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Have finally fiddled enough with my superbly plain layout. Customised comments are off for the first time in ages; rotating header is back up; default userpic is down; text alignment is mostly to the right; and yeah, I don't know. I just need to change my userinfo picture and then I will have succeeded in convincing myself that I have done something of use this evening. Insert arms of triumph here.


Flip me, it's cold, goddamn.


Yesterday I was disgustingly mopey and instead of doing something useful with my time, I caught up with Friday Night Lights. My gosh, I still adore everything about that damn show.

I also futzed around re: Yuletide (huzzzzzz) but I think that was pretty self-evident.


Today I spent my morning helping out some people. After lunch The Dad took me in to P. where we picked up our tickets for Russell Howard's show, and then renewed my rail card/picked up my train tickets for the Aberdeen trip. Am getting ridic excited about that now.

I was going to marathon Spooks but I'll leave that for tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon I have to meet someone about some stuff... it's all very blah.



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new header (and icon) using a gorgeous picture I found whilst going through some ritualistic ballet-perving.


On the plus side, I don't have to write the damn thing from scratch.

On the minus, I no longer have a central, defining argument.

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Gratuitous Layout Post. Yes, yes, back to a smaller font. Mostly I changed it because the other one was too dark for me, and also, I love this picture. In fact, I love the whole damn shoot. If you refresh the image in my userinfo, you can see more of them. Just brilliant.


Damn, T2 is hella long. Explains a lot about The Sarah Connor Chronicles, though, and was more than watchable, though emotionally overwrought on occasion. Robert Patrick was so young! He kind of reminded me of Jonathan Tucker sometimes.

Eeee! New Sarah Connor Chronicles tomorrow! Smashing!

Which reminds me, a while a go - when I was going through an intense period of Papa Winchester Love - I came across this fantastic Terminator crossover fic. So excellent! You must read:

in the border fires by [ profile] trollprincess [papa w/mama c]

Her name is Sarah Connor, and when he tells her his name she gets that twinkle of amusement in her eyes that anyone who's ever handled a weapon tends to get. But instead of asking, "Like the gun?", she leans back on the small couch as her long light brown hair spills over her shoulder, then says, "Same name as my kid. Must be a sign."

John highly doubts that, because he believes in a lot of signs but not the kind that lead to this.

!!! So, Papa W and Mama C are sort of each other's mirror, and also each other's antithesis. And if you thought Papa W was fucked up, you ain't seen shit yet. You don't even need to know the fandoms to understand that you've got two desperate ghosts here, both running, both fighting, and both with secret agendas. It's a meeting of like souls, and it's about as broken up as it would be if the two had ever met. A good read all 'round.


Ugh, I have the worst headache. Tomorrow I have a screening of Grapes of Wrath and a lecture on the text in the afternoon. I am currently suffering a swell of 'does not want' but whatever. Tomorrow will be better, hopefully.

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I LOVE THIS SONG A BIT TOO MUCH. (Current count: 264. Current most-played position: #2.)

[ profile] delgaserasca.


I updated [ profile] duck_cheer with some old pictures and some new.

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I was getting sore irritated with the colour scheme so, yeah, I re-did my LJ layout. By which I mean, new header, new colours. I didn't have the want in me to do more than that. In the meantime, I'm waiting for more 30 Rock, and I've started up on season 2 of The Wire. Also: I have SG:A 1x01-04 waiting for me. I watched the first ten minutes of Rising and was very giddy. Did I mention I love pilots? Because, yeah, and nothing gets the happy buzzing than going back for some old school.


The next Numb3rs rewatch should be Democracy because I already capped One Hour. Except the whole team is so damn awesome, I'm going to rewatch that one as well. (The scene when David is in the freaking auditorium? DAMN. I'm so into the Granger/Sinclair dynamic right now, and not just as a ship that I occasionally write, but them as presented in canon. They are kicking my ass.)

The other day, I was thinking about how season 2, for me, was really bound up in Don and Alan's relationship, and how I felt season 3 was really poor from that perspective. I don't know, I get irritated by Alan sometimes, which is a shame because like I said, in s2, I was all about that father-son relationship, and how Alan's relationship to Don was filtered through Ma&Pa Eppes' relationship with Charlie. Also: random ideas of first-borns versus whatevers. I don't know. It sort of went to pot, unfortunately.

I think it comes as NO SURPRISE that I'm really, really eager for Megan to be back out there doing things. I think I need to rewatch some season 2.


I've run out of non-academic texts to read, so I should probably get back to Homer and Graves, right? Argh. It's not even that I'm not interested, it's just that I find the Homer translation really, really dry (and the tone is weird, too), and the Graves text is a hard read in and of itself. I'm also freaking out a little - okay, a lot - about what the theoretical/academic base for my dissertation is going to be. The three texts I'm covering cover a lot of ground; they're all post-modern works, but they're also in their own little spheres. AND I need to re-read them all, taking notes. I'll be glad to get back to Soton so that I can (a) settle in before the semester begins (WHY am I taking that creative writing unit? I'm going to die) and (b) use the freaking library. I'm hoping to find a spot in there that I can claim as my own. And I'm hoping to invest in a very, very cheap MP3 player so that the silence doesn't make my head implode.


I really, really, really want to watch some Deadwood. Is that weird? Wait, don't answer that.


edit: Host is being a bitch, so the link code is suffering a snafu. Will be fixed in due course, naturally.

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} post.

[ profile] delgaserasca.
( in case it wasn't obvious, I'm not going anywhere. )

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[ gratuitous layout post || gratuitous icon post ]

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So, didn't finish The Unit because the Paternal Parental returned home. So am meme-ing, specifically that WIP meme. Under the cut you will find extracts of varying lengths from unfinished fics. The point is to motivate me to actually write the bloody things but I doubt that will happen.

fic;snip. )

Make of those what you will. I'm off to sleep. Also: GIP. And GLP if you're interested.

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New layout (or, a bastardised version of my last one) and a new userinfo layout.

» [ profile] delgaserasca.

Goddammit, my keyboard is clean but my keys are still sticking. Any clue as to what might be wrong?

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» [ profile] delgaserasca » [ profile. ]

New header, new default icon, more userpics and new userinfo picture. If you refresh the userinfo, the picture should change - so long as I've got the code right.

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New layout » [ profile] delgaserasca.

New userpics » userpics.

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>> [ profile] delgaserasca
>> [ profile] tja_rama

Apparently we're going to Talking Heads tonight. Apparently I am only randomly injected with an enthusiasm for learning and at all other times find myself prostrate before the altar of All Things Fandom. (LASS forever!)

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>> [ profile] delgaserasca.

Yay, new layout. Sick days make me so productive. Once you get here, hit refresh a couple of times. !

Other things that happened today: I ran errands, I broke in the calendar, I enrolled at university and I watched Mysterious Skin which shocked me deeply and made me want to see Brick.

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>> [ profile] delgaserasca

I was patrolling the pachinko
nude noodle model parlor in the nefarious zone
hanging out with insects under ducting
the c.i.a was on the phone
well, such is life

latino caribo, mondo bongo
the flower looks good in your hair
latino caribo, mondo bongo
nobody said it was fair.

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[ profile] delgaserasca. Because I was bored. The full header image is in my userinfo but it got cut up because of a coding mishap which I then decided I liked. So. Yay?

In other Very Unsettling News, there is a fucking huge harvest spider in my room. Except I don't quite know where it is so now I'm sat in the middle of my bed, looking around (without my glasses) to see if it's safe to tiptoe to the light-switch an back again. Haaaaaaate. I don't care about small spiders. But this one is huge. I am not lying. Harvest spiders are beasties. *freaks the fuck out*

eta: Yes, I'm very aware that the link colour is daft/un-readable. Screw it. I'll futz it in the morning. Right now, I need to put my peripheral vision to use.

eta ii: Apparently I love this image a wee bit much: [ profile] tja_rama.

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And so, yeah, fuck it. I did it again: [ profile] delgaserasca. GIP! too.

Heh, the original header had the words "note my effort to be optimistic" but then I changed it. When I can get the php thing to work, I'll make it rotate. But that'll do it for now.

In other news, I heard the live lounge version of this song yesterday and now am in love with the original. This is two days after I decided to delete all the Actic Monkeys music I'd been sent. Le sigh, yo.

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...not wanting to open eljay and see the same layout again. So, stemming from that:

[ profile] delgaserasca || [ profile] tja_rama

There's something not-quite-right about my header so that'll probably change soon. But we'll try it out for now. Changed. Already.

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[ profile] delgaserasca.

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