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DEAREST YULETIDE FRIEND, PLEASE FORGIVE ME! do not take my late writing of this letter as indication that i do not love you: i do, i do, i do. thank you so much for writing for me! i'm wicked jazzed, you have no idea. ("wicked jazzed" lmao who says that.) it has taken me some time to get off my backside and write this. i hope it hasn't caused you undue stress.

to start with: you are SMASHING. i'm so glad we have overlapping interests! i hope that this yt experience is mellow and full of good cheer. for once i'm going to try to be detailed because i don't have a lot of resources to offer you, and also because my requests were a bit. well. i think they were weak. i should probably look them up again before continuing this letter. you can wait here; i won't be long.

ok, cool. no, i'm good; i'm up to speed. let's do this.

i have p basic squicks? no extremes of anything, please, no racisms and misogynies! and also i L O V E some angst, but i need a happy ending because it turns out what i like about angst is the relief of it being over WHO KNEW. i am 100-emoji about pining; it is my absolute fave. i like stories that are big on character, so whilst i dig a plot, i'm chill if the character(s) are going places. i like gen and shippy fics; i like all ratings; i read fic for interest and how it makes me feel, so i love a good a.u. because whilst i like my characters to be in-character, i also don't mind if they align to fanon interpretations of characterisation more than canon. (you know that thing that happens where a fan-fave says one thing one time and then all fics always refer to that one thing? like, that's funny to me. i don't hate that.)

mostly i just want you to have fun. and also please no zombies. it's a thing.

OPTIONAL DETAILS ARE OPTIONAL. if you get a flash of inspiration, dump the below overboard and just make a run for it. write what comes to you. i am going to be P U M P E D either way is2g.

justified. i just. i always want more rachel fic. fic that goes to the heart of that sharp brain and all those big feelings she has to keep a lid on. i love her partnership with tim, who is my other favourite, and i dig those casefics where it's sort of slice-of-life. you know, car banter followed by high noon and some neat coordination etc. they're such a great example of workplace friendships: not necessarily people who would have crossed paths otherwise, but who ended up in the same place and learned that there's something of value in one another. two people who carefully choose what they want to say; two people who have very different styles, attitudes and histories, but work like this. work well. how did they first meet? did they click immediately or did it take time? what about post-canon? where do they end up? how does the passing of time affect them? also - and i'm just putting this out there - roadtrip. give it to me. i want it. (please.)

ghostbusters. THIS FILM HAS BEEN SUCH A GIFT HOLY SHIT. patty was like, is this not bookclub? and then stuck around, offered resources, offered historical knowledge - offered her enthusiasm and her two good hands. i fucking love patty. like, of course holtzmann's wilder edge makes her pause. patty is about feet on the ground. she has faith in the things she can see, and if she has seen it, then that's enough. she is ALL HANDS ON DECK. i love her. i looooove her. she lives here now. she is in, goddamn. as i said in my request, i would devour a day in the life of patty tolan, arms outstretched for more and more and more.

stranger things. i think my request was pretty heavy slash specific on this one, because the ending of the first season had that fantastic ambiguity around will but also a continuation of his isolation. those boys looked like they bounced back, but, like. did they? there's a link below to a post on tumblr with my tags on this but in summary: even though the show goes pretty hard for the will-is-housing-the-creature plot, maybe the mystery is: is that real? or is it a manifestation of some severe ptsd? and where does that put will - sweet, different, isolated will - in relation to mike who went all the way for his best friend but also lost eleven? first loves aren't everything, but they can set a tone. i would love a fic that explores these elements - that really digs into the negative space occupied by eleven and will's experiences in the upside-down. ugh. so much. so much!

here are some links that aren't really that useful but give a general idea of what i like? idk maybe the tags will help.

i, too, participated in the Great Eljay Exodus, so you can find me on the ol' tumbles here. not sure how relevant this will be, but i'm also on this poetry blog, and intermittently (i'm so lapsed, it's not even funny) posting here.

here are my fandom tags: 2016 tv; justified; ghostbusters (bugger; i might not have tagged much? sometimes i am bad at tagging); stranger things (and also the most relevant stranger things post). if you like writing to music/a soundtrack, here's some stuff i have dug!

lastly: these are my previous letters. some of those have repeat fandoms, and some of them are just more informative on the whole.

[ profile] hestia8 is one of my oldest fandom friends and is a good person to ask about my tastes. door knows what kind of fic i read, and i recced a bunch of a++ justified fics to sonictoaster. hit them up if you've got Qs, but overall, please have fun, and definitely do not sweat it! we're already buds, don't you know?

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