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I managed to write three fics for Yuletide this year, huzzah! My main/actual fic is You Are Tired which is film-verse Ricki Tarr and Peter Guillam (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), but owes a lot to the BBC miniseries. I actually matched for The Hour but this happened instead. Okay!

I also wrote two fic for Yuletide Madness. The first is A Narration in Lessness (The Killing/Forbrydelsen) which is Sarah Lund and Troel Hartmann in the wake of series 1. Spoilers, so beware. The second was The New Guy (Spooks) which is Tariq and Dimitri's first meeting. I think you can probably read it as a prequel of sorts to The Whole Planet &c. as it doesn't directly contradict anything that happens in that fic.


I wish there was an option in Yuletide to ask for fics that deal with one-off guest characters in otherwise large fandoms. I know why there isn't but fuck me, I really want someone to write fic about Idris, the woman whose body gets taken over by the TARDIS in Hipster Who. Although, maybe that's the answer to my [ profile] femgenficathon-shaped question from last year?

I also have another Dimitri/Tariq fic in the works, which I guess is a sequel to The Whole Planet &c. Going to try to get that down and out there before starting on [ profile] picfor1000, the assignments for which went out yesterday. I got another interesting picture that I don't know what to do with. Hurrah!


SIGH. Sherlock. A technically intricate ("clever") plot is not the same as a good story. I did enjoy it, and the friendship between Holmes and Watson (and the lovely Mrs Hudson) was as well-done as ever, but as with Hipster Who there was an element of JUST TELL THE STORY FFS.

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Did you ever want to read 25k of Dimitri/Tariq fic? Great. Have at it.

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In honour of my having FINALLY finished not only writing but typing up The Fic, please have another tidbit. This is now with my beta so it will be up in full for you to read by New Year. It's 25k in total (!?!?!?!?!?), so give my beta a chance to mow through it, yeah?

fic extract: Dimitri/Tariq. )

Earlier this week I went to see We Need to Talk About Kevin. It's masterfully put together, and the cast was brilliant (SWINTON \o/), but, fuck me, it's miserable. Also, I went with co-workers. Um. Interesting.

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I've spent most of the past week writing a Dimitri/Tariq fanfiction that, tonight, I finally finished. It still needs to be typed up and edited, and then it needs one fuck of a beta, but it's done, and I hope to post it. Here is an excerpt, posted with the hope that I will now have to follow through and post the rest.

Dimitri/Tariq Fic That Would Not Fucking End. )

Okay, wow, posting commitments! WEIRD.

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Okay, guys, let's talk about my weekend! Let us talk, especially, about Friday, which was a world of stress unto itself, starting with my general reluctance to pack, and the discovery that I had booked my hotel for the right day, WRONG MONTH. That's right; I am a fucking genius.

Friday. )


Woke on Saturday to a much cooler day, and made a round trip to King's Cross so that I could activate the top-up on my Oyster. Then headed to Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury to procure some giftage, by which point it had started to rain with some gusto.

I then had a really, really lovely couple of hours with [ profile] hestia8 who is as brilliant in person as she is online. We went to a place in Holborn that served Dutch pancakes (huge, enormous, oh-so-delicious pancakes) and basically sat there talking each others ears off. Eventually I had to leave and make my way back home. I plan on harassing [ profile] hestia8 again in a couple of weeks when I go back to see In a Forest, Dark and Deep, under the pretence of dropping off some Danish DVDs, mwhahahaha!

Speaking of the Danes, I watched more Forbrydelsen that night, and on Sunday. Guys. Guys. Please. You should be watching this show! Everyone who has lamented the quality of TV should be watching this show! Everyone who hates slipshod plots, and stories that zip past without rhyme or reason should be WATCHING THIS SHOW. Plus: hot Danes, all over the place. Seriously.


On Sunday I had my driving lesson, which could have gone better, and then The Mother's eldest sister came to visit so I spent the middle part of the day cooking chapattis, and then cleaning the cooker. They left pretty early, actually, so in the afternoon I cleared up, sorted out laundry, and then inadvertently got The Mother hooked on Fringe. As you do.


Today I sat down to finish my [ profile] picfor1000 entry which, for the past month or so, has been about 200 words of Puck/Rachel future!fic. Seeing as I wasn't getting anywhere, I ended up sitting down and proof-reading some undergrad dissertations (oh. my. god. Sometimes this side gig is a fucking nightmare), and then deciding to write Justified fic instead. As one does. It contained 100% less porn than I would have liked.

Anyway, that has been posted now. I also failed to mention that I re-posted my Yuletide 2010 entry (old school Spooks) after reveal, and that is up, too.


Tonight I plan on watching more Fringe (though I should probably get caught up on Being Human already) and mentally preparing myself for my return to employ tomorrow. Ugh, tomorrow is MARCH. What the hell.

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I wrote very, very little this past year, and what I did write was mostly drabbles. But I did get in a couple of crossovers and the like, so whatever. Year in review!

the fics. )

the break-down. )


The end. I wrote much less this year because of work and general lack of inspiration, but I'm not disappointed? I don't know. I thought the lower count would bother me, but it doesn't. It's been a success this year just to talk about the things that I enjoy in fandom, so any fic at all becomes an accomplishment.

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There's no way that I wrote as much this year as I did last year, but I probably posted more often because of the drabble comms. Plus: I ficbarfed all over Yuletide. (I'm sure you're all grateful for that image.) I don't really know how to organise this? I guess by fandom. I don't really know why I'm thinking this through in-post, but there you have it.

the fics. )

the break-down. )


With thanks, as ever, to everyone who left feedback or shook pompoms. Nothing would get written if it wasn't for you.

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I don't do resolutions at this time of year; in fact, I make them at any time of year that isn't now because the winter festivities brainwash me into thinking I'm capable of things that I'm not really capable of and I break all my resolutions by February. So. I don't know. That was a fairly pointless way of opening this post.

I will say, though, that I hope expand my flist some and to get back to my regular pattern of posting a handful of times during the day, if only because I sort of miss it, and it stopped me from being piss lazy. True story.


YULETIDE REVEAL!!!! I wrote more for Yuletide in that span of a week or whatever it was than I have all year for anything. RIDICULOUS. My main fics were Strength in Numbers (ensemble, Army Wives) and I Will Dream I Was a Daughter (Ruth, Spooks) for [ profile] ceridwyn2. I also wrote three pinch-hits/yuletide treats: Half-Life (Spooks) which looks at Ros between seasons 6 and 7; Asynchrony (Spooks) which is about Lucas re-adjusting to England (I suspect I gave myself away with that one; what say you [ profile] tigertrapped?); and Lloyd's Still Got Them Polaroids (Life) which is about Tidwell's half-endearing, half-creepy interest in Dani Reese.

Yeah. YEAH.


Eventually I will do that fic round up meme though probably not before I do another picspam. Haha. Plus, I sort of want to do "previously, in fandom" posts for all the shows that I stopped talking about a couple of months ago. But to do that I sort of need to catch up with them? Oh dear.


GIP! I love this icon, but I still think it would be funnier if the line was I shit thee not.

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What with The Sister being in Spain, I have some freedom tonight, lols. For Brit flisters who have access to ITV3, Life is airing tonight at 9pm. Witness my picspam if you need incentive (um, spoilers for the whole episode. But not for 1x02, which airs at 10pm)! I will probably be watching Criminal Minds on Virgin. The timetabling clash between that and Spooks on Monday is causing me some frustration. Yeah, I have ~epic~ problems.


I watched Wanted yesterday. It's a completely ridic film in a lot of respects, but I really enjoyed it. Very much my thing.


Believe it or not, I am actually still writing fanfiction. Not that I've posted anything but drabbles for ages and ages. THIS IS TERRIBLE. Hopefully Yuletide will be a step in the right direction (well, it has to be, the rules say so) but in the meantime I'm (still) working on that NCIS/Spooks piece, and am trying to remember how to write fanfic for other procedurals. The bar is high! (I'm looking at you, Criminal Minds. Sigh. Numb3rs fandom spoiled me.)

I am finding that my problem is that I have a lot of one-shots in my mind, but no actual idea of how to put them down. I'm tempted to do what I used to do (start in the middle, then write in a non-linear fashion) but, lols, that's pretty lazy. Oh, oh.


Shawn Colvin! Stop making me cry!

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The first of the lyric ficlets. NCIS, Wire in the Blood and CSI: NY.

i've got spots; i've got stripes, too. (ncis)
tony, ziva, desert #
Tony doesn't do too well in the desert
( link. )

at the violet hour. (wire in the blood)
carol, self-deceit #
But you could stay, he says
( link. )

on the corner of main street, just trying to keep it in line. (csi: new york)
flack/danny; angst #
Don knows this city, knows what it can do to a man
( link. )


More to come.

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Heading home on Sunday/Monday. I should be packing, hence I'm procrastinating. Incomplete fic meme!


take me somewhere trouble don't know. (sarah connor chronicles)

The first thing you ask on waking is where is John? And then where am I? The same questions, every day, the same tests of reality. Is this happening? Yes, it's still happening. This is still your life.

Try as I might, I can't seem to get anywhere with this fic. Every time I sit down to write about Sarah Connor, I end up talking about future!John. This was originally going to be my entry for [ profile] picfor1000, but I ended up writing the Cameron fic for that instead. I don't really know where I'm reaching with this other than I am a little bit in love with Sarah Connor and she may unfortunately only be describable from an outside source. That said, I'm loathe to drop the second person. This may never get written.


turn not, tempt not. (ncis)

McGee had hugged her at the airport in a sudden display of desperate affection. Abby, too, with her exuberant throw of arms and surprisingly firm embrace. Ziva tried her utmost not to compare her farewell to her welcome but it was difficult, like everything else. She wanted to reassure them, had wanted to have something to give them in the way of kindness. Instead she had grasped McGee's hand with something approaching terror, holding on a moment too long before heading for the boarding gate, unable to meet his eye.

This fic was supposed to compare two flights to Tel Aviv (post-Kill Ari and post-Judgment Day) but that hasn't happened yet. spoilers for s5 finale. )

But so far I have three paragraphs and no destination. So I think ultimately this will end up being much shorter and about other things.


what dreams may come. (sarah connor chronicles)

Old faces, new ones. In a cyclical narrative time means different things, simple words garner complex meanings. You does not mean you precisely. It means, that which is before me, that which I can see. Identity is troublesome. Does the machine ask who is this I? John Connor asks: who are you? Because even he is not entirely himself. Even he is outside his own body. Who are you?

Obviously I'm not quite done with the 'going forward to go back; going back to come forward' theme.


Unfortunate of unfortunates: I tried to write for Saving Grace and failed. Which is actually okay - the how doesn't need embellishing - and the Grace&Ziva haiku I wrote for [ profile] haikuathon are more than enough to sate my appetite. (Also: omg, what I wrote was horrible.)

I'm also still trying to write Road to Palmyra (Spooks), a fic which has changed permutation a handful of times now. It's still basically 'Zaf and Ros get stuck in the desert' but whilst before it was very much a team-based/episode-like fic, it's now more about the two of them. Except I'm going to have to shelve that again because every time I read [ profile] hestia8's fic, I feel Heavily Influenced, lols. Plus: it's not like I know where it's going after a year and a half of staring at it. I may also be writing Ziva meets Zaf fic because it pushes my buttons.

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the fics. )

break-down. )

With thanks to my betas, and to the people who regularly read and leave feedback. You are all very kindly people, and I appreciate having you all to talk to.

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[ profile] leda_speaks pimped this comm today, and I thought it sounded like an excellent idea, so I'm passing it on. The comm is called [ profile] behindthesong and the idea is as follows:

Ever wondered what was going on before, during or after the story of your favorite song? What happened to Mary Jane or Rosalita? Did the cowboy on the steel horse keep riding? Did Cecilia go on breaking hearts? Then this is the place for you - nominate songs that people can claim to write what happened before, what's happening now or what happened then.

Song nominations are open until January 14th, fics are due February 25th. Even if you don't plan to write, you can go and add song nominations (max. 3). Doesn't that sound like a great idea?


In related news, I got my prompt for [ profile] picfor1000 today. Excited! And I will continue to be excited up until the night before the deadline, at which point I will likely loathe said challenge.


I am still not at the store. I don't really know what's going on, but I'm not going to complain. I think I'm going to use this time to upload new icons, huzz.

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So, didn't finish The Unit because the Paternal Parental returned home. So am meme-ing, specifically that WIP meme. Under the cut you will find extracts of varying lengths from unfinished fics. The point is to motivate me to actually write the bloody things but I doubt that will happen.

fic;snip. )

Make of those what you will. I'm off to sleep. Also: GIP. And GLP if you're interested.

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the fics. )

break-down. )

Special thanks go to [ profile] wliberation and [ profile] tigertrapped who are not only my unfailing betas, but my dear friends. The former is my enabler and hand-holder, the latter is my inspiration. Further thanks to [ profile] binglexjells who not only writes brilliantly, but was the entire reason that any csi: new york fic got written this year. Also on this list of Awesome must go [ profile] ivinnuna and [ profile] raeyashi for their constant and uplifting feedback, and more lately, [ profile] twincy who has bravely beta'd my last fic for the year, and indulged me so far as to geek-meta Shakespeare and Bones (no, seriously). Lastly, I want to thank not only everyone who has read my fic this year, but everyone for whom I've beta'd this year. This whole fanfic thing is a two-way street. You can write all you want, but it's the talking that counts. So thanks for talking.

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So, work tomorrow morning, and then I have to remember to do that year-of-fic meme. I've been putting it off because I have one more Numb3rs fic to post but I'm waiting on omy faithful betas, and I'm also swinging between being satisfied by it and wanting to trash the whole damn thing. (I suck at teh pr0n and should never write it again? Yes ma'am.)

Speaking of fic, I just posted my tenth [ profile] 20_20challenge fic. Not my tenth Numb3rs fic this year, mind, because I posted a couple outside the challenge, but my tenth one for the challenge. March will mark a year since I signed up, and I was sort of hoping to have it done by then but oh well. It's not a popular challenge, and I'm halfway there now, so whatever. I'm not sure if it counts because it's actually just 7 drabbles cobbled together as a fic (the 87 I did last time count for certain because, hey, 87 drabbles = 8700 words) - I'm trying to stay on top of the [ profile] numb3rs100 prompts because I like the comm and it's teaching me to be succint. I'd do the [ profile] femslash100 prompts more often except my girl slash skills are woefully lacking.

Anyway. Tenth challenge fic, check. Up-to-date on prompts, check. Pr0n yet to post, check. Work tomorrow morning, woefully, check. Goodnight y'all.

P.S. I have loved this song ever since I bought it a couple of months ago and I love the video for it, too. Considering I didn't like The Arctic Monkeys the first time I heard them, it's fairly typical that I couldn't get enough of their albums towards the end of the year.

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the city & the sea. (Atlantis)
Teyla/Weir; laughing, not crying; for [ profile] twincy
Isn't it beautiful?" Elizabeth asks.

( the city & the sea. )

With an abundance of thanks (and Ponti’s chocolate in due course) to my good friend and beta, [ profile] wliberation. I am amused, by the way, that this is my first Atlantis fic and it features neither of my OTPs. Heh.

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ophelia's flowers.
original fiction; of love
I have never felt so betrayed.

part four )

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ophelia's flowers.
original fiction; of love
This is the story about how my sister fell in love with a man old enough to be her father.

part one )

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Satiate (ER)
NC-17, femslash; Abby/Kerry
“Abby is not gentle, not like Kerry’s other lovers.”

Commentary: Satiate )

in absence. (ER)
Angst; Kerry. Kerry/Abby, Kerry/Sandy
Kerry remembers, too.

Commentary: In Absence )


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