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Guys! It's September! Whaaaaaat.


Things that have happened since the last time I updated: LOLYMPICS; all of summer, apparently; I saw the rings; my one proper holiday of the year*; gingerbread TARDIS fail; my birthday; more Curious Incident; knitting; nails.

Eventful, yo.

*) I go to work 51 weeks out of 52 in a year. Those may not be full weeks, but I only take the week ending in the late Summer Bank Holiday off.


I went back to work this Tuesday after ten days off, and now that summer and lolympics are winding down other people are also back in the office. This includes someone who carries my whole workload and is now ripping through the work they missed. There are so many issues here that are avoidable but no-one wants to pick up on the slack, and my boss was off this week, so I couldn't get her to pull for me, which is what I needed.

It is never that I object to the work; I don't. I like being busy. I dislike having to do something six times because someone isn't following procedure. That's wasteful and fucking stupid.


Are there any Brit-/London-based Chris Pureka and/or Gregory Ivan Isakov fans on my flist? Let me know; I might have something for you.

In quasi-related news: I have tickets to see Jesca Hoop this year! I loved Hoop when she first came out with Money a few years back, and the whole of The House That Jack Built makes me crazy with how good it is.


Hipster Who returned! It was a good episode, but something was missing. I don't know what that something is just yet. The plan is to finish my goddamn knitting project today, and re-watch.

In other news, did anyone watch Accused 2x02? Or 2x03 for that matter. Ugh, talk abut being shanked. 2x02 featured stellar performances from Anne Marie Duff and Olivia Colman. Both were amazing. Can't wait to see Duff in Berenice at the Donmar in the next month or so.


New Merlin in a month. !!!!! YES.


Didn't do that much for my birthday. The (Ex-) Flatmate was over for most of the week, but I got tackled by hormones late on Thursday so spent my birthday feeling schlocky, and out of it. Took Baby Cousin to see Brave, and went out to eat in the evening. Then drank uzo and watched Miranda, oh yeah.

The next day, after dropping The Flatmate at the station, I then drove to Surrey, which is the furthest I've ever driven. Got caught up in torrential downpour on the A1 (M) and then stuck in traffic on the M25, but made it fine. The barbecue at my cousin's was actually a lot of fun; stayed the night at another cousin's, then drove back on Sunday, taking Baby Cousin with us. Sang obnoxiously to terrible CDs (because all our good music is electronic, and the car isn't fancy enough to hook up our iPods) and then played word games. My right leg killed at the end of it, but now I know I can do the distance runs, so suddenly England is my oyster.


The programme for this year's Film Fest comes out on September 5th. Exciiiiiited!

Date: 2012-09-02 06:01 pm (UTC)
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So excited for Berenice! Don't actually have tickets but hoping to get their day tickets/Friday tickets. :). Only started hipster Who and annoyed Moffat seems to be of the 'married people need to have relationship problems to be interesting' mindset. He should watch Friday Night Lights for Mr & Mrs Coach... Maybe the episode will redeem itself by the end!


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