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I came home on Friday to find cake on the table, and I was like, Mother, what the hell with this cake? It's not that I am not into cake, it's just that it was majorly unexpected and I was going to make brownies this weekend, but now that's redundant. And The Mother was all, The Dad was going to sell it off, and I told him we could have it! And The Dad said, oh, M will eat it! And I said, but I haven't eaten it and it's already a quarter gone. And The Mother said, The Dad must have eaten it.

Basically we have to give him excuses to enjoy things.

Anyway, ten minutes ago The Dad is all, M, do you want cake? And I'm all, no, thanks, maybe later, and The Dad was all, OH. BUT THE CAKE IS FOR YOU. And I was all, JESUS DAD I'M NOT REJECTING YOUR HUNTER-GATHERER INSTINCTS I'LL EAT THE CAKE LATER.

My house is so full of drama I can't even.


This weekend and last our floor has been undergoing a furniture refit. They're taking out our desks and replacing them with smaller ones, and some of us are moving to new seats, blah, blah, NO WORK GOT DONE YESTERDAY. There was a cake stall and then a network outage and then rain and then we left the office at three and went to the pub. Should have left at three last week, too, but I was building stuff, and it wasn't our side of the floor that was being worked on, so we eventually left at four thirty. By four thirty yesterday I'd already had a drink, some conversation (one very long one about chickens; my Polish lady co-worker is SO LOVELY you guys), and was on a train home. Good times.

Work on the whole has been weird. It was all BE BUSY GET THINGS DONE YESTERDAY PUT OUT THAT FIRE and then suddenly...zzzzzzzzzzzzip. Nothing to do. So I'm getting back to my "background" project: writing Ops instructions. Jesus, what a bore.


Last Friday I stayed back for drinks and then went to see The Ladykillers which was hilarious and fucking delightful. The set was amazing, and the cast had great chemistry. Peter Capaldi was fabulous. I wish it were still on because I would take all of you. SO GOOD.


Pro-tip: don't watch The Deep Blue Sea. It's a brilliant cast, but a) it's depressing as fuck, b) it's filmed in this soft focus which just adds weight to everything, and c) it suffers the exact same problem as Closer: you can tell it's a play. Rattigan is brilliant, as is the play script for The Deep Blue Sea; I'm going to see The Browning Version in a month or so. I have no qualms with him or the play. But it was poorly adapted. I liked the flashbacks as a mode of storytelling because they were especially effective, and the transitions were seamless. But neither Hester nor Freddie are sympathetic, and Mr. Miller is completely minimised in the film. It makes for a much better play than a film.


The following wall of text is a paragraph of everything I've watched and found lacklustre this past fortnight. Whilst we're here, let's take a moment to comment on the new cut-tag design which, jesus, GO AWAY. )


Scott and Bailey continues to be terrifically entertaining stuff. I've always been partial to Gill, and her scenes this week were especially gratifying. Can't believe there's only two more episodes left. Going to be gutted when it's over.


I'm reading Jeffrey Eugenides' The Marriage Plot which, as I have said to a few people already, is different in tone to his previous works, and as of yet not as compelling, but I haven't been able to put it aside, which is saying something. It's incredibly meta, and feels both true and somewhat uncomfortable (in that I can relate to the general experience of the lit student, if not the specific). Looking forward to seeing where it leads me.


And then I forgot to complete my post before hitting save.

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re: the following post - yeah, I don't really know. I think the sun is beginning (pfft!) to bleach my brain.


Today Spooks fandom has been running around making me smile which is SUPER random because this is the Fandom of Woe (I don't care if you disagree, y'all; this shit is oft low). The easiest one to talk about is [ profile] hestia8's newest fic, Thrill Seeker, a crossover with 28 Days Later (apparently the post-apocalyptic scenario really appeals - and hey, why not?) featuring some smashing Zaf characterisation that everyone wishes he'd gotten in the series. Also: a laconic Ros. What's not to love?

Other things are more vague: probably-not-true casting spoilers (um, not for Spooks, although more than tangentially related) and promises of more fic. Yayarms, people, yayarms.


In the Real Life department, omg, I have to collect my (provisional) dissertation marks tomorrow. In the words of ye olde internets, does not want! I'm content to not know my dissertation grade and/or my degree classification for the rest of time. (Oh self, when did you lose your spine? Oh yeah: AGES AGO.)

T leaves for Brighton on Saturday, The Flatmate is leaving for Familial Things on Sunday (back Tuesday, thank fuck) and I'll probably be heading back home on Thursday. I'm failing at preventing a constant state of !!! GUYS. I AM SEVERELY ALARMED BY TIME. Oiskie, someone had to tell me what year it was today. I was very much displeased to hear that it's '08. OH EIGHT WHAT WHAT. I don't even know.


On the plus side, I walked up a storm and a half today. Magnificent.

We also breakfasted out this morning, which was lovely, and I've started reading Life of Pi. I don't really know why I'm telling y'all this as Twitter is only going to repeat me at 6am tomorrow, but anyway, I like the book so far.

Also: I made the best chip-like potato food at lunch today. Thin, fries-like, with spices. Yum.


Obviously I'm that kind of pretentious. Currently I'm rocking out to Vivaldi. Oh yeah. (Which reminds me! Poetry, yay.)

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Ah, see, I knew it was too good to be true (also: it didn't make much sense). Bryce Dallas Howard joins T4, replacing Gainsbourg.


So it's probably time to update already. Friday morning was just one long bore. I have never understood why the English exams are always scheduled for the afternoon, but I was in the library until 11.30 and then I went for lunch with T and her friend J; they'd both had a 9am exam. Went back upstairs to my desk after that but then The Flatmate arrived so we hung out in the library cafe instead. She tested me on quotations whilst she had some lunch and then finally it was 2pm and we left for the Union. She's been doing work with the SU, filming various events and the woman she was working with taught her how to edit the clips, so whilst I was in my exam, she was off doing that.

The exam was odd. It was a basic 2-part exam, 1 hour for comprehension, 1 hour for argumentation. The two poems our tutor chose for the compare and contrast were really strange. boring. )

All in all that second question went much, much better. So I don't know how I did overall, because I can't gauge how the marks will even out. I'm worried about my degree classification (because that's what I do) and apparently we get our dissertations back this week (which I don't want because the day after I handed it in, I could see in my mind exactly what needed changing to bring the damn grade up). So. Yeah, I don't know. I do know that results come out 20June, but contrary to my desires, I'll be back in the Fen by then.


After the exam, I sauntered out to the SU - the exam was held in the Sports Hall so we were right next to the Union - to find a couple of my classmates sitting on one of the benches outside the pub. I sat down to wait for The Flatmate to turn up and we ended up sitting there for a couple of hours whilst people relaxed post-exam, and drank.

Around 6pm we left for the house, but when we got there The Flatmate decided she wanted a sub so we headed straight out again for Pw. to go to Subway. When we got there we ended up in The Mitre for a couple of hours so it was after 8pm when we finally bought food and headed back to the house. Then we cornered T and watched the Lost finale, most of which we spent being traumatised for reasons not entirely connected with the show. Do we have to wait until January for the next season? Après we watched the episode of X-Files with the subliminal messages. "Kill. Kill 'em. Kill 'em all." Hilarity!


Saturday I spent watching X-Files and then walking in, around and back from town. The Flatmate and I watched Doctor Who and were happily creeped out. minor spoils. )

Then we ate quickly and headed to the cinema to see Indiana Jones which was really enjoyable. I like that kind of silly action caper, and I thought it was pretty well done, all things considered. I loved Blanchett's character so much. spoilers. ) Also, the film was weirdly life-referential! The Flatmate and I picked out six or seven ironic references (inadvertent, obviously, although it felt like we were being spoken to) to our lives in the past fortnight - silly things like shadows, or Pan Am which was a big part of The Aviator, of course (another Blanchett flick). It was bizarre. All in all, a great night.


Yesterday I spoke to The Mother for the first time in a fortnight (re: going home shenanigans, ugh) and then to The Sister who has the last of her AS exams today. The Flatmate and I went out at 3.30pm to discover the other half of the local park and ended up walking a mile or so towards another town before heading back. It was a nice day, actually. I think that I'm going to wash my face again and then go for another walk today. I'm enjoying the activity, which is new. I mean, I've always liked walking, but I like the energy it gives me. Am lacking in that in most other departments currently.


Isn't this picture fantastic? People have been talking about the second season recently, and I finally caught up (after a year!) with the finale. I'm excited!

After our long walk yesterday, The Flatmate and I watched The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances (Doctor Who), and I know it's a couple of decades earlier, but Nancy's coat is gorgeous. 1900s dress pre-70s is sort of smashing.


Let's finish how we started off: Thandie joins the cast of Roland Emmerich's 2012. Huzzah! Girl is also playing Condoleezza Rice in Oliver Stone's Bush biopic, W. Thandie gave a great interview with The Guardian last week. You can find it here but I doubt you're as interested as I am, heh.

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So, am back at the house shortly because I left one of my ear-plug covers here. (My headphones are the noise-reduction ones, so without the covers it's like eviscerating my aural canal). Things aren't all that productive at the library, mostly because I'm super bored and all I have left to do is actually learn the quotes that I've pulled. This is all work that I really need to do tomorrow afternoon. So I'm going to finish pulling quotes today, come back early and then leave everything until tomorrow afternoon when I can start memorising it. Because really? The place T chose to sit today? Not conducive to learning!

It's crazy, though. The reason we go so early is to make sure we can get seats and an actual desk. There are people sitting with their notes sprawled across the floor in all the major corridors. In. Sane.


OK, time to head back. It's all rainy and disgusting outside. But, plus side: lunch!

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Long day! Was up early and out the door by 8-something. Went through all of my Trad. poetry notes; tomorrow I'll be selecting and learning quotations from Paradise Lost. I hate all this end-of-the-week bs. I want my exam to be tomorrow! Then I can just be done with academia and sulk about how my life is over! Histrionics! Right! Now!

No, I'm obviously being facetious. But I am getting fed up of having to wait for Friday.


SIGH. So, I haven't even caught up with Numb3rs yet but I just unsubbed myself from all but one of the comms I was subscribed to. I'll probably come back in the autumn, but right now I want some distance from it.


Just did a bucket load of ironing - I know, my life is absolutely thrilling - whilst watching more X-Files. Ugh, Darkness Falls (green bugs in the giant trees that eat you at night?) freaks me the fuck out. I woke at 6.30 this morning because of a nightmare. Naturally I then proceeded to have the same horrible wasp-filled images every time I closed my eyes. Hence getting out of bed ten minutes later.

But! Only one disk left before season 2 time! That doesn't really mean anything considering we house-watched Scully's post-Duane Barry return on Saturday night, and The Flatmate and I have been watching random season 8 episodes when we get the urge. But yay, season 2!


Family weddings? Yeah, no thanks.

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Today is my eljayversary! Aw. I've been talking rubbish online for four years now. The sheer oddness of this has not escaped me. I feel like I should do something momentous but instead I'm going to ask: guys, how the fuck do you buy appropriate foundation?? I end up buying three or four and mixing them with cream and stuff just to get the fucking thing right. And I kind of hate standing there in Boots or wherever looking at the foundations because the women who work there - MY GOD VULTURES ALL OF THEM. So. Yeah. How does one go about this business? I don't even wear foundation all that often but I figure I should for graduation which is two months away yet, but I'd like to be prepared. Also, there's a wedding before then so it'll come in useful.


So, I finally conquered the goddamn university printers and printed out/handed in my final assignment. I think it went okay. I'm not too bothered because I covered all my bases, and it was a really interesting topic. This afternoon there's an English dept. gathering (I believe 'cheese' was mentioned) so we're going to that. I have an exam at the end of the month so I need to prep for that but I'm finding that I am running out of Real things to do.

Naturally this is BRILL because it means I can read stuff. FOR MYSELF. ! Smashing.

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Lols, so. I'm showered and dressed now. I'm going to dry my hair and then go for that early morning walk. The campus office doesn't actually open for another three point five hours so theoretically I could go to sleep now. I'm not going to, though. Not as glutton for punishment, but just because I need to not fuck over the circadians that I worked so damn ard to readjust in the first place.

This essay will not be getting a tremendous number of marks but I'm hoping that it'll maintain my average. I've been reading a lot of criticism recently and I'm now 99% sure that I've fucked up the argumentation in my dissertation. I was too worried about the stuff that didn't matter. But: it's done now. Can't fix it now. No sense in freaking about it. (That's my current mantra. I'm not entirely sure how it's going.)

Hahaha, I can't even drop my books off at the library because it doesn't open until 0830.


Have turned on my 'wake up' playlist because I basically spent the last four hours listening to the tracks from the last post. Niiice. (This shuffle is a bit shit - three Matchbox 20 tracks in a row? Ugh, chaos theory, how you trip me out.)


This next week I have to read the rest of Middlesex, devise an essay question, submit it to my tutor, research for it and then write 2k. That's due a week today. A week this Friday we're going to watch A Streetcar Named Desire (!!!) and a fortnight this Friday I have my exam which is something I need to prep for. If this essay bombs, then I'm going to need those exam marks.


I can feel the hysteria setting in now. Today is quite obviously going to be a lot of fun.

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HOLY BOVINE. I just sent my dissertation off to be bound.

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Whilst I have yet to finish the top 5s meme (oh god, I'm so close, too; I WILL get the damn thing done and posted!), I also need some small distractions. SO. List me a fandom and a character/pairing and I will write you a tiny (one sentence/haiku) fic. Joy all round!

Only one caveat: no 'cest, please.


Have just taken a de-stressing shower (much needed also because I needed to wash my hair - ew). Have taped a large piece of paper to my desk and I'm actually feeling good about what I need to do now. So. WHO KNOWS. I am a conundrum. With a failing panic reflex.

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new header (and icon) using a gorgeous picture I found whilst going through some ritualistic ballet-perving.


On the plus side, I don't have to write the damn thing from scratch.

On the minus, I no longer have a central, defining argument.

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A week's worth of mounting funk culminated in a ridiculous Monday morning; haven't been in touch with anything that isn't Twitter (which I am oddly enamoured of; mini-posting! Fab). Yesterday was a vast improvement, although this morning I'm waiting for an email from my dissertation supervisor. I have a feeling she's going to ask me to come in to see her. Can you say does not want? Because: does not want.

I did, however, get work done in the interim, and I finally emailed SK which was a long time coming.


Today is dedicated to: reading Tortilla Curtain, writing tomorrow's presentation, and reading one of the five texts I took out of the library yesterday so that I can nail my dissertation already.


Up next: some poems. This evening: the last of the top 5s. Hopefully.

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So, class got cancelled which means that although I still need to finish my sonnet analysis, the presentation doesn't need to be done for another week. I've bookmarked c.10 articles on Paradise Lost which I'll go over at the library later today, after I've handed in my assignments.

I also just now realised that the Anthology that I bought for Traditions in Poetry actually covers work from 1000 AD through to 2002, which is smashing and means that I don't have to sell this on once the class ends because it's actually full of stuff that I want to read. Poetry, fabulous!


Telephone Conversation
by Wole Soyinka

The price seemed reasonable, location
Indifferent. The landlady swore she lived
Off premises. Nothing remained
But self-confession. "Madam," I warned,
"I hate a wasted journey--I am African."
Silence. Silenced transmission of
Pressurized good-breeding. Voice, when it came,
Lipstick coated, long gold-rolled
Cigarette-holder pipped. Caught I was foully.
"HOW DARK?" . . . I had not misheard . . . "ARE YOU LIGHT
OR VERY DARK?" Button B, Button A.* Stench
Of rancid breath of public hide-and-speak.
Red booth. Red pillar box. Red double-tiered
Omnibus squelching tar. It was real! Shamed
By ill-mannered silence, surrender
Pushed dumbfounded to beg simplification.
Considerate she was, varying the emphasis--
"ARE YOU DARK? OR VERY LIGHT?" Revelation came.
"You mean--like plain or milk chocolate?"
Her assent was clinical, crushing in its light
Impersonality. Rapidly, wave-length adjusted,
I chose. "West African sepia"--and as afterthought,
"Down in my passport." Silence for spectroscopic
Flight of fancy, till truthfulness clanged her accent
Hard on the mouthpiece. "WHAT'S THAT?" conceding
"DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT IS." "Like brunette."
"THAT'S DARK, ISN'T IT?" "Not altogether.
Facially, I am brunette, but, madam, you should see
The rest of me. Palm of my hand, soles of my feet
Are a peroxide blond. Friction, caused--
Foolishly, madam--by sitting down, has turned
My bottom raven black--One moment, madam!"--sensing
Her receiver rearing on the thunderclap
About my ears--"Madam," I pleaded, "wouldn't you rather
See for yourself?"

(*) Buttons to be pressed by caller who has inserted a coin into an old type of British public pay phone.


Okay. My day has just drastically improved. Marvellous!

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Crikey, am I PISS BORED with this Traditions in Poetry assignment. I am so apathyarms about coming back to university. This is either a response to graduation or the epic fail portion of my dissertation shenanigans (more likely the latter). But... write a sonnet and explain the form; should be 1k. Analyse other sonnet; also 1k. Write presentation on Satan's status as hero/anti-hero in Paradise Lost. Guys. This should be sort of awesome! And yet: I don't give a toss. I just. don't. care.

I did take the sonnet-writing task as another opportunity to write the Hades-kidnaps-Persephone story. BECAUSE IT IS FAB. (GUYS. She goes from being THE CHILD/MAIDEN to being THE IRON QUEEN WHOSE NAME ONE SHOULD NOT SPEAK. Persephone is fucking hardcore. I am also of the opinion that somewhere in that whole mess of a kidnapping malarkey, Persephone obviously gets on board with being the person that she is and falls for her captor. Which. GUYS. PERSEPHONE IS ALL STOCKHOLMED. On a bike!)

UGH. Why isn't the week over yet? (I fail. FAIL.)


In not-whinging news, zomg, if I'm good and get work done tonight, I can watch NCIS before bed, huzz!

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Have been up since seven - can see daylight, hurrah! It's a nice morning; may head out to the park later. Today will be used for: writing a sonnet, a 1k analysis, and my presentation on Paradise Lost for tomorrow. Tried to do the sonnet yesterday and failed.


We've had no net connection for a few days which is why I was up early this morning, calling Tiscali. Was on a bad line with a guy in India (of course) who had no idea what I was talking about. Anyway, ended up connecting to the router using an ethernet and running the set up wizard that way. Everything seems to be working now so from now on, whenever we have a problem, I'm going to try that first. What a palava!


Making use of yesterday morning's free time, I took a couple of hours to cook enough fajita filling to last me out the week. I have a new pan and a new knife, both of which have made my life so much simpler (it's the little things that please), and I actually remembered to add sweetcorn this time so that was yummy.


Back to Monday - I ditched the essay writing on Sunday because I was too knackered (wtf, it was only midnight) to keep at it, and instead decided to wake early on Monday and get the damn thing written. Which I did, by midday. Handed that in, came back to the house, read, ate, watched Doctor Who (Partners in Crime, again) with The Flatmate. I think we're watching the Pompeii one tonight.


LAST NIGHT WAS SORT OF MARVELLOUS. The Flatmate and I went to see French and Saunders live and it was a great big bundle of yay. I have never really found them massively funny (I prefer stand-up to sketch comedy most of the time) but last night was excellent. They did the original sketch which inspired Absolutely Fabulous, a skit involving granny scooters, this hilarious Catherine Zeta Jones thing and loads of other hilarious scenes. AB FAB, GUYS, AB FAB.




Am having issues with Norton AntiVirus. "Your virus definitions are out of date." So I hit LiveUpdate, it tells me that there are no new updates available, I close that window and STILL that fucker of an icon is throwing an AMBER EXCLAMATION POINT in my face. On a bike! What must I do to supplicate your ire, oh defender of this virtual realm? Must I sacrifice lolcats? IS THIS WHAT THE WORLD HAS COME TO?


Eee, new Bones! New Amsterdam finale! Actually, I watched last week's episode yesterday over lunch and was pleasantly surprised: I was generally very pleased with the episode! Apart from the ending. But the rest of it was great! Still in need of more Omar, but great! Hurrah.

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in which M is a moron. )

Currently I'm trying to buy a train ticket for tomorrow and failing because the National Rail website keeps kicking me off. Irritating doesn't begin to cover it. If I have to go to town to buy it, I'm going to get charged something in the region of £50. Uh, no thanks.


Next post will be more of the top 5s which is actually turning out to be a great meme, not just in what people are asking me, but other people's responses. This meme has hit my flist pretty hard, lol, but it's producing some great posts.


On a bike! The next time I come home I'm going to be done with uni. That s really too horrifying to properly contemplate.

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The Lost marathon is slowly continuing; I have this week's New Amsterdam to watch, too, a show which is quietly growing on me.


At around half ten, I have to leave for the sub. campus to see my personal tutor. Before then I have to figure out where I put all of my essay cover sheets. That really shouldn't be so difficult because I know they're filed. Where is a completely different matter.

I have a handful of comments to reply to - I'll get on those when I get back. Unless the net cuts out again. Sigh.


Got my dissertation draft back yesterday. frustratedface. )


This time tomorrow morning I'll be 1/3 of the way back to the Fen. \o/

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Am using BBC iPlayer to download a documentary called The Poles Are Coming! which is part of BBC's 'White Week'. Mostly I'm watching it because it's based in Peterborough, and I live around there. Peterborough is a mess of a city, but the issues the show seems to be raising are relevant enough (I only know about it because I'm subscribed to one of the feeds from The Independent online). One woman was against immigration completely - and her surname's Patel. Which. YEAH. I face this a lot, especially within my family, and I don't think people are completely latching on to the IRONY of their positions. Anyway, I'll probably watch that tonight whilst The Flatmate and T are out.


Speaking of The Flatmate (and of TV, I guess), we've started marathoning season 1 of Lost. No real reason, just seemed like the thing to do. Especially considering the unreliable nature of our net connection.


Yesterday's meeting was useless; yesterday's class was interesting enough. Afterwards I walked back to my street with a classmate who is usually pretty aloof. Oddness. Today I'm reading poetry for tomorrow's 4-hour class (last class of the term, huzz). Donne, Jonson, Marvell and probably Herrick, too.


I have a yen to talk about Kate Todd & Ziva David some more but I'll hold off for a while. Mostly because I'm out of practice, and my head has been eaten up by Sarah Connor Chronicles. Speaking of, [ profile] call_me_daisy has posted some icons at her journal and, as ever, they're wonderfully crisp and clear, not to mention beautifully cropped and coloured.

What I'm liking about the fanfiction that's coming out right now is (a) the flexibility of future!John Connor's memories (because, of course, they're always changing the past) and (b) the introduction of characters from the film. One person wrote fic with a war-weary Kate which I love the idea of because the parallels there between her transformation and Sarah's are strong, but Kate's got other notions and other priorities. I kind of love the way in which canon has set up this notion of multiple realities (right from the start when Biehn's Reese tells Sarah that he comes from one of a possible range of futures) and fandom is completely on board with that. Fandom doesn't really care that the timelines and plots don't always crossover between the film-verse and the show because (a) it's openly plausible, and we're embracing the fluidity of the canon, and (b) we're used to fusing our own timelines between shows and books. I think the filming of the comic series has helped with that a lot, but I also think that fandom is a lot more flexible than we often realise. I mean, there are some cases where you're going to be a stickler for certain details ("That makes NO SENSE. How can A be in B when C hasn't done this yet?") but when you're dealing with time-travel... I don't know. Doctor Who fans are similar in that they appreciate the potential for inter-episodic narratives to go anywhere and pretty much do anything but that fandom is vast and terrifying in its process of fractioning itself. Possibly because SCC fandom is quite small, and quite young right now, or possibly because the nature of the time travel is different (you're always going backwards to come forwards; you're living forwards just to end up going back) there's just this manner in which this fandom is so okay with the battered timeline. It's really relaxed which I'm enjoying.

I'm not entirely certain that the above made any sense, but suffice it to say that I've been reading fic, and I've been enjoying it. I like the newness of fandoms, in the same way that I like the newness of shows and I like the nature of pilot episodes. I like how loose and free they are at the beginning before you start fixing details, and I really like shows that maintain that 'new' feeling (until the last few before the strike, every episode of The Unit felt fresh and open to me; I loved watching it). A relevant example from Lost: between the pilot and the second episode, her character transforms massively. Her character gets formed definitively when we know she was the one travelling with the US Marshall; before then, her identity - unlike Jack's - is fluid. You don't really know who she's going to turn out to be. I thought that was a nice touch when we were watching last night.


Obviously I'm procrastinating. I'd better get my work done.

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So, near the top end of every month I unconsciously (well, I guess it's conscious now because I realise that I do it) have a moment of "in one month's time I'll be..." Except March is always fantastic because in one month's time I'll be in the middle of Easter break. Huzz. (April, verily, sucks somewhat.)


The copy of Labyrinths (an anthology of Borges' works featuring, well, labyrinths) that I placed on hold at Winchester library turned up yesterday. This book looks like it's been eaten by a whale, regurgitated, eaten by a vulture, regurgitated, then taped together by a five year old. And I only need it for four references, heh. I'm a little concerned about the bibliography for my dissertation because I don't have a lot on there. I don't want to pad it because I don't see the sense in putting something in the bibliography that (a) I haven't actually read and (b) I haven't use in any way in my work. It's not even like I can use a lot of texts for what I'm doing. Possibly I need to find more literature on postmodern lit. but I don't know. (Lyotard is pretty fucking definitive.) So, yeah, in terms of my critical background, I am flailing somewhat, with 800 words left. (Probably 1k, actually, once I cut out the repeated bs.) Possibly at this juncture I need to call in favours from my secondry school tutors.

Tangentially, we're doing class presentations in Traditions in Poetry. I signed up for Milton (irony, irony). Later today, when I come back from another careers' talk (CVs, I think? I don't know, T wants company) I have to write a ballade for that class, too. So. All go, natch.


Today I woke up and thought, fuck it, I'll plait my hair. So I did. Earrings, yay.

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Things what have happened this morning:

-- I woke up to Duffy, who is amazing.

-- I had to put a freaking plaster ON MY FACE. I feel like Meredith Grey, if Meredith Grey wasn't white or anorexic. Or obsessed with a man born clearly to endorse hair products.

-- No, seriously, I fucking hate my hormones. What is this thing wherein you have NO FUCKING CONTROL over what your body does at any one moment? I don't think it particularly cool that my face is falling off. And if you think that's hyperbole, think a-fucking-gain.

-- I am also harbouring resentment towards my four-hour class this afternoon. It's on sonnets, though, so that should count for something, I guess.

-- I'm about to put a wash on (yay, clean clothes) and then I'm going to watch the last 45 minutes of Hallam Foe. [ profile] twincy, you're right, it's smashing! Denz, you're right, too - it's EXACTLY my kind of fucked up. I don't really know what that says about me.

-- I discovered that wow, Numb3rs fandom still loves the shit out of Don and Billy, doesn't it? That's longevity, yo.

-- FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS GOT RENEWED. !!! Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. It's about goddamn time.


I found that I was lacking in a yayarms icon. Then I found one I'd saved from [ profile] call_me_daisy. OH, GRACE. WHEN WILL YOU RETURN? I love Grace! She's so... well. She's pretty messed up! But she's also more together than people give her credit for, I think. I also think that I need to re-watch the first season for the many happies it provided me. (Wrestling! Atop the Grand Canyon!)


I have LOST the poem that I want to post. Most people would just find another poem to post, but I am determined to post the one that I WANT to post FIRST. So. Take that, universe.

delga: ([ncis] I'm not nearly drunk enough.)

So my housemates did something annoying today but it's not enough to bitch about. That said, I think I need to try and go to someone's house this weekend. I'd go to London but my aunt is ill, and The Rents might complain (monies, only one week before I go home for Easter &c. &c.) But seriously. I don't want to be in the house this weekend.


I'm at the library because I'm having connectivity issues at the house, and because I'm about to go to the Union cineplex with T. No sense in going home from class just to come straight out again. Anyway, the seminar on Pnin was empty for no discernible reason. The tutor is very... forceful. You know how there's no such thing as a wrong answer? Well. That's a wrong answer in and of itself. By which I mean, seminars are supposed to have an inherent flexibility towards suggestions without impingement from an authority source (so that students aren't just reproducing the tutor's thoughts) but we don't have an impartial tutor, which is somewhat frustrating.


My waking dream featured Butch Ada from Saving Grace. \o/ (For those of you who didn't watch Saving Grace, you'll know him as the guy who shot Penelope Garcia. Which. No, thanks.)


But, yes, this morning I sat down to read the sonnets I have to read for Traditions in Poetry and then I watched My Blueberry Nights which is a beautiful film featuring some stellar performances. Both Rachel Weisz and Natalie Portman - the latter especially - were transformed. I loved it, but possibly this shows an attachment to Wong Kar-Wai rather than the plot? I don't know. I didn't anticipate a tight story, and what we got was probably ten times more straightforward than 2047. There's a lot of looking through doors and windows; the viewer is a voyeur a lot of the time. I really enjoyed it.


Hopefully Sarah Connor Chronicles will be waiting for me when I get back from the Union. SO! EXCITED! [ profile] powerof3, I saw your non-spoilery post and am now aflail with anticipation. I'll poke you once I've seen it *g*



Tonight BBC2 is going to start airing Mad Men, a drama about the men who worked advertising on Madison Avenue in the 1960s. People. PEOPLE. This show is FANTASTIC and I heartily encourage you to (a) watch it and (b) stick with it past the first episode. Not because the first episode is bad, but because the series improves with each episode. The costumery is amazing, but the characters - oh boy. I fucking love this show, and you should definitely parttake of squee with me.

With love, M.


(No, really, Rosemarie DeWitt's character DELIGHTS me. I know she's sort of peripheral, especially as the plot continues, but SERIOUSLY. Everyone else is a MARVEL, too.)

As an addendum: wow, Mike Frank's face is really orange in this icon. That doesn't happen on my monitor.


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