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Dear Yuletider,

Hello! At long last, a proper letter.

Firstly, a confession: I had to default on my entry to this year's Yuletide because there's not a chance I will be able to complete it, though I will try to do stocking fillers. On that note, if you also want to default, I won't blame you, especially as I have been sort of useless with communicating. I do think my previous letters make a good starting point, but I promised you an actual letter, which you wholly deserve. Before all that, you should know that I am always thrilled by fic that is written for me, so I don't want this to cause you any stress. I already know that whatever you write is going to be exactly what I want. If you have an idea outside of what is below the cut, run with it. I love to be surprised!

spooks. Please don't make your fic Adam-Carter-centric. By all means, he can be in it, but he's the only character I harbour a true distaste for. Other than that, GO WILD. A moment post-episode? A full case? On-grid, off-grid, alternate universe, sex-swapped characters, EVERYONE RUNS A BAKERY! Write whatever you like. I am partial to all the ladies as a matter of course, but am not fussy in any respect.

rectify. If you matched with me on something else, this is a relatively quick show to pick up as it's only 6 hours long. I think my prompt was better for this one than other requests: I would like more about Daniel and Amanda's sibling relationship. Amantha was a fair bit younger than Daniel, and I think that the family suffered in one way, whilst Daniel suffered in another. Before, during, after Daniel's incarceration: anything about the two of them.

some girls. Oh man, this show is a gem, and I love it. (It's another fairly short show - 12 episodes in total, but each is 30 mins.) I love it because the girls' concerns tend towards the pedestrian in a way that everyone's concerns do. Past or future fic would be great, but really I just want more about Saz. I am not into the idea that she is a weird weirdo; I am into the idea that she is driven and wickedly smart, which means she has interests that fall left-of-centre. I also love the other girls, too, so the fic doesn't have to just be Saz. But I would like to have her as a focus, because it's so rare to see Indian-heritage girls in shows and therefore in fic.

the fall. What a great show, and Stella Gibson - what a phenomenal character. That closing speech she has on the phone, about age-old misogyny? Yes. YES. Love it. Past, present, future; I'd love a character study.

Thank you so much for writing for me! If you have any questions about my likes/dislikes, [ profile] hestia8 is probably the person to ask. Have fun, yuletider!

Love, [ profile] delgaserasca ex-oh ex-oh (tumblr | yuletide tag)


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