Oct. 21st, 2012

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Oh, wow, what have I even been doing since the last time I updated?


Stupid question. Obviously I have been at London Film Fest, and heading to work every day, despite there being no work for me to do. Obviously.

I saw a range of things at film fest, all of which I am planning on writing up. For continuity's sake, I'll post those here as well as on my dedicated tumblr, but suffice it to say that it's been an exhausting but fulfilling fortnight or so. My end film count was the same as my start, except I managed to get tickets to Beyond the Hills and ended up forgoing tonight's screening of Fill the Void. (Way too late, my god, what was I thinking?)

Also saw Looper, which I loved. I enjoy a good Moebius strip narrative.


A couple of weeks ago I also saw Jesca Hoop perform in London, and went to see Berenice at the Donmar. I have some music things coming up - Chris Pureka and The Killers, the latter of whom are being opened by Tegan and Sara, omg - and I'm going to see Sally Hawkins in Constellations which I have been excited about since Spring.

At the end of November I have tickets to see a new production of Medea. Medea! Fuck yeah.


I should post some poems because I have read some in the past month that have tripped me up. Share and share alike, y'all.


I am sure I would normally talk about TV here but fuck if I can even remember what I've seen or haven't seen lately.


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