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So, over a year ago I did that top 5s meme and [ profile] zeitheist asked me to name my top 5 fandomgasms. I fluked massively on presenting for that, but today I realised that I still wanted to do it. So, a year belatedly, my top 5 fandomgasm moments (albeit in no discernible order). Insert usual disclaimers here about my fickle, ever-changing tastes, and how you shouldn't hold me to shit I say because I am a massively flakey mcflakerson of a flake. And now that word no longer holds any meaning for me. Guys, this post is really, really long, and not at all dial-up friendly. Just saying.

NCIS, 3x24, Hiatus II: Ziva confronts Jethro. )

Criminal Minds, 4x03, Minimal Loss: Emily and Reid after the ordeal. )

Wire in the Blood, 3x04, Synchronicity: Do you ever wish we were still lovers? )

Spooks, 7x02: Ball-buster. )

Big Love, 1x12, The Ceremony: Barb gets outed. )

Sarah Connor Chronicles, 1x07, The Demon Hand: Cameron is fucking scary. )

Bonus: Kings, 1x07, The Sabbath Queen: Silas and the Angel of Death. )


This endeth the spam. I was going to say that this took me all week but then I realised, no, it took me all year. Goddamn.

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I was watching Being Human via the BBC website but The Gran interrupted me so I'm back to updating The Dad's numbers for him. Again. I really wish he'd sort this stuff out himself, but I'm aware I'm being churlish.

I've been exhausted all day today, mostly because my skin has been terrible the past few days and it kept me awake last night. It's very thin, so I could really lay down on it properly, and even when the pressure was okay, it would start to itch again, or I'd get random sharp spikes of pain which woke me up again.

I'm heading down to the health centre tomorrow after my morning shift at the centre; I've decided I'm not going to do my shift on the front desk because I can't stand that long and anyway, I'll make up that time next week when I work the coffee morning.

In the meantime I'd just really like to get some sleep before tomorrow morning.


Caught up with some shows today; I'd put them aside earlier this week in favour of The Wire. Caught up with Burn Notice and Eleventh Hour whilst cleaning my room, and then sat down to watch Battlestar Galactica (which I absolutely loved) and Sarah Connor Chronicles. I still like watching Sarah Connor Chronicles but I'm disappointed by the lack of direction in the show. We've had 15 episodes so far this season and they just haven't tracked as tightly as the 9 we got last season. However, plot aside, the episodes still have a good emotional core for the most part. Last night I re-watched Self Made Man which is a wonderful one-off episode even though very little happens. Actually, it benefits partially from a lack of plot - a lot of this season, much like Life, has been encumbered by too much plot: too many threads and not enough movement in narrative. I hope that changes soon. Having taken a peek at forthcoming teaser summaries it looks like things will heat up soon enough. Fingers crossed.


Am using's radio feature. I've never heard this song before but it's terribly good. Colour me impressed.

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Name your top six TV shows right now, before reading the questions.

01 ncis
02 criminal minds
03 spooks
04 saving grace
05 sarah connor chronicles
06 life

meme. )


Probably time to quit with the memes already.

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There's no way that I wrote as much this year as I did last year, but I probably posted more often because of the drabble comms. Plus: I ficbarfed all over Yuletide. (I'm sure you're all grateful for that image.) I don't really know how to organise this? I guess by fandom. I don't really know why I'm thinking this through in-post, but there you have it.

the fics. )

the break-down. )


With thanks, as ever, to everyone who left feedback or shook pompoms. Nothing would get written if it wasn't for you.

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/The Ecstasy of Bursting Forth (Mad Men).

Later, when Don asks her to deliver a report to Mr. Cooper's office, she tiptoes in, having slipped off her shoes before she walked into his office. She stares at the Roethke, cocks her head this way and that, tries to see what they're all talking about. The gradations are intriguing she supposes. She steps forward, again bending her head. But still she sees nothing. It should just be gray, she thinks, a mass of shades of gray.

A gen fic about Joan, post-S2 finale; written for me and basically hitting all my kinks. Where canon!Joan's strength (paradoxically) lies in her passivity towards Greg, this Joan does the thing we want her to do: she starts to take control of her life. The fic has this great mirroring effect, following her through two mornings and listing the differences. On top of that, there are quiet character notes on Peggy and Salvatore (oh gosh, the latter is heartbreaking) and the atmosphere feels very true to the show. I'm totally in love with it.

the rest, by fandom (alphabetically) )


Includes: Angels in America; Friday Night Lights; Homicide: Life on the Streets; Life; Mad Men; The Middleman; movies (Aliens; Brick; Chocolat; Empire Records; Hancock; Little Miss Sunshine; Speed); Mythology; Old Testament; One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights); Pushing Daisies; Sarah Connor Chronicles; Slings & Arrows; Spooks; The Time Traveler's Wife; Wire in the Blood

The rest of my Yuletide bookmarks are, natch, at my delicious account.

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I'm trying to keep these fairly short because rambling doesn't make for an easy read, and because otherwise I will be here altogether too long. Some quick round-ups for episodes that I don't have much to say about: Bones was really rather FABULOUS and I don't know that I can say much more than that; CSI: NY was also very good, and I don't know about other people, but the Flack storyline is breaking my heart (and also the other thing made me Super Happy because I'm all about Flack-love); and I've yet to watch The Unit but it's a double, so I'll watch them together. Also, Life was very funny, but I confess to not having anything to say about it, and also not having any clue whatsoever about that last Dani and Tidwell scene. No, seriously, I was watching it and I just didn't understand what the fuck was going on.

Okay. Next!


Merlin, 1x06-1x09 )

Californication, 2x07, In a Lonely Place )

True Blood, 1x10, I Don't Wanna Know )

Sarah Connor Chronicles, 2x08, Mr Ferguson is Ill Today )

NCIS, 6x07, Collateral Damage )

Criminal Minds, 4x07, Memoriam )

Grey's Anatomy, 5x08, These Ties That Bind )

Supernatural, 4x09, I Know What You Did Last Summer )

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I don't remember the order in which I watched these, so I'm going by air date. Likely y'all don't care but it matters to meeee.

Also, I watched a lot of them with The Sister this week which I think changes the way I see things. Mostly because she finds a lot of things funny, and it makes me more sympathetic to the kinds of joke that I would usually stomp all over.


re: Numb3rs. I didn't even finish last week's episode (5x03, Blowback), even though the first act looked good. I just. I think I'll wait for it to air on TV some time next year. Maybe time will make me more sympathetic to it? I don't know. It's a bad sign when you can't even watch the scenes with characters you don't actively dislike. And whilst Nikki Betancourt is fierce, I just don't care about her if she's been set up to be the fall guy, instead of a foil to Don & co. which is what she was originally described as being.

Farewell, show. Farewell, Don's Awful Hair.


True Blood, 1x07, Burning House of Love )

The Unit, 4x04, The Conduit )

Mad Men, 2x12, The Mountain King )

Californication, 2x04, The Raw and the Cooked )

Sarah Connor Chronicles, 2x06, The Tower is Tall, But the Fall is Short )

My Own Worst Enemy, 1x02, Hummingbird )

NCIS, 6x05, Nine Lives )

Pushing Daisies, 2x04, Frescorts )

Criminal Minds, 4x04, Paradise )

CSI: NY, 5x04, Sex, Lies and Silicone )

Private Practice, 2x03, Nothing to Talk About )

Grey's Anatomy, 5x05, There's No 'I' In Team )

Supernatural, 4x06, Yellow Fever )

Life, 2x06, Did You Feel That? (In which I talk in circles) )

I still haven't seen this week's Merlin (worked during the repeat on Sunday, and now I'm waiting for The Mother). Speaking of, it took The Mother a year to get into Northern Lights. A YEAR. Then, last week, she picked it up, finished it, finished The Subtle Knife and started The Amber Spyglass which she's quickly making a dent in. I am a little bit eye-roll-y about the whole thing, but also a little bit triumphant. I KNEW she'd like that damn series.

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Dear Mad Men, way to be entirely depressing! Which is not to say that I didn't love it, because, well, OBVIOUSLY I did. Jane is entirely boring to me, though; I think it was the casting choice. It was nice to see Hildy, though, whom I adore. Please, show, continue to wreck me. I don't mind at all.


True Blood, 1x04, Escape from Dragon House )

Life, 2x01, Find Your Happy Place )

Sarah Connor Chronicles, 2x04, Allison from Palmdale )

Californication, 2x01, Slip of the Tongue )

The Unit, 4x01, Sacrifice )

I've yet to see Dexter; am feeling pretty blahface about it, actually. I may have to store up a few episodes and watch them in one go. Even though I liked it last year, I only watched it on time because I was watching with T. And, well, not there any more.


I have new music, eee! Some unreleased Patty Griffin and Seth Lakeman's albums, whoop whoop. Folk at its best. And now: NCIS and Criminal Minds. It is a Good Day.

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Thanks to every one who replied to the Job Stories post; I'll reply to y'all individually later. If any one else wants to add anything, please feel free.


True Blood 1x01-1x03. )




Sarah Connor Chronicles, season 2. )


I'm writing this Spooks ficlet and it keeps turning into something ridiculous, and I keep having to cross out everything but the first paragraph. The problem is that I only have a vague idea of what I want to do with it. I wanted it to be a NCIS crossover but with the new season of that starting tonight (oh. my. fucking. god.) I'm reluctant on that front, too. So. I don't know. I've been writing this since the beginning of August almost, so I'm feeling ridic, and if I don't finish it before S7 then it'll never get written. But, whatev, right?


I finally finished last week's Bones (the dogs) and fuck, yes, okay, I bawled like a child. Man alive, this show is pretty depressing! What's with that?


DID I MENTION NEW NCIS. I'm so fucking nervous. First-date syndrome, what?

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So, LJ ate a drabble I wrote, and because I am a moron, I only had it saved on LJ. This is because in an effort to get shit actually posted, I sometimes write drabbles straight into the update page, and use an online word counter to help me out numerically. You'd think I'd know better. Truth: I don't.


A Cousin of a Cousin was here today and basically brought my productivity down to nil. Admittedly today 'productivity' translates as 'watching S3 X-Files' but I still resent the interruption.


This week The Sister has a Spanish exchange student tailing her. The Sister, the exchange partner and The Sister's friends have gone bowling. I will be spending the evening dining with The Mother. Possibly also with Cousin of a Cousin, but probably not because he may go back to Lincoln for a piss-up.


Just saw a job listing for somewhere very local. Have written a cover letter and 'managed' my CV for the position. Will call up tomorrow, and hit send on the email as soon as I hang up \o/

Kind of relatedly, I also called up for an admin job at a place that sells tractors and tractor parts (...oh, fenland) but have yet to hear from them again. Should I call again, ot accept it as bust? Should find out about Monday's interview on Friday. Aie aie aie. (It's super intimidating.)

Man, though, Real Life. What's that about?


On the flip side, I spent yesterday catching up with fandom. Finished the mid-season finale of Saving Grace (it's a fairly different show these days, but I'm still enjoying it, mostly because Holly Hunter is fantastic and I'm fond of Bailey Chase's jawline); watched Mad Men and (a) hated The New Girl whilst (b) feeling very strongly for Sal; watched the Bones two-part season opener which was par for the course (Indira Varma. !!!!); watched 1.5 episodes of Burn Notice (Michael Shanks, wtf); watched the penultimate episode of Weeds which shocked the crap out of me (the finale is going to KILL ME); and watched the season opener for Sarah Connor Chronicles.

SCC, 2x01, Samson & Delilah )


I'm hoping to see Rocknrolla this week (tomorrow, I think), and there'll be new Bones. Tried to watch Army Wives today but wasn't feeling it, which is weird because I normally find that a really easy watch. Basically I just want to close the door and watch hours and hours of X-Files. (Was going to watch more Homicide but wasn't in the mood.)

Marvellously, Denz has sent me season 4 of The Wire which is all the more incentive to go back and watch the second half of season 3.


Rewatched the first few episodes of Deadwood. Still fucking LOVE that show.


In other, not-sitting-on-my-ass news, this week has also been about working out local buses (actually: watched the EERIE Spooks episode ♥), going to the bank, and also spending money on The Flatmate's Christmas present. I'm not psychotically prepared, it's just that she needs it sooner rather than later (webcam) so that's one less thing to worry about, huzzah.


Mulder and Scully await.

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Heading home on Sunday/Monday. I should be packing, hence I'm procrastinating. Incomplete fic meme!


take me somewhere trouble don't know. (sarah connor chronicles)

The first thing you ask on waking is where is John? And then where am I? The same questions, every day, the same tests of reality. Is this happening? Yes, it's still happening. This is still your life.

Try as I might, I can't seem to get anywhere with this fic. Every time I sit down to write about Sarah Connor, I end up talking about future!John. This was originally going to be my entry for [ profile] picfor1000, but I ended up writing the Cameron fic for that instead. I don't really know where I'm reaching with this other than I am a little bit in love with Sarah Connor and she may unfortunately only be describable from an outside source. That said, I'm loathe to drop the second person. This may never get written.


turn not, tempt not. (ncis)

McGee had hugged her at the airport in a sudden display of desperate affection. Abby, too, with her exuberant throw of arms and surprisingly firm embrace. Ziva tried her utmost not to compare her farewell to her welcome but it was difficult, like everything else. She wanted to reassure them, had wanted to have something to give them in the way of kindness. Instead she had grasped McGee's hand with something approaching terror, holding on a moment too long before heading for the boarding gate, unable to meet his eye.

This fic was supposed to compare two flights to Tel Aviv (post-Kill Ari and post-Judgment Day) but that hasn't happened yet. spoilers for s5 finale. )

But so far I have three paragraphs and no destination. So I think ultimately this will end up being much shorter and about other things.


what dreams may come. (sarah connor chronicles)

Old faces, new ones. In a cyclical narrative time means different things, simple words garner complex meanings. You does not mean you precisely. It means, that which is before me, that which I can see. Identity is troublesome. Does the machine ask who is this I? John Connor asks: who are you? Because even he is not entirely himself. Even he is outside his own body. Who are you?

Obviously I'm not quite done with the 'going forward to go back; going back to come forward' theme.


Unfortunate of unfortunates: I tried to write for Saving Grace and failed. Which is actually okay - the how doesn't need embellishing - and the Grace&Ziva haiku I wrote for [ profile] haikuathon are more than enough to sate my appetite. (Also: omg, what I wrote was horrible.)

I'm also still trying to write Road to Palmyra (Spooks), a fic which has changed permutation a handful of times now. It's still basically 'Zaf and Ros get stuck in the desert' but whilst before it was very much a team-based/episode-like fic, it's now more about the two of them. Except I'm going to have to shelve that again because every time I read [ profile] hestia8's fic, I feel Heavily Influenced, lols. Plus: it's not like I know where it's going after a year and a half of staring at it. I may also be writing Ziva meets Zaf fic because it pushes my buttons.

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GUYS. Can you imagine the SHEER BATSHIT that would be flying around if the Galactica got to Earth post-Judgement Day?


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I'm on hold. I'm on hold. I'm on hold. I'm in some hellish hold world of holding. (Josh Lyman, The West Wing)

SEE ABOVE. Also: they have the worst 'hold' music ever. It's like some sort of late80s, early90s daytime soap synth. SO BAD. (The person I was talking to turned out to be a woman.) Anyway, the chkdsk didn't work last night and then, when I tried to give her the error code, my laptop decided to get arsey (thank you, Nortons, for your compulsive need to run Live Update every time I need to do something important) so that took forever.


OK, I'm back now. There's something wrong with the video drivers, apparently, so the only option is to reinstall XP. So. That's what I'm doing. This is good, actually, because I've been meaning to clean the home PC for years now, and this way we're only getting the essentials back. All the word documents were saved earlier in the week, so no-one is losing vital information. Formatting the drive is going to take about 45 minutes so I'm going to watch more Torchwood, which is what I was doing whilst I was waiting for that woman to call.

After explorer crashed on my laptop, I was further thwarted in my attempts at productivity when (a) I didn't have the CD in the drive the first time I tried to access it, and (b) the second time, the keyboard decided to freeze. Niiice. Third time it worked. That poor woman was waiting whilst I faffed around. She was calling from India so it's at least 1am over there. Crikey.


Speaking of Torchwood, the reason I'm so behind is because it took me forever to get through A Day in the Death of which I found to be deathly boring. Something Borrowed was so-so until the second-half where it picked up considerably (I thought Gwen was smashing in the latter half) and now I'm half-through From Out of the Rain which is fucking creepy. If I'm done in time, I should be able to watch the finale tonight, huzz.


The Dad was watching the 10pm news last night. Can;t have been much going on in the world because the closing story was five minutes about Naomi Campbell. Anyway, I managed to watch the last twenty minutes of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It was The Demon Hand which remains my favourite episode of the season after Dungeons and Dragons. Everything about that episode works for me from the direction to the performances. Cameron walking away still gives me the shivers, and the closing scene - though it had different resonance on the re-watch - was still chilling. Fuck me, I love this show.


Substance? What is this thing you speak of?

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I didn't know whether to do this by fandom or by author so I'm doing a mix of both. First up, Sarah Connor Chronicles. I'm actually posting all the fics that I liked enough to keep on my account, and not just the ones I've marked as recs because, well, I'd only have three. Also, I'd like to point out [ profile] scc_fic, a comm for your ficcing needs. There's a range of stories available, and I found all of the below, bar two, via that comm. You may enjoy some of the things I was less enamoured of. (Note: UK viewers, the next episode to air will be 1x05, Queen's Gambit; I've marked spoilers on fics.)


primary recs.

in the border fires by [ profile] trollprincess (Terminator/Supernatural, John/Sarah)

Her name is Sarah Connor, and when he tells her his name she gets that twinkle of amusement in her eyes that anyone who's ever handled a weapon tends to get. But instead of asking, "Like the gun?", she leans back on the small couch as her long light brown hair spills over her shoulder, then says, "Same name as my kid. Must be a sign."

John highly doubts that, because he believes in a lot of signs but not the kind that lead to this.

I know I've recced this before, but some of you won't have seen it. It was written pre-SCC but it fits both Hamilton and Headey's Sarah Connors. No spoilers for Supernatural. It's a story about parents of fated children; John Winchester has his secrets, but Sarah Connor has more. Their meeting is quick, heady and fragile. I found this fic whilst looking for Papa-Winchester-centric stories and read it without really knowing who the hell Sarah Connor was. I loved it then, and I love it even more now that I have a full grasp of canon. Wonderful idea, skilfully executed, and a wholly satisfying read.

how to change the world without even trying by bangles (pre-T2: Judgment Day, John Connor)

One of the SWAT cops has his mother pinned face down on the ground. The second cop handcuffs her. All the rest, except for one, keep their guns trained on her. Only one cop is holding John, and he doesn't use handcuffs, and no one's really looking at them, except of course for his mother. But she signaled to John to do nothing. So he does nothing. He has to just let them take her.

This fic is set a couple of years before T2: Judgment Day, following John from his mother's arrest and incarceration in Pescadero State Hospital to his life just before the second movie begins. It looks at how he went from a child who believed in everything his mother said to a child who thought she was as crazy as every one else seemed to think she was. It's quite a sad story, well-written, and embraces both the John we meet in T2 and the John we know in SCC.

ivory and ebony by [ profile] the_grynne (Sarah Connor Chronicles, future!fic, Cameron and John)

I did not hate, I did not fear. This I remember. I followed orders without question. If I am deceitful now, if I feel the strange uplifting of joy in victory, it is your work in me.

Cameron and future!John, paying chess, and learning; chess as a metaphor is established early on in Sarah Connor Chronicles. [ profile] the_grynne takes the idea of Cameron's hidden agenda and turns it into something reverential. There is something beautiful and haunting about Cameron's voice in this ficlet in which she is the product of both John's direct and indirect machinations.

thank god, it's fatal by [ profile] hackthis (Sarah Connor Chronicles)

spoilers for UK viewers: 1x05-1x07. )

the further I fall, I'm beside you by [ profile] kalesbohan (Sarah Connor Chronicles, future!fic, Cameron and John)

John knew, like he'd always known, that nothing he did to the timeline would make Cameron human or born of a mother. That didn't mean he cared less, invested less in her; it meant the opposite. Cameron was a bomb and catalyst thrown into his own past, her every fibre from long hair to tone of voice calculated to get a precise reaction and loyalty from his own self. She was calculated to devastate him.

More future!fic. (Minor spoilers for UK viewers: set post-1x05.) Cameron in canon sometimes does things that we as viewers find suspicious; this fic posits a theory about Cameron's secondary mission. It's an interesting look at future!John's psyche, and is quietly chilling, whilst maintaining the show's dark humour - Cameron's dialogue is especially on point.


secondary recs.

our passenger by [ profile] trollprincess (Terminator/Firefly, Jayne/Sarah)

They pick her up on one of the border planets, a wiry hard-edged woman with a single bag of possessions and a battered hat that's seen better days, probably on the head of someone else. She assesses Serenity like she's looking for weak spots, and Jayne's pretty sure he's the only one aside from Zoe who can tell she's hiding more weapons on her body than he is.

What a pairing, seriously. Sarah finds herself in the 'verse and takes passage on Serenity. Her fleeting presence on board leads to a lusty encounter with Jayne before she leaves, still maintaining her mysterious aura. As with In the Border Fires, Sarah Connor is the mysterious and alluring outsider, leaving silence in her wake. I prefer the other fic because of the ways in which Sarah unknowingly mirrors John Winchester, but this one is also well-written, engaging and also amusing (how could it not be with Jayne?) There is a wonderful scene towards the end when the myth of John Connor comes to life, and surprisingly, the two fandoms come together really well.

double vision by [ profile] vaznetti (Sarah Connor Chronicles, Sarah Connor)

Sarah has not always found weapons beautiful. She can remember the early days, grit in her eyes, bones aching and hands blistered and her teachers shouting again and do it right, this time, and for fuck's sake, she was just a waitress, not some kind of hero. But there was John, and she didn't have time to care that she was tired, or couldn't get it right: she had to.

A tiny ficlet about Sarah Connor. The transformation of Sarah between The Terminator and Judgment Day is dramatic, and her trust of weapons is always polarised with her fear and hatred of the machines. Can she afford to trust Cameron?

What this fic doesn't quite do - possibly because it's about Sarah, and not about John - is take the next step in this thinking: Sarah doesn't trust the machines, but John does, and his affinity towards them may be the reason why he becomes the man people believe he will become.

maybe tomorrow by [ profile] hackthis (Cameron Phillips)

Terminators do not prevaricate. There are no half-truths. And yet, she is Cameron Philips and she is not. She is the soul of Cameron Philips; she is Cameron Phillips' brain. She looks like Cameron; she has seen the photos. She has had this conversation many times with John -- her John, not this John. She meant what she said to Sarah Connor -- this is not her John. Her John is different. Her John created her when she died.

This fic plays with the line between human machine as presented in Cameron Phillips, taking the idea that Cameron as a personality is something created by John Connor. In some ways it's similar to [ profile] the_grynne's fic that I recced above: Cameron as a product of John, and having pride in those origins. But in other ways, it's much looser. [ profile] hackthis's Cameron is humanised to a greater degree, is less majestic and awesome than [ profile] the_grynne's, and I think that's why I ultimately preferred the other fic. That said there's a lot going on here, and it's a good story with a satisfying end.

and so it went by [ profile] indiefic (Sarah Connor Chronicles)

spoilers for UK viewers: 1x05-1x07 )

acting human by [ profile] psycholizard (Sarah Connor Chronicles, post-ep)

post-ep for 1x07, The Demon Hand )

/dev/null by [ profile] rez_lo (Sarah Connor Chronicles, Cameron)

She runs, endoskeleton pushing against the earth with tensile strength that powers the body forward like a bullet chased by expanding gas. With her left hand she shields Him. With her right she grabs at air solid as an iron bar, takes the illusion of torque and uses it to hurl them another stride over the surface. Again. And repeat. Her lungs take in the whole sky and breathe it back out; her heart pumps an ocean of blood.

Cameron, the machine. She's so fascinating precisely because in questioning her construction we're actively questioning what makes us human (hence the new BSG's success, at least partially). The imagery here is sharp and intricate; Cameron is all machine this time around, all mechanics and code. What I found really interesting was the use of Him. There are a lot of biblical parallels to be made with the Terminator franchise, but unlike [ profile] the_grynne's fic, [ profile] rez_lo's lacks the open reverence. Instead the idea of John as creator is overwhelming, and this fic (for me) strongly evokes the idea of the fall of man. Well worth your time. I can't remember why this isn't marked as a primary rec. Possibly I felt it too intricate on first reading, but looking at it again, I think that intricacy is essential. So.

binary sounds like morse code by [ profile] fryadvocate (Sarah Connor Chronicles, Cameron)

She understood time as something that occurred all at once. Everything that occurred after John sent back the T-800 had already occurred as soon as, before, after he sent the machine back.

John said, "Now we see what changes."

The bunker shook and someone came in with a report, didn't even glance at her. She was void. Time did not move linearly, she understood. Time shifted like a wave, all molecules moving at once and subsiding. Sending Reese back had not stopped the war, it had guaranteed it.

This one is difficult to read but I recommend persevering with the 'code' format because it's quite important. It's a striking piece, powerful in its implications for Cameron's ability to learn and adapt. Following Cameron in her trajectory from future to past and then forwards to the future again, we watch as she adapts to circumstance, and how she comes to trust John (which is contrary to nearly every other fic on their relationship).

The only reason this is in the secondary recs rather than the primary ones is because conceptually it's a little tough. But I think that it's worth the effort.

and the things that keep us alive keep us alone by [ profile] arewewinning ([ profile] stateofsoul) (pre-T2: Judgment Day through past Sarah Connor Chronicles; Sarah, John.)

Later that night, she asked him why he wandered off and her son tilted his head against his pillow, met her gaze, and rolled his eyes in her general direction even as sleep worked to pull him away from her.

"I didn't. I couldn't find you so I had to wait until you found me."

And past the tears she hadn't shed yet, she was smiling.

A fic about John Connor and his life as he knows it. The John we know, the one we're introduced to in Sarah Connor Chronicles is in many ways plagued by inadequacy and by the burden of his future, his supposed destiny, and it makes for a tired figure. I don't know if I'm the only one but I think that future!John, far from being all-knowing and finally accepting of his role, is probably still scared shitless and so, so tired. Whilst some of the resistance fighters probably wonder at his secrecy (thus buoying the myth of John Connor) the man himself must be an exhausted figure, at times trapped by his past. John Connor, like his mother, only goes forward.

But anyway, this fic is a series of 'scenes' from throughout John's life, charting his development. There are moments of doubt, there are moments of clarity; John is a character in flux, regardless of what he's told the future will be. I like the idea a lot, and I enjoyed the fic.

There's an implicit idea that Sarah's absence is filled by Cameron, but it's not taken anywhere, and I felt that whilst the fic is very good as it stands, it's ending was lacking in some way. Not because it's quiet open - I don't mind that at all - but because I don't know what I was supposed to take away from it. I think it's one that people will like, though, because the vignette-style is neatly executed, and it's emotionally compelling.


There's this wonderful line in Heavy Metal when Sarah is losing her nut over John's escapades and Cameron offers, "John does these things sometimes." John does these things. Part of his skill, then, his charm maybe, is his ability to take risks. There are some powerful moments in the episode, and the re-watch was beneficial.

One of the things that makes Cameron especially difficult, I think, and that the show takes pains to remind us is that she is actually a concept that we as viewers - as humans - have devised. We have a concept of Cameron onto which we project narrative whilst Cameron is actually just the skin that covers the TOK715. And we, like John, become attached to that skin. The show is clever, though, because it doesn't really let us forget that machine aspect of the character. (Well, until it's useful to them.) That scene in The Demon Hand where spoilers ) is a sharp reminder that we are more invested in Cameron than the TOK715 is in us (or, you know, John). in which M talks about her own fic. )

continuing ruminations on characterisation. )

Alternatively, the above is bollocks, but I wanted to talk it through somewhere.


New New Amsterdam today. Hurrah!

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So, there's that "posting outside your comfort zone" meme going around, and I've been tagged a couple of times (once by [ profile] noorie for certain). Consider this the post for that. The 'rules' are basically that you ask me to write about something I don't really write about but I'm not entirely certain what that would cover? Whatever. Go for it. You can also take this as that "ask me something you should know about me but don't" meme because it's basically an opportunity for the same thing, right?


[ profile] elysium1996, I don't know if you got my message or not, but I got the second postcard you sent some time last week. Thank you - it's a lovely picture! Again, it's up on the wall, and I swear, there will be photos when I'm back down south. I WILL remember, lols. Thanks again, m'dear!


On that note: do I owe any of you postcards? I'm certain all the ones that I wanted to send have been sent (oh, except for yours, [ profile] tigertrapped, but that's because I've yet to find the right one!), but I might be wrong. If any new flisters are interested, I'm talking about the postcard exchange. (I think possibly the BEST thing about that post is my Sarah Connor Chronicles response which... it's true! To begin with the show seemed to be one of those things that hit My Kinks but other people possibly disliked. But then. ! SO GOOD. And it's on telly tonight, huzz, although I think The Mother and The Sister are watching a film tonight. So.)


There were some yaysome Spooks casting spoilers out today. I think I'm wearing my happyface for reasons contrary to others in the fandom, but yes. Yays all around. (Addendum: I love the picture for this mood. SMASHING.)

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Am using BBC iPlayer to download a documentary called The Poles Are Coming! which is part of BBC's 'White Week'. Mostly I'm watching it because it's based in Peterborough, and I live around there. Peterborough is a mess of a city, but the issues the show seems to be raising are relevant enough (I only know about it because I'm subscribed to one of the feeds from The Independent online). One woman was against immigration completely - and her surname's Patel. Which. YEAH. I face this a lot, especially within my family, and I don't think people are completely latching on to the IRONY of their positions. Anyway, I'll probably watch that tonight whilst The Flatmate and T are out.


Speaking of The Flatmate (and of TV, I guess), we've started marathoning season 1 of Lost. No real reason, just seemed like the thing to do. Especially considering the unreliable nature of our net connection.


Yesterday's meeting was useless; yesterday's class was interesting enough. Afterwards I walked back to my street with a classmate who is usually pretty aloof. Oddness. Today I'm reading poetry for tomorrow's 4-hour class (last class of the term, huzz). Donne, Jonson, Marvell and probably Herrick, too.


I have a yen to talk about Kate Todd & Ziva David some more but I'll hold off for a while. Mostly because I'm out of practice, and my head has been eaten up by Sarah Connor Chronicles. Speaking of, [ profile] call_me_daisy has posted some icons at her journal and, as ever, they're wonderfully crisp and clear, not to mention beautifully cropped and coloured.

What I'm liking about the fanfiction that's coming out right now is (a) the flexibility of future!John Connor's memories (because, of course, they're always changing the past) and (b) the introduction of characters from the film. One person wrote fic with a war-weary Kate which I love the idea of because the parallels there between her transformation and Sarah's are strong, but Kate's got other notions and other priorities. I kind of love the way in which canon has set up this notion of multiple realities (right from the start when Biehn's Reese tells Sarah that he comes from one of a possible range of futures) and fandom is completely on board with that. Fandom doesn't really care that the timelines and plots don't always crossover between the film-verse and the show because (a) it's openly plausible, and we're embracing the fluidity of the canon, and (b) we're used to fusing our own timelines between shows and books. I think the filming of the comic series has helped with that a lot, but I also think that fandom is a lot more flexible than we often realise. I mean, there are some cases where you're going to be a stickler for certain details ("That makes NO SENSE. How can A be in B when C hasn't done this yet?") but when you're dealing with time-travel... I don't know. Doctor Who fans are similar in that they appreciate the potential for inter-episodic narratives to go anywhere and pretty much do anything but that fandom is vast and terrifying in its process of fractioning itself. Possibly because SCC fandom is quite small, and quite young right now, or possibly because the nature of the time travel is different (you're always going backwards to come forwards; you're living forwards just to end up going back) there's just this manner in which this fandom is so okay with the battered timeline. It's really relaxed which I'm enjoying.

I'm not entirely certain that the above made any sense, but suffice it to say that I've been reading fic, and I've been enjoying it. I like the newness of fandoms, in the same way that I like the newness of shows and I like the nature of pilot episodes. I like how loose and free they are at the beginning before you start fixing details, and I really like shows that maintain that 'new' feeling (until the last few before the strike, every episode of The Unit felt fresh and open to me; I loved watching it). A relevant example from Lost: between the pilot and the second episode, her character transforms massively. Her character gets formed definitively when we know she was the one travelling with the US Marshall; before then, her identity - unlike Jack's - is fluid. You don't really know who she's going to turn out to be. I thought that was a nice touch when we were watching last night.


Obviously I'm procrastinating. I'd better get my work done.

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So, I did something mildly moronic last night. As a long-time insomniac, I should know better than to take caffeine before I go to bed but what did I do at around 11pm? Ate toast with tea. TEA. Anyway, I didn't sleep well last night (no shit, Sherlock) and in fifteen minutes I have to leave for an essay consultation. I... don't normally go to these things? Or, if I do, I normally have an idea which essay I'm going to tackle. I don't really know what this woman wants to talk to me about. Anyway, after that I have to come back to the house because I don't have class until 5pm. My timetable, it is poorly constructed.


In the meantime, please enjoy caps of two of the fiercer female characters around right now.


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Sarah Connor Chronicles, initial reaction. )


I went to that careers' talk today which was half-useful, half-useless. I want to go for a long, energetic walk now but my neighbourhood is so fuck-ugly that there's not really anywhere to go. I'm feeling weirdly homesick but I think this is mostly because I want to smack some sense - and a sense of respect - into N.


Oh, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford was amazing. I really liked the format, and I thought the cinematography was fantastic. The construction of the scenes - and the soundtrack, too - was so skilfully done. I came out fully impressed. (What's more, The Dad showed an interest in the film about a year ago when the trailer came out, so I think it's something I can watch with him and The Mother. Huzz.)

Now I'm going to watch Hallam Foe, then I'm going to go back to The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

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Sarah Connor Chronicles friending meme! My first friending meme ever, yayarms. So. Let's see how that goes. Many hellos to new flisters.

In related news, every day is friending/de-friending amnesty.


I have cowboys on the brain. AGAIN. Sigh. Where are The Magnificent Seven when you need them?


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