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so, after something of a hiatus, i have decided that i would like to do yuletide again this year. i think my requests were pretty comprehensive in detail, but i wanted to outline some wider details.

FIRSTLY, and most importantly: thank you! thank you for tackling any of my prompts. i hope that you have fun and that you find something here that you can work with! if you write something that doesn't bounce off anything in my prompts or anything below, erm, i'm still going to love it? a lot? i am already excited! this is going to be GREAT.

i am, like everyone, on tumblr, and you can find me and my tastes here: notabuddhist @

this tag is for things i've watched this year; this tag is for justified; this tag is for man from uncle; this tag is for the hour; and this tag is for atlantis; i don't have a tag for check please! because i never talk about it except in emails, but it probably shows up in the oh no tag (ahahahaha, and, it turns out this tag). i don't know how helpful this is going to be because i have long since stopped actually writing down how i feel about things that i watch. there's stuff in the tags! but you can't see the tags in my current layout. i have changed that for ease.

i love character pieces. in all my time writing fic and reading fic and writing for yuletide, i have always, always loved character pieces. i enjoy plot but i also know that plot is not always easy, so i will take a character piece that fits the tone of what canon has given us with a wide and happy smile. my other tastes have changed considerably. i am really far less discerning than i used to be, haha. i like angst with a happy ending; i like fics that hold up to details; i like A LOT OF PINING. i also like to get into what gets people going. i LOVE stories about stories, so tell me story about these characters we love, and i will be immensely satisfied.

justified: rachel brooks; tim gutterson
ahahahahahahaha OH MAN. i have gone soooo far down the rabbithole with this show recently. i've always loved it, but i've been rewatching (haphazardly, not chronologically) and then i read as much fic as there is about rachel, and as much fic as suited me about tim (it's hard: there's not a lot out there that isn't tim/raylan, and whilst i dig that people want that, i don't) and now here i am with not much to show for it. i would TOTALLY dig something about the two of them getting. shit. done. but i will take anything and everything happily. everything but an unresolved fight, that is. i couldn't stomach that. (a fight with a happy ending? yesssssss.)

the man from uncle (2015): gaby; illya; napoleon
i meant it when i said ot3 but it doesn't have to be that at all. i will read gen fic. THIS FILM. THOSE HEIGHT DIFFERENCES. THE DESIGN. maaaaaaan. i love spy nonsense so much, and i loved this film so much, that what i would really love is probably in the vein of fic that already exists? oops? i would like it to be evenly-handed across all three characters, but if that's just way too much, my preference is always for gaby over everyone else. i'd be apologetic over that but i'm not?? so.

the hour: lix; marnie
i mean, if i can even get more specific than my prompts? i felt like i really bombed on you with the hour. you have to list characters! i did! i don't necessarily want a fic with both lix and marnie but, like, go with god! i love them both, highs and lows. i do think having their paths cross would be interesting, especially in light of series 2 and their respective stories, but: whatever. do whatever. write what you love, and i will also love it.

atlantis (bbc): ariadne; jason
i don't think my prompt was subtle? yeah. i have been thinking a lot about what the show would have looked like if at the end of s1, ariadne had just, like, run off with jason for reasons of Plot Contrivance. or!! what if minos TOOK JASON ONTO HIS STAFF? and then there was a lot of ariadne and jason crossing paths but being unable to be forthright about their feelings because of circumstance?? because of HONOUR and DUTY and also because of ariadne's father, obviously. but then s2 happened, and minos is dead, and ariadne is queen, and and and: YO. how does someone handle that? it obviously gives ariadne liberty to be more upfront about what she wants but there must have been a period of time where jason had to watch her agony from afar.

erm. anyway. i ship it. i do, i'm sorry (i'm not). but the entirety of my obsession is with ariadne and her position and how that influences so much, so if you start from there, you're not going to go wrong. (PINING.) (PINIIIIIING.) edit: when i said i like stories about stories - this is true! but i was thinking that people in atlantis obviously grew up with greek myths and that may or may not help? idk.

check please! (webcomic): lardo; shitty
this is a good pick if you aren't feeling any of the other prompts because you can definitely read this in one sitting if you haven't before. if you have, then you are already on board, i know. I LOVE LARDO SO MUCH. i read a fic that was something of a two-hander - equal parts jack/eric and shitty/lardo - and it basically ruined me?? the most recent comics have hit me right in the feels, so, pretty much what i put in the request: anything about lardo and shitty, past, present, or future. (i love them.) (I LOVE THEM.)

on the whole, i think if you need to work out what i will like, you need to speak to a few people. for atlantis, please speak to [ profile] hestia8 as she and i are in the exact same boat for that show, and she has known my fandom tastes for a Very Long Time. (she can help with the hour, too.) for justified, sonictoaster on tumblr has been the recipient of all my recs recently, and also knows the show, so i think she will have a good grasp of what i enjoy. for the man from uncle and check please! - or for my general recent taste in fic - hit up door on tumblr because she and i are always swapping fic recs and she knows what i dig on an fannishly intimate level. that's actually the most helpful access i can give you, more than all of the above. if nothing else, these three lovely people can link you to fic i have loved and shared in the relevant fandoms. (if you hit up my yt tag on this post, it will take you to my previous letters, but again: don't know if that's going to help.)

thank you, thank you, a thousand times, thank you. have funnnnnn. don't let the above stress you out. if you get a flash of inspiration, run with it. it's going to show if you love what you're writing and if you're enjoying it and that will make it way more than worth it. go nuts. <3


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