    It's an excellent fic, giving you enough that a new reader doesn't have to scrabble for information. More than that, it's an interesting look at Gallifreyan social structures, of their coming-of-age rituals, and of Romana's search for her identity. Touching and true, the author skilfully takes us through canon, giving us Romana's impulses. Some fics try too hard to explain, but this one is almost casual. I loved this from start to finish.

    [ profile] general_jinjur has written a commentary for this fic here; it's an intense and interesting probe of Romana's characterisation in the fic, as much as the fic is of Romana's characterisation in canon. Also, I liked reading a classic Who fan's take on the fic, if only to see how far my reactions were 'on'/'off' the mark.

    five more. )

    workaholics make rubbish talkers by [ profile] twincy (torchwood, toshiko/rhys)
    They are the same, she and Rhys,
    both always waiting,

    always watching.

    HAIKU FIC, GUYS. !!! In [ profile] twincy's own words, Tosh and Rhys are "two of the most quietly tragic characters on the show" and this fic/haiku series reflects their respective 'outsider' statuses whilst being lyrical and true to canon. The closing haiku is so decisive and so empowering of Tosh - I love how you can read it as Tosh trying again to shake off the shackles but also as her finally, finally succeeding. And, you know, haiku.

    nine more. )


    Torchwood is on tonight, but I've missed the last few episodes so I think I'm just going to have to leave it. Watch more Lost instead.


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