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Happy birthday [ profile] muldy! Hope the day has been fabulous. SOMEONE GET THIS LADY BALLOONS, STAT.

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Oh boy. The weekend was madness. My aunt is lovely, as is my cousin, but my cousin's kids are mental. Lovely, but so, so loud, and a little naughty, too. I lived through that, plus my gran's not-at-all-veiled comments about my lack of domesticity, plus the family bitching about someone who is no longer family, PLUS my eldest aunt turning up on Sunday and prompting a large family lunch. I find these things stressful.

On the other hand, I saw Baby Cousin for the first time in absolutely ages, and we had a lot of fun, and as I mentioned, my aunts are very sweet. And then I worked a half-shift in The Dad's store on Sunday afternoon with this kid who works for us intermittently and is an all-round good sport. By the time I got home again everyone had left. I exhaled in relief.


On Monday I went out for lunch with [ profile] crouchingmajor. A minor explosion (not kidding) in town caused the electricity to die but we managed to get served and then swap gifts and promises to meet up again.

In the evening I got a call from [ profile] noorie - all the way from Israel <3 - and proceeded to feel light and joyful and happy.


Tuesday! Tuesday was excellent. I had to pack and decide what I wanted to wear, and then The Dad gave me and The Sister a lift to the train station. We made it to King's Cross in one piece, then hopped neatly onto the Hammersmith and City line. By the time we reached our destination, though, it started to heave with rain. Guys: it hasn't rained on my birthday, I think, ever. To be fair, if I'd stayed at home, that record would have been maintained. But, anyway, made it to my aunt and uncle's, at which point it stopped raining, and the sun paraded us for the rest of the day. Tied rakhis on my cousin brother, then popped out again, this time heading for Covent Gardens.

We did some shopping - looked around Jubilee Market and Covent Garden Plaza, and also made it to Forbidden Planet - after which we went for dinner at an Indian restaurant on Shaftesbury Avenue. We then walked to The Strand which is where the theatre is, and watched The Prisoner on Second Avenue. Oh god, it was absolutely hilarious. The chemistry between Jeff Goldblum and Meredith Ruehl was palpable, and Ruehl was especially magnificent. Afterwards we haunted the stage door, somewhat shamefully, and I managed to get autographs. Guys. GUYS. Jeff Goldblum is really, really tall, with the smoothest voice, I can't even tell you.

The Sister and I walked to Charing Cross station where my cousin brother picked us up, and we all walked to Embankment where, naturally, you could see the London Eye etc. My cousin brother drove us around a bit so that The Sister could see things like Parliament at night, which was pretty great. All in all, marvellous!


Oh god, the whole day there were emails and texts and messages and facebook notes. I am trying to get back to everybody, but if I miss you, or haven't got to you just yet, please know that I'm really grateful, and really touched. Thank you all so much! (Post of 'the goods' to come, and also the rest of the 'five things'.)


Tomorrow I'm off to Edinburgh - get ready, [ profile] sepiaxtoned! Again: I should pack, but that's not going to happen until tomorrow, frankly.

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So, I'm Indian, right? I mean, there are a whole host of ways in which I am the most English person you will ever meet, but I'm more culturally Indian than I am culturally English, and whatever, that's what it is to be a first gen, non-ghettocised British Asian. But what it means is: I am emotionally retarded. My parents are emotionally retarded. Nobody in this house says I love you or gives spontaneous hugs. When The Dad tried to hug me after my GCSE results, it was the most awkward thing ever. Well done means I am proud of you means I love you. And that's fucked up but it's how we do things and it works for us. For me, my mum, and my dad.

Nineteen years ago today our family gained a not-emotionally-retarded person, a person who talks all the goddamn time, a person who panics with little provocation and instead of supressing it makes damn sure that you know she is not kosher with the current state of affairs. This addition to the family used to refuse to go to sleep, run out into the road without looking, and gets cranky if she is still awake at 11pm. She is generally all-round clingy and frustrating and expects me to talk to her when I get home from work, the hell?

She is pretty badass, actually.

I'm saying: it's my sister's birthday. She speaks Spanish, fluently! She is some sort of mathematical genius! She is studying, like, a thousand subjects as part of her undergrad! She is in love with Ziva David and listens to music I give her years after the fact and eventually realises that I am correct, and it is awesome. She emails me pictures of Mark Harmon that she finds around the web. Sometimes we go to the cinema together and love all the same things. She gets excited about the stupidest things and quotes shows at me when I am not expecting it. The girl has not watched Spooks but loves things like One Tree Hill, and one day I will rectify that shit, as is my duty. She is an actual human being who drives me round the bend and is also my friend and I will never tell her out loud (see above re: emotional retardation) but I will post pictures of Charlize Theron on tumblr and she will hopefully know that despite everything ever, I love her.

Yo, [ profile] yaiyeishka, happy birthday! Have a lovely day! I will definitely eat pizza with you and your weird friends tonight! Love, Me, That Grumpy Person Who Lives in the Room at the Front of the House, No, Not That One, the Other One xx

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Am heading in to work in just a moment (stock take at The Dad's store) but before I go:

Happy Birthday [ profile] twincy!!!

Girl, I have only just sent last year's box-o'-stuff to you, so no telling when I'll get around to this year's but really, I hope you have a pleasant day and that the year ahead is light on trouble. I look forward to one day purchasing things from your bookshop and hearing about your wild cross-country travels with red-haired bikers. Much love!


And now: leaving.

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Happy Birthday [ profile] inoue130! Girl, I hope you have the loveliest day, and are rewarded with joyous things!

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Six a.m., and still not up early enough to be the first to do this. Oh well!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] melliyna!

I hope that your day is going well thus far, and that someone has remembered to buy you one (1) balloon and one (1) cake. I also hope you've made plans to do something with a few of your friends.

Things people don't know about [ profile] melliyna: firstly, that she is an absolute sweetheart, both on eljay and in Real Life. Secondly, that she's secretly a powerhouse; seemingly docile but able to withstand the likes of life that you've never had to encounter. Thirdly, that she is going places, because she is sharp-minded and focused, and willing to go the distance to lift herself from the lows she sometimes finds herself in. If more people were like [ profile] melliyna, the world would be a lovelier place.

So, girl, have a great one. You deserve it!

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Happy Birthday [ profile] the_muppet! Hope you had a lovely day. I'm sorry this is so late; I genuinely thought it was Tuesday until a minute ago. Have cake! Have balloons! Have a better year than last! We will have to have a catch-up soon enough.


Work: still boring; Meisha: still a moron.


Still in love with Emily Prentiss, guys!


Okay, so, I'm exhausted, and it's time to sleep, and I spent most of Spooks trying to straighten my hair (hope it's less arghface tomorrow), but really I have been thinking a lot today about how boring I am! I am very boring! Like, a lot! So. Maybe I should do something about that, I don't know.

Also, I saw a covetable jacket in M&S today and that was pretty great.

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Three things:

01. HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] daygloparker! You have joyful things planned, I am told; therefore go forth and enjoy yourself. Here's to an excellent year to come!

02. I have a driving lesson at half-eight this morning.

03. I forgot to turn my clock back. Goddamn.


Edited because I can't type? Yeah.

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Dear everyone who left me messages, sent me tweets or emails or texts or voice messages or cards or packages, gave virtual gifts and/or mixtapes, facebook conversations, dear all of you, thank you so much for all of those. Yesterday The Sister gave me M&Ms, I blew up my own balloon, and we went to see The Time Traveler's Wife, and then I talked to my many cousins and that was all very lovely. It's nice to have people, and to have evidence of people. Thank you, all of you.


Speaking of giftage, I received a lot of vouchers because people know vaguely what I like but not my specific tastes. From the rents, money to spend in Marks and Spencers; from The Sister, money to spend in iTunes (yayarms!); from EBL, bless her heart, book tokens oh my gosh. From T, all the way out in San Francisco with her crazy girlfriend, a wee Edward Monkton book and a slice of San-Fran life. From [ profile] fallapartagain, music, oh my. And, because I know the postal system, there will be a slow trickle of more across the week. How lovely!


Other things that happened yesterday: I went to the centre to visit people there and kind of got pulled in to offering my services for the rest of the week? Am going in today around 11am and hoping to hear that I'm not needed. I also need to cancel plans on Thursday because I have double booked, aieface.

As for The Time Traveler's Wife, I tend to have a lot of patience for novel adaptations because by their very nature they can't encompass the scope of the text, but this one was not what it should have been. It is a film that is beautifully shot and the chronology does provide an interesting challenge, but there are a lot of montages, and a lot of skipped details that I feel should have been integral to the plot. I liked it, but I didn't love it, and if I hadn't read the book, I probably would not be interested in it at all, which is a shame, but also true. Lols at my tag suddenly not being ironic.

On the other hand, both Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams are wonderful, so, you know.


Emily Wells' cover of B.I.G.'s Juicy remains AMAZING.


Today I need to go to the bank and set up a savings account. My next pay cheque is going to have my six months' back-pay on it and I want the account up and running by the time that money comes in. Look at me, trying to be responsible.


And to end: guys, only ONE PERSON produced haiku. What the hey?

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Happy Birthday [ profile] wliberation!

Today is my girl's birthday but having been devoid of net connection she's not 'here' to celebrate with, and actually we haven't spoken/comment spammed/been in touch so often this year which is both a shame and probably definitely my fault. But in her absence let me say: should you have the extreme good fortune of one day meeting a person who is gracious, funny, thoughtful, interesting and willing to listen to you spout bullshit, please, for goodness' sake, take hold and don't let go.

And now, on her behalf, I'm going to chase off some pint-sized drunken wee folk in the hopes that they take their mischief with them.

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Hi [ profile] twincy, happy birthday! Welcome to the age of adulthood, or something like that. If you look behind you, you'll see there's actually not a heck of a lot of difference at this point. This means your glorious life of gigs, girls, and Guy Harvey can continue on apace, huzzah! Look forward to being penniless for a little while more, lols.

Your birthday shenanigans seem sprawled across the weekend, of which I heartily approve. I hope that you have a great time, and a great year to follow. Go forth and continue to be your entirely witty, wry and wonderful self. Much love. Happy birthday!

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Heeeeeeey, happy birthday [ profile] zeitheist! You are now officially twenteen; go forth and blow some shit up. For serious. Now is the best time for such skulduggery. In other news, please continue to be your wonderful self, witty, profound, and downright nonsensical in all the best ways. I still think you beat on yourself way too much for someone so delightful and talented and kindly; I still think you are a genuinely remarkable person despite/because of that. And now you are ~*published*~ and you should milk that for its worth, girl.

Have a great day. Have some cake and enjoy the mess I sent your way. (My apologies to whoever does the vacuuming).


In quasi-related news, I have another driving lesson this morning. Oh gosh. OH GOSH.

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Guuuuuys, people are having birthdays all around, of which I heartily approve. Break out the bananas everyone!

Happy birthday [ profile] svu_fan_4ever, my darling Tany! I think of you often, chica, and miss talking to you. Much love your way.

And happy birthday [ profile] solanpolarn! I hope you had a lovely day. Drop me a line & confirm your address, please? Have something to send your way!


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Today is [ profile] storyloves' birthday! Happy birthday, girl. Welcome to post-teendom! I hope you had a lovely day and that Tegan is doing better. Enjoy your birthday meal!


Left work early \o/

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Phantom posting did not happen; rejoice, rejoice!


Happy birthday, [ profile] fizzawrites! I wish you many things of glory, luck with your endeavours and most of all, a sense of well-being and happiness. Have a great day!


Annnnd I have to go get ready now.

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Oh, hey there Livejournal! What up?


Guys, I've been kind of busy! What's with that? Easter weekend was amazing. My cousin brother and his family came on Saturday, and my cousin sister who spent the last six months in India came on Sunday. Admittedly I did spend 5 hours of Sunday behind the till at The Store, but that wasn't so bad in the long run. My cousin brother's kids are adorable, and it was so good to see my cousins and their families. Seriously great shenanigans were had.


After the four-day weekend I had to go back to work. Transport has not been on my side this week, not even a little bit. Goddamn do I ever hate local public transport these days. Work itself was fairly busy - despite lots of people taking time off - which was a good thing, and I spent Thursday in Hunts which meant I did a full day of work and still managed to get home at a human hour. (Not so much the case this upcoming week.)

My friend's had their baby this past week - Denz is now an aunt (lols, foiba!) - and then, on Friday, my cousin sister P came up to visit. I had training on Friday (yawn) and then ditched early so that I could meet her train in Ely.


We hung out on Friday night, and watched Fight Club on tv. Saturday I ran errands for The Dad and then P and I went to the city centre to go shopping. I came back with some real socks and a couple of tops, huzz. In the evening we met up with The Sister and went for a meal. My phone, as it turns out, is super useful because it allowed me to find and call the restaurant to book our table and then showed us how to get there. Anyway, good food, great company - came home to watch Mock the Week until midnight.

Today P and I went to see Baby Cousin and then we went to the station to see her off to Newcastle at 1820. I'm pathetic; I miss having her around already! Am hoping that I can see her during the May Day Bank Holiday.


Happy birthday, [ profile] curly_the_sue! Hope you had a great day!


This upcoming week is my first full week of work since before Easter, heh. On Tuesday, Ex-Boss Lady is giving me a lift into Cambridge so that means I don't have to work 9 hours tomorrow - I can do that on Tuesday instead, and just leave at a sensible time. This is A Good Thing. I don't expect to be able to catch the direct train tomorrow (the bus is ALWAYS late on a Monday) but I'm good with that. Have been reading instalments of Shadow Unit across the week, so there's no reason why I can't carry on with that this week.


In other news: I continue to be the most boring person y'all know. I want to get back to making the odd voice post every now and then so you may get that on the train tomorrow morning, depending on how busy it is.

Ha, speaking of - my mobile number finally transferred to my new phone on Thursday so I was swapping numbers with [ profile] powerof3 which was going, well, kind of slowly! So I decided I'd prank her, except she didn't get that message in time so I had a split moment of panic before having a tres pleasant conversation with her. Oh gosh, guys, this is creepy, but: I want [ profile] powerof3's voice. So pretty! I think I surprised her which is lolarious because her answering the phone actually threw me. I mean, come on, who actually answers their phone?! I know, right? LUDICROUS.


This evening hopefully equals a fic beta and then some fandom, the latter of which I'm so freaking behind in. I'm so boring. Quick: someone check my pulse.

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Am about to head out but I just wanted to make a quick post before I head off.

Happy birthday [ profile] inoue130! I hope that you have a wonderful day, and a year to match it. Much love, and hopefully a balloon! x


Sekrit message to [ profile] daygloparker and [ profile] fizzawrites: hit a temporary roadblock (in that the whole thing crashed last night) but will set it up whilst I'm out so there should be more there. Hopefully. /cryptic

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Today is my friend's birthday and I don't know if she'll be around to see this or not, but I wanted to take a moment to talk about how much I love her, and how much I hope that the world treats her with gentle hands. Girl's a fighter but she's got heart and gives so much to other people that I think sometimes she forgets to keep pieces for herself. Even when she is down she has reached out to me, and even when I am at my most selfish I want only good things for her.

Whilst I'm unwilling to name her here, I hope that in reading this you can think of someone you love, and wish good things for them, too.

Happy birthday, girl. With love.


My day was great, actually. I watched Battlestar, caught up with Burn Notice and The Unit (which I will eventually talk about at great length), and received a belated Christmas present from T.


I thought perhaps I was running through a covers playlist, but no, iTunes is just picking them out by itself. Currently: Cat Power brings a slice of tender to Oasis.

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Happy Birthday [ profile] kabutar! Hope you have a great one. I want to say something here along the lines of yay, boats! and yay, employment! but I just got up and my brain isn't functioning. So. I'll let you pretend like the above made sense, lols.


Ngggggh. Didn't sleep till 3am, and have resigned myself to being late today. Today I am doing three jobs, none of which I get paid for. Hurrah? Not so much. More like nurrah. There we go: new phrase.


I would like to spend some time this morning looking at pretty dresses and laughing at not-so-pretty ones. I guess that will have to wait until I get home tonight. Fuck.

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First things first: Happy Birthday, [ profile] muldy and [ profile] halliwellgirls! I hope you both have a wonderful day. [ profile] muldy, I think your day is actually pretty much over, but that's what you get for living in the future, lols. Balloons all round, people!


Second things second: I have Spooks on my MP3 player \o/ So when I make that bus trip in a little while, I won't get bored. Plus, season 2 is one of my favourites, huzz.

Which is the other thing: need to test the bus route to where the interview is, or I'm going to be screwed on Monday. I have a phone number for a driving instructor, too, but he's booked solid at the moment. Hopefully I'm next on his list. Ugh, cars.


Am gleefully watching the latest Mad Men. !!!! LOVE IT.


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