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At some point yesterday, whilst I was watching Avenue Q and was away from The Internet, Naya Rivera sang Amy Winehouse's Back to Black, and everything was right with the world. Excuse me whilst I run it on repeat.


OH GOSH, GUYS. Last Friday was madness from top to toe. Work pulled a fast one on me, so that every time I tried to do something I needed to get done, there was instead post to shuffle through. Bank statements that need copying! Pass books that need to be returned recorded delivery! HUNDREDS AND HUNDRED OF QUESTIONNAIRES THAT NEEDED SCANNING. Seriously, I had 17 of those fuckers to do, and it took me two and a half hours.

Still managed to leave work a half hour early to grab a train to London where - after being held up just past Finsbury Park for a half hour - I met up with [ profile] daygloparker. Though we were both out of our minds exhausted, she for better reasons than me, we made it to Piccadilly Circus, and a pub, and eventually the theatre. Seeing Children's Hour for the second time was a little odd for me, especially as the show I saw was in previews, and this was the penultimate performance. I liked the acting choices more, and the some of the set choices less, but it was still a very good production. I think I could watch Elisabeth Moss forever and ever.

a vague summary of events. )


Sunday morning I nearly left my case in the room we were departing from, and then almost died trying to get to Holborn on the Central. (Everything was down. If you lived in East London that weekend? You were fucked. District was completely down. Circle was mostly down. Hammersmith and City was down from King's Cross eastbound.) Almost left my case on the train (sigh). Returned to a Fen that was not steeped in rain, but sunny, and pretty, and then finished checking over my cousin's dissertation.


And then the week happened. Having two people share the senior position in my team is frustrating for a lot of reasons, but also results in some discrepancies in how certain things are done. Not!boss #1 is shallow, and an idiot, but the team runs smoothly enough when she is around. She gets cases checked, and reads through the inbox in a timely fashion, and handles queries that need to be handled. The downside to her is that she talks a lot of bullshit, and isn't around to finish off the work she started.

stupidity in the office. )

And, of course, the printer. Christ. THE PRINTER. I don't want to talk about it.


Yesterday evening was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed Avenue Q, and TC is a laugh, as is the other co-worker I went with. Had a really, really good time, and TC dropped me off to the local train station...before getting lost on her way home. *headdesk* She made it, so it's all good. It was good to be able to go out after the week that the three of us had had, and it was good to be able to socialise with the people I work with a bit because I don't normally get that opportunity, living so far away. You don't need to be friends with the people you work with, but I like to get along with them because they are the only people I see with any sort of consistency. I made the mistake of befriending all the foreign students at my university, and so they have all gone home now. TC is seven years older than me, married, with a child, and so, so together, but she's the one who will email me when we haven't been in the same office all week, and try to convince me to give in to Justin Bieber's allure (um: no), or ask me if I've seen the latest Glee, or some other nonsense, and it's just nice. The average age in my office is 50, and that's only because I skew that average down. I get on with people who are older than me, I do! But, jesus, sometimes I need to talk about Mad Men like dying, and they're all buzzing about the footie, or The Apprentice, or whatever, whatever, whatever, give me strength.


And then I made the mistake of watching Bones on my commute yesterday, and burst into tears, at which point my extravagantly-coiffured travelling companion (aka the woman who sits next to me most days for no reasons other than habit) got super concerned, and I couldn't explain that everything was okay and this stupid show was wrecking my face.

On the bus. That is shaming.


This weekend: Engrenages, saison trois. AGGRESSIVE FRENCH LESBIANS. GIVE THEM TO ME.

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Not that anybody is at all surprised - least of all me - but I forgot Being Human was on. This despite the fact that I have been reminding myself all week! Not even one episode in, and I have fallen into bad habits. I am just not used to keeping up with shows as they air.


I have also been distracted by my not-packing for my trip to London after work tomorrow. Some time between 7pm when I came up to do my packing, and now, I have managed to locate all my tickets, sew all my buttons back onto my coat, iron my dress, and get roped into visiting my gran on Tuesday. None of these are what we could term 'packing' but at least they come close.

Am STILL trying to decide what to carry. I think I'm just going to take my huge shoulder bag, which is like a faux-leather beach-bag-type thing, and is big enough for my jamas, shoes, towel, and hopefully also my jeans, but I am not holding my breath on that count. Have decided am just going to wear a dress to work that can double-up as theatre wear in the evening, but if I'm going to see gran, I need to be in trousers.


Hey, hey, I finally took pictures of the ducks! Am still looking for names so that I can do a poll by week end. Would also appreciate any pimping. Please make your way to [ profile] duck_cheer or tumblr if you are so inclined.


This weekend I managed to catch up with Bones, mostly by skipping anything in an episode that was case-related, and also by being over-invested in Cam's clothes/face. Time well spent? Yessum.

Baby Cousin was also over, and that was pretty much the most exhausting thing ever. I don't really have the patience to handle her for more than a day at a time. Will hopefully make up for any grumpiness by taking her to see Tangled next weekend.

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It's been days, and I still haven't talked about how amazing Edinburgh was. Um. This is not that update, either. This update is to lament my having to return to work tomorrow, and the recommencement of my horrendous commute on Wednesday. It's always difficult to go back after a day off; it's even worse after 10 days and knowing it will be ages before I have more time. Ugh.


Okay, guys. I need. This thing. I NEED THIS THING. It is actually kind of two things? Whatever, I need one or other (OR BOTH). I need really, really good Camille Saroyan fic. Like. Dastardly good Camille Saroyan fic where she is taking care of her people and buying amazing clothes and kind of freaking out about being a not!mother whilst simultaneously keeping the good ship running and also not letting experiments burn down the lab or whatever.

Failing that, I need someone to write the mess of a good thing that would be Cam/Vincent Nigel-Murray. COME ON, GUYS. I NEED IT. Sigh.


I need to stop reading Merlin fanfiction. Soon it will be a year of me being obsessed with this ridiculousness. A year! And the new series starts on September 11th, and I am not at all emotionally prepared for it. Like. At all! Because I sort of fell head-over-heels for it (more than initially) in the second half of last season, and, and, and OH GOD I NEED TO GET OVER IT BEFORE IT BREAKS MY HEART. Guys. Guys. I am going to be a wreck.


Ahahaha, ficathon posting opens on Wednesday. I had this great idea! And then failed to write it. Of course. It is still a great idea; my prompt is still mad; I am probably not getting any sleep tomorrow night because I am just like that.


(No, but really: Cam/Vincent. It would be horrendously fantastic. He would fumble a lot. She would wonder about what his hair feels like between her fingers. There would be HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE making out in her office before they separate, she smooths down her dress, and he is all, "yes, well, I could do that agai-- no, okay, I'm leaving now, yes, okay, bye--" and then Camille would sit down with her head in her hands and basically be really flustered and wonder what she is doing and then grab Angela and be all OKAY, WE ARE DOING DRINKS RIGHT NOW, NO, NOW, COME ON, and drag her away from whatever she is doing. COME ON.)

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CAM SPAM! In honour of my FINALLY having caught up with Bones and also Cam's hotass wardrobe. Fuck yes. It's difficult to get decent full-length pictures of her clothes, guys!

+ )

So, like, for serious I do have a lot more to say about ~things~ but guys, in the past 18-24 hours I watched 8 episodes straight and my brain is not even a little bit ready to deal with all that. I will hurrah! a couple of things, though, namely: Wendall omg; the Egyptian department; Mr Nigel Vincent-Murray, you guys; CHEF GORDON GORDON; Papa Gibbs Grandpa Booth; BABYLONIAN NUMBER SYSTEMS. OH YEAH.

And that's all for now. (!!!!)

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01. Crazy things that actually happened in Cambridge this past fortnight: a dog was juggling outside M&S; the electronica spaceman was back. Man, this city. I don't know.

02. I watched a lot of TV which is terribly unsurprising. I have skipped through all the things that I find annoying in Glee (which is unfortunately quite a bit) but I do love the musical numbers, and I do like the guy playing Will. Like. A lot.

03. I also watched - and enjoyed - Supernatural, and I hope we see Those Guest Stars again. I have a deep, deep fondness for Jim Weaver and for Titus Welliver, and I wish they'd had a scene together (Deadwood reunion!) Also: apparently the casting directors at Lost and Supernatural know the same agents (lols, Mark Pellegrino. Awesome). But, yeah, whilst the premiere was touch&go for me, I enjoyed this one a lot.

04. The Bones season premiere was completely delightful, and my love for Cam is so immense at this point that I don't really need to talk about it. My love for Caroline has apparently never been expressed before, so: I really love Caroline omg.

04b. Speaking of Bones, have a fic rec:
If you actually mapped out all the morsels of advice that Angela has doled out to Brennan over the years, analyzed them the way you would an author's canon of work, a few recurring themes might emerge: namely, in this order, [1] you (Brennan) want to have sex with Booth; [2] Booth wants to have sex with you; [3] you two are ridiculously perfect for each other in so many ways, whether you realize it or not; [4] you're not actually as failed of a human being as you think you are.

The above is from [ profile] daygloparker's fic The Forgotten Dialects of the Heart. She labelled it as "Ten untold stories about love that also have the benefit of being true". I labelled it as "the other side of canon". Which is to say: this isn't just a fic about Brennan and Booth and the whole friction of their relationship. It's a fic about every character that we know and love, and is equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking. There is a section explicitly about Hodgins that is so perfect and a whole section about Cam that will feel like a slap to the face. AMAZING. Go forth and read, and then tell [ profile] daygloparker how much you loved it. Because you will.

so, this post was supposed to be quite short? Yeah, I don't know what happened. Other things M talks about: Defying Gravity, Fringe, The Lives of Others, Leverage, shows that are airing next week &c. &c. There are also links to FAB photos so skip this cut AT YOUR PERIL or whatever. )


This post was long. There are less trivial things to talk about but I am terrible at those things currently so we'll leave it be for now. It was supposed to be short wtf.

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Things I don't often confess: jesus I love her.



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For those that missed it: outtakes from a session in which Ricky Gervais meets Elmo. I have watched this repeatedly since I saw it yesterday and I LOVE IT. The ending is kind of scary? lols.


Things that happened today: &c. )


This evening Five aired Corporal Punishment (5.10, NCIS) so naturally I watched it again. Can now recite the dialogue pretty much verbatim. [ profile] wishes_of_stone texted me during the first ad break and, because I don't have any credit, I called her on the landline during the second one. We spent four minutes omg-ing over everything (mostly Ziva, let's be honest) and then watched the rest of the episode before having another very similar conversation. GOOD TIMES, Y'ALL.


I have also rewatched parts of this week's Criminal Minds. I read a review of the episode which I agree with in the main, but disagreed with on some details. Sometimes I read reviews of episodes and I wonder if the reviewer and I even watched the same scene. I know interpretations vary but how so widely?

Anyway, but really, Paget Brewster was fantastic this week, guys, and I am going to keep saying it over and over again because I have yet to cap the scene and give you the play-by-play which proves it.

Bonus: blooper reels for S2 (the first one, with Mandy? SO WEIRD. SO GREAT).


Thank you to everyone who left me a comment or a message or an email earlier this week; I really appreciate it. I promise I will get back to you all individually soon enough. On Sunday I will have to go and buy my train ticket. I am hoping that I get to grips with the whole thing by then or else Monday is going to be a hell of a shock.


This tweet pretty much sums up my reaction to this week's Bones. Also, lols, David Boreanaz directed this week and it kind of shows? Not in a bad way. Just in a ...choice ...way. Or something.

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Apparently I spent this week being mostly underwhelmed?


CSI: NY, 5x03, Turbulence )

Bones, 4x07, The He in the She )

Private Practice, 2x02, Equal & Opposite )

Supernatural, 4x04, Metamorphosis )

Grey's Anatomy, 5x03, Here Comes the Flood )


Wonderfully, I finished typing the above and new Life arrived. Impeccable timing!

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NCIS, 6x01, Last Man Standing; 3x04, Silver War. )

Criminal Minds, 4x01, Mayhem. )

Bones, 4x05, The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond. )

CSI: NY, 5x01, Veritas. )


Real Life is knitting and job-hunting, as per always, so more on that if there's more to report. The next thing that I have to look forward to is tonight's Mock the Week, whoop whoop!

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"Once in a blue lagoon."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh Ziva. Now I KNOW you're just fucking with them.


If any of you are surprised that there will be upcoming ZIVA META then you're fired.


edit: TELL ME that the Bones episode wasn't called The Pain in the Heart! THAT IS HORRIBLE.

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Dear Bones finale,
Way to break a girl's heart!
-- M

All in all, whilst that was gut-wrenching, I enjoyed it. I don't know. vague spoilers. )

Excuse me. I'll be in the corner, BAWLING.

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Been a while, been a while.


New Amsterdam, 1x08, Love Hurts. )

Bones, 3x10, The Man in the Mud. )

Criminal Minds, 3x16, Elephant's Memory. )

CSI:NY, 4x17, Like Water for Murder. )

Battlestar Galactica, 4x03, The Ties That Bind. )


Sarah Connor Chronicles looks like it'll be back. Fuck yes.


Have yet to watch the latest NCIS; caught a couple of old school X-Men cartoon episodes. I love everybody's funky 80s hair. And Gambit! Mostly I forgot how weirdly everyone spoke.

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Later today I might venture to do some real work, or at least some reading, but I'm so woesome about that stuff right now that I have to take a break already. So. My fannish update! No explicit spoilers, so no cuts.


I spent yesterday evening catching up on some of the fandom I'd across the week. This week's Private Practice was really, really good and whilst I have a general fondness for the show, this I the first time I've watched an episode through and through without stopping to pause it half-way. So, huzzah.


Also saw the latest Criminal Minds which was good, but not as good as the previous two episodes; I loved that opening scene in the pens with Reid, Morgan and Prentiss, and I thought that JJ's skirt was cute. I hope you weren't hoping for something substantial.

Life did a good job of expanding on an angst-plot that I thought was going to be bog-standard, but is actually a little more layered; I was more than a little impressed by Shahi's closing performance. The subplots were excellent, and I really wanted to hug Ted/Arkin's character; Lewis and Weigert played off one another beautifully, and I'd love to see more of that. I finally got around to watching the second-half of Women's Murder Club which turned out to be lovely. I wish the plots were stronger, but that was only the third episode, so I'll give it more time yet. Also: for Angie Harmon.


BONES WAS SO GOOD! So funny, and a tiny bit creepy. I feel like episodes like this one epitomise what this show is about, and the vein in which you're supposed to take it - i.e. not at all seriously.


I watched The Unit which was alternately terrible and excellent. A first I thought the plot with the singer was dumb, but it turned out okay (poor Charles; I love his character a lot); I enjoyed Bob's plot for the most part; I LOVED the thing with the bar woman and Hector, because although I find that whole situation horribly pressuring (with the wives and Bar Woman), I find Hector to be very charming. Mostly, I wish Tiffy would get a new fucking plotline, instead of recycling old ones, or just fuck off already because it's beyond boring.


There's new Numb3rs but I still haven't seen last week's episode. This possibly calls for some marathoning tonight, because I have CSI and CSI:NY to watch, too. (Guys, I am irrationally excited about next week's CSI/WaT crossover, regardless of not knowing a thing about the latter post-early-S3.) Also: this week's Supernatural because the basic plot seems interesting, even though I don't have a clue what's going on in the season arc - and I'm quite happy to remain that way, actually, because I think my brain would explode if I tried to fall back into that show.


Yeah, I've decided to drop Atlantis and marathon it over Christmas break instead.

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I wasn't going to do one of these, but I happen to have some free time. So. You know. I'm still catching up with three weeks worth of Damages because of the new stuff, but I've finished all of Saving Grace which was made of many brilliant things, and which I'm glad to report there will be more of, huzz. I was watching Chuck but I didn't finish it and now I don't know where it is? Um. Yeah. And I was going to watch K-Ville but I lost that, too. I don't really know. I'm trying to mainline Friday Night Lights because, well, Kyle Chandler, and I've read some good fic. Also, giving Burn Notice another shot. I have all of Mad Men so far, but I haven't seen past episode 4 or 5. I'm still obsessed with the costumes. (And DeWitt's wigs. !)


Bones, 3x01, The Widow's Son in the Windshield. )

NCIS, 5x01, Bury Your Dead. )

The Unit, 3x01, Pandemonium Part 1. )

Criminal Minds, 3x01, Doubt. )

CSI: NY, 4x01, Can You Hear Me Now? )

Grey's Anatomy, 4x01, A Change Is Gonna Come. )

CSI, 8x01, Dead Doll. )

Stargate: Atlantis, 4x01, Adrift. )

Numb3rs, 4x01, Trust Metric. )


I have yet to finish Private Practice. So far, so good, though. Have you guys been watching Weeds and/or Californication? The latter continues to engage me for reasons unknown, but the former is SO GOOD. Really. I say this every year so I hope some of you are listeing: watch Weeds. You won't regret it.

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Oh boy. This time last year CBS had renewed just about everything it was airing. This time around? Survivor. What? Not that the shows are really in danger of being cut but still. This is a whole new world of crazy.


The Black Donnellys, 1x10; 1x11. )

Bones, 2x19; 2x20. )

Criminal Minds, 2x22; 2x23. )

CSI, 7x22; 7x23. )

CSI: NY, 3x21; 3x22; 3x23. )

Grey’s Anatomy, 3x24. )

L&O: Criminal Intent, 4x02; 5x04; 6x21. )

NCIS, 4x23. )

Numb3rs, 3x22; 3x23. )

The Unit, 2x23. )

This is going to sound weird but even though I’ve seen spec for the finale episodes, I don’t like talking about them. I’ll talk to you about the episodes I’ve seen, but I’m speculation-phobic, so. Yeah.

And now I have to go and do actual work.

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So, just like always, this is proving to be dumb and difficult. cut for my usual whinging. )

Also, my family - crazy extended portion included - are in Colchester having a good time. :( I miss them and wish I was there instead of sitting here staring at my notepad full of scribbles. (UGH. I have to write this and then type it up, too. I need to learn to type essays straight into a word document.)


I did start watching Bones when I got back from the library. Something random has happened: I have a girlcrush on Cam. I KNOW, WTF. Zack is still wonderful. And that's all I have to say until I see the end of the episode.


AIE! I need to update [ profile] duck_cheer. !!!


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